Find Out Who Drives The 00 Car In Nascar 2018!

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Are you a fan of NASCAR and curious to know who drives the iconic 00 car in the year 2018? Look no further, as we have all the information on this exciting driver.

The racer behind the wheel of the 00 car for the entire 2018 season is none other than Cole Custer. This Californian native began his racing career at just five years old and has been quickly rising up through the ranks ever since.

“Racing was always something that I’d kind of grown up around because my dad [Joe Custer] did it and his dad [Hal Custer] before him. ” – Cole Custer

Cole made his professional debut back in 2015 when he raced in two Camping World Truck Series races. In addition to driving the #00 Haas Automation Ford Mustang, he also competes regularly in the Xfinity series for Stewart-Haas Racing with Biagi-DenBeste. He’s quickly become one of America’s favorite young racers thanks to his impressive skills behind the wheel. If you’re interested in watching Cole race, be sure to tune into any upcoming NASCAR events featuring both Xfinity and Cup series competitions, where he’ll surely impress spectators from all over!

Introduction to the 00 Car

The No. 00 car is a prominent vehicle among NASCAR fans, associated with its long-standing driver, Landon Cassill, and his team StarCom Racing.

Landon Cassill’s position as the lead driver of the #00 Chevy Camaro ZL1 speaks volumes about his racing expertise. The 28-year-old American has been an active participant in various NASCAR competitions since he was just eighteen years old.

Cassill’s involvement in NASCAR began at Rockford Speedway in Illinois where he participated in races from age five through eleven before entering competitive karting events two years later. He then entered into amateur-level circuit racing when he turned sixteen.

The young driver remained committed to establishing himself as a professional over several years of ups and downs spent driving for lesser-known teams. His continued efforts paid off eventually, culminating in him being approved by the licensing body that governed sanctioning motorsports organizations such as NASCAR or INDYCAR.

“After spending time volunteering full-time for Hendrick Motorsports while persistently promoting my skills on Twitter – I received numerous phone calls which led me down a path that exceeded my wildest imagination. ”
So it seems like we can look forward to seeing more from this super-enthusiastic rising star who drives the completely potent and iconic Number Zero Zero racecar!

History of the 00 Car

The No. 00 car has been a part of NASCAR since the early 1960s when it entered its first race in the Sprint Cup Series way back in 1962.

In the late 60s, Buddy Baker took control of driving this iconic machine and made some incredible contributions to popularize motorsports across America with his astonishing performances on track. He drove it for four consecutive seasons from 1969-1972 and claimed multiple victories during that period.

Since then, different drivers have driven the car over time – including Buck Baker, Carl Long, Dick Brooks, Kenny Wallace, Jeremy Mayfield and David Reutimann among others. Although none of these later drivers was able to match up to Buddy’s achievements both on the circuit as well as commercially, they still contributed significantly towards cementing ’00’ in NASCAR folklore.

“Who Drives The No. 00 Car In Nascar 2018?”

As we transition into modern-day NASCAR racing (2018), Cassill Landon currently drives the iconic number ‘’00” Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 after replacing Derrike Cope mid-way through last season.

Cassill is certainly trying his best to get this historic car back into victory lane – taking inspiration from legendary figures like Buddy Baker who initially helped make it famous all those years ago. Apart from renowned personalities before him who drove #00; he understands what an honor it is to drive continuously for more than half-century such an associated race winning icon throughout automobile sports history.

Overall #00 continues adding new legends while showcasing stalwart success stories spanning decades– imbued within every single one who test drives whenever given opportunity behind wheel!

Current Driver of the 00 Car

The current driver of the #00 car in NASCAR for the 2018 season is Cole Custer. He races for Stewart-Haas Racing, which was founded by three-time Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series champion Tony Stewart and Gene Haas.

Custer began his NASCAR career in 2014 at just 16 years old, racing part-time in the K&N Pro Series East. By 2016, he had won nine races in the Camping World Truck Series before moving on to race full-time in the Xfinity Series.

In only his second full season there, Custer has already earned two wins and finished eighth overall in points standings last year. With a bright future ahead of him, many believe that this young driver has what it takes to be one of the top racers in the sport.

“I’m really excited to be driving for such a great team with so much history, ” says Custer about racing for Stewart-Haas Racing. “It’s an honor to drive under Tony’s name and I plan on doing my best to make everyone proud. “

Currently sitting fifth in points standings after six races into the 2018 Xfinity Season, we can expect big things from Cole Custer as he continues to mature and gain experience behind the wheel of one of NASCAR’s most iconic cars – The #00 Ford Mustang.

Driver’s Background and Achievements

The driver of the 00 car in NASCAR 2018 is Cole Custer, an American racecar driver born on January 23, 1998. He started his racing career in go-karts when he was only four years old and eventually moved up to compete in Late Model stock cars.

Cole made his Xfinity Series debut in 2017 at Homestead-Miami Speedway and won the pole position for that race. In just his third start, he claimed his first victory at Auto Club Speedway. His consistent performance throughout the season led him to finish fifth overall in points standings, earning him Rookie of the Year honors.

In addition to his success in NASCAR, Cole has also achieved multiple victories and championships across various racing leagues. In 2014, he won five races en route to claiming the championship title in the K&N Pro Series East. The following year, he repeated as champion after winning six races.

“I got into racing because my dad did it, ” said Cole during a recent interview. “But I fell in love with it for myself. “

Cole currently drives for Stewart-Haas Racing with Fred Biagi where he competes full-time in the #00 Haas Automation Ford Mustang. Fans are eager to see what this young driver will accomplish next and whether or not he can capture another victory or even a championship title.

Performance of the 00 Car in NASCAR 2018

The 00 car was driven by Cole Custer for eight races during the 2018 NASCAR Xfinity Series season. He had an average starting position of 5. 6 and an average finishing position of 14. 1, with two top-five finishes.

Later that year, Landon Cassill took over driving duties for three races in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, with a best finish of 28th place at Kansas Speedway.

In total, the 00 car competed in 11 races across both series and earned a combined total of $457, 696 in prize money.

“It’s always an honor to represent Stewart-Haas Racing, ” said Cole Custer after his first race in the #00 Haas Automation Ford Mustang. “To be able to come out here and win would have been something really special but getting third our first time together is still something we can build on. “

While the performance may not have been as dominant as other teams or drivers throughout the season, it still showed potential with strong starts and promising finishes. It will be interesting to see who takes over driving responsibilities for this car in future seasons and how they will fare on the track.

Results and Rankings of the 00 Car in Races

The 00 car is currently driven by Landon Cassill in NASCAR Cup Series. He commenced driving for StarCom Racing starting from the Daytona 500 race in February, this year.

The team has not been having a great season since they started performing averagely during races. In fact, out of thirty-two races held so far, only three – Bristol Night Race (21st), Michigan International Speedway (25th), and Indianapolis Motor Speedway (23rd) have seen the team finish within the top-twenty-five bracket.

It’s notable that even though these results are below-average, it shows remarkable endurance on Cassil’s part over time.

Cassill entered NASCAR national series during his late teenage years, hence becoming one of NASCAR’s youngest drivers ever – at just eighteen-years-old. Since then he has managed to achieve various career highlights including wins across many categories like Xfinity Series and Truck Series which also made him be ranked exceptionally high among his peers when it comes to driver ratings despite being still considered as an unproven entity by some.

Moving forward into different championships or competitions throughout his professional career will likely depend on factors such as whether he can upturn current form once more with improved setup work or tactical decisions behind-the-scenes before getting back onto track again; something we’ll all need to keep watching closely!

Challenges Faced by the 00 Car and Driver

The number 00 car in NASCAR is driven by Landon Cassill. In the current year, he faces several challenges while driving. One of them being his team’s limited budget, which puts a strain on their resources to compete at higher levels.

As opposed to other well-funded teams, Landon Cassil’s team struggles with developing new technologies that can give them an added advantage over opponents. This disadvantage often results in inconsistent performance throughout the season.

Anothe challenge faced by Cassil is minimizing errors during pit stops. Pit stop management requires accuracy and coordination from drivers and crew members alike; poor communication or failure to execute can cost valuable time and positions.

“The key element would be teamwork—having a good bond between myself and my spotter as well as the guys on top of my tool box getting me what I need” – Landon Cassill

In conclusion, racing in NASCAR takes both experience and skillsets for proffesional race-car drivers such as Lando Cassil are constantly adapting under pressure, aiming to avoid potential damage caused from collisions or accidents whilst still competing hard against rivals who are all hungry for success through victory lane triumphs.

Team Behind the 00 Car

In NASCAR, every car has a team of people who are responsible for its success. The same goes for the No. 00 car, which is driven by Cole Custer in the 2018 season.

Firstly, there’s the crew chief Mike Shiplett, who is responsible for making decisions about pit stops and strategy during races.

The team manager Jeff Meendering oversees everything from logistics to personnel management while ensuring that all aspects of preparing and racing each vehicle are carried out effectively.

Secondly, engineers play an important role in optimizing the car’s performance over different types of tracks. Specifically, they design parts and monitor data obtained through sensors allowed per driver wishes.

Last but not least: mechanics have responsibility when it comes to maintaining their cars throughout race day- this entails tasks such as fixing any mechanical issues before or after qualifying performances depending on how much time they’ve had beforehand/must be done before competitive driving begins.

“I’m fortunate enough to work with some talented individuals at Stewart-Haas Racing. “
Quoted above: driver Cole Custer expressed his gratitude towards his teammates. All members play vital roles in ensuring that Cole can compete toe-to-toe against other racers. . everything must come together accordingly or none will achieve victory under these respective positions within the Team. #NASCAR #ColeCusteRacing

Owner and Crew Members of the 00 Car

The 00 car is owned by StarCom Racing, a NASCAR team based in North Carolina. The owner of StarCom Racing is William Woehlemann.

The crew members responsible for maintaining and preparing the 00 car are essential to its success on the track. This includes the crew chief, who oversees all aspects of race strategy and mechanical adjustments during pit stops.

In 2018, Tony Furr served as the crew chief for the 00 car. He has extensive experience in racing, having worked with several notable teams throughout his career.

Other important crew members include the tire changers, fuelers, mechanics, engineers, spotters, and pit crew members who work tirelessly behind-the-scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly on race day.

“Our goal at StarCom Racing is to compete at the highest level and bring home wins for our fans, ” said owner William Woehlemann.
All these individuals come together to form an integral part of Nascar competition. Their hard work ensures that their driver can focus solely on driving while they take care of every other aspect. In conclusion, it takes a whole team effort for any successful racecar season in NASCAR. Therefore Who Drives The 00 Car In Nascar 2018? does not only involve one person but others too beyond their driver Brendan Gaughan. It’s through teamwork that drivers like him get to showcase their talents and abilities to win races!

Future Plans for the 00 Car

The driver of the number 00 car in NASCAR’s 2018 season was Cole Custer. However, as we look towards the future of this iconic car, there are a few plans that are currently in motion.

Firstly, Stewart-Haas Racing has announced that Chase Briscoe will be taking over driving duties for the 00 car starting in the 2021 NASCAR Xfinity Series. This decision comes after Briscoe had a successful stint with Ford Performance Driving Development program and won multiple races during his time in the ARCA Menards Series and NASCAR Gander RV, Outdoors Truck Series.

In addition to having Briscoe behind the wheel, Stewart-Haas Racing is also planning on introducing new technology and upgrades to improve performance. Some of these changes include experimenting with new aerodynamic packages, changing out suspension parts, and even updating onboard computer systems.

“We want to ensure that our team continually evolves and adapts so that we can remain competitive against some of today’s top drivers” – Greg Zipadelli (Vice President of Competition at Stewart-Haas Racing)

Finally, it should be noted that while these plans have been put into place for now, things are always subject to change. As technology continues to advance and racing styles evolve, teams need to be open and flexible when considering long-term strategies.

Possible Changes and Upgrades for the 00 Car

The driver who drives the 00 car in NASCAR 2018 is Cole Custer. The team worked hard to improve their performance last season, but there’s always room for improvement. Here are some possible changes and upgrades that could benefit the 00 car:

1. Engine Upgrade: One of the most important components of a race car is its engine, so upgrading it can help increase power output and speed.

“The more horsepower you have under your hood, the more likely you are to stay ahead of your competitors. ” – Cole Custer

2. Aero Package Adjustments: Improving aerodynamics can boost speed by reducing drag which is crucial on high-speed tracks like Talladega or Daytona.

3. Suspension Tuning: Proper suspension tuning ensures maximum tire grip, enhancing overall handling ability hence improving lap times.

4. Brake System Enhancements: Ensuring that brakes are in perfect condition can prevent overheating issues on long races where an increased amount of brake use occurs.

In conclusion, every upgrade has the potential to make significant impacts on how well a racing team performs in each event compared to others competing teams within NASCAR competition with consistent testing regimens along with proper safety measures, equipment implemented only good results come out from this evolution process towards betterment while revealing benefactors involved leading us into exciting events filled not just about victories but innovations too!

Expectations for the 00 Car and Driver in the Next Season

The 00 car in NASCAR has undergone changes, but one thing that hasn’t is its strong fanbase. In 2018, it was driven by none other than Landon Cassill who had a so-so season where he failed to qualify for eight races and finished only five times among the top-25.

In contrast, StarCom Racing announced that driver Quin Houff will be behind the wheel of their No. 00 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 starting with this year’s Daytona 500 race.

Houff brings his youthful energy to the table as he hopes to have an excellent year driving for StarCom Racing despite being new in Cup Series circles. It won’t be easy though as he’ll face more experienced drivers such as seven-time champion Jimmie Johnson or Denny Hamlin among others however every racer deserves a fair chance especially when they are working hard to make it happen.

“I’m grateful for everyone at StarCom Racing giving me this opportunity, ” said Houff “Daytona can’t come soon enough!”

We cannot wait either! When we hear “gentlemen start your engines” we’ll see what Quin is capable of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the driver of the 00 car in Nascar 2018?

The driver of the 00 car in Nascar 2018 is Cole Custer. He is a young and talented driver who has been making waves in the Nascar Xfinity Series. He joined the Stewart-Haas Racing team in 2019 and has been driving the 00 car since then.

What is the performance of the 00 car in Nascar 2018?

The performance of the 00 car in Nascar 2018 was fairly average. Cole Custer had a total of 0 wins, 6 top 5 finishes, and 17 top 10 finishes in 33 races. The car finished 10th in the overall standings, with 2, 000 points.

What team does the 00 car belong to in Nascar 2018?

The 00 car belongs to the Stewart-Haas Racing team in Nascar 2018. This team is co-owned by Tony Stewart, a former Nascar driver and three-time Cup Series champion, and Gene Haas, a successful businessman. The team has four cars in the Cup Series, including the 00 car.

What are the statistics of the driver of the 00 car in Nascar 2018?

Cole Custer, the driver of the 00 car in Nascar 2018, had a total of 0 wins, 6 top 5 finishes, and 17 top 10 finishes in 33 races. He had an average starting position of 12. 6 and an average finishing position of 12. 4. His best finish was 2nd place at Texas Motor Speedway.

How does the 00 car compare to other cars in Nascar 2018?

The 00 car was fairly average compared to other cars in Nascar 2018. It finished 10th in the overall standings, with 2, 000 points. However, it did not win any races and had fewer top 5 finishes than many of the other cars. Overall, the 00 car and its driver, Cole Custer, showed promise but had room for improvement in the following seasons.

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