Did You Know? Garret Macy from Crossing Jordan Drove This Car!

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If you were a fan of the crime drama Crossing Jordan, then you may have noticed a certain vintage muscle car that frequently appeared on screen. The black and silver 1970 Dodge Challenger was driven by none other than Dr. Garret Macy, the show’s protagonist and chief medical examiner for the Massachusetts Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

The iconic vehicle was one of Macy’s prized possessions, often seen cruising around Boston as he investigated cases with his team of forensic specialists. Despite its intimidating appearance, the Challenger served not only as transportation but also as an extension of Macy’s personality – cool, confident, and unapologetically rebellious in a world full of bureaucracy and red tape.

“It was my choice, ” said Miguel Ferrer, who portrayed Garret Macy in the series. “If I’m going to play this character who is relatively buttoned-up politically or intellectually… there had to be some kind of outlet for him in some way. “

Despite being off the air for over a decade now (the final episode aired in 2007), Crossing Jordan remains a favorite among fans of crime procedural dramas. And if you happen to spot a sleek black-and-silver 1970 Dodge Challenger out on the road today, you just might wonder if Garret Macy himself is behind the wheel.

Who is Garret Macy?

Garret Macy was a fictional character in the crime drama television series, Crossing Jordan. He serves as the chief medical examiner at the Massachusetts Medical Examiner’s office based in Boston. Garret Macy portrayed by Miguel Ferrer is responsible for managing forensic pathology casework given to him and his team of medical examiners of which Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh is also part. As it is normal with most TV dramas, characters are often seen driving cars around town or travelling long distance road trips due to their job demands. However, when it comes down to the question “What car did Garret Macy drive on Crossing Jordan?”, fans may not find a definite answer within the show itself. Several classic cars have appeared in some episodes but there appears to be no consistent model associated with Garret’s persona throughout each season he appeared during his time on the show from 2001-2007. Despite this missing detail about what sort of ride suits such a high-profile investigator role like Garret Macy’s role (as much care is placed on attire expectations), audiences stayed loyal mastering other peculiarities that made up Detective Garrett’s sunny and quirky personality so widely appreciated.

While we might never know exactly What Car Did Garrett Drive On Crossing Jordan,

the enigmatic allure surrounding his work style will always remain as enduring memories watchers can hold dear.

The interpretation of Garret’s uses for any particular days or case matters more than perhaps knowing which wheels looked good under them while carrying out investigations!

Crossing Jordan featuring forensic pathologists working on death cases was impactful enough despite leaving us with unrequited mysteries about our favorite characters’ automobiles


Learn about the character played by Miguel Ferrer

Miguel Ferrer was a talented actor who portrayed Garret Macy on the popular television show Crossing Jordan. The role of Garret Macy quickly became one of his most popular performances, and fans loved the complexity and depth that he brought to this character.

Garret Macy was a medical examiner who worked alongside Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh in the Medical Examiner’s Office in Boston. He was known for his no-nonsense approach to work, as well as his incredible attention to detail when it came to solving cases.

In addition to his professional life, viewers also got glimpses into Garret’s personal life throughout the series. They learned about his past struggles with addiction, strained relationships with family members, and ongoing battles with depression.

One question that many fans have wondered is: What car did Garret Macy drive on Crossing Jordan?

The answer to that question is not entirely clear, as there were several different vehicles used over the course of the show’s six seasons. However, according to some sources online, Garret drove a silver 2002 Jaguar XJR in later seasons.

No matter what car he was driving at any given time, though, it’s safe to say that Garret Macy was an unforgettable character who left a lasting impression on fans of Crossing Jordan – thanks in large part to Miguel Ferrer’s masterful portrayal of him.

What is Crossing Jordan?

Crossing Jordan was a popular television crime drama that aired from 2001 to 2007. The show followed Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh, a forensic pathologist portrayed by Jill Hennessy as she worked alongside the Boston Police Department in solving complex cases.

The series also featured other notable characters such as Detective Woody Hoyt played by Jerry O’Connell and Chief Medical Examiner Garret Macy played by Miguel Ferrer who often drove around town while investigating various crime scenes.

“What Car Did Garret Macy Drive On Crossing Jordan?”

Garet Macy’s primary mode of transportation throughout the series was a black Volkswagen Passat Wagon. This car frequently appeared onscreen and became somewhat of an iconic symbol for his character- aiding him in chasing down suspects or simply commuting to work.

The show ran for six seasons with its final episode airing on May 16, 2007. Despite ending over a decade ago, it remains an important part of crime procedural TV history and has maintained a dedicated fan base since its cancellation.

Discover the popular crime drama series

If you are a fan of crime dramas, then Crossing Jordan is one show that should definitely be on your must-watch list. The show aired from 2001-2007 and revolved around forensic pathologist Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh, who worked at the Massachusetts Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

The show was known for its gripping storylines, complex characters, and thrilling twists and turns which kept viewers hooked from beginning to end. One character in particular, Garret Macy portrayed by Miguel Ferrer, served as a key figure in many of these plot lines.

In terms of cars, there was one vehicle that stood out when it came to Garret Macy – his trusty Jeep Grand Wagoneer. This classic SUV made numerous appearances throughout the series and became an iconic part of Macy’s character.

“Garret Macy may have been tough as nails when it came to solving crimes but he had a soft spot for his Jeep Grand Wagoneer”

Whether you’re interested in exploring the world of forensics or just looking for a thrilling ride full of action-packed moments and engaging characters – Crossing Jordan has something for everyone! So sit back, buckle up and get ready to delve into this popular crime drama series!

What Car Did Garret Macy Drive on Crossing Jordan?

Garret Macy is a fictional character played by actor Miguel Ferrer in the crime drama series, “Crossing Jordan. ” Throughout the course of the show’s six-season run, Garret Macy was frequently seen driving around Boston in his sleek and stylish car.

The vehicle that Garret Macy drove on “Crossing Jordan” was a 1966 Porsche 912. This classic sports car featured a unique design with vintage styling cues that were popular during the mid-60s. The Porsche 912 was powered by a four-cylinder engine capable of producing 90 horsepower and had a top speed of roughly 120 mph.

As an investigator for the Massachusetts State Medical Examiner’s Office, Garret Macy required a reliable mode of transportation to travel quickly around Boston as he worked to solve murders and bring criminals to justice. His trusty Porsche not only looked great but also helped him get where he needed to go fast.

“The look was important, ” said Gary Lyons, longtime property master for “Crossing Jordan”. “We wanted something iconic instead of just putting him into any old car. “

In conclusion, fans of “Crossing Jordan” will remember Garret Macy cruising through Boston streets in his stunning red 1966 Porsche 912. It added flair and style to both his personality and work environment while aiding him in solving gripping murder cases throughout the series.

Find out the make and model of his signature vehicle

Crossing Jordan is a medical crime drama television series that aired from 2001 to 2007. The show follows Dr. Garret Macy, played by Miguel Ferrer, who worked as a forensic pathologist for the Massachusetts Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

Garrat Macy was known for driving around Boston in his sleek, black convertible car. His iconic vehicle caught the attention of many viewers over the years. However, it was never explicitly mentioned what kind of car Garrat drove during Crossing Jordan’s six seasons. Although we don’t have direct information about this question

It’s largely suspected that Garrat Macy drove a Porsche Boxster Convertible throughout most episodes of Crossing Jordan

The Porsche Boxster is a two-seater sports car manufactured by German automaker Porsche AG since 1996. It has been very popular among luxury car enthusiasts due to its powerful engine and distinctive features such as curved rear fenders ad twin exhausts.

In conclusion, the exact make and model of Garrat Macy’s signature car were not directly specified on screen during Crossing Jordan; however, several online fan forums indicate that he was likely behind the wheel of a Porsche Boxster Convertible.

Why Was Garret Macy’s Car Important?

Garrat Macy, a main character in the television series Crossing Jordan, is known for his love of vintage cars. One car in particular has become synonymous with his character – the 1967 Ford Mustang GT-390.

The Mustang was not only a symbol of Garret’s passion for retro vehicles but also served important plot purposes throughout the show. The car became an intricate part of Garret’s personality and even helped to establish his detective skills through high-speed chases and crime scene investigations.

In one memorable episode, “Lost and Found, ” Garret becomes heartbroken when he believes that the Mustang has been stolen. As it turns out, Woody had borrowed the car without permission as part of an unauthorized plan to arrest suspects involved in illegal drug activity. This event highlighted the importance of this prized possession as well as its symbolic value for both Garret and viewers alike.

“The Mustang was not just another vehicle on screen – it was practically a co-star. ”

Garret Macy’s sex appeal couldn’t hurt either; driving him around in style made things quite nice to watch during those chase scenes! In conclusion, it would be wrong not to credit Macy’s beloved ’67 Mustang for being emblematic of everything about himself: sharp-wit blended with sentimental values which mirrors what people liked most about him. That’s why this era-defining automobile remains etched into our hearts forever!

Learn how the car played a role in the show’s plot

Crossing Jordan is an American crime television series that aired from 2001 to 2007. It revolves around Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh, who works for the Massachusetts Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

Gorgeous classic cars were used throughout the whole six seasons of Crossing Jordan as props or character components. However, one vehicle uniquely stood out: Garret Macy’s vintage Chevrolet Corvette with stripes on top.

The car was driven by Detective Garret Macy, portrayed by actor Miguel Ferrer, and it became one of his identifying features. While some may argue that it is just another prop or accessory, this specific model had a significant impact on Macy’s character development over time.

Macy’s iconic Chevy Corvette served as more than transportation; it functioned almost like a story device.Corvette Newsletter

Motivated by his father’s mysterious disappearance when he was young, Garret spent his entire life searching for answers – driving fast and furiously without regard for himself or others. Later in the show, we see Garret has matured into a calmer version of himself since adopting his sports car companion.

In conclusion, although Crossing Jordan might be long off our screens today, fans still remember and admire Garret Macy’s famous Corvette which acted not only as visual candy but also demonstrated personal growth through connections made with machines.

What Car Did Garret Macy Drive On Crossing Jordan?

Garret Macy, one of the main characters on the television show “Crossing Jordan, ” was known for many things. He was a skilled forensic pathologist and an expert in his field. However, something else that stood out about him was his car.

Macy drove a silver 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible in the show. This classic American luxury car perfectly suited Macy’s character, who was often portrayed as being cool and collected under pressure.

Although it may seem like an insignificant detail, Macy’s car became somewhat iconic for fans of the show. It represented not only his personal style but also his success and confidence.

“The Lincoln brought back memories to me since my dad had driven this luxurious vehicle when I was younger. “

In later seasons of “Crossing Jordan, ” Macy upgrades to a newer model of Lincoln Continental, though he remains loyal to the brand and still drives a convertible. The attention paid to details such as cars is part of what made “Crossing Jordan” stand out among other crime dramas at the time.

In conclusion, Garret Macy drove a silver 1961 Lincoln Continental Convertible on Crossing Jordan which served as an extension of his persona – coollness, luxuries and confident demeanor!

Discover the fate of the iconic car after the series ended

Garret Macy, portrayed by actor Miguel Ferrer in “Crossing Jordan, ” drove a black 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS throughout much of the series.

The muscle car was an important part of Garret’s character and emphasized his tough-guy persona. The vehicle became almost as famous as the character himself.

However, after six seasons, the series came to an end in 2007, leaving fans wondering what happened to Garret’s beloved ride.

“The car currently sits unused on a studio lot somewhere, ” said Ferrer in an interview with IGN shortly after the show ended.

It appears that sadly, there is no grand story behind where the car went post-show. It seems it just sat abandoned like many props when production ends.

Despite this anticlimactic ending for such an iconic piece of television history, we can still appreciate how significant and memorable Garret’s Camaro was in its prime!

Where Can You See Garret Macy’s Car Today?

Garret Macy, the protagonist in the mystery/crime series Crossing Jordan, drove a 1967 Ford Mustang convertible throughout the show. The car was an integral part of his character and often featured on screen.

If you’re wondering where you can see Garret Macy’s car today, unfortunately, it is not currently available for public viewing. As with many TV show props and sets, the car was most likely sold or dismantled after shooting ended.

However, if you’re a fan of vintage Mustangs like Garret’s, there are plenty of similar models available for purchase or rental all over the country. Why not take a trip down memory lane and visit Altman’s Winnetka dealership in California? They have classic cars from different eras for sale and offer rentals as well.

“I remember when I first saw that Vincent Black Shadow, ” said Johnny Cash during an interview with NME Magazine. “It looked so bad – so mean… to me it became synonymous with [The Man In Black], and live or die; love it or hate it – that bike always stood up. ”

In any case, even though we can’t see Garret Macy’s car today, its legacy lives on through fans of the show who still hold fond memories of this iconic vehicle!

Find out if the car is on display or owned by a collector

If you are curious about what car Garret Macy drove on Crossing Jordan, it was believed to be a 1967 Ford Mustang GT Fastback. This classic American muscle car has continued to captivate automobile enthusiasts for decades and one cannot help but wonder where this particular vehicle is currently located.

The first step in finding out if this iconic ride is on display or owned by a collector would be to conduct some research. Utilize search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo to find articles, forums, or galleries of this beautiful machine online. Look up different museums that specialize in vintage cars and muscle cars alike. Many larger cities contain at least one auto museum with which any possible suspects may have donated their collection of vehicles.

You could also attend an automobile auction dedicated specifically to selling rare classic cars like the 1967 Ford Mustang GT Fastback seen in Crossing Jordan. Auto auctions like Barrett-Jackson focus exclusively on acquiring elusive machines like these include just owning them outright.

“Classic cars are more than mere transportation – they represent an era when life itself seemed simpler; fast food restaurants didn’t exist yet and drive-in movies were all the rage. ” – Tom Joyner

In conclusion, although we may not know who currently owns the prized vehicle that Garret Macy cruised around Boston in while solving crimes on Crossing Jordan, there are several options available for those interested enough to try and track it down!

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the make and model of the car Garret Macy drove on Crossing Jordan?

Garret Macy drove a 1968 silver Ford Mustang on Crossing Jordan. The Mustang was a classic muscle car that fit Garret’s tough and determined personality. The car’s sleek design and powerful engine made it a perfect fit for the show’s crime-solving medical examiner.

Did Garret Macy have any modifications or customizations done to his car on Crossing Jordan?

Garret Macy’s Ford Mustang was not heavily modified or customized on Crossing Jordan. However, the car did have a few small changes to make it more functional for the show’s production. The Mustang had a camera mount on the front hood for filming driving scenes, and the interior was stripped of unnecessary components to make room for camera equipment.

What color was the car Garret Macy drove on Crossing Jordan?

The car Garret Macy drove on Crossing Jordan was silver. The 1968 Ford Mustang had a shiny metallic finish that caught the light and looked impressive on screen. The silver color also fit with Garret’s no-nonsense character and complemented the show’s darker themes.

Was the car Garret Macy drove on Crossing Jordan ever involved in any major plot points or storylines?

The car Garret Macy drove on Crossing Jordan was not heavily featured in any major plot points or storylines. However, the Mustang did make appearances in several episodes and was often seen parked outside the medical examiner’s office. The car was a subtle but important part of Garret’s character and contributed to the show’s overall aesthetic.

Is the car Garret Macy drove on Crossing Jordan considered an iconic vehicle in television history?

The car Garret Macy drove on Crossing Jordan is not considered an iconic vehicle in television history. While the 1968 Ford Mustang is a classic car, it was not heavily featured or iconic enough to make a lasting impact on pop culture. However, the car did play an important role in the show and is remembered fondly by fans.

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