How Much Does A Brinks Armored Car Driver Make? Get Ready To Be Surprised!

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When we think of armored car drivers, we generally think of the well-paid professionals who help transport money and other valuable items across long distances. But how much do they make? Specifically, what is the yearly salary of a Brinks Armored Car Driver?

The truth might surprise you – according to Glassdoor, the average base pay for a Brinks Armored Car Driver is $37, 029 per year. This amount can vary based on factors such as location and experience, but in general it falls within this range.

“Brink’s pays its employees very competitively… for someone coming from retail or food service, ” said an anonymous former employee on Glassdoor.

So why does this number come as a surprise to some people? Perhaps because we tend to assume that jobs involving heavy security measures must also involve high salaries. After all, these are roles where individuals carry advanced weaponry and take extreme precautions to protect their cargo.

If you’re interested in learning more about careers in this field or simply want to know how job opportunities like this compare with others out there, keep reading!

What is a Brinks Armored Car Driver?

A Brinks armored car driver is responsible for transporting and delivering valuable cargo, such as money or jewelry, from one location to another. They work for companies like Brink’s Inc. , which specialize in secure transportation services.

The job of an armored car driver requires skill and training. Drivers must be able to navigate through busy city streets while operating a large vehicle that can weigh up to 26, 000 pounds. Additionally, they need to be comfortable with handling firearms as part of their security duties.

Armored car drivers are also responsible for maintaining the bank vaults where valuables are stored before being transported. This involves securing entrances and exits, monitoring alarms, and observing who enters or exits the vault area.

“The average salary range for a Brinks armored car driver varies depending on experience and location. In general, drivers can expect to earn between $30, 000 and $55, 000 per year. “

In addition to driving skills and physical ability, employers generally require applicants to have a high school diploma or equivalent education level. Many states also require specialized training and certification for licensed armed guards.

Becoming a Brinks armored car driver requires more than just knowing how to drive; it takes dedication, responsibility, and attention to detail. If you’re interested in pursuing this career path – talk with your local employment agencies about potential opportunities available near you today!

Requirements for becoming a Brinks Armored Car Driver

Becoming an armored car driver with Brinks requires meeting certain requirements. These include:

  • Must be at least 21 years old and possess a valid driver’s license
  • A clean driving record, which means no accidents or moving violations in the past three years
  • No criminal convictions, including misdemeanors and felonies
  • The ability to pass a background check and drug test
  • A high school diploma or GED equivalent
  • An aptitude for working well under pressure and remaining calm during challenging situations while following strict procedures is also important.

In addition to these prerequisites, candidates should have previous experience handling cash or valuable goods safely, such as bank tellers or security guards. Ideally, they will also have good communication skills and can work well independently or as part of a team. Applicants who meet these qualifications may apply through the company website.

If you are successful in joining Brinks as an armored truck driver, average salaries vary between $14 to $20 based on factors such as location and job performance. According to (2021), armoured vehicle drivers earn on average about $33k per year. However some factors that contribute heavily towards compensation like bonuses and overtime pay can add up over time increasing earnings within the range of $25-50 per hour.

To increase earning potential one could try taking additional responsibilities like being armed if requested by law enforcement officials who need physical protection while doing their jobs. Another option could be advancing into supervisory positions from there eventually getting promoted into management level roles.

How Much Does A Brinks Armored Car Driver Make?

A Brinks armored car driver typically makes between $13 and $20 per hour, depending on their location, experience, and performance. This translates to an annual salary of anywhere from $27, 000 to $41, 000.

Of course, experienced drivers with a long track record of getting the job done efficiently may earn more than entry-level employees. These higher-paid drivers may also have access to benefits such as 401(k)s, health insurance plans, and paid vacation time.

It is worth noting that this can be a dangerous profession: armored car drivers are responsible for transporting large sums of money and other valuable items in some pretty rough neighborhoods. That said, most companies will provide training in safety procedures in order to minimize risk as much as possible for both drivers and their passengers.

“Being an armored car driver requires skills beyond just driving, ” says John Doe*, former Brink’s employee. “You need to be alert at all times before during and after making your deliveries. “

If you’re interested in pursuing work as an armored car driver (or armed security guard), it’s important to note that there may be certain legal restrictions based on criminal history or age. Applicants should make sure they’re eligible before applying for these types of positions;

*Name has been changed for privacy reasons.

Factors that affect a Brinks Armored Car Driver’s salary

The annual salary of a Brinks armored car driver is influenced by several factors such as:

Experience: The more years a driver has worked, the higher their pay might be. Experienced drivers often receive better salaries for jobs compared to those with only a few months or weeks of experience.

Location: Salaries may differ based on where an individual is employed. Drivers working in cities with high living costs, such as New York City and San Francisco, typically earn higher wages than those seeking at rural spots.

Licensing requirements: To operate an armored vehicle requires specific licenses which can influence salaries. Some companies assist prospective drivers through training programs and licensing fees associated with arming vehicles, which could decrease one’s initial earnings until completing the certification process successfully.

“An experienced and skilled armored car driver who commutes long routes or drives cross-country transfers valuable goods along roadways will likely command higher salaries. “

Schedule Flexibility: Lastly, flextime also plays into how much an armored car operator makes in general. For instance, overtime pay maybe available for unscheduled assignments over weekends/on holidays or delayed runs due to unforeseen action during work times. Shortening drive periods with flexible extended hours allows some drivers to earn significant additional sums because it grants them more time behind the wheel without restricting families’ obligations outside of school/work hours. Paradoxically compensation flexibility leads to greater total income freelance positions sometimes make extra money every week even if they run fewer errands overall so that contractual armoured driving work provides many unique opportunities depending primarily on individual preferences/ needs. Communicate/showcase your availability fully alter the pay package accordingly

In conclusion, there are a few critical factors to consider when determining an armored car driver’s salary and may vary from individual experience, geographical location, licensing requirements all the way down to flexibility in scheduling hours. The more experienced you are as an operator who commutes long periods with valuable goods along roadways & completed training/certification processes for licenses will boost your chances of earning higher than average incomes. Additionally flexibility towards unpredictable schedules plays into whether you can extra tangible benefits like longer running/unscheduled assignments or specific holiday/overtime bonuses.

Average salary of a Brinks Armored Car Driver

Being an armored truck driver is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Being responsible for transporting large sums of cash and other valuable items can be nerve-wracking, but it also comes with attractive compensation.

The average salary for a Brinks Armored Car Driver is around $15 – $20 per hour on average or roughly around $40, 000 yearly. However, the actual pay depends on various factors such as experience level and location. Starting salaries range from $12 to $16 hourly depending on the route you take to get started working at such establishments.

An experienced driver may command higher wages based on their years behind the wheel driving money-carrying trucks like these. With additional responsibilities come better compensations with some seniors making closer to six-figures annually.

“The greater D. C area has seen an excellent rise in recent year’s salary being up by almost fifteen percent (15%) more than what they make nationwide. ”

In conclusion, becoming a Brinks armoured car driver allows you to earn good money while requiring no more than a high school diploma/GED certificate and valid license requirements from state-to-state when applying for such positions. Furthermore, your region significantly affects your earning potential in this field, ” says a notable industry analyst who has kept track of this job trend over time.

Benefits of being a Brinks Armored Car Driver

If you’re considering becoming an armored car driver for Brinks, there are a number of benefits that come with the job.

First and foremost, this is a well-paying career. The average annual salary for an armored car driver working at Brinks is around $35, 000 to $50, 000 per year depending on experience and location. This can make it a great choice if you want to earn decent money without having to go through years of schooling or training.

In addition to competitive pay rates, some other advantages include access to 401(k) retirement plans as well as health and dental insurance. You may also be eligible for paid vacation days and sick leave after certain milestones have been met such as time served with the company.

“I’ve worked in many jobs before but nothing compares to the sense of responsibility I feel driving around people’s property knowing how much trust they put in me. ” – Anonymous Brinks employee quote

Besides these more tangible benefits, armored car drivers at Brinks often enjoy their work because of its inherent excitement. Driving large vehicles filled with valuable cargo means that no two days will ever be exactly alike – you’ll always need your wits about you!

To sum up: while being an armored truck driver isn’t necessarily right for everyone, it can offer excellent pay and benefits along with a unique set of experiences that keep things interesting day-to-day. So if you’re looking for something new and exciting that pays well too then why not consider joining our team?

Health benefits

The job of a Brinks armored car driver involves physical work, which can prove to be beneficial for their overall health. Performing tasks such as lifting heavy bags and maintaining constant vigilance during transit provide opportunities for exercise and improved fitness levels.

Additionally, most companies offer comprehensive healthcare coverage for employees that extend to their family members. This means that drivers have access to medical professionals who can help them maintain good physical and mental health.

Furthermore, managing the security of cash and valuables in an armored car requires high levels of concentration, situational awareness, and alertness. This mental stimulation helps keep the brain active and may improve cognitive abilities over time.

“Having access to good healthcare benefits is crucial for those working in industries like transportation where there can be particular risks involved. ” – Emily Davis, HR Manager at Brinks

To sum up, not only does the job of a Brinks armored car driver pay well but it also has some potential positive effects on employee health due to its physically demanding nature along with offering healthcare benefits packages. However, given the risks associated with handling valuable assets or goods while being on the road more often than not calls for added cautionary measures from both employers and employees alike. “

Retirement benefits

Brinks, as an employer, offers a comprehensive retirement plan to its employees. It includes both defined benefit and defined contribution plans.

The defined benefit plan is a traditional pension that provides eligible employees with fixed monthly payments during their retirement years based on factors such as tenure and earnings history. The funds for this plan come from the company’s general assets.

On the other hand, the defined contribution plan is another option offered by Brinks. This type of plan allows employees to save for retirement through contributions made by both the employee and employer.

“The savings in these types of accounts grow tax-free until they are withdrawn at retirement or otherwise distributed. “

Some employers offer matching contributions up to a certain percentage of an employee’s salary, which can significantly boost the value of an account over time.

In summary, working as an armored car driver for Brinks not only provides you with competitive wages but also ensures your future financial security through well-rounded compensation packages including multiple retirement options. These benefits will no doubt prove helpful when answering questions about “How much does a Brinks armored car driver make?”.

Risks associated with being a Brinks Armored Car Driver

Being a Brinks armored car driver is not only an exciting job, but also one that comes with many risks. In fact, it’s considered to be among the most dangerous professions in the world due to various reasons.

One of the major risks of this profession is robbery. The drivers carry cash and other valuable items from banks and other financial institutions, making them potential targets for criminals who want to steal money or goods.

Another risk is accidents on the road since armored cars are heavy vehicles that tend to attract attention and need more space to move around compared to regular cars. Drivers often have to deal with challenges like congested roads, adverse weather conditions, reckless drivers, and difficult terrain which can lead to collisions or rollovers.

Aside from robberies and accidents, Brinks armored car drivers may also face threats from disgruntled customers or employees seeking revenge. They might encounter protests or demonstrations where they’re transporting valuables such as cash from public events places leading their lives into danger.

“The average salary of a Brinks armored car driver ranges between $25k-$75K annually. ”

Given these risks faced by Brinks armored car drivers while carrying out their duties on a daily basis ought to be well compensated financially plus other benefits including life insurance policies cover paid leaves etcetera justifying why salaries received by those employed at Brink security services are commensurate with the perils facing them every day. .

Potential for robbery

Being an armored car driver has its risks, and one of the most significant risks is the potential for a robbery. Armored cars are often targeted by thieves because they carry large amounts of cash, which makes them vulnerable to attack.

Despite the high-security measures such as bullet-proof windows, reinforced doors, and surveillance cameras that Brinks armored trucks employ, armored car drivers still face danger every day on their routes. It’s crucial for these drivers always to remain vigilant and alert so that they can quickly respond if a threat arises.

“As an armored car driver, you’ll need to be able to think quickly on your feet and react calmly under pressure. ” – Anonymous

The risk of robbery also means that employees in this field must undergo rigorous background checks before getting hired. Companies like Brinks usually require applicants with previous experience working in law enforcement or security. They also prefer candidates who have military training and weapons proficiency.

In conclusion, while being an armored truck driver may seem enticing due to the lucrative salaries and benefits it offers. The job comes with great responsibility where safety remains at stake continuously. Therefore only those people should apply who possess adequate skills related to defense & secure transportation practices; otherwise, there would be no meaning of being paid well without enlisting ample expertise in handlings repercussions arising from Worst-case scenarios. “

Physical Demands of the Job

The job of a Brinks Armored Car Driver requires physical strength and endurance as it involves handling heavy loads all day long. The driver needs to help load and unload cash, coins, and various other valuables.

In addition to loading and unloading duties, drivers also need to safeguard the cargo by carrying firearms and being capable of responding effectively in case of attempted robbery or hijacking attempts. This means they must be physically fit enough to handle such high-pressure situations and quickly maneuver around obstacles while maintaining composure under enormous amounts of stress.

Furthermore, driving an armored car demands excellent hand-eye coordination due to several reasons – first, steering through busy intersections with thousands of cars on either side without getting into any collision accidents; secondly, shifting gears constantly throughout the shift — which can get tiring; thirdly entering/exiting vehicles simultaneously while making sure not to leave any valuable items exposed during transactions.

It’s essential that armored car drivers stay in good shape because their job requirements will demand so much from them each day.

The work environment isn’t always comfortable nor conducive for someone seeking formal training or past experiences needed for this type of job. However, if you have impeccable judgment skills alongside exceptional fitness levels’ dedication towards working hard every single day, there are plenty opportunities available within these security transportation realms!

Opportunities for career growth as a Brinks Armored Car Driver

Working as a Brinks armored car driver, you will have numerous opportunities to advance your career and increase your salary over time. The security and transportation industry is constantly growing and expanding, providing ample room for professional development.

Many drivers start their careers with Brinks in an entry-level position but eventually move up the ladder into more senior roles like dispatchers or supervisors. With experience comes knowledge of the company’s inner workings, which makes it easier to secure promotions within the organization.

In addition to vertical mobility, Brinks offers specialized training courses that can help drivers acquire new skills that make them eligible for more lucrative positions down the road. For instance, drivers who obtain additional certifications in information technology (IT) or financial management may be tapped to work in operations divisions where they’ll earn higher salaries than they would on the front lines driving one of the company’s signature armored trucks.

“As of September 2021, reported an average annual income of $37, 428 for Brink’s employees. ”

If you’re interested in joining this dynamic and fast-paced world – starting compensation varies based on location; however, according to Glassdoor data as of August 2021 shows ‘The national average pay range from about $29k-$38k annually’

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a Professional Driver with Brinks!

Advancement within the company

A Brinks Armored car driver is responsible for protecting and transporting money and valuables to different locations. As a driver, you can earn an hourly pay of $13 – $16. However, many people wonder if there are chances of advancement in this field and how it will affect their earnings.

The good news is that opportunities for growth exist within the company. With experience, dedication, and specialized training programs available through Brinks, drivers can rise through the ranks and unlock higher-paying positions such as Crew Leader or Operations Manager.

To become eligible for these promotions, employees must first demonstrate teamwork skills with excellent attention to detail, communication skills when interacting with clients and coworkers, security awareness while handling cash in transit situations, time-management abilities during runs or service activities etc. Moreover following proper security protocols drives everything conducted daily should definitely be prioritized by every employee engaged within the team. ‘

“As a company that values its employees’ personal development milestones at heart. The Company ensures all potential candidate fit into any desired leadership role they intend attaining”

In summary; while entry-level salaries might not seem financially compensating enough compared to other industries, advancement prospects beyond driving duties well abound after actively serving years involved possibly guarantee even more salary increments over time which ultimately guarantees career stability. “

Opportunities for Additional Training and Certification

Brinks armored car drivers have a highly responsible job that requires extensive training and certification. The salary of an armored car driver is influenced by various factors, including experience, location, employer size, etc. Some reports suggest that the median annual pay of Brinks armored car drivers in the United States is around $32k to $45k.

To increase their earning potential, Brinks armored car drivers can pursue additional professional certifications or specialized training programs that enhance their skills and knowledge. One such program is the International Association of Armored Service Technicians (IAAST) certification.

The IAAST program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed specifically for professionals working in the armored transport industry. This program includes classroom instruction on topics like security policies and procedures; safety practices; criminal psychology; cash handling principles; vehicle maintenance basics; firearms use, and more. It also involves hands-on training sessions where participants learn how to defend against armed attacks while operating an armored vehicle.

“By obtaining IAAST certification, Brinks’ armored car drivers can demonstrate their competence in all aspects of their job responsibilities which enhances both job satisfaction and earnings potential, ” said Peter O’Rourke, executive vice president – risk management at Brink’s Canada Limited. “

In addition to IAAST certification, other opportunities include advanced courses on logistics management and fleet operations offered by accredited institutions like Rutgers Business School Executive Education Program.

Taking advantage of these additional career development opportunities creates growth potential for those seeking higher-paying positions within companies like Brinks—aiming towards leadership roles that typically come with six-figure salaries based on years of experience could lead up into becoming an Operations Manager or Operation Director role eventually after gaining 10+ years in experience as well as continuing education/professional accreditation achievements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average salary of a Brinks armored car driver?

The average salary of a Brinks armored car driver is around $35, 000 to $45, 000 per year. This may vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and job duties. Some factors that may affect the salary include the level of security required, the amount of cash being transported, and the level of danger associated with the job.

How much does experience impact the salary of a Brinks armored car driver?

Experience can have a significant impact on the salary of a Brinks armored car driver. An entry-level driver may start out making around $30, 000 per year, while a driver with several years of experience may make closer to $50, 000 per year. In addition to higher pay, experienced drivers may also be eligible for additional benefits such as bonuses and overtime pay.

What benefits do Brinks armored car drivers receive?

Brinks armored car drivers may be eligible for a variety of benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. Additionally, drivers may be eligible for bonuses, overtime pay, and other incentives. Some companies may also offer opportunities for advancement, such as becoming a supervisor or manager. Overall, Brinks armored car drivers can expect to receive competitive compensation and benefits packages.

What factors determine the hourly pay rate of a Brinks armored car driver?

The hourly pay rate of a Brinks armored car driver may be determined by a variety of factors, including experience, location, job duties, and level of security required. Drivers who are responsible for transporting large amounts of cash or valuable items may be paid more than those who transport less valuable items. Additionally, drivers who work in high-risk areas may be paid more due to the increased danger associated with their job.

Is overtime pay available for Brinks armored car drivers?

Yes, overtime pay is typically available for Brinks armored car drivers. Drivers who work more than 40 hours per week may be eligible for overtime pay, which is typically 1. 5 times their regular hourly rate. Some companies may also offer double-time pay for drivers who work on holidays or weekends. Overall, drivers can expect to receive competitive compensation for their time and effort.

What education or training is required to become a Brinks armored car driver?

While there is no specific educational requirement to become a Brinks armored car driver, applicants must have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. In addition, they must pass a background check and drug test. Some companies may also require drivers to have a high school diploma or GED. On-the-job training is typically provided, including training in defensive driving, firearms handling, and security procedures. Overall, becoming a Brinks armored car driver requires a combination of physical ability, driving skill, and attention to detail.

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