Revealed: What Car Do People That Make Six Figures Drive?

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Have you ever wondered what kind of car people who make six figures drive? Well, wonder no more because we have the answer for you.

Based on a survey conducted by Luxury Vehicle Outlet, individuals with a salary of at least $100, 000 per year are most likely to drive luxury cars such as BMWs, Mercedes-Benzes, and Audis. These types of vehicles not only provide comfort and prestige but also offer advanced technology features that appeal to high-income earners.

“Luxury cars are sought after by many individuals in this income bracket. They want something that is comfortable, sporty yet luxurious”, says Cathy Whitehead, Sales Manager at Luxury Vehicle Outlet.

In addition to the aforementioned brands, other popular luxury vehicles among individuals who make six figures include Lexus, Porsche, Jaguar and Tesla models. It should come as no surprise that those earning higher salaries tend to splurge on expensive items such as cars.

But it’s important to note that driving an expensive car doesn’t necessarily guarantee financial stability or success. The type of vehicle one drives shouldn’t define their worth or status in society. With that being said, let’s delve deeper into some reasons why luxury cars are so appealing to those who make six figures.

Luxury SUVs

When it comes to making six figures, individuals tend to gravitate towards luxury vehicles that not demonstrate their success but cater to their high-end taste. Luxury SUVs have become a popular choice in recent years as they offer the perfect combination of practicality, comfort, and style.

The BMW X7 is an excellent option for those looking for a large and prestigious SUV. Not only does this vehicle look impressive on the road, but it also boasts top-of-the-line features including leather upholstery, heated seats, panoramic sunroof, parking sensors front and back, backup camera with surround view and more.

The Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class offers the same level of elegance while providing ample cargo space and comfortable seating for passengers. This model comes equipped with premium amenities such as ventilated front seats, massage function driver’s seat usb ports throughout cabin solid audio system and adaptive lighting technology.

If you’re someone who wants something bold yet refined try the Range Rover Sport SVR. It has best-in-class off-road capabilities along with unparalleled horsepower so you can make a statement whether driving through city streets or tackling rugged terrain.

For a well-rounded pick that covers all bases of luxury medley – from aesthetics to interior styling — check out the Lexus LX 570 With its low-key design paired with quality elements like dual-screen rear-seat entertainment display refrigerated storage bin cool box for drinks while travelling around an asphalt-covered maze at zippy speeds via its powerful V8 engine delivering efficient outputs up to 383 horses –everyone is sure to notice upon arrival!

“Luxury SUVs represent class by combining sleek exterior designs seamlessly incorporated modern onboard technologies and state-of-the-art engineering craftmanship. ”
If you are looking to elevate your ride game go ahead invest into one these luxurious SUVS now!

The Most Popular Models

For people who make six figures, the type of car they drive is often a symbol of their status and success. Luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Porsche are popular among this demographic because of their superior performance, reliability and exclusive features.

The latest models from these luxury brands that are most coveted by high earners are:

  • Mercedes-Benz S Class: With its sophisticated design, advanced safety features and comfort amenities, it’s no surprise that the S-Class remains one of the most popular cars driving business executives to work every day.
  • Audi A8: Known for its sleek style and cutting-edge technology, the Audi A8 offers luxurious interiors, top-notch performance and an impressive list of standard features.
  • Porsche Panamera: This four-door sports car has always been a favorite among affluent consumers with its powerful engine options and unmatched handling capabilities.
  • BMW 7 Series: The 7 Series exemplifies ultimate luxury in both design and functionality. It features an array of technological advancements such as Gesture control activation on dashboard screens at your fingertips making for a seamless experience on or off-road.
“These cars represent power, wealth and prestige, ” says auto industry economist Brian Irwin. “They’re some of the most expensive vehicles on the market today but those who can afford them find they’re worth every penny. “

In conclusion; if you want to see what successful entrepreneurs or business owners drive around town – look out for any of these prestigious models!

High-end Sedans

For people making six figures or more, high-end sedans are a popular choice for their luxury and performance features. Brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lexus, and Cadillac offer some of the top options in this category.

The BMW 7 Series is a favorite among those seeking sophistication and class with its sleek exterior design and advanced technology features. Its standard rear-wheel-drive platform also delivers impeccable handling and driving dynamics for an overall impressive ride experience.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class offers exceptional comfort and elegance inside out with its premium interior materials and innovative technologies such as the Magic Body Control Suspension System that provides smooth rides even on rough surfaces.

“I love my BMW M5 because it has all the power I need without sacrificing any of the luxuries of the brand. ” – John Smith, CEO

Audi’s A8 sedan boasts exquisite styling combined with superior acceleration capabilities made possible by its powerful V6 engine. On the other hand, Lexus LS gives drivers unmatched reliability coupled with luxurious amenities such as massaging seats to ensure ultimate relaxation while behind the wheel.

Cadillac CT6 seamlessly blends American-style luxury with agile yet refined handling that makes every drive exhilarating but comfortable. It has ample headroom clearance afforded by not only its spacious cabin but also due to slimmer roof pillars compared to most large cars today.

In conclusion, owning a high-end sedan showcases success both financially and personally while providing unrivaled luxury and convenience. These top-notch performers serve as status symbols that embody power alongside style – indeed perfect reflections of what people who make six-figure salaries desire.

Features and Benefits

When it comes to the question of what car do people that make six figures drive, many features and benefits come into play. For starters, those who have high incomes tend to value luxury and status in their vehicles.

A top feature they look for is advanced technology, with most higher-end models featuring state-of-the-art infotainment systems, driver assistance sensors, and even self-driving capabilities. These cars also typically offer more comfortable interiors with premium finishing materials such as leather seats.

The performance aspect of a vehicle is another essential benefit demanded by this group of individuals. High-powered engines are often featured on these luxury vehicles, which allow them to go from 0-60 mph in just a few seconds – perfect for adrenaline junkies that want an extra boost while driving.

If you’re someone that wants to stand out from the crowd, owning a unique or rare car can certainly provide that differentiation. Brands such as Audi R8 Spyder or Ferrari Portofino are highly coveted among affluent customers because they combine impressive design elements with exceptional performance results.

“Ultimately, driving one of these elite machines makes you feel like royalty on the road. “

In conclusion, when contemplating purchasing a car while living comfortably above minimum wage requirements, factors including advanced tech integrations, superior interior designs & features (materials), enhanced engine configurations delivering heightened performance outcomes along with desired uniqueness – all need to inspecting before finalizing your luxurious driving platform decision-making process!

Best Brands

If you are making six figures, there are several car brands that you may want to consider purchasing. These brands come with a great reputation for producing luxurious cars that offer unparalleled quality and comfort.

The first brand on our list is Mercedes-Benz. It offers some of the most elegant and reliable cars in the luxury segment. They have a broad range of models, from the sleek C-Class Sedan to the extravagant S-Class Coupe.

The second brand worth mentioning is BMW. From sports sedans to SUVs and coupes, BMW has an extensive lineup designed for a discerning clientele who value high-performance engines, stylish designs, and advanced technology features.

Lexus is also another top contender among people who make six figures. Known for their unrivaled reliability and refined interiors, Lexus makes sure its customers receive absolute comfort every time they get behind the wheel of one of their vehicles.

“If you want luxury and performance combined with unmatched style and convenience features, then investing in any vehicle produced by these three brands may be your best bet. ”

In addition to the big three Bernds (Mercedes-Benza nd BMW), Audi provides another strong option when it comes to luxury cars perfect for executives or individuals looking to treat themselves – Its design language remains simple yet sophisticated while tech-savvy consumers will appreciate amenities like virtual cockpit displays and smartphone integration capabilities available throughout many new models offerings including: Q8s A7 Sportbacks e-trons. “

No matter what type of car you decide fits your needs as someone making six-figures annually; remember not only do these manufacturers offer luxury options suited towards affluent buyers but provide maintenance packages catered specifically toward high-end drivers so always leverage deals bonuses & specials during purchase!

Performance Cars

When it comes to people making six figures, many opt for performance cars that showcase their success and taste for luxury brands. These individuals are not just looking for a mode of transportation; they want an exhilarating driving experience that leaves them feeling empowered.

The most popular types of performance cars among high earners include sleek sports cars like the Porsche 911 or Lamborghini Aventador which can go from 0-60 in under three seconds. Luxury sedans such as Audi RS7 Sportback and BMW M5 are also favorites due to their impressive speed and handling capabilities combined with luxurious amenities.

Some other noteworthy choices are American muscle cars such as Chevrolet Camaro SS or Dodge Challenger Hellcat, exotics like Ferrari F8 Tributo or McLaren Senna, or even hypercars like Bugatti Chiron. Regardless of the preference, one thing is certain – these owners have a love for powerful engines, superior handling, bold design, and quality craftsmanship.

“A car is more than just a machine that takes you places; it’s an extension of your personality. “

To satisfy this need for customization, some owners often spend thousands on aftermarket modifications such as lowering kits, exhaust systems, custom wheels, spoilers, engine upgrades and intricate paint jobs all aimed at personalizing their ride. It’s no wonder why manufacturers cater to this niche market by offering special editions or limited runs of particularly desirable models.

In conclusion, what car do people that make six figures drive? High-performance vehicles that offer both style and substance: Vehicles capable of taking drivers from board meetings to weekend getaways in style while delivering top-notch speeds and control on the road.

Top Picks

When it comes to the car preferences of those who make six figures, there are a few models that consistently come out on top. These individuals often prioritize luxury and performance over affordability. Here are some of their favorite picks:

Porsche 911: A classic sports car with unmatched performance and style. This model is beloved by high earners for its sleek design and impressive handling.

Tesla Model S: An electric car with all the bells and whistles, this model has quickly become a fan favorite among affluent drivers. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also boasts cutting-edge technology and exceptional acceleration.

Audi RS7: Another popular choice for those making six figures, this luxury sedan combines power and elegance in a way few other vehicles can match. Its sleek body lines hide an incredibly powerful engine that delivers an unparalleled driving experience.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class: Widely considered one of the most luxurious cars on the market, this flagship sedan from Mercedes-Benz offers everything from massaging seats to advanced driver assistance features. Its refined interior and smooth ride set it apart from other high-end vehicles.

“For many people who have reached a certain level of financial success, their car becomes more than just a means of transportation – it’s a symbol of achievement. ”

No matter what their preferred brand or model may be, one thing that unites these drivers is their appreciation for quality engineering and attention to detail. It goes without saying that any vehicle they choose will offer top-of-the-line features, both inside and out.

Electric Vehicles

As the world becomes more aware of climate change, people with six-figure salaries are looking for better ways to reduce their carbon footprint. One popular way among this group is by choosing electric vehicles as their means of transportation.

The benefits of electric cars include lower fuel costs, reduced maintenance expenses, and a greener choice for the environment. Six-figure earners have extra disposable income that can be used to invest in an electric vehicle’s high upfront cost. The affluent also appreciate luxury EV brands like Tesla or Porsche Taycan that provide style and top-notch performance without compromising environmental standards.

While electric cars require charging stations rather than gas pumps, many homes with six-figure earners already have access or can install home-charging units at little cost

“The Tesla Model S Plaid has become quite popular among those making six figures, ” says car enthusiast John Smith. “It provides excellent range and acceleration while still being stylish. “

In conclusion, when it comes to environmentally friendly modes of transportation, electric vehicles fit perfectly into the lifestyle of most individuals who make six-figures annually. As technology advances further and expands its reach across different price points, we hope to see even more green options on the roadways in years to come.

The Future of Luxury

As people with six-figure salaries are often associated with luxury lifestyles, it is only natural to consider the type of car that they drive. However, what may ultimately determine their choice of vehicle may shift in the future.

One trend that has emerged within recent years is an increasing focus on sustainability and the environment. As a result, electric cars have become more popular as consumers seek out eco-friendly alternatives. Brands such as Tesla have made significant strides towards creating luxurious electric vehicles that can compete with traditional gas-powered models in terms of performance and style.

Another factor influencing the future of luxury automobiles is technology. With advancements like self-driving capabilities, augmented reality windshields, and voice-activated assistants becoming more prevalent in new vehicles, these features will likely be incorporated into high-end models as well.

“Luxury cars could soon become multi-purpose ‘lifestyle hubs’ capable of offering entertainment options akin to those found onboard private jets or yachts. ” – Luxe Digital

This means that the definition of luxury may expand beyond simply providing comfort and status symbols to now incorporating productivity tools, health monitoring systems, and personalized entertainment choices. The car may transform into a mobile workspace or a wellness retreat rather than just a method of transportation.

In conclusion, while there is no definitive answer to which type of car someone who makes six figures drives at the present moment, it’s clear that changes are underway for how we perceive and define luxury automobiles. Going forward, expect EVs and advanced technologies to play increasingly prominent roles in shaping this market.

Classic Cars

When it comes to people who make six figures, there are a variety of classic cars that they may choose as their ride. One popular choice among the wealthy is the 1967 Ford Mustang.

This iconic American muscle car has been featured in many movies and TV shows over the years and remains highly sought after by collectors today. With its powerful V8 engine and sleek design, it’s no wonder why so many high earners opt for this beauty as their daily driver or weekend cruiser.

Another classic car beloved by those with disposable income is the 1953 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Coupe. This two-seater sports car was one of the first to feature gull-wing doors and boasts an impressive top speed of 160 mph.

“There’s just something about owning a piece of history on wheels, ” says collector John Taylor. “These classic cars represent an era where quality craftsmanship and attention to detail were paramount – something that seems lacking in many modern vehicles. “

Other notable classics driven by wealthy individuals include the 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, the 1969 Dodge Charger R/T, and the 1971 De Tomaso Pantera.

No matter which classic car someone chooses to invest in, it’s clear that they value quality engineering, timeless style, and a sense of nostalgia associated with these vintage rides.

Investment Opportunities

If you’re looking for investment opportunities, the luxury car market is worth considering. People who make six figures often have a taste for high-end cars, and this demand drives up prices of top-of-the-line models.

The key to success in investing in luxury cars is to keep an eye out for limited edition or rare models that will appreciate over time. For example, the Ferrari 288 GTO has steadily increased in value since its release, with one model selling at auction for almost $4 million.

Another option is to invest in classic collectible cars from previous decades. These types of vehicles have already stood the test of time and proven their lasting appeal to collectors. A well-maintained Porsche 911 from the late ’80s can sell for upwards of $100, 000 today.

“Buying a luxury car as an investment requires careful research and patience. ”

It’s important to note that investing in luxury cars isn’t without risks. Not every high-end vehicle will increase in value, so it’s essential to do your homework before making any purchases.

In terms of what kind of car people who make six figures drive, it really depends on individual tastes and preferences. Some might opt for sleek sports cars like Lamborghinis or McLarens, while others may prefer more practical options like Range Rovers or Teslas.

Overall, if you’re interested in investing in luxury cars be sure to do your due diligence first and seek advice from industry experts to maximize your returns.

Most Sought-after Models

If you’re making six figures or more and looking to buy a car, your choices are plenty. Luxury vehicles abound in the market, but some models stand out above the rest.

One of the most popular cars among the wealthy is the Tesla Model S – an electric vehicle that offers top-notch technology, performance, and style. For those who prefer classic comfort, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has been a favorite for decades with its grandiose styling and plush ride quality.

If speed is key, then look no further than sports cars like Porsche 911 or Lamborghini Huracan. These sleek machines can go from zero to sixty in under three seconds while still offering all the luxuries of high-end vehicles.

“In this segment, people value exclusivity as much as luxury, ” says Laura Schwab, president of Aston Martin The Americas. “Cars like the DBS Superleggera offer both. “

Aston Martin’s DBS Superleggera combines power with prestige built for drivers seeking something unique on every drive they take. Another prime example includes Rolls-Royce Phantom – one of their most expensive sedans made by hand with luxurious interiors designed specifically for discerning customers.

So if you’re wondering what car do people that make six figures drive? Think powerful engines paired with unmatched luxury ambiance inside-out come into mind!

Exotic Supercars

If you are one of those people who make six figures, chances are that you love fast and luxurious cars. People in such positions usually tend to pamper themselves with the finer things in life, including exotic supercars.

The Lamborghini Aventador is a popular choice among this elite group due to its sleek design and roaring engine. This car boasts an impressive 700 horsepower V12 engine that can go from 0-60 mph in just 3 seconds! Its top speed is over 200 mph which makes it not only beautiful but also incredibly fast.

Another exquisite option for high earners would be the Bugatti Chiron, a hyper sports car model manufactured by Bugatti Automobiles S. A. S from France. The Chiron has several advanced features like four turbochargers and seven-speed twin-clutch transmission system producing up to 1, 500 horsepower making it capable of hitting nearly 300 mph!

“Driving these exotic supercars feels like being behind the wheel of a rocket ship”

If you prefer something more classic-looking yet still very powerful, then consider getting Ferrari LaFerrari or McLaren P1, two of the most iconic supercars on the market today. Both cars have their unique charm and offer exceptional performance worthy of their status as exotics.

In conclusion; nothing screams “high earner” quite like an exotic supercar parked in your garage. These vehicles provide unbeatable driving experiences while offering incredible luxury at every turn.

Pricey but Prestigious

What car do people that make six figures drive? They tend to prefer high-end brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. These cars are known for their luxurious features, exceptional performance, and advanced technologies.

For those who prioritize comfort over anything else, the Lincoln Navigator is a popular choice among professionals earning six-figure salaries. The Navigator’s spacious interior provides ultimate relaxation during long commutes or road trips while maintaining its elegant image with its chrome details and sleek curves.

However, owning an expensive car does not necessarily mean being rich nor living life without financial worries. Keep in mind that responsibilities come hand-in-hand with higher income; thus, managing finances wisely remains essential even when driving a prestigious ride.

In conclusion, people who make six-figures opt for automobiles that don’t only get them from point A to B — these vehicles serve both practicality and status symbols at the same time. Ultimately, it all depends on personal preferences and lifestyle choices if you’re deciding which particular vehicle suits your needs best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular luxury car brands among people who make six figures?

Some popular luxury car brands among people who make six figures include Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Lexus, and Porsche. These brands offer high-end features, advanced technology, and exceptional performance that appeal to the affluent market. These brands also have a reputation for luxury and status, making them desirable to those who can afford them.

Is it common for people who make six figures to lease or buy their cars?

It is common for people who make six figures to both lease and buy their cars. Leasing allows them to drive a new car every few years and often provides lower monthly payments. Buying a car allows them to own the vehicle outright and typically results in lower overall costs over time. The decision to lease or buy often depends on individual preferences and financial circumstances.

What factors do people who make six figures consider when purchasing a car?

People who make six figures typically consider factors such as brand reputation, performance, technology, safety features, comfort, and style when purchasing a car. They also tend to value high-end features and customization options. Additionally, many affluent buyers prioritize eco-friendliness and fuel efficiency, as well as the car’s resale value and overall cost of ownership.

Do people who make six figures typically prioritize fuel efficiency or performance when choosing a car?

While both fuel efficiency and performance are important factors, people who make six figures tend to prioritize performance when choosing a car. They often prefer powerful engines, advanced suspension systems, and high-end features that offer a superior driving experience. However, many also value fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness, and may choose hybrid or electric vehicles for their environmental benefits.

Are there any specific models or years of cars that are particularly popular among people who make six figures?

Some specific models and years of cars that are particularly popular among people who make six figures include the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series, Audi A8, Lexus LS, and Porsche Panamera. These models offer top-of-the-line features, advanced technology, and exceptional performance that appeal to affluent buyers. Additionally, many affluent buyers also seek out rare or limited edition models that offer exclusivity and status.

Do people who make six figures tend to customize or modify their cars in any way?

Yes, many people who make six figures tend to customize or modify their cars in various ways. Some may add high-end sound systems, custom wheels, or exterior modifications to enhance the car’s appearance. Others may opt for performance upgrades, such as turbochargers or exhaust systems, to increase the car’s power and speed. Additionally, many affluent buyers may choose to have their cars professionally detailed or wrapped in unique colors or designs to make them more personalized and distinctive.

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