What Car Did The Original Magnum Pi Drive?

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Magnum P.I. is a classic TV show that aired from 1980 to 1988, starring Tom Selleck as the lead character Thomas Magnum. While his iconic mustache may have stolen the spotlight, many car enthusiasts were also drawn to the stylish vehicle he drove around Hawaii.

The answer to the question “What Car Did The Original Magnum Pi Drive?” is a Ferrari 308 GTS. This luxurious sports car suited Magnum’s flashy and adventurous lifestyle perfectly.

The Ferrari 308 GTS was produced between 1975 and 1985 by Italian manufacturer Ferrari. It had a sleek design with a mid-engine V8 capable of reaching top speeds up to 150 mph (240 km/h).

“The red Ferrari driven by Thomas Magnum quickly became an icon of the series, along with Selleck himself.”

Despite being almost forty years old now, reruns of this hit series continue making fans nostalgic for both its action-packed storyline and signature highlights- including beautiful views of Hawaiian destinations such as Waikiki Beach or Diamond Head State Monument in Honolulu.

If you want more information on how getting your hands on a replica of this fantastic ride; keep reading!

Magnum’s ride

If you are a fan of the hit TV show Magnum PI from the 80s, then you might be wondering what car Tom Selleck drove in his role as Thomas Magnum.

“If I have a choice between being recognized on the street and not, or having a slightly bigger budget for my car department, I’ll take the latter every time.”

The original Magnum PI drove a red Ferrari 308 GTS – an iconic sports car that added to his cool factor. The Ferrari had become so synonymous with Magnum’s character that it has forever been associated with him in pop culture history.

Made famous by its prominent placement in many episodes, this automobile captured fans’ imagination through its power, style and exclusivity – all things most people dream about when choosing their preferred vehicle type.

“When we started work on season one of MAGNUM P.I., there was never any question which car would best suit our needs. We were looking for something hot, sexy and stylish — just like TOM SELLECK…”

The red Ferrari was considered quite rare at the time because only around 12, 000 units worldwide were produced over eight years; And if owning a supercar wasn’t enough incentive to want one: this model once belonged to Enzo Ferrari himself!

Fans admired both Tom Selleck and his driving skills behind the wheel of such an amazing machine. The high-speed pursuit scenes where he is seen chasing down suspects will always remain iconic moments from television history.

The combination of fast cars mixed with stunningly beautiful Hawaiian scenery made for some pretty good television viewing – especially against other shows back then. It’s no wonder why viewers tuned-in en masse week after week…

The classic Ferrari 308 GTS

The iconic red sports car driven by the character Thomas Magnum in the popular TV series “Magnum, P.I.” was a Ferrari 308 GTS. This two-seater car with its aerodynamically sleek design and powerful engine captivated viewers during the show’s eight seasons that ran from 1980 to 1988.

Manufactured between 1975 and 1985, this Italian beauty became an instant crowd pleaser as it hit the streets of Hawaii with Tom Selleck behind the wheel. The bright red exterior combined with tan leather interior made for one stylish ride which has often been referred to as more than just another prop on set but rather a co-star in its own right!

“It wasn’t just transportation; it wasn’t just something that got you there – it said something about your taste, your outlook.”

These are definitely words that ring true for fans of both Ferraris and ’80s nostalgia alike. Almost four decades later after gracing our television screens, the allure lives on – magazines still feature articles discussing how much these cars fetch at auctions while enthusiasts passionately argue over why they believe this particular model is truly unbeatable.

A testament to its popularity came when even Enzo Ferrari himself declared his love for the sleek vehicle saying “the thought of driving a Ferrari gives me tremendous pleasure”. It must have given him great pride knowing such an incredible piece of engineering bore his name!

Even though many modern-day supercars may boast faster speeds or advanced technological features, few can compare to what’s considered by some automotive aficionados not only a symbol of luxury and sophistication but also one where form perfectly married function and gave us pure elegance like no other -The Classic Ferrari 308 GTS!!!

“The Ferrari 308 GTS is a car that simply gives you goosebumps when you see one, hear one or drive one. That emotion it conjures up is why I love cars.”

The Ultimate Cool Car

One of the greatest TV series from the eighties, Magnum P.I., featured a variety of impressive cars. However, there was one car in particular that stood out among all – The Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole.

“I know that two people sat up front”.– Roger Mosley (Actor who played T.C.)

The original model was released in 1975 and quickly gained popularity as it became available for TV shows and movies. It had a sleek design with lines that flared over its back wheels making it an iconic sports car admired by many. What made this car exceptional was not just its appearance but also unparalleled performance.

In Magnum P.I., Tom Selleck’s character – Thomas Magnum drove around islands of Hawaii capturing bad guys behind the wheel of his red Ferrari which added to the excitement of watching him on screens each week. The car reached top speeds of more than 150 mph providing thrill-seekers chills down their spines seeing it slide around corners at high velocities.

“Of course he did! Who would remember anything else? That red monster really stole everyone’s attention.”– Larry Manetti (Actor who played Orville ‘Rick’ Wright)

If you’re thinking about purchasing one today, these Ferraris come at quite expensive price tags due to their rarity and legacy. Nonetheless, real fans understand they are worth every penny as owning one gives them pride knowing they own such vehicular art pieces once driven by admirable figures like Magnum P.I himself.

To conclude, whether through pop-culture references or racing history books, no other cool-looking fast driving vehicle is remembered quite as well as what remains known as “The Ultimate Cool Car”.

Tom Selleck’s mustache wasn’t the only thing that oozed coolness

As much as we associate Tom Selleck’s iconic and trademark mustache with his Magnum PI character, it wasn’t the only aspect of his on-screen persona that exuded a sense of effortless cool.

In addition to being one of the most recognizable symbols of 80s masculinity, Magnum’s car was also an essential factor in crafting his suave image. The Ferrari 308 GTS he drove throughout the series quickly became synonymous with both him and the show itself – a red Ferrari convertible from a time when sports cars weren’t quite so ubiquitous or attainable.

“Ask anyone what kind of car Thomas Magnum drives and they will tell you a bright red Ferrari 308! I’m still trying to get my head around how somebody like Magnum could afford such an incredible machine…” – Jay Leno

The choice to use such an expensive European roadster as opposed to something more typically American didn’t sit well with all viewers at first; it caused some backlash among those who felt it promoted materialism and shallow values over practicality or affordability. But despite this initial resistance, the car remained part-and-parcel of Magnum’s indelible charm offensive for entire run time.

Sleek, powerful, and undeniably seductive even by today ‘s standards, there is little question about why producers chose THIS vehicle out tens-of-thousands available making memorable moments happen along sunny Hawaiian roads during each episode. It IS possible for us mere mortals who can believe in our wildest whimsical daydreams to live life vicariously through Thomas’ experiences- once again!

All told though — whether cruising alongside tropical beaches at top speed within his trusty chariot or solving intriguing mysteries– we understand such a man as Magnum Pi was fashioned every single detail precisely with the appropriate dose of classic coolness.

The Ferrari 308 GTS also had an undeniable swagger

As a sleek and stylish Italian sports car, the Ferrari 308 GTS was an excellent choice for Magnum PI's high-end taste. The flashy red exterior with its signature black interior proved to be quite the head-turner.

“When you drove that beautiful red Ferrari on television, ” Tom Selleck, who portrayed Magnum PI said about the car. “It’s not hard to look cool driving that car.””

The mid-engine layout design provided a balanced and nimble ride that made handling corners smooth as silk – allowing drivers like Magnum Pi to pull off impressive stunts. It’s difficult not to admire how confident this exotic machine looked both in motion or parked alongside other vehicles.

In addition, there were various unique specs added specifically by personal request of Tom Selleck himself – from custom wheels designed after Porsche rims to giant luggage carriers made out of bamboo poles placed on either side of the engine compartment lid.

“Every time I got behind it, “ Selleck says about his experience being in that remarkable vehicle, “I couldn’t pinch myself enough.”

All things considered, the allure of owning such a dazzling sports car always held tremendous appeal even among those without celebrity status (or Hawaiian islands-themed TV shows). Its rich heritage traces back over many years holding up against numerous challenges while persevering forward with class as only Ferraris can do best.

To conclude, it is no wonder why Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV chose the iconic 308 GTS as his primary mode of transportation during all eight seasons of “Magnum P.I.” This sweet ride represented everything he stood for- polished looks, daring attitude and an adventurous spirit – making it the perfect vehicle to drive while solving crimes in Hawaii.

Drive It Like Magnum

If you’re a fan of the classic TV show “Magnum, P.I.”, you’ll know that Thomas Magnum had an iconic ride. What car did the original Magnum Pi drive? The answer is a Ferrari 308 GTS.

“When I was doing ‘Magnum, ‘ I used to love driving Ferraris, ” said Tom Selleck in an interview with Men’s Journal. “I still have my Ferrari 308 and a Porsche 930.”

The Ferrari 308 GTS was first introduced in 1975 and it quickly became one of the most sought-after cars on the market. Its sleek design and high performance made it the perfect choice for the charismatic private investigator played by Tom Selleck.

In almost every episode of “Magnum, P.I.”, we saw Thomas Magnum cruising around Hawaii in his red Ferrari, stopping only to take care of some crime-solving business or maybe enjoy a little bit of surfing on occasion. His car wasn’t just eye candy – it represented his sense of adventure and fun-loving spirit.

It’s no surprise that fans fell in love with this stylish ride as much as they loved watching their favorite ex-Navy SEAL defeat villains week after week. In fact, many people credit “Magnum” with helping boost sales for both Ferrari and Hawaiian shirts during its run from 1980-88!

Why Did They Choose A Ferrari?

The producers knew they wanted something special when choosing what kind of car would suit Magnum – someone who lives life on his own terms but also needs precision machinery when chasing down leads…

“…the character needed a certain sex appeal which translated neatly onto four wheels.”

They ultimately decided on the flashy Italian supercar, which was a perfect fit for the show’s sunny tropical setting and Magnum’s playboy persona.

For many fans, seeing that red Ferrari driving down the streets of Honolulu with Thomas Magnum behind the wheel was one of the most memorable parts of the show. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one yourself, be sure to take it out for a spin and drive it like Magnum!

The Ferrari 308 GTS became a pop culture icon thanks to Magnum’s adventures

Tom Selleck drove one of the most iconic cars in television history as Thomas Magnum, a private investigator living on Oahu in Hawaii. The car was no other than the brilliant red Ferrari 308 GTS that appeared alongside him throughout eight seasons and triggered decades of fascination.

The sleek sports car was undoubtedly part of the allure of Magnum P.I., with its sexy curves and aggressive stance, but it also perfectly embodied Tom Selleck’s charming persona.

“When you take his personality combined with that car…that’s really what kept people coming back for more, ” said Larry Manetti, who played Rick Wright on the show.

Ferrari unveiled the mid-engine V8 at the Paris Motor Show in October 1975. With its Pininfarina-designed bodywork inspired by Bertone-styled concept cars from some years before, there could be no doubt about getting behind this masterpiece. However, it wasn’t until ‘Magnum P.I.’ arrived seven years later when audiences found their hearts conquered by this beauty.

“The car had been around probably six or seven years already, “ recalls Jay Hernandez, who portrayed Thomas Magnum in CBS’s reboot series from 2018-2019.“But then ‘Magnum’ came along, and boom—that thing just lit up.”

In addition to becoming an instant cultural sensation upon release, influencing popular media like Rush Hour and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City video game adaptation; each week viewers tuned in specifically to see what new adventures they could embark on via blockbuster road trips with Tom Selleck helming such memorable set pieces” even though “the car was poorly engineered, “ according to Hernandez.

The Ferrari 308 GTS remains an all-time great, and its link with Magnum P.I., one of the prime-time’s biggest hits in American TV history, is entirely unbreakable.

Money No Object

If money isn’t a concern, there are plenty of dream cars to choose from. However, if you’re a fan of the hit television show Magnum P.I., then your choice is simple: the Ferrari 308 GTS.

“It’s one of the most iconic TV cars ever.”

In this series, Tom Selleck starred as Thomas Magnum – a private investigator who lived in Hawaii and drove around in his bright red Ferrari. The car became so famous that it was almost seen as another character on the show.

“There aren’t many more recognizable Ferraris out there than this beautiful wedge-tastic machine…”

The sleek design of the 308 GTS made it stand out wherever it went and its appearance on Magnum P.I. only added to its allure. But what about under the hood?

“Fortunately for those whose budgets stretch beyond their practical limitations, we don’t have to settle with TV magic.”

Beneath all that stunning bodywork lies a mid-mounted V8 engine that produces an impressive 255 horsepower which allows for quick acceleration. Despite being produced between 1975-1985, this beauty still delivers powerful performance even by today’s standards!

“With great power comes great responsibility —and potentially high running costs…”

Of course owning such an iconic vehicle would come at quite a cost upfront and also ongoing maintenance expenses might give pause (like any other rare vintage automobile). If they can appreciate them as investments though or just enjoy having something unique parked outside their home—some folks may gladly accept these challenges anyway.

All told, fans looking to live through Thomas Magnum should look no further than the 308 GTS – an iconic car that will never go out of style.

Magnum’s salary may have been modest, but his ride was anything but

The iconic 80s TV show Magnum, P.I. featured Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV (played by Tom Selleck), a Private Investigator residing in Hawaii, solving cases and driving around in a flashy red sports car.

“I know it signifies something about him being virile or strong… he used to drive that Ferrari and put the top down all the time, ” said Selleck himself on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’.”

Magnum’s beloved car was a sleek 1979 Ferrari 308 GTS which quickly became as popular as the character itself. The choice of this particular vehicle significantly contributed to making it one of pop culture’s most unforgettable cars.

The production team reportedly considered other models including Porsche, Corvette and even Lamborghini before finally settling for the Ferrari model.

“We went through debates over what kind of car – I remember them talking about Corvettes or maybe a Dodson 280 ZX Turbo, ” shared co-creator Glen A Larson.”

Cruise had some difficulty filming certain scenes inside such a small sports car- especially during chase sequences- where there wasn’t enough room for camera equipment. But overall, managed quite smoothly thanks to how perfect its design suited their intentions.

If you’ve got deep pockets perhaps you can own yourself an original copy as only 3216 units were ever manufactured between 1975 up until when production ended circa late 1980-year providing proof so much is lovingly maintained still auctioning off in private events every now-and-then selling well above retail value today!

With a price tag of over $60, 000 in the ’80s, the Ferrari 308 GTS was a luxury vehicle few could afford

The iconic Magnum P.I. television show features Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum, a private investigator driving around Hawaii behind the wheel of his gorgeous red sports car. If you are wondering what is that sports car he drove frequently throughout the series? The answer is: The Ferrari 308 GTS.

The Ferrari 308 GTS became famous thanks to its appearance on this popular TV show. It’s memorable not only because it belonged to one of TV’s most beloved characters but because it personified everything about an exotic Italian supercar; sleek and beautiful design complemented with impressive horsepower under the hood.

“It just made sense, ” said Rick Wahlberg who owns Screen Cars Inc., which provides rare or vintage vehicles for movies and Tv shows. “Hawaii certainly had upped its game when it came to recent real estate booms in 1979-1980 so why wouldn’t someone like Magnum be driving something more expensive?”

From sitting low enough where your backside touches floor, unparalleled performance handling corners like no other car could match at its release date till now attracts people from all sectors society ensuring newer versions are released by prestigious brands every year.

This particular model boasts a V8 engine pumping out close to 250 horsepower capable of reaching speeds above ​​150 miles per hour! As we mentioned before, owning such beauties were unimaginable dreams for most individuals due to their sky-high pricing tags that limited owners mostly to celebrities or high ranking businesspersons etcetera.

“The concave greenhouse rear window added aesthetic beauty besides providing excellent visibility”

In conclusion, even after almost four decades, the Ferrari 308 GTS remains synonymously linked to Magnum P.I. Fans and car enthusiasts alike still admire its sleek design and impressive performance capabilities. For many people who grew up in the ’80s, it was a symbol of luxury and success which they never had any chance to experience.

The Legacy Lives On

One of the most iconic television shows from the 1980s, Magnum P.I., featured a sleek and stylish car that became just as popular as its leading man. Tom Selleck’s character Thomas Magnum drove around Hawaii in a red Ferrari 308 GTS, which quickly became one of the show’s biggest stars.

“That was kind of cool, ” says Larry Manetti, who played Rick Wright on the hit series. “It wasn’t anybody else but him driving that thing.”

The Ferrari 308 GTS had been introduced just a few years before Magnum P.I. premiered in 1980, and it quickly gained popularity among car enthusiasts. The mid-engine sports car boasted an impressive V8 engine and handling capabilities that made it perfect for high-speed chases through Honolulu’s streets.

“The guys at Ferrari thought it would be corny to give me some other Italian supercar, ” recollects Jay Hernandez, who plays Thomas Magnum in CBS’s rebooted version of the Hawaiian-based detective drama.”I think there may have been some discussions with Porsche, because they’re going to put cars up against Ferraris all day long…But you gotta go with what works.”

In addition to its powerful performance, the Ferrari also had plenty of style points thanks to its signature wedge-shaped body and pop-up headlights. Some fans even credit the show with helping make red Ferraris more desirable than ever before.

“There were lines down blocks wherever we went” recalls Roger E Mosley dubbed T.C.. “

Although production ended three decades ago, today both original reruns attract fanatics worldwide watching various online platforms like Amazon Prime Videos or Netflix Oiginals. In fact many consider driveing the same car as a once in lifetime experience, lending itself to various rental services around the Hawaiian Islands.

The Ferrari 308 GTS may have been just a prop for Magnum P.I., but its impact on pop culture has lasted long after production wrapped up. Today, it remains an enduring symbol of ’80s cool and a testament to the power of great TV shows to make even cars into stars.

The Ferrari 308 GTS remains a coveted collector’s item for fans of the show

Without any doubt, one of the most beloved TV shows from the ’80s was Magnum P.I. The series about Thomas Magnum, private investigator and Navy SEAL veteran portrayed by Tom Selleck became an international hit during its eight-year run through almost five hundred episodes.

“The car he drove definitely added to his magnetism.”

If you ask any fan of this classic program which car best represents it, they will undoubtedly say it is none other than the stunning red convertible that served as Magnum’s ride: a Ferrari 308 GTS. While clearly not built with hauling around cameras and film equipment in mind, magnum made cruising around Hawaii’s gorgeous roads look effortless while simultaneously catching criminals due to his unique style and sense of humor.

As for finding such beauty at present-day auctions or even on dealer floors? Dream on! Fans who want them ought to prepare their wallets – these cars aren’t coming cheap! Even though Ferraris are already pretty expensive vehicles anyway, whenever one comes up that has been provenenced back to being driven by Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV (to use his full name) himself … well, then all bets are off as we’ve seen ex-Magnum-Pi examples sell for northwards of $200k!

“There’s no denying what good taste Thomas had when choosing his whips!”

In fact, collectors today still seek out versions identical in every detail like those used on-screen. Luckily many were produced throughout the years incorporating state-of-the-art features requested by initial buyers specifically fuel-injected engines providing improvements over previous variants largely employed along local European race circuits alike many ways Magnum put extra mileage onto each year cruising around Hawaii on his cases. But surely no Magnum Pi fan will settle for something less than the iconic red, 308 GTS with its timeless design; an automotive icon that shows up in many reflections of pop culture but always is extra special when it comes to Tom Selleck’s most famous program/character!

All these years later, and the Ferrari 308 GTS remains a coveted collectable item among fans of not only TV series but automotive enthusiasts as well who recognize its exceptional fine Italian craftsmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What make and model was the car driven by the original Magnum PI?

The car driven by the original Magnum PI, as played by Tom Selleck, was a Ferrari 308 GTS. The show’s creators chose this particular vehicle because it was sleek, fast, and embodied the luxurious lifestyle of a private investigator living in Hawaii.

Did the car used in the show have any special features or modifications?

Yes! The Ferrari 308 GTS featured on Magnum PI had several modifications that made it perfect for chasing down bad guys. These included a tan interior (as opposed to standard black), custom wheels with painted rims that matched the body color, plexiglass wind deflectors on both sides of each door window frame to reduce wind noise at highway speeds, and an aftermarket exhaust system which gave its distinctive sound.

What was the significance of the car in the overall story of the show?

The Ferrari 308 GTS was more than just a cool ride for Thomas Magnum – it became one of his most recognizable trademarks throughout eight seasons and over 160 episodes. It represented not only luxury but also freedom: being able to hop into his red convertible anytime he needed to escape after solving a case provided him relief from constant stress.

Is the car used in the show still in existence today?

The original Ferrari 308 GTS from Magnum PI is currently owned by a private collector, who purchased it at auction several years ago for over $180k. It has undergone extensive restoration work since leaving the set of the show, but is said to be almost identical to its appearance during filming. Fans lucky enough might catch sight of it being paraded around on special events or shows across America & International Motor Shows too!

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