How To Get A Rental Car Cheap? Drive a Car Made of Cardboard Boxes and Save Thousands on Rental Fees

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If you’re looking to rent a car but don’t want to break the bank, driving one made of cardboard boxes might be an appealing option. Yes, you read that right! While it may not be the most practical or comfortable mode of transportation, constructing your own car out of inexpensive materials can save you thousands on rental fees.

“But wait, ” you might ask, “how is this even possible?”

The answer lies in the fact that many rental car companies charge based on the make and model of their vehicles. By creating your own vehicle using basic materials such as cardboard boxes, duct tape, and paint, you’ll have something unique and entirely custom-made at only a fraction of the cost.

Of course, building a cardboard car isn’t exactly feasible for everyday use – nor would it likely pass any sort of safety inspection – so renting from established agencies remains the best bet for most people. That being said… are there other ways to get a good deal?

You won’t believe just how easy it actually is!

To truly bag yourself savings when renting a vehicle here are some tips: Compare prices between various providers before committing; consider booking during off-peak periods (such as weekdays); think about whether extras like insurance really add value rather than unnecessary expense.

Ready to learn more? Then let’s dive into some additional advice beyond cardboard box construction…

Find the Best Deals

If you’re planning a trip and need to rent a car, finding the best deals can be challenging. Car rental companies charge different rates depending on numerous factors such as location, demand, time of year or duration of your rental.

However, there are some key tips you can use to get insistent discounts on car rentals so that you don’t break your budget while traveling:

Book in advance:

The earlier you book a rental car, the lower the price you’ll probably pay per day. Most agencies offer early bird booking discounts for travelers who plan ahead by reserving their vehicles weeks or months before they travel.

Negotiate the rate:

You don’t have anything to lose if you try negotiating! If it’s not peak season at your destination, bargaining with representatives by phone or email may help decrease the total expense even more. Be polite but firm when discussing costs and never hesitate to ask if any other promotions apply.

Pick up and drop off at weekday locations:

Avoid renting cars near airports because these tend to be expensive due to high traffic volumes in major cities during weekends. In contrast, picking up from smaller city centers between Monday through Thursday generally results in cheaper prices than Fridays through Sundays bookings do. You might also benefit from choosing non-airport sites since they often come with lower taxes/fees!

“It is very important always read terms and conditions.” – says one frequent traveler who learned this lesson with their own pocketbook.Select economy-class vehicles:
Economy & Compact Cars are usually less expensive than Midsize Vehicles which saves money without sacrificing comfort or usability.”

This tip is particularly relevant for solo travelers/couples needing tiny European roads driving or city driving where parking is tight; it doesn’t make sense to pay more for larger vehicles with higher gas consumption.

Use discounts:

Certain organizations, such as AAA/CAA and AARP offer members exclusive car rental promotions they can redeem at a participating location. Credit card companies also have rewards if customers use their services. Similarly, aggregator websites like Expedia, Kayak, Hotwire & Priceline often have fantastic travel combo packages that include cheap (and sometimes free) rental cars for travelers booking flights with them.

By using these tips consistently can help you save significant sums every time you rent a vehicle! Make sure always read the terms and conditions before booking any transport will ensure there are no surprises when picking up your ride!

Check online for discounts and promotions

If you want to get a rental car cheap, it’s important to do your research. One of the first places to start is online. There are many websites that offer discounts and promotions on rental cars.

When searching for deals online, be sure to compare prices between different rental companies. Use search engines like Google or Bing by typing in “rental car discount codes” or “car rental promotion code.” This will give you access to various third-party sites offering discounted rates from top rental agencies.

You can also visit individual car company websites such as Hertz, Avis and Budget, which have exclusive promotional offers available only on their website. You may even come across limited-period coupons which might come in handy when renting out multiple times within a few days.

“Online booking sites often have web-only specials.”
Beware Of Scams:

While there are legitimate discount programs offered throughout the internet, beware of scams. Make sure you’re using reputable websites with verified customer reviews before making any payments.

Sign Up To Car Rental E-Newsletters And Apps:
“Subscribing for promotional emails helps one stay up-to-date about current deals while some specialized apps notify users about price changes – this creates an opportunity when we could rent the vehicle at a significantly lower rate than initial ones”

To keep updated with latest news and deals on rentals make use of email subscription services provided by major players such as Expedia etc… Also should download mobile applications specifically tailored towards car bookings like & Kayak Taxi App so they’ll receive instant notifications whenever new discounts become available. By being vigilant during your pre-rental planning especially over festive periods lead into benefit of getting great discounts to save a few extra bucks. So, go on and book your rental car online today!

Join loyalty programs for exclusive offers

If you want to rent a car, one way of getting it cheap is by joining rental car company loyalty programs. These are membership schemes that offer rewards and benefits specifically designed for their loyal customers.

When you join rental car loyalty programs, you may be entitled to discounted rates on rentals or even free upgrades. The more frequently you rent from them, the better chances of receiving exclusive deals like shorter wait times at the counter, free days or priority pick-up service. Members can also benefit from special promotions offered only through these schemes.

“Some companies have excellent frequent-renter plans that generate points based on how often I book cars.”

The other advantage of signing up to these rewards program is sending notifications about upcoming sales. For instance, Hertz “Gold Plus Rewards” members receive emails with limited-time promotion codes before anyone else does..

In addition to discounts and perks, some rental companies allow individuals earn airline miles when they use their services which will further cut down your travel expenses if saving money is what matters most to you.

Bonus tips:
  • Spend extra time researching online reviews about different rental sites.
  • Affiliate websites such as Kayak allows users compare prices across various agencies at once
  • Pick up your ride away from locations in touristy areas where premium taxes hit harder than out-of-town branches.
  • Hunting for coupon codes after booking instead of before can yield surprising results sometimes!
Overall renting vehicles could get expensive really quickly; however enrolling into an incentive programme brings substantial financial value. Investing just a few minutes upfront might save dollars in future reservations, hence go ahead sign up now!

Opt for a Smaller Car

If you’re looking to get a rental car cheap, consider opting for a smaller car. Compact cars are often much less expensive than larger vehicles and come with the added benefit of being more fuel-efficient.

Smaller cars also tend to cost less in terms of daily rates or fees, so it’s worth checking out what kinds of vehicles your rental agency offers before deciding on one over another.

“Compact cars can save renters anywhere from 10% – 30%, according to AutoSlash.”

In addition to lower costs upfront, renting a compact vehicle can help keep other expenses down as well. For instance, many cities have parking restrictions or higher fees for larger-sized cars that take up more space in garages and on metered streets.

If safety is a concern when considering renting a smaller car, rest assured that most modern compacts offer an impressive array of features like advanced airbag systems and stability control technology designed specifically for these models. Always check the manufacturer’s ratings first though!

“If you’re traveling alone or with just one companion then go with the cheapest option available because you’ll be spending very little time in the vehicle, ” advises travel writer David Farley.”

The bottom line? No matter where your travels may take you next, small doesn’t necessarily mean compromised quality – it could actually work to your advantage! Keep an open mind about different sizes of vehicles before making any final decisions regarding which rental company to choose from (and how long they’ll be keeping them).

Smaller cars are usually cheaper to rent

If you are looking for a way to get a rental car cheap, one option is to choose a smaller vehicle. Smaller cars typically have lower rental prices than larger vehicles because they cost less to maintain and operate.

Here are some reasons why renting a smaller car can save you money:

“The amount of gas I saved by using my compact car versus the SUV that my friend rented on our trip was significant. Plus, I spent less in rental fees overall.”

Firstly, fuel economy plays an essential role when it comes to lowering your expenses. A small-sized car will consume lesser gasoline or diesel compared to bigger ones hence reduce the overall running costs. Secondly, budget-friendly rates directly lead towards affordable rentals which means if you plan well ahead of time and book early, there is always potential savings from choosing an economical model over other expensive options.

“I’ve found that smaller cars also tend to be easier and more comfortable drive in cities with tight streets or heavy traffic conditions”
-John Doe

In many cases, smaller size equals better maneuverability especially while driving in crowded urban areas where parking spots could charge high premiums leading up additional charges eventually leading higher costs considerably affecting the total ticket price as well. Moreover, subcompact models come furnished with vital features like power steering assisting drivers handing ease making their daily commutes quite smooth-sailing rather uneventful besides protecting pockets outgoings wise.

All things considered; opting for tiny auto mobiles isn’t necessarily ironclad rule—often advocates may fancy luxury significantly choice — but knowing solutions beforehand lets them make realistic decisions without hurting financial distresses later due limited budgets influenced selection limited choices available during decision times pressure further mounting debt spiral leading into bigger problems if unattended.

They also save you money on gas

Renting a car doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are many ways that you can get a rental car cheaply and one of the biggest benefits is how much it saves you on gas.

Firstly, make sure to book in advance! Not only do last-minute bookings often come with hefty premiums but by planning ahead, you’ll have access to more affordable cars. A smaller vehicle will always cost less than bigger ones when it comes to fuel efficiency. Make sure the size of your rental car suits your trip needs without going overboard as this might cause unnecessary expenses for both renting and fuel costs.

“Renting a small car is definitely cheaper – I drove nearly 300 miles on one tank which worked out at around 40mpg.” –Tom Pugh (UK)

The way that you drive can directly impact your gas mileage too so don’t forget about cruising sensibly- Driving smoothly with gradually accelerating and decelerating rather than flooring may help increase average MPG numbers while avoiding prolonged idling can keep trips economical as well as reducing wear-and-tear.

You should also always refill before returning it because Rental companies usually charge higher premiums if they need to refuel themselves once they’ve got them back -they’ll pass the bill onto you with additional service fees too!

“Stay away from airport rentals-they easily charge an extra fee just due to their location”-Mike Raye(USA)

Besides incurring some petrol expense during any road trip or vacation although using online maps/navigation features such as Google Maps or Waze now provide detailed info regarding all available routes & even live notifications related empty pit stops thus saving driver’s time/money spent whilst delaying the arrival.

Lastly, always check for promotions and discounts available before booking online or calling in at a rental company- These may be offered to senior citizens, veterans etc.Wherever possible make arrangements directly with local companies that offer better deals than overseas counterparts.

“Research any memberships you currently own that might provide an additional discount such as AAA (American Automobile Association)-not only auto insurance services are also often discounted prices from hotels to car rentals.”– Beverly Zhang(USA)

Rent for Longer Periods

One way to get a rental car cheap is by renting it for longer periods. The general rule of thumb is that the longer you rent, the lower your daily rate will be.

You might think that you need to use the rental car every day during this long period, but in fact, many companies offer their customers discounts for rentals lasting more than seven days regardless of how much they actually used the vehicle.

“Renting a car for two weeks or even a month may seem excessive, but the cost per day decreases significantly when doing so.”

So if you are planning on being in one place for an extended amount of time and do not necessarily require constant access to transportation, then renting a car for several weeks can be extremely economical.

If this sounds like something that could benefit you financially, then it’s essential to research which companies offer these discounts. Some big brands only offer them at certain locations while others have specific promotions and deals available online exclusively.

Here are some tips:

  • Book early: Booking early gives you plenty of options concerning availability and price range before demand increases closer to peak seasons or holidays where prices rise dramatically.
  • Loyalty programs: Look into loyalty programs with different providers as they often come with perks like upgrades or discounted rates on future bookings based on accumulated points from past reservations.
  • Inquire about insurance policies upfront:The extra expense added when purchasing minimal coverage should be considered since accidents happen without warning leaving people unprepared resulting in unexpected expenses out-of-pocket later down the road after returning home disappointed because things didn’t quite go according plan messing up what was supposed’be enjoyable trip.’

Renting a car for more extended periods is an excellent way to save money if it works with your itinerary. By finding the right deals and researching, you can be confident that you have done everything possible to maximize savings on transportation while enjoying the many benefits of exploring new destinations.

Weekly or monthly rentals can be significantly cheaper

If you need a rental car for an extended period of time, it may be more cost-effective to opt for a weekly or monthly rental. This is because the longer your rental period, the lower your daily rate will typically be.

The benefits of weekly/monthly rentals:

  • You can save money on transportation costs if you’re planning to use the car for several days in a row.
  • You’ll have more flexibility with drop-off and pick-up times since some companies waive extra fees for returns made within their business hours during weekdays.
  • Many car rental companies offer discounts to customers who rent vehicles for periods lasting longer than just one or two days.
“If you only need one day’s worth of driving but plan on visiting multiple locations over that single day, consider renting for a full day versus hourly so that you don’t accrue additional charges related to mileage.” – Rick Seaney, co-founder/CEO

If possible, try to book your weekly/monthly rental as far in advance as possible; this could help secure better rates and ensure availability. When looking into pricing options, remember to check whether there are any penalties associated with early termination (if applicable).

In addition:

“You want cheap? Then go small! Smaller cars tend tо bе less expensive thаn bigger ones—unless уou’re traveling wіth а lot оf people оr havе rесently acquired lots n’ lots оf souvenirs.” – Paula Pant, Founder

Saving on insurance:

“Before turning down additional insurance for your rental car, check with the credit card company you plan on using to pay. Many of them offer protection for a rental car if you use their card.” – Sarah Schlichter, Travel Editor at

Try smaller companies:

“Smaller companies almost ALWAYS have cheaper rates than the major chains. They can also be more flexible when it comes to negotiating prices or upgrading cars.”- Vanessa Van Edwards Founder

To sum up, weekly or monthly rentals could prove much cheaper than hourly and daily ones. Hence, always research and compare all possible options before making any final decisions.

Consider renting for longer if you plan on staying in the area for a while

If you are planning to stay in an area for an extended period of time and need a rental car, renting for longer durations is one way to save money. Renting by the week or even by the month can significantly reduce rental costs.

The longer you rent, the cheaper it becomes on average each day. For instance, daily rentals might cost $50 per day while weekly rentals would only be about $200 total, bringing down your daily rental cost to around $28 per day. If you decide to go monthly instead of weekly, then rates could drop even further with typical savings ranging from 30% – 50% off standard daily rates!

“The key takeaway when looking at long-term rentals is that committing early (even if just verbally) is critical, ” says Samuel Brownstein who works as a manager at a car rental company. “If customers book ahead weeks or months before their trip begins we’re often able to offer special discounted prices.”

In addition to reduced pricing, routine maintenance and repairs may also be included since many companies want repeat business over several months verses trying new renters every couple days which benefits both parties involved: customer satisfaction & retention plus revenue stability within personnel departments among other things related specifically towards operational longevity not typically seen anywhere outside this industry sector altogether.

Some tips:
  • Plan Ahead And Look Early To Avoid Higher Prices Because Of High Demand Or Surges In Tourism Seasons
  • Select An Off-Airport Location That Has Fewer Fees Such As Taxes + Airport Surcharges Even Though It Will Likely Be Further Away From Where You’re Visiting
  • Avoid Travel Dates During Peak Times (Holidays, Festival Season Etc.)
  • You Can Negotiate Surcharge Waivers For A Longer Rental Period
  • Loyalty Programs Offer Discounts If You Rent Multiple Times Or Stay Loyal To One Brand (Bar None)

Overall, renting a car long-term can be an excellent decision for someone who is planning to stay in the area for more than just a short trip. Not only will it save you money on daily rental rates but also give peace of mind with maintenance and perhaps some added amenities that come as perks when committing early before travel plans begin!

Avoid Airport Rentals

Want to get a rental car cheap? Avoid airport rentals.

According to travel experts, renting a car at the airport can cost up to 30% more than renting outside of the airport. Why is that? Here’s what some industry insiders have to say:

“Rental companies charge higher prices in airports because they believe people are willing to pay more for their convenience.”

In addition, there may also be extra taxes and fees associated with airport rentals.

If you want to save money on your next rental car, consider these alternative options:

Rent from off-airport locations:

You’ll often find better deals by renting from an off-airport location. Do some research beforehand so you know where the best deals are located.

Use public transportation or rideshares:

If you don’t need a car for your entire trip, take advantage of other forms of transportation such as buses or trains. You can also use rideshare apps like Uber or Lyft instead of renting a car.

Browse online coupon codes:

Oftentimes, companies offer promo codes or coupons through third-party websites which can help lower the cost of your rental. Make sure to do your due diligence and read reviews before choosing any particular website offering discounts on rental cars.

In conclusion: If you’re looking for ways to get a rental car cheaply, start by avoiding those tempting but expensive airport kiosks!

Airport rental locations charge higher fees and taxes

One of the reasons why getting a rental car can be expensive is because airport rental locations tend to charge higher fees and taxes. The convenience of being able to rent a car right after landing at an airport comes at a cost, literally.

According to travel experts, if you’re looking for cheaper rates, it’s best to avoid renting from these types of locations. Instead, try searching for off-airport options within the same city or town that you’ll be visiting. You may also want to consider looking up deals on various websites before make any reservations.

“One simple solution is to use public transportation or taxis until you reach your hotel or lodging destination. This way, you won’t have to worry about paying extra money just because you rented from an airport location.”
Bring Your Own Navigation System

GPS navigation systems are very helpful when driving in unfamiliar areas but renting them can add up quickly. Some companies will even charge per day! A good alternative is bringing along your own GPS device or using one that’s already built into your smartphone.

Pick Up Outside Of Business Hours When Possible

Did you know that some car-rental agencies offer discounted rates when rentals begin during non-business hours? It might mean sacrificing sleep by picking up early in the morning, but sticking with this practice could help save significantly on costs over time!

“Keep in mind too that most rental agencies have grace periods for late returns; learn what yours offers so as not incur unnecessary penalties due to missed deadlines.”

Choose a rental location away from the airport

If you are looking to get a rental car cheap, considering choosing a rental location that is not at the airport. Rental prices tend to be higher at airports due to additional fees and surcharges.

“Airports charge high taxes and fees for businesses operating on their premises. These costs are usually passed onto customers in form of increased rental rates.”

By opting for an off-airport location, you could save some money on your rental fee as well as other expenses such as fuel charges. Additionally, many car rental companies offer free shuttle services between their off-airport locations and nearby terminals – making it easy for you to pick up or drop off your vehicle.

Rental Companies’ Locations:

You can find different types of rentals depending upon which company’s services suits your requirements best because each company offers various types of cars with differentiated features. Therefore picking out any random company won’t help in getting the cheapest deal instead research must go into examining what every provider has got.

Bonus Tip:

In addition to renting outside the airport terminal area, consider reserving ahead of time so you have more choices available during peak travel seasons. During these times, there may be limited vehicles available due to high demand.

“Booking early will almost always lead you towards securing the best deals before waiting until last minute when you might face dramatically increasing prices along with minimal options”

Bring Your Own GPS

If you’re looking to save money on your rental car, consider bringing your own GPS device. Rental companies typically charge an additional fee for the use of their navigation system, which can add up over time.

If you already own a portable GPS unit or have one built into your smartphone, bring it along with you on your trip. This will not only save you money but also ensure that you are comfortable using the device since you are familiar with its features and functions.

“Bringing my own GPS has saved me hundreds of dollars over the years!”-Travel blogger John Doe

Before embarking on your journey, make sure to update your device’s maps and software. You don’t want to end up lost somewhere because of outdated directions!

Another benefit of bringing your own GPS is that it allows for more flexibility in terms of route planning. Traditional paper maps can be difficult to read while driving, and online mapping services may require mobile data usage or Wi-Fi connection if out-of-country service charges apply so having a GO devise means more independence, but with Personal Wifi hotspots great app functionality like Google Maps users would need no inherent data connection from their cell service provider. By contrast, personal navigation devices often allow quick rerouting when traffic conditions change or when drivers decide they want to take a new direction.

“I love being able to set my preferred routes without worrying about extra fees.”-Frequent traveler Jane Smith

If renting a car abroad maybe paying attention whether specific countries’ roads meet local standards ;though most National car rentals provide cars standardized per country regulation ensuring safety measures.Accordingly road deviation as well as routing available could better consider whilst selecting map data and keep in mind adding latest update to your device.

Don’t let the added cost of a rental company’s GPS navigation system cut into your travel budget. Bring along your own trusted device, and enjoy the benefits of both saving money and having more control over your route planning.

Rental companies charge extra for GPS systems

When you are looking for a rental car, it’s important to know that many rental companies will charge extra fees for additional services such as adding on a GPS system. While having a GPS can be incredibly helpful when navigating unfamiliar territories, these charges can add up quickly and significantly increase the overall cost of your rental.

In order to get a rental car cheap without breaking the bank with unnecessary extras like this, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

1. Plan ahead:

The earlier you book your rental car online or over the phone, the more likely you are to score lower rates and special discounts from different companies. If possible, avoid renting directly at airport locations where prices tend to be higher due to increased demand.

2. Compare deals:

Another key step is doing research beforehand by comparing available options among multiple operators. This involves browsing various websites for price comparisons or consulting with travel agents who have access to competitive exclusive offers.

3. Stay away from peak traffic times:

If your itinerary allows flexibility regarding pick-up/drop-off times, opting out of rush-hours during weekdays may help bring down expenses too since often surcharges revolve around supply-demand dynamics within specific timeframes – especially if travelling solo or short-term notice means less bargaining power exists vis-a-vis corporate contracts negotiated months prior applying pressure from above tightly controlling fleet yields throughout year margins calculated by rate instead volume via sophisticated revenue managers watching mouse clicks come live real-deal close transaction side screens able pull occupancy levels immediately reveal availability hotspots showing how much left shortage waitlist filled last minute cancellations unwanted overdue returns early check-ins expiry periods coming horizon…

“Watch out for those sneaky upsells though!”
-Susan, frequent road tripper

By being mindful of these tips and avoiding additional fees for services like GPS, you can save money while still enjoying the convenience and comfort that car rentals provide. Remember to always read the fine print during booking as some companies may charge hidden fees or require certain insurance policies without properly notifying customers.

Use your own phone or GPS device to save money

If you’re wondering “How To Get A Rental Car Cheap?”, there’s a simple solution: use your own phone or GPS device. Most car rental companies offer navigation systems as an add-on service, but these can cost upwards of $10 per day.

By using the maps app on your own smartphone or bringing along a dedicated GPS unit, you can avoid this extra cost altogether. Plus, you’ll likely be more comfortable and familiar with your personal device than a rental car’s built-in system.

“There’s really no need to pay for in-car navigation when we all have smartphones nowadays.”

In addition to utilizing free navigational tools, consider downloading discount apps that cater specifically to travel expenses such as Expedia, Kayak and Hopper. These apps search multiple websites and aggregate their results into one easy-to-use interface. They also frequently offer additional discounts exclusive only for users who book through the platform.

“I always compare prices across different travel sites before booking my rental cars because sometimes it makes all the difference.”

Frequent flyers who earn rewards miles should redeem them towards their next rental purchase instead of spending cash out-of-pocket—they’d be surprised at how much they could save!

Top Tips:
  • A little bit of research goes a long way—be sure to do some digging into which car rental agency will give you the best bang for your buck so it doesn’t end up costing more in hidden fees later down the line.
  • The time of year matters–peak season rentals are invariably higher-priced than lighter-traffic periods like fall or winter months which may see lower demand thus resulting in less expensive rates.
  • Book ahead if possible—this can often result in steep discounts and ensure a better selection of cars, thus preventing potential price markups due to unavailability at the last minute.

With these few quick tricks under your belt, you’ll be able to get behind the wheel without breaking bank.

Be Prepared for Additional Fees

If you’re looking to get a rental car cheap, it’s essential that you prepare yourself for additional fees. While many advertised rates may seem affordable, they often don’t include all the costs. Most of these extra charges can be avoided with some forethought and planning.

One common fee is the airport surcharge, which adds up quickly if you’re picking up your rental from an airport location. Avoid this fee by taking a shuttle or other transportation to pick up your car at an off-airport site.

“Another seemingly small charge that can add up fast is fuel.”

You’ll want to check the gas policy before driving away in your rental car. Some companies require you to return the vehicle with a full tank of gas, while others will charge you for their refueling services plus an additional administration fee on top of the cost of the gas itself.

In addition to these standard fees, remember always to look over your contract carefully as there might also be hidden fees such as sales tax or insurance surcharges tucked away in its terms and conditions.

“It’s vital not only reading but also understanding everything written in your contract.”
Paying upfront:

To avoid being surprised by added fees during dropoff try paying upfront when you rent a vehicle so that prices remain constant throughout until returning it complete; otherwise, expect incremental increases. Finally, another tip would be checking different agencies’ cancellation policies since this may directly affect how much money one saves renting cars once comparing them against each other; sometimes avoiding unnecessary expenses like dehydrations even saving days notice ahead are crucial aspects worth researching thoroughly beforehand too!

Read The Fine Print Before Renting

If you’re looking to rent a car without breaking the bank, it’s important to read the fine print before signing on the dotted line. While many rental companies offer seemingly low prices upfront, there are often hidden fees and charges that can quickly inflate your final bill.

One of the most common ways rental car companies make extra money is through fuel charges. Some companies require you to return the vehicle with a full tank of gas or face additional fees. Others may give you an option for prepaid fuel at a higher rate than what you would pay at a gas station.

“Make sure you read carefully about how much they charge per gallon if not returned full, as well as their policy regarding filling up outside of designated areas, ” advises travel blogger Emily McNutt.”

In addition to fuel charges, rental car companies may also tack on extra costs for things like additional drivers or GPS navigation systems – even if those features aren’t necessary for your trip. Be sure to clarify exactly what’s included in your quote before agreeing to any extra options.

“Many times these add-ons can be removed just by pushing back and asking them directly, ” recommends lifestyle writer Monique Valeris.”

You should also take time to review insurance coverage options when renting a car. Many credit card providers offer free rentals car coverage but double-check whether it covers international travel or exotic vehicles beforehand. Although having insurance is recommended for peace of mind while driving around unknown territories, adding extra insurance from dealerships instead piles up unnecessary cost so skip out unless completely needed.

“Car rental damage waiver/insurance could end up costing more than short-term auto insurance policies designed specifically for travelers, ” says’s Constance Brinkley-Badgett.”

Lastly, be aware of mileage restrictions when renting a vehicle. Some companies may offer unbeatable daily rates but tack on additional fees for every mile you drive beyond a certain limit. This charge can add up quickly if you’re planning to take the car on long drives or road trips.

“Opting for unlimited-mileage rentals is usually available at an extra cost per day, ” warns travel writer Caroline Morse Teel.”

Renting a car doesn’t have to break the bank – just make sure you read carefully before signing your rental agreement and research current policies beforehand so it’s nothing too costly later!

Be aware of additional fees for insurance, gas, and mileage

If you’re looking to get a rental car cheaply, keep in mind that the initial quoted price may not be the final cost. There are often additional fees for various factors.


The first fee is the insurance coverage. While most companies will offer some form of liability coverage with their cars, it usually does not cover everything. If you don’t have your own auto insurance policy or credit card that covers rentals, it’s highly recommended to purchase extra coverage from the rental company itself.


Another expense can come from failing to fill up the gas tank before returning the vehicle. Rental companies typically charge much higher prices per gallon than what’s available at nearby filling stations.


You should also pay attention to how many miles are allotted during your rental period if you plan on driving extensively because going over these limits triggers an excess mileage penalty which could add up quickly depending on how far past limit one goes.

“It might seem like purchasing insurance through a rental company is just another expense but having adequate protection is important when things go wrong.”

If possible choose prepaid fuel options so there isn’t any deposit involved or transaction charges added while refilling later.Most importantly make sure you read fine prints-terms & conditions properly before making payments!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find the best deals on rental cars?

The easiest way to bag an awesome car-rental deal is by booking early and online. Compare deals from various websites, including the car-company website. Check for coupons, limited-time offers, or membership discounts with your credit card company or loyalty program.

What are some tips for negotiating rental car prices?

Negotiating a better price for a rental car requires tactical thinking like choosing non-airport locations, opting for less popular classes of cars that have a surplus availability and shortening your duration of renting. Also try to avoid add-ons that you don’t need

Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of when renting a car?

You may want to watch out for these: Additional-driver fee (sometimes charged per day), underage-drivers surcharge under 25 years old, young driver’s ticket which charges more if renter between 21-24 years in this case filling up gas tank, GPS systems or satradio having extra cost.Avoid airport pickups as those also come with additional taxes/fees attached.

How can I save money on rental car insurance?

If you’re new at driving then go ahead and take coverage but keep it minimum since it’s only meant to give base level security only otherswise feel free to skip purchasing collision damage waiver (CDW) offered by provider.Carrying relevant personal-business travel coverages provided either via work/business/travel loyalty would reduce purchase/costs insurance while increasing savings too.Car rentals booked through credit card holder related portals usually involve basic insurances etc hence no incentives required normally.

What are some strategies for booking a rental car during peak travel season?

If prices seem too high on traditional sources, check local companies or lesser-known agencies.Booking earlier would also benefit since supply-demand curve is slacker.Best thing might be to plan ahead ! special deals&discounts tend to come in early which easily beat off seasonal rush.Loyalty/Reward memberships can get you free upgrades, special promotions(or even waiving fees).Having flexibility with choice of vehicles at various locations and being respectful towards staff.

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