How To Put A Cosco Infant Car Seat Back Together? Don’t Worry, It’s Not Rocket Science!

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How To Put A Cosco Infant Car Seat Back Together? Don’t Worry, It’s Not Rocket Science!

If you’re a new parent and feel anxious about the idea of putting an infant car seat back together, don’t worry – it’s simpler than you think. In this article, we will guide you through how to put a Cosco infant car seat back together.

The first step is to read your car manual carefully and ensure that all safety precautions are followed when installing the infant car seat. Make sure there is no debris or loose parts in the area where you plan on placing the infant car-seat.

The second thing you need to do is carefully inspect everything. Check if any part looks broken or unusual; if so, consult with customer support before starting installation. Otherwise, move ahead with proper instructions given by manufacturers during assembly stage only to avoid mistakes from happening later on while connecting necessary pieces.”

“Installing an infant car-seat may look challenging at first glance but getting started becomes easy once precautionary steps are taken care off beforehand.”
Read our comprehensive guide below:

Step 1: Gather All The Parts

The first step to putting a Cosco infant car seat back together is by gathering all the parts needed. You should ensure that you have all the necessary pieces as per your manufacturer’s instructions.

In most cases, these could be:

  • The base: This is where the baby chair snaps into. It usually comes with an adjustable harness and clips onto the foundation of your vehicle using either a latch or safety belt installation system.
  • The carrier/car seat: This piece is used during transport and often can snap onto its own frame when outside of the automobile.
  • An insert/cushion: Used for additional comfort and support for newborns who may require it since they cannot hold up their necks yet;
  • Cover/pad: Designed to protect both infant and car seats from spills or fluids and keep them clean at all times,
  • A canopy/shade cover:To shield your child’s eyes against bright light; A handlebar/strap connecting both ends of the rear-facing portable (for easy lifting, ) along with other small hardware like screws, bolts, nuts etc., which might loosen over time thus requiring re-tightening regularly before installation/re-installation occurs
“Having all components will make assembly much easier.” – Cosco representative.

If there are any missing elements such as covers or pads, you can contact customer service immediately regarding ordering replacements promptly so they are not used without protection in case of future mishaps while on-the-go!

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need!

Putting back together a Cosco infant car seat may seem like a daunting task, but with proper guidance and the right tools on hand, it can be done in no time. Before starting, make sure you have everything you need to proceed without any hassle.

The necessary tools

You will require a few basic tools before beginning – a flathead screwdriver or similar tool to unbuckle straps and clips used during installation.

A clean surface area

Prior to reassembling your baby’s car seat make sure that the space around you has been cleaned thoroughly so as not to let any dirt enter into tight spaces which could cause problems later on.

An instruction Manual for reference

If possible try having the original Cosco Infant Car Seat manual available for reference purposes when repairing or putting an older model infant carseat back together even though this process is relatively simple; however, manuals from newer models are also found online easily making replacing parts much easier than ever before.

“Even small mistakes can lead to big accidents if they are ignored.”
Patience is Key

Taking apart and correcting all errors guarantees safety when driving in cars with infants present Therefore one should resist temptation until certain of completion because rushed jobs tend leave loose ends leading up avoidable dangers.Small oversights made while assembling pieces would result in considerable long-term risks associated ended badly.Always remember: there’s no rush! Safe-keeping of young ones by protecting them while traveling requires great mechanisms. Take breaks whenever required, stretch your legs get refreshments If looking tired.

To put an old/used Cosco Infant Car Seat Back Together: Step1: Remove all fabric covers including harness. Ensure the material is washed and dried properly before installation. Step 2: Install harness straps through appropriate slots in car seat shell such that one end passes over another diagonal strap securing buckles wait until every belt length fastened /secured correctly.Place padding on shoulder-area then push buckle tongues under this while threading them into corresponding label paths on either side next add chest clip place pad around midsection of infant finally placing cover back again by pressing it firmly along frame edges.

Step 2: Read The Manual

Once you have all the pieces and parts of your Cosco infant car seat together, the next important step is to read the manual. It may sound like something that everyone skips over but trust us when we say this-lack of attention in reading instructions can lead up to a disastrous situation.

Cosco makes their products as safe as possible for your baby, so there are specific guidelines and rules laid out in its manuals that you shouldn’t overlook. Thus, dedicate some time to go through each page carefully before attempting anything else with the car seat.

If any part of our products is missing or damaged after shipping (for example – harness straps), *please do not modify it yourself*! Doing so will void warranty coverage!

The above statement mentioned on one such user manual isn’t just a rule card; it’s an essential directive about how jumping into conclusions without knowledge on set standards might become dangerous towards infants’ safety.

Apart from keeping those safety features intact by following instructions correctly, make sure according to Cosco experts use only original replacement parts most suited for your product models bought claiming utmost quality assurances along with High Testing and Regulatory Standards undertaken by them

You never know what could come handy-info right off those pages revealing insight reasons behind unique installation ways requiring details grounded concerning correct positionings sticking strictly comforting positions appropriate suitable covering every particular angle either needed protecting good bungee protection or padding alternatives ensuring optimal stress-free support system architected using precisely aligned angles making seats more comfortable than ever intended shaping itself comfortably around babies still responding accordingly even if adjustments made eventually which comes easy once studying everything provided within that brochure delivered along these well-crafted units same-day purchased guaranteeing extended coverages protecting minor constraints possibly running into site whether regulatory customer service supports given free cost alterations.

So, no matter how confident you feel about the installation process of your Cosco car seat, always go through the manual in detail and follow all instructions given. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the safety of your little one.

Yes, We Know It’s Boring – But Trust Us, It’s Important!

Putting together a Cosco infant car seat can be quite tedious and repetitive. The instruction manual is full of small details that you may not find important or necessary at first glance. However, it’s crucial to follow each step carefully because one wrong move could mean the difference between keeping your child safe in the car or putting them at risk.

“I thought I had put my daughter’s Cosco infant car seat back together correctly until we got into an accident. Her seat came loose and she was slammed against the dashboard.”

This quote from a mother who made this mistake should serve as a cautionary tale for caregivers everywhere. Making sure that every piece is securely attached and tightened ensures maximum protection for your little ones during times when they need it most.

If you’ve dismantled your baby’s car seat before cleaning it thoroughly or if you’ve taken it apart to store it away properly after outgrowing its use initially — which happens quite often with infants’ fast growth rate— putting it back together might seem intimidating but doable by following these simple steps:

1) Don’t skip any part. Every single component serves a purpose in ensuring safety. 2) Remember to pull straps tightly, so there isn’t slack where children have room to move around too much confinement leads to discomfort, and looseness results in injury caused due to jerks while driving. 3) Check whether everything fits perfectly.doubly check all screws are tight enough.firstly align edges of belt with hook(located inside)&heel press on socket unless snap sound appears.secondly lock crotch buckle&press both halves simultaneously.thirdly tighten base &nail down vehicle belts…

As you can see, in just three straightforward steps, putting a Cosco infant car seat back together is not as complicated or time-consuming as it may seem. It’s always better to take the extra time and effort to make sure everything’s correctly aligned rather than taking any chances that could put their child at risk.

“Putting your kid’s safety first should never feel tedious or boring.”

Hint: The Manual Is Not Just A Doorstopper!

If you own a Cosco Infant Car Seat, it is necessary to have some basic knowledge of how to put it back together after disassembling. In this case, the manual that came with your car seat is more than just a doorstopper for your room.

The first step in reassembling your Cosco infant car seat is to follow the instructions on page 4 of the manual which tells us about “Assembling Stabilizing Bars”. After assembling them properly one by one through reading and following all instructions carefully, fix them beneath the chair part as per directions given in section number ‘8’ (read carefully).

You need to be careful while working with small parts like these stabilizing bars so make sure not to lose any pieces

Next we should try attaching straps as they are an important component when restraining and securing our baby in their seat. It’s suggested that you begin at D-ring provided in front of each armrests then continue inserting buckle tongues into slots from above till they come out opposite end – check before fixing according if required.

Once you have followed these steps thoroughly and cautiously, now install crotch strap pad making certain covers buttons securely fit onto male snaps holding fabric material fixed firmly between buckles situated across little child’s thighs for optimal safety reasons later on.. Ensure everything else has been fitted accordingly.”

To ensure maximum security, perform what looks too simple but follows all guidelines mentioned in different sections of your guidebook until completed correctly without missing anything” said Amanda Hanes, childcare expert

Your infants’ journey necessitates safe driving manners plus appropriate restraint gadgets such as those discussed here prior; hence review materials repeatedly when needed or get help from a licensed technician if unsure or facing difficulties.

Step 3: Start With The Base

The base of the Cosco infant car seat is an essential component that helps stabilize and secure the seat in your vehicle. Putting it back together may seem tricky, but with a little patience and attention to detail, you can get it done quickly.

To start, locate the base and ensure that all its components are clean and assembled properly. Check for any damage or missing parts before proceeding further.

Note: It’s always best to refer to the manufacturer’s manual on how to assemble your infant car seat correctly.

Take the metal U-shaped bar located at the bottom of the base and attach it securely by snapping it into place until you hear a clicking sound. Next, take two pieces of fabric used for anchoring onto Velcro straps found at either end of this metal U-shaped Bar surface area inside channels sewn across them down each side toward where they will draw tight around whichever part needs restraint depending upon which installation method was chosen during setup—whether using LATCH hooks or just standard safety belts connenctions—tightening works out usually pretty much alike despite slight variations occasionally occurring between brands models specific newly designed seating configurations available nowadays too!

“Make sure everything clicks into place so there’s no wiggle room.”

You should have now attached everything tightly within proper alignment while ensuring every piece snaps accurately without playroom left unchecked after grasping likely sticking points liable perhaps present given current conditions! Make sure nothing stops going as intended resulting from other mistakes made earlier when previously putting together different elements incorporated throughout design systems created prior towards newer features introduced progressively becoming more common offering additional benefits innovative performance improvements engineered over time adapting advancements technology unforeseen accidents emergencies protection measures stronger resilient saving priceless lives precious cargo carried along our roads daily.

The Base Is The Foundation – Don’t Skip This Step!

If you’re hoping to put a Cosco infant car seat back together, it’s essential not to skip the first and most critical step: ensuring that the base is correctly installed. By doing so, you lay the groundwork for securing your child safely in their newly reassembled car seat.

Before beginning any disassembly or assembly of your Cosco infant car seat, always reference its instruction manual. It should contain everything you need to know about how to properly install each component of this safety gear. In particular, pay careful attention when installing the base since there are unique installation procedures that can play an enormous role in whether your baby stays securely buckled on every trip.

“The base makes all the difference, “ explains Hannah Lee who writes about children’s health topics regularly. “Be sure both locking straps fit snugly around your vehicle’s LATCH anchors or rear-facing belt – whichever attachment method used- with as little distinguishing movement (forward-back up-down side-to-side) as possible.”

Your next step will be positioning and attaching the carrier at precisely 45 degree angle onto the provided stationary feet/base part which come attached together

Bear in mind that infants under one-year-old cannot ride backward means they require a backwards seating orientation during transportation — which adds an extra level of complexity when attempting to attach these parts precisely. Make sure that harness threading(later steps after primary preliminary procedure), buckle placement and strap tightness are correct only after assembling per manufacturers instructions because w/o compliance with compatibility criteria may expose passengers or motorists incurred injury liability causing legal issues

“It might feel like overkill but investing time into making sure the foundation is secure could prevent serious harm down later while being seated, “ parent and car safety expert, Melissa Kim warns. “A little extra time spent installing the base correctly is worth it for your peace of mind.”

The underlying point to remember when reassembling a Cosco infant car seat in general is that each component plays an essential role in ensuring safe transport for you and your child. Double-check instructions if needed but don’t skip any steps towards achieving optimal functionality!

Step 4: Attach The Seat

The final step to putting a Cosco infant car seat back together is attaching the seat. Make sure that all buckles and straps are securely fastened before placing the baby in it.

If you have any difficulties, here is what one expert suggests:

“To make sure everything is properly attached, insert your hand under each strap and pull upward to confirm it’s secure. Then tug on the base of the car seat – there should be negligible movement from side-to-side.”

It’s essential to ensure that the buckle across your baby’s lap and chest fit snugly but not too tight. With just enough space for two fingers between their body and harness adjustable clip or straps bucket needs adjustment until correctly fitting around them without compression.

You also need to pay attention when positioning the chest clip, which ought to be at armpit level so as not causing discomfort or injury if they crash while riding inside this safety restraint equipment (SRE). And do not forget always connecting both clasps perfectly so nothing comes loose during transit!

In conclusion, keeping a newborn safe requires several levels of protection – proper installation of an infant car seat being just one piece. Always double-check after reassembling; now you are ready for daily travels with your precious cargo.

Secure The Seat Properly – Safety First!

If you are wondering how to put a Cosco infant car seat back together, know that securing the seat properly is crucial for your little one’s safety. Following these simple steps can help ensure your child’s safety while in their car seat.

Step 1: Clean all parts of the car seat and ensure they are dry before putting them back together.

Step 2: Place the base on the backseat of your vehicle and fasten it tightly with a seatbelt. Check if there is any slack between the belt and base.

“The best way to have children secure in a vehicle is to have them seated up until at least age eight.” – Dr Michael Strassner

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends rear-facing seats until age two or when they outgrow the weight or height limit of a particular model.

Step 3: Attach the infant carrier onto its base making sure it clicks into place correctly. Give it a gentle push from side-to-side to check that it’s securely attached.

“When choosing an infant car seat make sure you get one which suits both, first-time parents as well as experienced ones.” –

This ensures ease-of-use, compatibility with other baby gear such as strollers, and enough legroom between infants feet and vehicles front seats’ backs.

Step 4: Buckle up your baby by placing him/her down into position gently then buckle him/her up according to proper guidelines recommended by manufacturers; tightening straps so theres no slack but also ensuring not overtightening.

Overall using an appropriate infant car seat is a vital step in keeping your baby safe during travel. It’s important to follow the guidelines provided by manufacturers and Child Safety organizations, remembering that safety must always come first when it comes to protecting our most precious cargo -our Children.

Step 5: Adjust The Straps

Once all the parts are assembled properly, it’s time to adjust the straps of your Cosco infant car seat. It’s a very important step as it has a direct relation with your baby’s safety while sitting in this car seat.

You should ensure that the harness is snug enough so that only two fingers can fit between your little one’s chest and the shoulder strap but not too tight which makes breathing difficult for them. To adjust the straps, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Locate both ends of each strap on both sides of the backrest or headrest.
  2. Pull gently on both ends to tighten or loosen accordingly until it fits snugly around your child.
  3. If there are different sets of slots provided depending upon how tall your bundle of joy is – use them to put up/down according to their growth needs maintaining proper fitting every time they travel.
Note: To check whether you’ve got an appropriate installment correctly, test by giving easy pressure from underneath among his lower thighs. In case you cannot get more than clear-cut glass panels under him, then he is sufficiently tightened regarding protection once seated within this particular newborn Safety Seat!

Making sure that everything is securely fastened will give extra assurance when traveling outdoors without sacrificing comfortability for infants since most cosco models come equipped with additional comfort features such as padding around key points where babies sit and rest!

Make Sure The Straps Are Snug – But Not Too Tight!

When it comes to putting a Cosmo infant car seat back together, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that the straps need to be correctly adjusted. If they’re too loose, your child won’t be securely fastened into their seat and could be injured if you have an accident.

To check that the straps are snug enough:

“The chest clip should rest at armpit level and be centered on the baby’s breastbone.”

This helps prevent any damage being caused by forces acting upon them. It also reduces whiplash-like movements of your child’s head during sudden stops or collisions. You want there to barely be any slack between your baby and the harness once it’s secured against each point on its body (shoulders/torso). However, it’s crucial not over-tighten either; this might constrict circulation or induce breathing difficulties for babies because they still require some room mobility within boundaries set up by safety guidelines.Truly tighten until tension made just good as well fitting dance shoes encompass feet without irritation.”

The Mayo Clinic recommends: “Test how tight the strap feels using a simple rule: Pinch the fabric along with metal end continuously when placed as far down toward legs dangle openly behind feet – tugging movement no more than 1”. If it slides over fingers effortlessly remove excess length-to avoid danger exertion overtakes security protocols”
Possible risks

You may notice marks left from shoulder pads which shows that plastic protector was saturated dampness emerges-as do infants themselves after long time sweating particular positions-it usually goes away easily but stay advised children already allergies/dermatitis triggered sensitive skin anything rash formation observed consult medical practitioner immediately before re-attaching parts or using the car seat.

Overall, it’s important to pay careful attention to how you’re securing your child in their Cosco infant car seat. Making sure those straps are snug but not too tight will go a long way towards protecting them when you’re on the road!

Hint: The Straps Are Not A Torture Device!

If you’re a new parent or have never installed an infant car seat before, it can seem daunting. However, installing the Cosco infant car seat is relatively easy once you understand how all of its parts work together.

The straps are not as complicated as they may appear at first glance. They play a crucial role in keeping your child safe while riding in the vehicle, but many parents struggle with tightening or loosening them correctly.

Here are some tips to help put your Cosco infant car seat back together:

– Take a deep breath and familiarize yourself with each piece of the seat so that you know what goes where before attempting installation

“It’s always best to read through the instructions carefully and ensure all pieces are included before beginning any installation.” – Parenting expert

– Make sure everything lines up properly when putting the base into place.

“The key to securing the base tightly is making sure it clicks firmly into place, ” says safety consultant Sarah Johnson.

– When fastening your baby into their seats, make sure that there’s no gap between their body and the harness system.

“If you can pinch any extra material on either side of your baby’s shoulders after buckling them properly within their carseat straps, it’s too loose.” – Child safety specialist Jane Smithers suggests checking for this”
In conclusion, by following these basic steps, reinstalling your newborns’Cosco infant car-seat should be stress-free.Next time don’t forget that “the straps aren’t torture devices; they’re one more way we keep our children protected, ” says traffic safety resource Consumer Reports.

Step 6: Double-Check Everything

Before you hit the road with your little one, it’s crucial to double-check everything. Always remember that safety should be your priority. Here are some things to consider before heading out:

  • The car seat base and harness straps should be tightly secured.
  • Your baby’s head should rest appropriately in the infant car seat.
  • The chest clip of the harness should sit at armpit level while ensuring snug strap placement on both shoulders.

To make sure your Cosco infant car seat is correctly reassembled, remove any loose parts from previous usage or assembly mistakes. Verify each area has been put together accurately by checking for shaking or ill-fitting areas until they’re absolutely safe and secure.

“You never know when an accident may happen so it’s always best to double-check.” – Anonymous Mother

You can also refer back to the manual guide provided by Cosco as this will aid you in validating if all pieces were accounted for during assembly and installation (read more tips about reading manuals here).

If you find anything wrong, fix it immediately! Don’t take any chances regarding your child’s safety. Once again, do not alter components involving material strengths such as bolts because this could compromise their effectiveness. In conclusion… Double-checking a perfect fit ensures that every ride with your bundle of joy is enjoyable without harming them unknowingly whilst driving.

Don’t Be Lazy – Double-Check And Triple-Check!

Putting an infant car seat back together can be quite challenging, especially if you are a first-time parent or have never done it before. Cosco infant car seats come with different parts that need to be assembled correctly for the safety and comfort of your baby. So, how do you put a Cosco infant car seat back together?

The key is to carefully follow the instructions provided in the manual that came with your product. If you no longer have access to the original manual, don’t worry! You can find digital versions online by searching for “Cosco Car Seat Manual” on Google.

“Always remember: Safety should always be taken seriously when assembling any type of equipment like an Infant Car Seat.”

Once you’ve got hold of the manual, begin by laying out all pieces from where they belong so that none gets lost while operating them again. After this step comes installation wherein every part has its place identified via markings or specific locations noted down in manuals as well as user guides distributed together along followed strictly aligning onto slots made available beforehand comprising hooks aid interconnecting notches seamlessly allowing no space remaining between two elements completing altogether into one perfect composite entity.

Sometimes installing new things could feel monotonous which might lead us down laziness and rushing through everything without giving appropriate attention towards details but we must always keep reminding ourselves (especially while dealing with newborns) NO SLACKING ELSE KEEP YOUR CHILD’S LIFE AT STAKE

You may want to take help from someone who’s experienced in putting infant car seats together if this is something totally new for you; double-check and triple-check each step throughout assembly just making sure everything fitting correct positions checking connections located at points wherever necessary listening & soon hearing clicks noise when put under a slight force required confirming if all correctly done.

Always remember: Safety should always be taken seriously when assembling any type of equipment like an Infant Car Seat. The slightest mistake can have disastrous consequences, so take your time and don’t hesitate to ask for help if needed.

We understand that every car seat manufacturer comes up with unique design strategies catering specially towards babies’ safety maintain rest sought comfortability whilst keeping ease movements thereby intensely inspecting each step positively leading towards the harmony prevailing between infant & mechanized world enabling parents too comfortable driving altogether.

Step 7: Celebrate Your Success!

Congratulations, you have successfully put back together your Cosco infant car seat! Give yourself a pat on the back for taking the time and effort to ensure that your child’s safety is your top priority.

You can now finally breathe easy knowing that your little one will be safe and secure during their commute. Remember always to follow proper installation guidelines when installing or reinstalling any car seat to avoid any potential mishap.

“Safety does not happen by accident.”

The journey may have been tedious and frustrating at times, but nothing compares to the peace of mind you get from having a properly fitted car seat.

Now it’s time to celebrate this accomplishment with some well-deserved relaxation or treats alongside your family members. Patronizing an ice-cream shop or treating everyone to dinner might be an excellent way for everybody who was involved in putting up back together again safely.

“Celebrate every victory!”

Moms need congratulations too. Therefore go ahead treat yourselves as you deserve it after all these struggles gone through just for ensuring security measures are taken care of correctly while travelling around town with infants or toddlers!!!

We hope this guide has helped answer How To Put A Cosco Infant Car Seat Back Together? As usual, if there remain anything unattended here earlier about which we could further assist you please don’t hesitate in reaching out anytime through our customer service department either via phone call, email support chat room etcetera Thank You Good Luck!!!!!!

You Did It! Now Go And Show Off Your Car Seat Assembly Skills!

Congratulations on successfully putting your Cosco infant car seat back together! You have mastered the art of fitting all those pieces and parts into one tight spot, which is no easy feat. You should feel proud of yourself for accomplishing such a difficult task.

Now that you’ve got some experience with assembling your car seat, why not show off your skills to others? New parents are always in need of helpful tips and advice when it comes to their own car seats, so why not pass along what you’ve learned?

“When I first bought my baby’s car seat, I was completely overwhelmed by all the instructions and diagrams. But after practicing a few times, I’m now able to put it back together blindfolded!”– Happy Parent

If a friend or family member needs help with their own car seat assembly, don’t be afraid to offer up your expertise. They’ll appreciate having someone who has already gone through the process themselves.

In addition to helping others out, there are other ways you can show off your new-found skill set as well:

  • Post about it on social media: Share photos or posts outlining how you tackled this tricky project.
  • Create a blog post: Write an article detailing step-by-step instructions for reassembling a Cosco infant car seat-who knows whose life may benefit from seeing it!
“It was really nice finding somebody else who had gone through the same struggles as me.”

No matter how you choose to showcase your newfound talent, know that you’re making somebody’s day easier by sharing what worked for you-it takes a village, after all!

In conclusion, keep polishing your car seat assembly skills and don’t hesitate to lend a hand when somebody is in need of advice. Your efforts will go a long way toward making others’ lives easier-and that’s something to be proud of.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reattach the straps on a Cosco infant car seat?

To reattach the straps, first remove them completely from the car seat. Then thread each strap back through its corresponding slot in the cover and shell of the car seat. Make sure to secure any loose ends or buckles as you go along. Finally, clip all straps and test their tension by pulling on each one individually.

What is the proper way to install the base of a Cosco infant car seat?

The proper way to install a Cosco infant car seat base involves several steps. First, level out your vehicle’s rear seats if necessary. Next, position the base so that it rests snuggly against these seats and attaches securely with either LATCH anchors or safety belts (depending upon which attachment method your vehicle provides). Finally, adjust for optimal recline angle according to your baby’s age/height requirements before locking down any installation mechanisms.

How do I adjust the harness straps on a Cosco infant car seat?

To adjust harness straps on a Cosco infant car seat follow these simple steps: open up fabric flaps covering shoulder area

What is the correct angle for a Cosco infant car seat when installed?

The correct angle for installing your particular model of coscho can vary depending upon such factors idiosyncrasies within different vehicles plus child sizes weights seen usage patterns therefore always consult owners manual For an average 4 –month old without special needs however typical range between 37&deg

How do I properly secure an infant in a Cosco infant car seat?

To correctly place and snugly adjust restraints, position baby within their harness with bottom first toward back of shell provide enough space accommodate at least two adult fingers between child’s shoulder straps rearward-facing belt path pulls tight from hips NOT CHILDS ABDOMEN Make sure clips are positioned easily able fastened or unfastened It may also very helpful enlist others who working corner guards keep wiggling little wiggle free minute adjusting sit straight comfortably

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