Are Car Dealerships Open On Sunday? Here’s What You Need To Know

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If you need to buy a car, but are only available on the weekends, you may be wondering if car dealerships are open on Sunday. While some dealerships do choose to remain closed, others use Sunday as one of their busiest days of the week.

There are many factors that go into whether or not a dealership is open on Sundays. Some states have laws prohibiting car sales on Sundays, while others leave it up to individual dealerships to decide. Additionally, some dealerships may choose to close on Sundays due to religious reasons or simply to give their staff a day off.

If you’re determined to shop for a car on a Sunday, there are still plenty of options available to you. Many large dealership chains are open seven days a week, and even smaller independent dealerships may choose to stay open on Sundays in order to attract more business.

Before you head out to the lot, it’s always a good idea to check ahead and confirm the dealership’s hours. You can usually find this information on the dealer’s website, or by calling their customer service line. With a little bit of planning, you should be able to find the perfect car at a dealership that’s open when you need them most!

Some Car Dealerships Are Open On Sundays

Many people wonder if car dealerships are open on Sunday. The answer is that some dealerships do choose to operate on Sundays, while others remain closed. This decision largely depends on the preference of the dealership owner and management team.

Typically, larger and more established dealerships are more likely to be open on Sundays. Additionally, dealerships located in high traffic areas may also opt to stay open seven days a week to better serve their customers. It’s always a good idea to call ahead or check online to confirm a dealership’s hours before making a trip for car shopping.

The Benefits of Sunday Car Shopping

Shopping for a car on Sunday can have its advantages. For one, many people have free time on weekends, which makes it an opportune time to visit a dealership. Additionally, Sunday tend to be less crowded than Saturdays, so shoppers may have easier access to salespeople and test drives.

Another benefit of Sunday shopping is the potential for better deals. Dealerships may offer special pricing or promotions during this day as a way to attract more business. In fact, according to J.D. Power, many automakers offer incentives specifically for weekend vehicle purchases, including Sundays.

Increased Convenience for Busy Shoppers

Sunday car shopping can also provide added convenience for those who have busy schedules on weekdays. Many people simply don’t have the option to take off work for a car purchase or service appointment. By being open on Sundays, dealerships can cater to these individuals and make car buying more accessible.

Nearly 20% of Americans work non-standard schedules, such as nights or weekends, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That means there’s significant demand among consumers for businesses that operate outside the typical 9-to-5 workday. By offering Sunday hours, dealerships can tap into this segment of the population and provide a valuable service.

Sunday Sales May Offer Better Deals

In addition to special incentives for weekend car purchases, consumers may be able to take advantage of better deals on Sundays due to competition between dealerships. Many buyers tend to shop around for cars during weekends, which means there’s more pressure among dealerships to close sales before the end of the day.

This can translate into added savings for shoppers who are willing to negotiate and compare prices across different dealerships. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all dealerships will offer price reductions or negotiations simply because it’s a Sunday. This is one reason why shopping around is so crucial when seeking out the best deal.

“Many people assume they’ll get a better deal by negotiating at night or on the weekends, but reality is, most dealerships aren’t looking to add any extra stress to their weekends with last-minute negotiations.” – Brian Moody, executive editor at Autotrader

While not all car dealerships are open on Sundays, those that are may offer benefits such as increased convenience, potential for better deals, and less crowded showrooms. Additionally, dealerships that cater to non-standard schedules may find success in reaching new customers and addressing a significant demand in the market. Regardless of when you choose to shop for a car, it’s always wise to research ahead of time and explore all available options before making a purchase decision.

It Depends on the State and Local Laws

The answer to whether car dealerships are open on Sundays is not a straightforward one. It varies depending on the state and local laws that govern businesses’ operating hours.

In some states, like Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, dealerships can operate seven days a week. They have no restrictions on opening their doors and selling cars on Sundays.

In other states, it’s not quite as simple. In some regions such as Oklahoma, Oregon, and Virginia, Sunday sales are limited by county or city ordinances at certain times of the year, or on specific “blue laws” dates that honor religious holidays such as Easter and Christmas. While many states allow Sunday operations, it’s important to understand that there may still be limitations that need to be followed.

Check Your Local Laws Before Heading to the Dealership

“Ignorance of the law excuses no man.” – John Selden

If you’re hoping to purchase a vehicle on a Sunday, it’s best to do your research beforehand and review the current laws for your state, county, and city. Many places now have easy-to-understand websites where you can quickly find the information you require.

You can also visit official government websites such as the Department of Motor Vehicles or Chamber of Commerce sites, which usually provide lists of automotive regulations and requirements that could impact a dealership’s hours of operation.

Another good idea would be to call ahead or check with an auto dealer association representative to make sure that you know what days and hours are suitable for making a purchase. Doing so will save you time and hassle, not to mention the disappointment of finding out your nearby dealership has limited hours or is closed on Sundays.

State Regulations May Limit Sunday Services

“Regulations may be restrictive but they promote predictability.” – Sena Yaddehige

Laws aren’t the only thing that can impact dealerships’ operating times. There are other factors such as labor laws and the needs of employees and consumers that also come into play.

In some regions, state regulations limit certain dealership services offered on a Sunday. For instance, in Alabama, it’s lawful for vehicles to be sold on Saturdays — but repairs and maintenance should be avoided on a Sunday since it’s a day of rest from work practices.

Similarly, in many jurisdictions, like California, Washington, and Arkansas, special rules restrict salespeople’s working hours and require businesses to give them mandatory rest breaks regardless of whether if they want to work more extended or continuous hours. It’s necessary to know all these things before engaging with any auto dealer.

Understanding your local laws and regulations impacts car dealerships’ open or close status on Sundays. If you’re looking to make a significant purchase this weekend, look up the relevant information first to avoid any surprises!

Car Dealerships May Offer Limited Services on Sundays

If you’re planning to buy a car, you may be wondering if the dealership is open on Sunday. The answer is yes and no – it depends on the dealership. Many car dealerships are open on Sundays, but they may offer limited services compared to their weekday operations.

Sales Departments May Be Open, But Not Service

Most car dealerships keep their sales departments open on Sundays as this can be a lucrative day for them. If you want to explore cars, speak with sales reps, do test-drives or negotiate deals, visiting the dealership on a Sunday would be feasible since most showrooms remain functioning during this period. However, service departments (maintenance and repair) remain closed.

American Honda Motor Co.’s Senior Manager Kate McClure shares that dealerships adapt to customer demand by offering comfortable lounge areas with Televisions, Wi-Fi, self-serve coffee bars among other great amenities for customers who come in on weekends.

Extended Weekend Hours May Be Available

In many cases, car dealerships extend their operating hours over the weekend, especially on major shopping days such as Saturday and Sunday. These extended hours make it easier for those with hectic schedules to stop by outside regular work hours. This way, potential clients are spread evenly throughout the week thereby easing up pressure from weekdays’ high traffic clients whilst increasing accessibility options too.

AutoNation chief marketing officer Marc Cannon says the consideration for longer-hours especially during peak selling periods has proved successful; “We’ve seen an increase in our business after 7 p.m., particularly in places where we operate in urban areas.”

Sunday Hours May Vary by Dealership

The Sunday hours at any given dealership will vary depending on factors such as location, revenue volume or state laws. What may be true of one dealership might not hold for another despite their closeness in proximity or franchise affiliation.

While some dealers choose to open for the full day, offering sales representatives a rotation shift in order to gain maximum coverage; others remain close until late afternoon, opening between 11 am-1 pm and closing around 4-6 pm.

Sunday Test Drives May Be Limited

If you plan on buying a car and want to do test drives, it’s important to keep in mind that car dealerships’ Sunday schedules are highly inclined towards reduced services to maintain premium customer experience delivery without working hours fatigue among staff.

Many dealers may limit the number of test drives available due to staffing restrictions or regulations. Therefore, if you’re serious about purchasing a vehicle from a particular dealership, there is need for adequate communication with the sale representative(s) ahead of time so they could help navigate options provided by dealers who can cater for specific demands across any chosen days.

“Even at its busiest, retailers understand customers’ needs and adjust accordingly as exemplified by Sonic Automotive embracing 20%* sales under six-minute processes showing clients how we respect their time.” John Reder, a spokesman for Fort Lauderdale-based AutoNation said.

Many car dealerships have adapted to offer more convenient operating hours over weekends while still maintaining high standard service operations during weekdays. While Sunday features limited services and activities compared to those offered through the week, this period offers a unique opportunity where buyers can discuss their car-purchasing choices without daily competitive distractions while also having access to amenities designated for visitors by dealerships.

Sundays Can Be a Good Day to Shop for Cars

Less Crowded Dealerships on Sundays

If you are wondering whether car dealerships open on Sunday, the answer is yes. However, not all dealerships do, so it’s best to call ahead and confirm if they are open before heading out. But why would you want to go to a dealership on a Sunday? One of the biggest benefits of shopping for cars on a Sunday is that the dealerships are generally less crowded.

This means you can take your time exploring various models without feeling rushed or having to compete with other shoppers for attention from salespeople. It also means you might be able to negotiate better deals since sales reps have more time to dedicate to each customer, including negotiating prices and financing options.

“…when it comes to purchasing a new or used car, visiting the dealership during a week day versus a weekend is your best bet for an unparalleled buying experience.” -Car and Driver

More Time to Explore and Test Drive Vehicles

Sunday car shopping also gives you more chances to test-drive vehicles at your leisure. A test drive is crucial when deciding which vehicle to buy, as it allows you to get a feel for how the car handles, its comfort level, and overall performance.

You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and learn about different features, as well as compare multiple vehicles side-by-side. You can even bring along family members or friends who will share their opinions and help you make an informed decision.

“Taking time to research the cars that fit within your budget is important, but once you’ve narrowed down your choices, it’s helpful to see the pros and cons of purchasing one model over another in real-time by test driving them back-to-back.” -US News and World Report

Sunday Sales May Provide the Best Deals

Last but not least, Sunday sales might provide you with some of the best deals on your dream car. As there are fewer customers, dealerships may have more flexibility in terms of pricing or financing options to attract buyers.

Keep in mind that this is not always guaranteed, so it’s crucial that you do your research ahead of time to ensure you’re getting a fair deal. This includes knowing the market value for the specific make and model you are interested in, as well as being aware of any current promotions or incentives offered by manufacturers or dealerships.

“Dealership competition can be fierce, so shoppers shouldn’t hesitate to pit them against each other in order to get the best deals possible…between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve is typically the best time to buy a new car due to holiday sales drives from automakers.” -US News and World Report

If you’re wondering whether “Are Car Dealerships Open On Sunday?” the answer is often yes. Shopping for cars on Sundays can offer significant benefits such as less crowded showrooms, more time to explore and test drive vehicles, and potentially better deals. However, it’s important to remember that these advantages aren’t always standard; thus, doing one’s research before visiting a dealership would increase the likelihood of finding their perfect vehicle.

Call Ahead to Confirm Sunday Hours

Are you planning to visit a car dealership on a Sunday? It’s always best to call ahead and confirm their hours of operation. Many dealerships have different hours on Sundays than they do during the rest of the week, so it’s important to make sure that they will be open when you plan to arrive.

Calling ahead can also give you an opportunity to schedule an appointment for a test drive or to meet with a salesperson. If you wait until you arrive at the dealership, you may find that the person you wanted to work with isn’t available, causing delays or frustration in your search for a new vehicle.

“It is always wise to check if a dealer has special hours for weekends as even large franchised dealers might vary slightly from store to store,” says Karl Brauer, executive publisher for Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader.

By taking just a few minutes to make a phone call before heading out on a Sunday, you can save yourself time and ensure that your visit to the dealership goes smoothly.

Confirm Sunday Hours Before Making the Trip

Before packing up the family, hitting the road, and going to the car dealership nearest you on a Sunday, take the necessary precautions by calling ahead. Confirming the weekend hours of the dealership you’ll be visiting will not only spare you undue stress but will also contribute to realizing your goal.

You can easily obtain accurate information by picking up your phone and dialling the number of your desired establishment or looking for its contact information on the internet. This way, you won’t arrive unannounced, nor will you waste time waiting outside the facility which saves you gas and unnecessary frustration.

If there happens to be no “open” sign hanging on the shop’s door despite the information found on their website, it could be a waste of time coming down to that particular establishment. Worst case scenario you might have come particularly early and now all local stores are still closed.

“Making sure the dealer is open when you plan to visit can save lots of wasted time,” says Matt Jones, senior consumer advice editor for

Confirming Sunday hours first will better help schedule appointments or timed visits so as not to catch the dealership during rush hour or peak periods; this way, there is more attention given to customers by staff than just them managing customer influx which makes visiting less stressful.

Ask About Sunday Sales and Services

One benefit of visiting car dealerships on a Sunday is that they may offer special deals that aren’t available on weekdays. So in addition to confirming the hours, it’s important also to ask about any promotions or discounts that might only apply to Sundays.

If you’re searching for a particular make and model, why not take advantage of the extra availability of salespeople and see if you can negotiate a lower price? You won’t know unless you ask!

Asking about services offered on Sundays can give you an idea of what you can expect from the dealership outside of buying a brand new vehicle. Some establishments offer service departments that do repairs or maintenance even on weekends, while others will let you visit showrooms but won’t allow test drives until the next day.

“It’s always worth asking because sometimes there are rules that aren’t well communicated online,” says Brauer.

Knowing exactly what’s available to you beforehand saves you uncertainty and ensures that you optimize your visit to the fullest.

Get Directions and Address Information

Another aspect to consider before heading out to the dealership on a Sunday is its location. Some dealerships might have more than one branch, so it’s important to make sure that you’re heading for the right location, especially when travelling from afar.

You can easily obtain exact directions and address information by checking online or by phone call before setting off on your journey at home. This way, you won’t get turned around once you’re in the neighbourhood where the dealership is situated.

“One key tip buyers should keep in mind while visiting car dealerships is knowing the specific dealership’s location,” says Jack Gillis, executive director of the Consumer Federation of America’s public affairs office

When obtaining driving directions on Google Maps, it’s essential to note any changes in the route due to ongoing road works, accidents, etc. You can do this two ways, either choosing “avoid traffic” or accessing live up-to-date information regarding the situation on the roads via Waze or Google Maps with Live Traffic (currently only available in select areas). No matter the option chosen, getting lost becomes less of an issue when proper navigation is done beforehand.

Inquire About Appointment Availability

Making appointments ahead allows staff at the dealership to prepare for you specifically, thereby offering a more customized service; after all, no time is wasted having to attend to other customers simultaneously during scheduled hours. It makes visits smooth and efficient.

“If you can swing a weekday visit, you’ll find salespeople have more time for hands-on introduction to various features,” according to However, if your schedule only permits a weekend test drive, calling in advance to secure appointment arrangements is essential.

This secures both parties’ availability resulting in effective dealership transactions which can save you valuable time on-site. Consider calling nearby establishments first to compare options with similar services offered.

“If you want really personalized attention and time with staff, arranging an appointment is a great way to make that happen,” says Brauer

Although weekends are usually busy for dealerships, advance booking can secure a more predictable and better-tailored customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are car dealerships open on Sundays?

The answer to this question depends on the dealership. Some car dealerships are open on Sundays, while others are closed. It is best to check with the specific dealership you are interested in visiting to determine their hours of operation.

What are the typical hours of operation for car dealerships on Sundays?

Again, this varies by dealership. However, many car dealerships that are open on Sundays typically have shorter hours than on weekdays. It is common for Sunday hours to be from late morning to early afternoon, but it is best to check with the dealership for their specific hours.

Do all car dealerships have the same Sunday hours?

No, not all car dealerships have the same Sunday hours. Each dealership sets their own hours of operation, so it is important to check with the dealership you plan to visit to determine their hours on Sundays or any other day.

Are there any car dealerships that are closed on Sundays?

Yes, there are some car dealerships that are closed on Sundays. This may be due to religious reasons, company policies, or simply because they do not receive enough foot traffic on Sundays to warrant staying open. It is always best to check with the dealership beforehand.

What services are available at car dealerships on Sundays?

Again, this varies by dealership. Some dealerships may offer sales, test drives, and vehicle inspections on Sundays. Others may only offer limited services like parts sales or maintenance appointments. It is best to check with the dealership to determine the specific services available on Sundays.

Is it better to visit a car dealership on a weekday instead of a Sunday?

It depends on your personal preference and schedule. Weekdays may be less crowded, and you may have more one-on-one attention from dealership staff. However, if you work during the week, Sunday may be the only day you have available to visit a dealership. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which day works best for your schedule and needs.

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