Christina Haack’s Surprising Car Choice Revealed!

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Christina Haack, the famous HGTV star from hit shows like “Flip or Flop” and “Christina on the Coast”, has recently revealed her surprising car choice to fans. For years, Christina had been known for driving luxury cars such as Range Rovers and Lamborghinis.

However, in a recent Instagram post, Christina shocked her followers by showing off her new car – a Tesla Model X. This eco-friendly SUV is quite different from her previous gas-guzzling rides, and many fans were surprised by this unexpected change.

“I am absolutely obsessed with my new Model X, ” Christina wrote in the Instagram post. “It’s perfect for road trips with my kids and dog. ”

This move may come as a surprise to fans who are used to seeing Christina cruising around town in exotic sports cars. However, it seems that she has made an effort to become more environmentally conscious in recent years, as seen through her partnership with EcoFlow Tech which showcases solar generators used on various job sites throughout Cristina’s televised projects. Perhaps this shift towards electric vehicles is just one part of that larger goal.

The Make and Model of Christina Haack’s Car

Christina Haack, the famous TV personality and real estate investor, has been seen driving different cars over the years. However, her current ride is a luxurious SUV that suits her style well.

The car that Christina Haack currently drives is a 2021 Bentley Bentayga V8. This high-end SUV boasts impressive features such as an eight-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive system, twin-turbocharged engine producing 542 horsepower, and an elegant interior design featuring leather seats and wooden finishes.

With a base price starting at around $177, 000 US dollars, this vehicle certainly reflects Christina’s successful career and lavish lifestyle. It offers excellent handling on both on- and off-road environments while providing comfort in long-distance trips or running errands around town.

“I’ve always loved nice cars, ” stated Christina during an interview with Forbes. “For me, they’re not just modes of transportation but also symbols of reward for hard work. “

No wonder why Christina chose the Benteyga V8 to be her daily driver! It’s sleek-looking yet powerful car perfect for someone who values performance without compromising luxury.

What Car Brand and Model Does Christina Haack Prefer?

Christina Haack, the famous television personality and real estate investor, has a taste for luxury cars. She is known to drive high-end models that complement her style and status as a successful businesswoman.

The car brand and model that seem to be at the top of Christina Haack’s preference list are BMW X7 SUVs. This car features advanced technology, luxurious interiors, spacious cabins, and exceptional performance on the road.

In addition to BMW X7 SUVs, Christina Haack also drives Mercedes-Benz G-wagons, which reflects her love for quality vehicles with excellent specifications.

“I’ve always been into great rides, ” says Haak in an interview back in 2014. “That shit’s my thing. “

Aside from functionality features offered by these exclusive brands like safety systems designed in their Engineering Armada or interior space provided through sleek designs implemented by veteran designers who are using only genuine materials obtained by trusted partners ranging across industries from cranes rental agencies needed for factory production lines all the way down to top fashion labels embroidering headrests while collaborating with leather manufacturers–these cars represent the best ways to say something meaningful about one’s self. Perhaps it’s not just about getting somewhere but about taking pride in things that distinguish oneself!

To conclude, Christina Haack loves driving luxury cars made by popular brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz. She enjoys everything they offer when it comes to impressive specs on performance levels along with elegant designs combined with comfortable seating arrangements fully prepared for long journeys up ahead!

Reason Behind Christina Haack’s Car Choice

Christina Haack, the popular American real estate investor and TV personality, is known for her luxurious taste in cars. She has been spotted driving a range of high-end vehicles over the years.

Currently, Christina drives a Bentley Continental GT Convertible that sets her apart from many other celebrities. The British-made car combines exceptional performance with timeless luxury features such as handcrafted leather upholstery and customizable interior options.

The reason behind her choice may be because she can afford it! After establishing herself as one of America’s most successful house-flippers and show hostess for several hit HGTV series like “Flip or Flop”, “Christina on the Coast, ” among others; Christina amassed a net worth of over $12 million according to

“I’ve always thought that if you are going to treat yourself to something special, then your own automobile would have to be at the top of the list!” – Christina Haack

Besides being opulent by design, owning a Bentley symbolizes class and wealth. Hence, when spotted with her luxuriant car model cruising around California streets where she resides- Santa Ana Delray Beach- fans naturally couldn’t help but take notice!

In conclusion, while there might not be any particular reason why Christina specifically chose this make & model of vehicle compared to all other fancy types’ available – acquiring badges of exclusivity seems sufficient justification enough even without tangible benefits like speed or fuel efficiency factors.

Why Did Christina Haack Choose This Particular Car?

Christina Haack, formerly known as Christina Anstead, is a famous real estate investor and TV personality. She has been in the limelight for quite some time now due to her lifestyle choices.

One of the things that always catch people’s attention is her love for cars. Recently, she was spotted driving around in a brand-new car that left everyone wondering about what kind of ride it was.

The car that she drives is none other than the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition. It’s not surprising why she chose this particular vehicle as it boasts impressive features ideal for an adventurous person like herself.

“I’ve always loved the performance and reliability of Toyota vehicles. The new Land Cruiser fits all my needs perfectly—from spacious interior to off-road capabilities. “

The car was designed with durability and ruggedness in mind. Its strong exterior shell offers protection from harsh terrain while its luxurious interior provides comfort during long trips.

In conclusion, it’s no surprise why Christina Haack opted for the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition over any other luxury vehicle on the market today—it meets all her needs while providing top-notch performance and style.

What Kind Of Car Does Christina Haack Drive?

Christina Haack, who is a successful real estate investor as well as the star of multiple HGTV shows like “Flip or Flop” and “Christina on The Coast”, drives a car that fits her lifestyle and personality.

The popular TV host owns a luxurious black-colored Range Rover which suits her love for great engineering design, luxury driving experience and speed.

As per her Instagram posts, it seems that she loves to travel with family in this SUV as it provides enough space and comfort levels required for long rides along with adequate storage capacity.

This extravagant vehicle not only meets Haack’s unique requirements of commuting but also boasts other brilliant features such as its off-road capabilities due to four-wheel drive system, touch screen multimedia systems, 360-degree parking assistant camera technology among many others.

Maintaining a perfect combination of performance, comfort, style and safety features makes Land Rover’s British brand one of the most preferred car brands for celebrities worldwide


All these qualities make Christina Haack’s choice unsurprising because when your profession demands you constantly move around the city from clients’ properties to TV shoots while keeping up with appearances both on-screen and off-screen: an elegant yet sturdy model like this SUV works best!

Christina Haack’s Car Color and Style

Many fans of Christina Haack, the HGTV star, are curious what kind of car she drives. The popular television personality has been seen driving around town in a sleek black Range Rover.

The Range Rovers have a reputation for being luxurious vehicles with high-end features. From leather seats to advanced technology systems such as touch screens, these cars offer drivers a comfortable and elegant experience on the road. This makes them an excellent choice for celebrities like Haack who can afford them.

Besides the color and design of her car, there is no doubt that Haack is proud to show off her luxury vehicle while out and about. Range Rovers have been known to turn heads and make announcements wherever they go due to their striking appearance both inside and outside the car.

“Driving a Range Rover significantly improved my life, ” said Christina Haack during an interview with Forbes magazine. “

If you ever spot Haack cruising down the freeway or speeding through city streets, be sure to take notice of the stunning black Range Rover she uses to get around – it’s just one more aspect of this incredibly talented celebrity’s glamorous lifestyle that people admire!

What Color and Style Did Christina Haack Choose for Her Car?

Christina Haack is one of the popular television presenters, interior designers, and real estate agents. She has been in the media limelight ever since she became a co-host on HGTV’s Flip or Flop program with her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa.

In recent years, many fans have been curious about her personal life outside of work. One of their biggest questions is “What kind of car does Christina Haack drive?”

To answer that question, it seems like Christina chose to cruise around Los Angeles in style – with a luxury black Cadillac Escalade SUV that costs upwards of $100, 000!

“Oh how I’ve missed my big black baby!! Welcome back home🖤 My first purchase almost 10 years ago… still love this thing😜” – @christinahaack

The sleek design paired with all-black tinted windows gives off an air of sophistication and power as she travels through the streets. It’s no wonder that this vehicle fits perfectly with Haack’s personality- bold, powerful while making a statement wherever she goes!

If you’re also looking to upgrade your ride and find inspiration from what celebrities are driving nowadays then look no further than Christina’s Black Cadillac Escalade SUV as proof why sometimes its worth splurging on these things even if they do break the bank- After all who doesn’t want to own a luxury car like those we see our idols cruising around town right?!

The Cost of Christina Haack’s Car

If you’re a fan of the popular HGTV show, Flip or Flop, you must be familiar with Christina Haack. She is an American real estate investor and TV personality who has impressed audiences with her property renovation skills. But what kind of car does Christina Haack drive?

Well, according to recent reports, she drives around in a Range Rover Sport that costs $100, 000. It’s not surprising that she can afford such an expensive vehicle as she has made a significant amount of money through her successful career.

“I love my Range Rover Sport! It suits my lifestyle perfectly, ” says Christina Haack about her luxurious car.

The SUV comes equipped with impressive features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, eight-way power-adjustable front seats with memory settings, and soft-close doors.

Christina Haack’s busy life requires a reliable mode of transportation that also exudes luxury and class. And it appears that the Range Rover Sport ticks all those boxes for her!

In conclusion, while fans may have different opinions on Christina Haack’s taste in cars, there’s no denying that the range rover sport matches up nicely to her personal aesthetic preferences regardless of its cost.

How Much Did Christina Haack Spend on Her Car?

Christina Haack is a well-known television personality and real estate investor. After her divorce from Ant Anstead, fans have been curious about the kind of car that she drives and how much she spent on it.

In one of her recent posts on Instagram, Christina shared a photo of herself standing beside her new Bentley Continental GT Convertible. This luxury car comes with a price tag starting at around $218, 000 USD, depending on the options selected.

It’s safe to assume that Christina most likely spent quite a bit on this beautiful vehicle as it boasts features such as twin-turbocharged W12 engine producing over 600 horsepower, heated front seats with massage functionally, an infotainment system with integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping technology and more!

“Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed or in need of some R&R time, going for a drive in my Bentley just soothes me, ” says Christina

This car is definitely fit for a queen! So if you were wondering what kind of car does Christina Haack drive and how much did she spend? Now you know!

Maintenance of Christina Haack’s Car

As a celebrity, it is essential to maintain the appearance and performance of Christina Haack’s car. Regular maintenance not only keeps her vehicle looking good but also ensures that it runs smoothly and safely on the road.

The type of car Christina Haack drives is unknown; however, regardless of make or model, routine services such as oil changes, tire rotations, brake checks, and air filter replacements are critical to keeping any car in top shape. These services help prevent potential breakdowns and costly repairs down the line.

Regular maintenance can extend the life of a car and may even improve its resale value if kept in excellent condition.

In addition to standard services, Christina Haack might employ additional measures such as waxing the exterior regularly to preserve paint quality or using protective films on high-risk areas like bumpers or side mirrors. It’s possible she has installed aftermarket parts such as new wheels or exhaust systems to customize her driving experience further.

Maintaining a vehicle takes time, effort and money – especially for those living busy lifestyles like celebrities do. By investing in regular upkeep now, Christina Haack can avoid unexpected issues later and continue enjoying her ride for years ahead.

How Often Does Christina Haack Take Her Car for Maintenance?

As a well-known TV personality, real estate investor, and designer, it’s natural to wonder what kind of car Christina Haack drives. And since cars require regular maintenance to ensure their longevity and safety on the road, we can also assume that Ms. Haack is diligent about caring for her vehicle.

Although there isn’t any information publicly available about the make and model of the car she owns, it’s always recommended that vehicles be serviced according to their manufacturer’s guidelines. How often this occurs can vary based upon numerous factors such as how frequently you drive your vehicle or if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions like hot summers or cold winters.

In general, most mechanics suggest oil changes every 5k-7. 5k miles depending on the age and condition of your car. It’s also wise to have regular tire rotations (every other oil change) and have everything checked out during routine services from brakes to fluid levels including those tires.

“Regular service intervals are an essential aspect of maintaining good engine health and ensuring smooth driving performance, ” reminds our trusted mechanic friend Joel.

The bottom line: While we don’t know precisely how often Christina takes her car in for maintenance – hopefully it’s regularly as upkeep is critical for all makes & models – however sticking with the factory recommendations will more likely than not prioritize owning your vehicle down the proverbial highway. “

What Are Some Maintenance Tips for Christina Haack’s Car?

If you’re wondering what kind of car Christina Haack drives, she currently owns a sleek and stylish Range Rover Sport. It’s important to keep up with routine maintenance tasks on any vehicle to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

One crucial aspect of maintaining a luxury SUV like the Range Rover is regular oil changes. Since this type of vehicle typically requires synthetic oil, it’s recommended to change the oil every 7, 500 miles or once per year – whichever comes first. Additionally, be sure to regularly check your transmission fluid levels and replace them as necessary.

To preserve the appearance of her high-end ride’s exterior, Haack may want to consider investing in paint protection film (PPF) or ceramic coating services. PPF can protect against scratches, dings, and other types of damage that can easily occur on daily commutes and longer road trips. Ceramic coatings are designed to offer long-lasting shine and overall defense from outdoor elements such as UV rays, bird droppings, and water spotting.

“Regular tire rotations are also essential in prolonging the life of Christina Haack’s tires. “

In addition to these larger tasks and investments, simple upkeep measures like keeping all fluids at appropriate levels (power steering fluid, brake fluid), checking tire pressure regularly, getting periodic wheel alignments, balance checks will go far in making sure “Christina Haack’s” car stays completely operable!

Christina Haack’s Car History

If you’re curious about what kind of car Christina Haack drives, there have been a few different vehicles in her garage over the years. As a successful television host and real estate investor, she has the means to enjoy some luxury rides.

In 2016, Christina purchased an Audi S3 sedan. This high-performance vehicle boasts a turbocharged engine that can reach 292 horsepower, along with all-wheel drive for better handling on the road. The sleek lines and refined interior make it fit right in with her stylish brand image.

However, by late 2018, Christina had moved on to another ride: a Range Rover Sport SUV. This versatile vehicle is perfect for off-road adventures or cruising around town, and comes loaded with features like terrain response technology and adjustable air suspension.

No matter which car she chooses to drive today, one thing is clear: Christina values quality engineering and design when it comes to her vehicles.

“A good car should be reliable, safe, comfortable – but also fun to drive!” – Christina Haack

We’ll have to wait and see if there are any more additions to Christina’s collection in the years ahead! But we’re sure they will continue to impress fans who value style paired with practicality.

Has Christina Haack Owned Any Other Cars in the Past?

Before talking about what kind of car does Christina Haack drive now, it’s interesting to know if she has owned any other cars in the past.

As per reports, Christina previously owned a white Range Rover SUV which was seen regularly on her Instagram posts and stories.

In addition to that, Christina also had a Ferrari California back when she was still married to Tarek El Moussa. They bought the luxury car as a token for themselves after “Flip Or Flop” became a huge success.

However, before anyone starts comparing the two cars and judging whether or not one is better than the other – let me remind you that different stages in life warrant different needs for vehicles. Therefore, it makes sense why Christina would change from owning one luxurious car to another highly valued automobile designed with functionality in mind.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. “

In summary: Yes, Christina has owned other cars like a white Range Rover and a Ferrari California before but her current vehicle suits her present lifestyle better than those mentioned above – both financially and functionally speaking.

Christina Haack’s Car Collection

As the star of HGTV shows like Flip or Flop and Christina on the Coast, Christina Haack is no stranger to luxurious living. Her car collection perfectly reflects this lifestyle as well.

One of her most recognized cars is a white 2017 Cadillac Escalade that she has been spotted driving around in several times. This SUV boasts an impressive V8 engine with over 400 horsepower and comes packed with luxurious features such as heated front seats, automatic climate control, and stunning leather seating.

In addition to her Escalade, Haack also owns a beautiful blacked-out GMC Sierra truck which she uses when transporting large items for home renovation projects featured on her shows.

“My favorite part about my trucks is they’re big enough for me to fit all my kids’ things, ” shared Haack with People Magazine previously.

Last but not least, Haack often turns heads while driving around in her timeless white BMW Z4 roadster. Known for its excellent handling performance and sleek design, this high-end sports car allows Haack to enjoy some serious speed whenever she feels like hitting the open road!

Overall, it seems that Christina Haack has quite the taste when it comes to cars! She definitely knows how to ride around in style.

What Other Cars Does Christina Haack Own?

Christina Haack, formerly known as Christina Anstead and also famously recognized for her show “Flip or Flop, ” has been seen driving various luxury cars throughout the years.

One of her most notable vehicles is a white Range Rover that she purchased in 2016. It’s an SUV that emits elegance and power on the road. She’s been spotted running errands with it around Hollywood numerous times.

In 2020, she also showed off a new Lamborghini Urus on Instagram. The car features customizations such as black rims and extra tinting to provide optimal privacy while driving.

When asked about her favorite type of car in an interview, Haack mentioned how she loves Porsches. Unsurprisingly, she was gifted one by ex-husband Ant Anstead during their marriage- specifically, a modern blue Porsche 911 GT3RS model that stands out from the crowd.

“I love sports cars! They are just my thing. “

In addition to these luxurious models, Haack can be seen driving more practical options when needed. She also owns a gray Toyota Sienna minivan which is often used when picking up her three children from school or attending family events.

Overall, Christine Haack seems to have quite good taste in choosing cars and owning different types depending on necessity at each time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Christina Haack’s favorite car brand?

Christina Haack’s favorite car brand is Porsche. She has been spotted driving several Porsche models, including a Porsche Panamera and a Porsche 911.

Does Christina Haack prefer sports cars or SUVs?

Christina Haack seems to prefer sports cars over SUVs. She has been seen driving several sports car models, including a Porsche 911 and a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Has Christina Haack ever mentioned her dream car?

Christina Haack has mentioned that her dream car is a Lamborghini Aventador. She has shared photos of the car on her Instagram account and has expressed her love for the car’s design and performance.

What features does Christina Haack prioritize when choosing a car?

Christina Haack prioritizes performance and design when choosing a car. She has stated that she loves fast cars with sleek and stylish designs, and she has been seen driving several high-performance sports cars.

How often does Christina Haack change her car?

It is unclear how often Christina Haack changes her car. She has been seen driving several different cars over the years, including sports cars and SUVs, but it is unknown how often she upgrades or changes her vehicle.

What was Christina Haack’s first car?

Christina Haack’s first car was a Volkswagen Beetle. She has shared photos of the car on her Instagram account and has stated that she loved the car’s vintage style and compact size.

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