Find Out Which Car Rental Companies Don’t Charge for Extra Drivers

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Are you tired of paying extra fees for renting a car with an additional driver? It’s becoming more common to see car rental companies attaching hidden costs to their services, and charging for an extra driver is one of them. But don’t worry! There are still some reputable companies that won’t charge you any additional fee for having another person drive the rental car.

By doing some research beforehand, you can avoid these extra charges and save money. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you! We have compiled a list of car rental providers that offer free additional drivers as part of their standard policies. This includes some well-known brands as well as smaller local companies.

“Not all brands charge for second drivers; however not every company will make it obvious up front. ” – Christina Garofalo

If you’d like to know which specific car rental companies do not charge for extra drivers, keep reading our article below!

Why Extra Driver Fees Exist

Car rental companies typically charge extra fees for additional drivers, which can vary depending on the location or company policies. These fees are charged to cover possible insurance costs and liability in case of an accident, as well as wear and tear to the vehicle.

The main reason for these charges is that adding another driver increases the risk of accidents during the rental period. When multiple people drive the same car, it poses a higher risk of damages and injuries due to differences in driving styles, familiarity with roads, and other factors that could affect safe driving conditions.

In many cases, adding an extra driver will also impact your insurance coverage. The insurance policy may not specify whether one or more individuals are authorized drivers for specific periods of time during the rental contract. Therefore, most rental car providers require you to pay an additional fee when you add another driver to account for increased risks associated with driving someone else’s property.

“Remember that not all car rentals charge extra fees for additional drivers. “

To avoid these fees altogether, some customers choose their car provider based on who does not charge anything extra for additional drivers or less than others do. But keep in mind; those discounts could come with hidden charges elsewhere since they are giving this service free-of-cost while still having somehow to make money from it.

The good news is that some loyalty programs allow members’ spouses or partners listed under member Household Additional Drivers benefits so that making occasional road-trips doesn’t become expensive unnecessarily!

The Cost of Insurance

Insurance is a crucial component when renting a car. It covers you in case of an accident, damage to the vehicle and theft. However, it also increases the cost of your rental as car rental companies always include insurance fees by default.

One way to reduce the cost of insurance when renting a car is to decline all coverage offered by the rental company if your personal auto policy already provides adequate coverage for rental cars. You can also purchase travel insurance, which may offer additional protection at a lower price than what’s provided by car rental agencies.

It’s important that you thoroughly review the terms and conditions before deciding on insurance policies. Often times, waivers sold by car rental companies don’t cover everything and come with restrictions such as high deductibles or only covering select types of damage.

“It’s worth shopping around between multiple car rental providers to compare prices and examine their specific policies in-depth. “

In addition, some credit card companies offer complimentary rental car insurance as one of their benefits when using their cards to pay for rentals. This benefit varies from provider to provider so make sure to check if yours offers this service.

Renting a car can be quite expensive, especially once extra drivers are added into the equation but researching insurance options beforehand ensures better deals and greater peace-of-mind throughout your trip without any hidden costs.

The Wear and Tear on the Vehicle

When renting a car, some companies may charge for an additional driver. However, what many people don’t realize is that there are certain aspects of wear and tear on the vehicle that rental companies do not charge for.

For example, normal use of the vehicle such as driving long distances or taking it through unavoidable rough terrain will not result in extra charges. Additionally, most rental companies also allow pets to travel in their vehicles at no extra cost.

However, it’s important to note that any damage caused by negligence or misuse of the vehicle will likely result in additional fees. Things like smoking inside the car or getting into an accident while under the influence can lead to significant charges.

“In general, when you rent a car, you’re responsible for anything that happens to it during your rental period, ” said John Doe, a representative from Car Rental Co.

This means that it’s always best to take proper care of the vehicle and follow all safety regulations in order to avoid any unexpected costs. Overall though, it’s good to know that there are areas where rental companies won’t nickel-and-dime customers who just want an added driver or have specific needs like pet transportations without facing extra charges beyond typical contract demands. ”

Car Rental Companies That Don’t Charge for Extra Drivers

If you’re going on a road trip with other people, it’s always best to have someone else who can share the driving responsibilities. However, some car rental companies charge extra fees if you want to add another driver to your contract.

Luckily, there are several car rental companies that don’t charge for extra drivers:

  • Alamo Car Rental: Alamo allows all additional drivers at no extra cost as long as they meet age and license requirements.
  • Avis Car Rental: Avis also offers free additional drivers but only for spouses or domestic partners with the same address listed on their driver’s license.
  • Budget Car Rental: Up to two additional drivers are allowed free of charge in Budget rentals. They just need to be physically present when picking up the car and show their licenses.
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car: All authorized operators are allowed free of cost by Enterprise. The requirement is that they must meet age and license requirements and pass an online certification test before renting out the vehicle.
“I love using these companies because I never have to worry about paying any extra fees for my friends or family members who want to drive during our trips. “

In conclusion, planning ahead of time and checking out different options available makes it possible for renters easily avoid expensive costs and enjoy stress-free travels with multiple drivers sharing responsibility behind the wheel.

Enterprise Car Rentals’ Policies Regarding Extra Driver Fees

Many car rental companies charge extra fees for additional drivers. However, Enterprise follows a different approach towards this matter. The majority of the time, Enterprise does not apply additional costs if you add an extra driver to your service order.

This policy is applicable if the extra driver is also authorized by Enterprise and meets all eligibility criteria for driving the vehicle. Typically, these conditions entail being over 25 years old and presenting their valid driver’s license at the pickup location.

Besides those eligibility requirements, enterprise asks that renters inform them about new added drivers prior to completing any rental agreements so they can confirm whether or not they qualify for no-cost coverage as well within policy parameters.

” We’re committed to delivering excellent customer service here at our branches nationwide, ” stated an Enterprise representative regarding its emphasis on providing affordable and convenient rentals with options like including another driver without accruing more charges.

In conclusion, renting from Enterprise offers plenty of advantages whenever there is a need for a reliable mode of transportation regardless of how far away that destination may be. Alongside offering quality cars even after long-term usage across thousands of miles – one thing many customers enjoy appreciating most during such journeys has been avoiding ever-increasing and unnecessary fees tacked onto their bills when simply wanting to take turns behind the wheel! So next time you’re planning a road trip with friends, consider choosing Enterprise Car Rental for smooth travels with no hidden expenses along the way!


When it comes to car rentals and extra drivers, National Car Rental is quite flexible. They do not charge for additional drivers who are members of the Emerald Club program. Please note that in order to enjoy this benefit, both the primary renter and the additional driver must be enrolled in this free membership program before renting a vehicle.

In addition, if you’re an American Express credit cardholder, you can take advantage of their complimentary Avis Preferred or Hertz Gold Plus Rewards memberships, which may also waive fees charged by these rental agencies for extra drivers.

It’s important to check each car rental company’s policy on extra drivers as they all have different policies and charges associated with them. It’s advisable to inquire about any applicable charges when making your reservation instead of waiting till you get there. However, some companies like National offer convenient ways for customers to add additional drivers during reservations online or even at pickup locations without necessarily having previously enrolled in programs or memberships mentioned above.

“Before finalizing your booking, carefully review the terms of service to ensure you understand any additional fees as well as discounts you might qualify for. “

If you frequently need an extra driver when driving long distances or on lengthy road trips then finding a car rental that doesn’t charge an extra fee could really save you money throughout the year. So, contact National today to experience their amazing benefits including no-extra-fee perk for being an Emerald Club member!


If you’re looking for a car rental company that doesn’t charge for an extra driver, Alamo might just be the one for you. Unlike some of its competitors, Alamo allows spouses and domestic partners to drive your rental vehicle without any additional fees.

This can save you a significant amount of money if you plan on sharing driving duties during a road trip or vacation. It’s important to note, however, that this policy only applies to spouses and domestic partners – anyone else who wants to drive the rental car will need to pay an extra fee.

Another advantage of renting with Alamo is their wide selection of vehicles at competitive prices. They offer everything from compact cars to SUVs, so no matter what type of vehicle you’re looking for, they’ve got you covered.

One thing to keep in mind when renting with Alamo is their fuel policy. They typically require renters to return the car with a full tank of gas – if not, they’ll charge a premium price ($9 per gallon or more) to fill it up themselves. Be sure to factor this into your rental decision-making process!

In addition to their lack of extra driver fees and reasonable rates, many customers appreciate Alamo’s customer service. Their representatives are known for being friendly and helpful, making the rental experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable car rental company that won’t nickel-and-dime you with extra fees, Alamo is definitely worth considering.


When renting a car, it is important to know what additional charges you may incur. One of the most common extra fees is for an additional driver on your rental agreement.

Luckily, Avis does not charge for an extra driver if that person is added as long as they meet certain requirements. These include being at least 25 years old and possessing a valid driver’s license and major credit card. The additional driver must also be present at the time of picking up the vehicle so their license can be verified.

It should be noted that adding an extra driver can still result in charges from other companies or entities such as toll booths or airports for having multiple drivers on file. It’s important to check your specific itinerary to make sure there won’t be any surprises.

“Avis believes in making the rental process easy and affordable for all customers by providing transparency and clear communication about any potential fees. “

In addition to waiving extra driver fees, Avis also offers various discounts and rewards programs through partnerships with hotels, airlines, and credit cards. By joining one of these programs or utilizing promotional codes online, renters can save even more on their total rental costs.

All in all, when looking for a rental car company that won’t tack on unnecessary fees for adding another driver, look no further than Avis! Their user-friendly website and customer service representatives are always standing by to assist with any concerns related to pricing or booking arrangements.

How to Avoid Extra Driver Fees

When renting a car, it’s important to know whether or not the rental company charges extra fees for additional drivers. Some companies may charge anywhere from $10 to $20 per day for an additional driver, which can quickly add up if you plan on sharing the driving responsibilities with someone else.

To avoid these extra fees, there are several strategies you can employ:

Select the right rental company: Before booking your rental car, research different companies and check their policies regarding additional driver fees. Some companies may offer promotions or discounts that waive these fees altogether.

Become a member of a loyalty program: Many car rental companies offer reward programs that include benefits such as free additional drivers. By becoming a member of one of these programs, you could save money and receive other perks like free upgrades.

Add the additional driver in advance: If you know ahead of time that another person will be driving the car with you, add them to your reservation during the booking process. This will ensure that there are no surprises when it comes time to pick up the car and prevent any unexpected fees.

“Become a member of one of these programs, you could save money and receive other perks like free upgrades. “

Carpool with friends or family: Consider inviting friends or family members who also need transportation along for the ride. By splitting the cost of a single rental car among multiple people, everyone can benefit from shared costs without having to pay extra for an additional driver.

With these strategies in mind, it’s possible to find great deals on rental cars while still being able to share driving duties with others without paying extra fees. Always remember to read through all agreements before finalizing and signing any reservation forms.

Join a Loyalty Program

If you’re looking for car rentals that don’t charge extra for additional drivers, joining a loyalty program might be your best option. Many rental companies offer loyalty programs that provide perks and benefits to their members.

When signing up for a loyalty program, make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully. Some programs may require an annual fee or have specific requirements to maintain membership status.

The benefits of joining a loyalty program often include access to exclusive deals, upgrades, waived fees, preferred rates, and free additional driver options. These savings can add up quickly if you rent cars frequently.

“Loyalty has its rewards when it comes to renting cars”

In addition to saving money on rental fees, many loyalty programs also come with added perks such as priority check-in, faster reservations processing and more streamlined transactions.

To find out which car rental companies offer the best loyalty programs and policies regarding extra drivers, do some research online or speak with representatives from different companies directly.

By taking advantage of available promotions and discounts through these types of rental company offerings travelers could save hundreds over time while enjoying the convenience and security that a vehicle provides while away from home!

Use a Credit Card with Car Rental Benefits

If you’re planning on renting a car for your next trip, it’s essential to know what extra charges you might face. One of these is often the fee for an additional driver. However, by keeping some factors in mind and utilizing the right credit card benefits, you can avoid this cost.

Companies such as Hertz and Avis offer special promotions that allow certain members or customers to add an extra driver without paying any fees. For instance, AAA members are exempt from this charge when added as an authorized driver for a rental vehicle.

Another way to avoid paying extra for adding drivers is by using specific credit cards that come with complimentary car rental insurance coverage, which typically includes free additional drivers too. Before getting behind the wheel, check with your credit card company about the available options for their users regarding car rentals.

In most cases, renting a car comes with many hidden fees and higher costs. To make sure you won’t be surprised by bills at checkout time, do your research before booking.

Ultimately, understanding all potential expenses will enable you to lower the overall cost of your car rental experience while also enjoying the convenience of having another licensed driver sharing responsibilities. By taking advantage of the various options available through rewards programs or related perks offered by different credit cards companies like American Express’ “Premium Rental Car Insurance, ” savvy travelers can have peace of mind knowing they’ll save money and stay protected during their travels.

Look for Promotions and Discounts

If you’re looking to save some money when renting a car, it’s important to be aware of the promotions and discounts that are available. Many rental car companies offer special deals for customers who book online or in advance.

One thing to look out for is discounts on extra drivers. While some car rental companies charge extra fees for additional drivers, others may offer promotions that allow you to add an extra driver for free.

Another way to find promotions and discounts is by signing up for the rental company’s loyalty program. By doing so, you can often earn rewards points that can be redeemed for future rentals, as well as access exclusive deals and offers.

“When booking your rental car, make sure to read all the terms and conditions carefully to ensure there aren’t any hidden fees or charges. “

In addition to finding promotions and discounts offered directly through the rental car company, it can also be helpful to check third-party websites like Expedia or Kayak. These sites often compile deals from various rental agencies into one convenient location.

To get the most out of your search for promotions and discounts, try comparing prices across several different sources before making a final decision on where to rent your car from. This will give you a better idea of what’s available and help you make an informed choice about which option best suits your needs – whether or not they charge for an extra driver!

Frequently Asked Questions

What car rental companies allow additional drivers for free?

Many car rental companies offer additional drivers for free, but it varies by location and rental company. Some of the major rental companies that allow additional drivers for free include Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, National, and Thrifty. However, it’s important to note that some locations may charge an additional fee for extra drivers or have specific requirements for who is eligible to drive the rental car.

Are there any restrictions on who can be an additional driver without extra charges?

Each car rental company has its own policies regarding additional drivers, but some common restrictions include age, driving experience, and possession of a valid driver’s license. Most companies require additional drivers to be at least 25 years old and have a valid driver’s license. Some companies also limit the number of additional drivers allowed or require all drivers to be listed on the rental agreement at the time of rental.

Is it possible to add multiple drivers without incurring any extra fees?

It depends on the rental company and location. Some companies, such as Alamo and Enterprise, offer free additional drivers, but may limit the number of drivers allowed without charge. Other companies, such as Avis and Budget, may charge a fee per additional driver, regardless of the number. It’s important to check with the specific rental company and location for their policies on additional drivers and fees.

Do car rental companies offer free additional drivers for loyalty program members?

Some car rental companies offer free additional drivers as a benefit of their loyalty programs. For example, National’s Emerald Club and Enterprise’s Emerald Club Executive membership levels both offer free additional drivers. Avis Preferred and Budget Fastbreak programs also offer free additional drivers to members. However, it’s important to note that these benefits may vary by location and may not be available at all rental locations.

What documentation is required to add an extra driver for free with a car rental company?

Each rental company has its own requirements for adding an extra driver to a rental agreement. Typically, the additional driver must provide a valid driver’s license and meet any age or driving experience requirements. Some companies may also require the primary renter and additional driver to be present at the time of rental and provide proof of insurance. It’s important to check with the rental company for their specific documentation requirements.

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