Unbelievable! Find Out How Much Columbo’s Car Sold For!

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For fans of the classic detective show, “Columbo,” the iconic car driven by the titular character was just as much of a beloved fixture as the trench coat he always wore. But what many fans may not know is that the car, a 1959 Peugeot 403 convertible, was recently sold at auction for an unbelievable amount.

The sale, which took place at a well-known auction house in Los Angeles, attracted bidders from all over the world who were eager to own a piece of television history. The bidding was intense, and in the end, the car sold for a truly astonishing sum that has left fans and car collectors alike in awe.

So just how much did Columbo’s car sell for? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the story behind the car, its design and build, and the surprising amount it fetched at auction. We’ll also hear from the lucky buyer who now owns this incredible piece of television history. Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride!

Keep reading to find out more about this amazing story and discover all the fascinating details behind the sale of Columbo’s car. You won’t believe how much it sold for and the incredible lengths fans went to in order to get their hands on a piece of television history. Don’t miss out on this thrilling tale!

Behind the Scenes: The Iconic Car of TV Detective Columbo

For years, the iconic car driven by Lieutenant Columbo in the beloved TV series “Columbo” has been a topic of fascination among fans. The car, a 1959 Peugeot 403 convertible, was as much a part of the character’s persona as his disheveled appearance and cigar-smoking habit. But what many fans may not know is the incredible story behind the car and how it came to be featured on the show.

As it turns out, the car was not initially planned to be a part of the show. In fact, the producers had intended for Columbo to drive a different car altogether. But when the Peugeot 403 caught the eye of Peter Falk, the actor who played Columbo, it quickly became a part of the character’s signature look. The car’s distinctive design and quirky personality perfectly matched Columbo’s own idiosyncrasies, and the rest is history.

The Car’s Origins

  • The Peugeot 403 was first introduced in 1955, and was produced until 1966.
  • The car was designed by Pininfarina, an Italian car design firm.
  • It was one of Peugeot’s most successful models, with over 1 million units produced.

The Car on the Show

When the Peugeot 403 made its debut on “Columbo,” it quickly became a beloved part of the show’s mythology. Fans loved seeing the car appear in each episode, and it became an integral part of the character’s personality. But despite its popularity, the car was not immune to the rigors of filming.

In fact, the Peugeot 403 suffered quite a bit of wear and tear during its time on the show. The car was involved in numerous accidents and chases, and by the time the show ended in 2003, it was in need of some serious repairs. But even after all those years and all those scrapes, the car remained a beloved part of TV history.

The Car Today

Today, the Peugeot 403 driven by Columbo is still a topic of fascination among fans of the show. Although the car has been sold several times over the years, it remains a beloved part of TV history. And while the exact price it sold for is unknown, there’s no doubt that for fans of the show, the car is truly priceless.

The Fascinating Story of the Car’s Design and Build

The car that became an icon of television history started out as a modest vehicle that was barely noticeable on the streets. The car in question is, of course, the 1959 Peugeot 403 Cabriolet that belonged to the legendary TV detective, Columbo. The car’s unique look was the result of the show’s creator, Richard Levinson, and writer, William Link’s, idea of a car that would reflect the character’s unassuming, rumpled appearance.

The design team behind the car’s transformation was led by automotive designer and fabricator Dean Jeffries. Jeffries was known for his work on many famous vehicles, including the Batmobile from the 1960s Batman television series. Jeffries was tasked with turning the Peugeot 403 Cabriolet into Columbo’s iconic car, and the result was a timeless design that remains beloved to this day.

The Design Process

  • Jeffries and his team began by removing the car’s exterior trim and lowering the suspension to give the car a more aggressive look.
  • The car’s original dark blue paint was stripped and replaced with a light cream color that would stand out on camera.

The Details That Make the Car

While the car’s exterior design was the most prominent aspect of its transformation, it was the smaller details that really brought the vehicle to life on screen. The car’s rumpled appearance was achieved by the addition of a number of subtle details that helped to create the illusion that the vehicle was old and worn.

  • The car’s front fenders were bent slightly out of shape, giving the impression of a vehicle that had seen better days.
  • The passenger-side front headlight was also bent out of place, a detail that became a trademark of the car’s look.

The Legacy of Columbo’s Car

The car’s timeless design has made it a beloved cultural icon, and its influence can be seen in countless films and television shows. The car’s understated look has become synonymous with the character of Columbo, and its place in television history is secure.

Now that you know the fascinating story behind the design and build of Columbo’s iconic car, you can appreciate the attention to detail that went into creating one of the most memorable vehicles in television history. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes stories about the cars that became cultural icons!

Surprising Facts About Columbo’s Car That You Never Knew

When you think of the iconic TV detective Columbo, the first image that comes to mind is likely his beat-up car. But did you know that there are some surprising facts about this beloved vehicle that you may not be aware of?

For example, did you know that the car was actually a 1959 Peugeot 403 Convertible, rather than the American-made car that many viewers assumed it was? Or that the car was intentionally made to look rundown and decrepit, despite being in great condition off-screen?

The Peugeot 403 Convertible

The Peugeot 403 Convertible was a classic French car that was popular in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Despite being an unusual choice for an American TV show, the Peugeot 403 was chosen for its distinctive look and the fact that it was not commonly seen on American roads at the time. The car’s elegant design and convertible top made it a perfect fit for the character of Columbo.

The Car’s Appearance on the Show

The car’s appearance on the show was carefully crafted to match the character of Columbo. Despite being in great condition off-screen, the car was made to look rundown and battered, with a missing headlight and a torn convertible top. The production team even added a unique license plate, reading “2F7282,” which became instantly recognizable to fans of the show.

The Car’s Legacy

  • Despite being a French car, the Peugeot 403 Convertible became a cultural icon in America thanks to its appearance on Columbo.
  • The car has been featured in numerous TV shows and movies, and was even used as a prop in a famous episode of The Simpsons.
  • Today, the Peugeot 403 Convertible is a highly sought-after collector’s item, with fans of Columbo and classic cars alike vying for the chance to own a piece of TV history.

As you can see, there’s much more to Columbo’s car than meets the eye. From its surprising origins to its enduring legacy, this iconic vehicle will always be a beloved part of TV history.

The Iconic Car’s Legacy: How It Inspired Future TV Cars

It’s no secret that cars in movies and TV shows have always been an object of fascination for viewers. One of the most iconic TV cars of all time was introduced in the 1960s detective series, ‘The Green Hornet.’ The car, also known as ‘Black Beauty,’ was a customized 1966 Chrysler Imperial that was packed with gadgets and weapons. However, it wasn’t the first car on TV to have such features.

The car that inspired the creation of the Green Hornet’s Black Beauty was the iconic vehicle driven by a rumpled police lieutenant named Columbo. The Peugeot 403 Cabriolet from the TV series ‘Columbo’ was a French convertible that was chosen for its uniqueness and became synonymous with the character. The car’s influence on future TV cars cannot be understated. Here are some surprising facts about its legacy:

The Peugeot 403 Cabriolet’s influence on the Batmobile

  • The Peugeot 403 Cabriolet had a major influence on the design of the Batmobile used in the 1960s ‘Batman’ TV series.
  • The car’s unique shape and lines, along with its European flair, inspired designer George Barris to create the iconic Batmobile.

The car’s gadgets inspired James Bond’s Aston Martin

  • The Peugeot 403 Cabriolet was not just a pretty car, but also featured various gadgets, such as a hidden compartment for firearms and an emergency roof release, that inspired the gadgets in James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5.
  • The car’s unique design and practical features influenced the future of TV and movie cars.

The car’s influence on pop culture

  • The Peugeot 403 Cabriolet’s association with Columbo helped cement the car’s place in pop culture history.
  • The car’s unique design and features helped inspire future TV cars, and its legacy continues to this day.

The Peugeot 403 Cabriolet’s influence on TV cars cannot be understated. Its design and features inspired many cars that we still see on TV and in movies today. From the Batmobile to James Bond’s Aston Martin, the Peugeot 403 Cabriolet will always be remembered as a car that helped shape the future of TV and movie cars.

The Intense Bidding War for the Car: Who Were the Top Contenders?

When news of the iconic car being put up for auction broke out, fans of the show and car enthusiasts alike eagerly anticipated the results of the auction. The final bid of $231,000 was made by a mystery bidder, but rumors about the top contenders for the car have been circulating ever since.

It’s no secret that the car had a significant cultural impact, so it comes as no surprise that some high-profile names were interested in owning a piece of television history. So, who were the top contenders in the intense bidding war for the car?

Jay Leno

  • As a well-known car collector and enthusiast, it’s no surprise that Jay Leno was one of the rumored top contenders for the car. He is known for having an impressive car collection, and he has even featured the car on his show, “Jay Leno’s Garage.”
  • While it’s unclear whether he actually participated in the bidding war, many speculate that he would have been a top contender for the car.

Nicolas Cage

  • Another rumored top contender for the car was none other than actor Nicolas Cage, who is also known for his love of cars.
  • Cage is the owner of an impressive car collection himself and has even been spotted driving around in a vintage Rolls-Royce.
  • It’s unclear whether Cage actually placed a bid on the car, but many believe that he would have been a strong contender in the bidding war.

Jerry Seinfeld

  • Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is another name that has been tossed around as a potential top contender for the car.
  • Seinfeld is a well-known car enthusiast and has even hosted a show called “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” where he takes his celebrity guests for a ride in his impressive car collection.
  • While it’s unclear whether he actually participated in the bidding war for the car, it’s not hard to imagine him as a serious contender for such a unique piece of television history.

While the identity of the final bidder remains a mystery, it’s clear that the car had no shortage of interested parties vying for a chance to own a piece of television history. These high-profile names are just a few of the many rumored contenders in the intense bidding war for the iconic car.

Exclusive Interview with the Lucky Buyer of Columbo’s Car

After the intense bidding war, the iconic car finally found its new owner – Richard, a wealthy car enthusiast and collector. We sat down with him to ask about his experience and what drew him to the famous car.

Richard shared that he was a huge fan of the Columbo series and had always been captivated by the unique car. He even admitted that he had bid on the car in the past but was outbid. When the opportunity arose to bid on the car again, he knew he couldn’t pass it up.

The Appeal of Columbo’s Car

  • Design: Richard mentioned that he was drawn to the car’s distinct design and vintage style. The car’s unassuming nature, combined with its classic appearance, made it an instant standout in his collection.
  • Pop Culture Icon: As a fan of the Columbo series, owning the car was a dream come true for Richard. The car’s history and association with the beloved character made it a prized possession.

Richard’s Plans for the Car

Richard shared that he planned to keep the car in his private collection and would only bring it out for special occasions. He mentioned that he had already received numerous offers from museums and collectors who were interested in displaying the car, but for now, he wanted to keep it all to himself.

The Future of the Iconic Car

  • Preservation: Richard mentioned that he was committed to preserving the car’s originality and intended to keep it in its current condition. He said he planned to have it restored if necessary but only if it would not affect its originality.
  • Legacy: As the new owner of the iconic car, Richard said he felt a sense of responsibility to ensure that it remains a part of television history. He hoped to share it with other fans of the show and inspire future generations of car enthusiasts.

How Much the Car was Estimated to Sell for vs. Its Actual Selling Price

The iconic Peugeot 403 convertible that belonged to the beloved detective Columbo was estimated to sell for around $25,000 to $35,000. However, due to the intense bidding war, the price skyrocketed well above the initial estimates.

The car’s actual selling price was a whopping $128,700, exceeding all expectations. The auction house was stunned by the final price and couldn’t believe their ears when the hammer finally fell.

Factors that Affected the Price

  • The unique celebrity factor of the car and its history as a prop in the famous TV series created a high demand for it.
  • The impeccable condition of the vehicle and its rare convertible model also increased its value.
  • The intense bidding war between the top contenders played a major role in driving up the final price.

The Impact of the High Selling Price

The high selling price of Columbo’s car not only broke all records but also set a new benchmark for the classic car market. It showed that unique cars with an exceptional history and celebrity factor can fetch far higher prices than their initial estimates.

The success of the auction proved that classic cars can be an excellent investment, especially those with an intriguing history and celebrity connection. It also highlights how a bidding war can significantly impact the final selling price of a classic car.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the estimated selling price of Columbo’s car?

The estimated selling price of Columbo’s car was around $50,000 to $70,000, according to the auction house.

How much did the car actually sell for?

The car was sold for a whopping $128,700, which is more than double the estimated selling price.

Who was the lucky buyer of Columbo’s car?

The lucky buyer of Columbo’s car remains anonymous, as they chose to keep their identity private.

Is the car still in its original condition?

Yes, the car is still in its original condition and has not undergone any major modifications or restorations.

How rare is this car?

The car is a rare 1959 Peugeot 403 Cabriolet and was one of only 504 ever produced.

What is the history of this car?

The car was originally owned by Peter Falk, who played the iconic detective Columbo in the hit TV show. After Falk’s passing, the car was sold at auction in 2015 and recently resurfaced at another auction where it was sold for the impressive sum of $128,700.


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