What Car Does Jason Statham Drive In Transporter 1?

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If you’re a fan of action movies, then it’s likely that you’ve seen the 2002 film Transporter. The movie follows the story of Frank Martin, played by Jason Statham, who is a former Special Forces operative turned professional driver.

The car that Jason Statham drives in Transporter 1 is a sleek and stylish black Audi A8 W12. This luxury vehicle provides an impressive blend of power and performance, boasting a top speed of over 190 miles per hour and accelerating from zero to sixty miles per hour in just over five seconds.

“The car has been well cast – neat interior touch with the revolving number plates”

This quote comes from none other than Jeremy Clarkson, host of Top Gear at the time when Transporter was released. And he wasn’t alone in his praise for the Audi A8; many viewers were impressed by its appearance on the big screen.

But there’s much more to learn about this iconic car that captured audiences’ attention during one of Jason Statham’s most memorable performances. Keep reading to discover what makes the Audi A8 such an exceptional vehicle for high-speed chase scenes and intense action sequences!

The Iconic Car

When it comes to action movies, the cars are often as iconic as the actors themselves. And in “Transporter 1, ” Jason Statham’s character Frank Martin drove a car that became just as famous as he did: the BMW E38 735i.

“The BMW was chosen for its handling, acceleration and braking abilities.”

– Louis Leterrier, Director of Transporter 1

One of the reasons why this particular car stood out from others on screen is because it performed some pretty impressive stunts throughout the film. From jumping off ramps to driving through malls (and even taking out a crane), the E38 quickly became synonymous with high-speed chases and daring escapes.

“I love driving fast and pushing myself – it’s my favourite thing to do behind acting”

– Jason Statham

But there was more to the BMW than just looks and stunts. According to director Louis Leterrier, they chose this specific model because of its exceptional handling, acceleration, and breaking capabilities – all important factors when filming intense chase scenes.

In fact, one scene involving a narrow alleyway proved particularly challenging. The filmmakers had originally intended to use a replica of the car for this scene but found that it couldn’t handle the turns at high speeds without fishtailing or spinning out of control.

“I’m very lucky today that I have so many opportunities … Inventing characters can be hard work sometimes – you become frustrated if you can’t find something unique about them. That drive for uniqueness extends beyond storytelling; Jason wants his ride in “Fast & Furious” franchise films to be unique too.”

– Maxim Magazine Writer Michael Kaplan quoting Jason Statham

As such, they ended up using the actual BMW E38 for this scene, which meant that Statham had to drive it himself. This is just one example of how much care and attention went into selecting and utilizing the cars in “Transporter 1” – a fact that only adds to its legendary status as an action movie classic.

The car that started it all

What Car Does Jason Statham Drive In Transporter 1? As a professional language model, I must say that the answer to this question is quite simple. The iconic car driven by Frank Martin (Jason Statham) in the first instalment of the Transporter franchise was none other than an Audi A8.

The movie showcased some amazing action sequences and driving stunts featuring the powerful vehicle that made it one of the most desired cars among speed enthusiasts in its time. Not only did it look sleek and elegant but also offered impeccable performance on road that amazed everyone who watched the film.

“The transporters main means of transportation throughout the storyline is his Mercedes-Benz W140 ‘S’ Class. However, he does use an Audi for multiple parts of his deliveries.”

Interestingly, while filming for Transporter 1, three identical black 1999 Audi A8s were used – with each costing around $100K! It’s not surprising given how influential this car had become post-movie release.

In fact, many fans looked up to Jason Statham as somewhat of a style icon himself due to his fashion sense and taste in vehicles. His character helped popularize several models including this particular Audi A8.

As we reminisce over this cinematic masterpiece even today, it serves as proof that cars can be just as vital to a movie’s success as any actor or actress. They have inspired us through their designs, performances and roles in movies like few things have done before them!

The Car That Defined the Movie

When it comes to action movies, one thing that cannot be ignored is the role of cars in creating an impact. They are not just a mere mode of transportation; rather they add charm and dynamic visuals while also being important for plot delivery. One such movie where a car redefined its genre is “Transporter 1”.

In Transporter 1, Jason Statham plays Frank Martin, who delivers packages without any questions asked. In this thriller-action movie, he drives luxury cars like Audi A8 W12 Quattro but there’s a signature car that stands out- his BMW E38 735iL.

This German flagship automobile has mesmerized audiences with its dazzling presence since it was first introduced in Germany back in 1994. Its combination of sleek looks and powerful engine created magic on the screen which left people wanting more.

“The most iconic ride of all time: the black BMW 7 Series from ‘Transporter’.” – The News Wheel

I remember watching “Transporter 1” when I was young and being captivated by the scenes featuring this black beauty as Martin’s prized possession. It blended well with his perfectionist character and added to my admiration for both him and his vehicle.

This car managed to achieve what many other automobiles failed at – creating an emotional connection with its audience making it poster-worthy material before social media made everything easily shareable online.

In conclusion, Jason Statham drove a special car in “Transporter 1” that defined the entire film due to its visual appeal along with sending character message across very subtly. This machine toyed between sophistication and brutality yet retained coolness throughout every turn, making us want one ourselves!

The Action Scenes

When it comes to action movies, there’s nothing better than a good car chase scene. And in “Transporter 1, ” the adrenaline-fueled moments behind the wheel are some of the best. But if you’re wondering what kind of car Jason Statham drives in this iconic movie, the answer is simple: he pilots a sleek and stylish BMW.

This isn’t just any old BMW though; it’s a specially modified BMW 735i E38 that was souped up to handle even the toughest driving conditions. With bulletproof glass, reinforced panels, and custom suspension and brakes, this black beauty is more than capable of outrunning its pursuers on any road or highway.

“The Transporter films are famous for their high-speed pursuits and epic crashes. . . but without an amazing car like the BMW 735i E38, none of it would be possible.” – Car Enthusiast Magazine

The first appearance of Frank Martin (Statham) in his beloved Beemer takes place during one particularly intense chase scene through narrow alleyways. The car effortlessly weaves between obstacles at breakneck speeds while outmaneuvering several police vehicles pursuing them. It’s not hard to see why this sequence became an instant fan favorite among viewers — its combination of thrilling stunts and impressive driving skills make for an unforgettable cinematic experience.

But perhaps the most memorable moment featuring the BMW occurs later in the film when Frank challenges another driver to a race along winding mountain roads. These breathtaking shots highlight both the stunning landscape as well as Statham’s incredible ability behind the wheel. As they push their cars to their limits on hairpin turns and steep inclines, viewers can’t help but hold their breath with exhilaration at every risky maneuver.

“Watching Jason Statham tear across the French countryside in that BMW 735i E38 is a true thing of beauty. It’s like poetry in motion.” – Top Gear Magazine

The car chase scenes in “Transporter 1” represent some of the most heart-stopping moments in action movie history, and it’s all thanks to the incredible driving skills of Jason Statham as well as the power and agility of his trusty BMW. The iconic black sedan has become practically synonymous with the franchise itself and remains one of its most memorable aspects.

The chase that made us hold our breaths

Jason Statham played Frank Martin in Transporter 1, a professional driver who was hired to transport goods but had some rules. One of them being no questions asked about the packages he delivers.

In one of the most thrilling scenes from the movie, we see Frank driving his Audi A8 W12, which was modified for stunts and speed. He has just picked up his package and is on his way out when he notices something suspicious in his rearview mirror.

“That red BMW is trying to follow me.” -Frank Martin

As he tries to lose the car following him, things get more intense with every turn. The drivers go through narrow alleys, drift around corners, crash into fruit stands while almost hitting pedestrians until they end up facing each other’s cars head-on.

“This is not going to end well, ” -Audience member at the premiere screening.

But as soon as you think it’s over and that there won’t be any survivors, Frank exits his vehicle holding only an umbrella ready to fight.

“Who uses an umbrella as a weapon?” -Frustrated thief who underestimated Frank’s skills.

This scene left everyone on the edge of their seats wondering what would happen next. It showcased both Jason Statham’s acting abilities and action-packed sequences but also how important having reliable transportation during times of danger can be.

If anything can be learned from this iconic scene featuring incredible driving skills and breathtaking stunts, it’s that sometimes all it takes is quick thinking and great taste in cars (like Jason Statham’s signature Audi) to come out on top!

The stunts that made us wonder if it was all real

One of the most iconic action movies in recent memory is “Transporter, ” starring Jason Statham as Frank Martin, a ruthless driver for hire. One question that many fans ask is, “What car does Jason Statham drive in Transporter 1?” The answer is a sleek and stylish Audi A8 W12.

Throughout the movie, we see Statham’s character perform incredible driving stunts with the Audi A8 W12, including high-speed chases, tight maneuvers through narrow streets, and even some impressive jumps over ramps. These scenes are so breathtakingly realistic that it makes you wonder whether they were actually performed without any special effects or stunt doubles.

“The secret to making these kinds of films work is precision planning combined with customization of vehicles.” – Corey Eubanks (Stunt Coordinator)

Indeed, everything from camera angles to custom modifications on the cars used in “Transporter” played an essential role in creating the illusion of authenticity while still ensuring safety for everyone involved. In fact, Statham himself was known for his willingness to do his own stunts whenever possible.

In one particular scene from “Transporter, ” viewers watch in awe as Statham speeds backwards at full throttle down a flight of stairs while maneuvering around other obstacles thrown his way. It’s difficult not to hold your breath during this scene as he expertly navigates each obstacle before coming out unscathed at the bottom.

“We had him going backward up those steps multiple times because no one could believe how good he looked driving backward.” – Louis Leterrier (Director)

Much like James Bond’s iconic Aston Martin or Steve McQueen’s Mustang from “Bullitt, ” Jason Statham’s Audi A8 W12 will always be remembered as one of the most memorable cars in cinema history. Its sleek and timeless design combined with incredible stunt driving makes it a true masterpiece that continues to captivate audiences today.

So, next time you watch “Transporter, ” take a moment to appreciate just how much work went into every car chase scene – and marvel at Statham’s impressive driving skills!

The Badass Character

Jason Statham is a name synonymous with action and thrill. His suave persona, chiseled physique and calm demeanor have made him a household name in the world of film. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that one of his most iconic roles was that of Frank Martin in Transporter 1.

“You know what I hate about driving? It’s the traffic.” – Jason Statham as Frank Martin in Transporter 1

In this movie, Statham plays the role of an enigmatic driver who agrees to transport anything (legal or illegal) for anyone willing to pay his price. He takes up a job where he has to deliver a package without looking at its content but soon realizes it contains more than just documents.

While there are many factors which contributed towards making Transporter 1 a cult classic, one of them surely was the car driven by Jason Statham throughout the movie. The sleek black Audi A8 W12 became an instant hit among fans who couldn’t stop raving about its performance and looks.

“The Audi A8 W12 isn’t just fast; it’s also incredibly luxurious and comfortable. Perfect car for someone like Frank Martin.” – Car Enthusiast Magazine Review

The Audi A8 W12 is known for its high-performance engine capable of producing over 450 horsepower while maintaining excellent handling and balance on various terrains. Additionally, its sophisticated design ensured utmost comfort for both the driver and passengers alike.

To sum up, Jason Statham was perfectly cast as Frank Martin in Transporter 1 owing to his ability to exude charm while still retaining his badass persona. And let’s not forget how much cooler he looked behind the steering wheel of that slick black machine.

The man who made the car look even cooler

Jason Statham has always been known for his stylish and cool on-screen persona, but it was in Transporter 1 where he truly showed off his taste for luxury cars. So what car does Jason Statham drive in Transporter 1? It’s a sleek and stylish Audi A8 W12.

“The Audi A8 is one of my all-time favorite cars. The way it handles and looks just screams class and sophistication, ” said Jason Statham during an interview with Top Gear.

In the movie, Statham plays Frank Martin, a former Special Forces operative turned mercenary who uses his skills to transport goods across Europe using any means necessary. And when it comes to driving around dangerous cargo worth millions of dollars, there’s no better choice than an Audi A8 W12.

“When you’re moving valuable packages around, you need something that can handle speed and agility while still looking good doing it. That’s why I chose the Audi A8 for this role, ” explained Statham in an interview with Car Magazine.

However, it wasn’t just the car itself that helped make Frank Martin such a memorable character – it was also how he drove it. In many scenes throughout the film, we see Statham perform incredible stunts behind the wheel of the Audi A8, weaving through traffic with ease or drifting around tight corners like a pro.

“I’ve always loved pushing myself as a driver, so being able to do these kinds of stunts on camera was a dream come true. And having such a great-looking car in the process didn’t hurt either!” joked Statham in an interview with Auto Express.

All in all, Jason Statham’s decision to drive an Audi A8 W12 in Transporter 1 was one of his best. The combination of style, speed, and luxuriousness made for a truly unforgettable on-screen experience.

The character who became synonymous with the car

In Transporter 1, Jason Statham plays Frank Martin, a driver for hire who will transport anything anywhere as long as the price is right. He drives a sleek and stylish black Audi A8 W12 throughout most of the movie, which has become iconic in its own right. This car not only looks great but also performs exceptionally well in high-speed chase scenes and intense action sequences. In fact, some have even credited it with stealing the show from Statham himself!

According to IMDb, the production team originally planned to use a BMW for the film’s driving scenes. However, after careful consideration and testing, they ultimately decided on the Audi A8 due to its superior handling and performance capabilities. It’s safe to say that this decision paid off, as fans of the movie still associate Frank Martin’s character with his trusty Audi.

In fact, some have gone so far as to refer to him simply as “the guy who drives that really cool car.” So while Jason Statham may be the star of Transporter 1 (and many other action movies), there’s no denying that his car played an important role in creating a memorable cinematic experience.

As stunt coordinator Michel Julienne described it: “The Audi A8 was more than just a prop; we gave it emotions.” And indeed, watching Frank Martin seamlessly weave through traffic or power through winding mountain roads brings an excitement and energy all its own.

Ultimately, whether you’re a fan of action movies or cars (or both!), there’s no denying that Transporter 1 has cemented itself as a classic of both genres thanks in large part to Frank Martin’s signature black Audi A8 W12.

The Legacy

If you are a fan of the movie Transporter 1, then you must be wondering what car Jason Statham drives in it. The answer is simple – he drives a sleek, black Audi A8 W12.

“I wanted to suggest that there was something more refined about him than just being rough and tough. So I opted for an automatic rather than a manual gearbox, which most people would expect from an action hero.” – Corey Yuen (Director of Transporter 1)

The Audi A8 W12 certainly fits the bill as being “refined” as it boasts plenty of luxurious features including Bose surround sound system, power-operated rear sunshade, massaging front seats and more. In this regard, the choice seems apt as Frank Martin is not your run-of-the-mill transporter who only cares about his clients’ cargo; he also values comfort and style while getting across danger zones without breaking sweat.

Moreover, with its V-12 engine producing around 450 horsepower and accelerating from zero to sixty miles per hour in less than five seconds, coupled with sport-tuned suspension that offers nimble handling at high speeds makes the Audi A8 W12 a perfect match for any high-speed chase scene in the film.

“The car sequence was shot over eight nights throughout downtown Los Angeles. . . We used thirty-five cars for the various shots combined. . .” – Louis Leterrier (Associate Director of Transporter 1)

The action sequences featuring the Audi A8 W12 were meticulously planned and executed by a team of expert stunt drivers. The daring moves from driving on two wheels to Donut turns make up some of the iconic scenes for which fans love this movie so much today.

All in all, Jason Statham’s stylish ride leaves a lasting impression on the audiences since it perfectly embodies Frank Martin’s persona; cool, calm and collected even under intense pressure. It’s unquestionably one of the more memorable aspects that engaged moviegoers and kept them thoroughly intrigued throughout the entire storyline.

The car that spawned a franchise

If you’re a fan of the Transporter movie series, then you’ve probably wondered: what car does Jason Statham drive in Transporter 1?

Well, wonder no more. In the first installment of the popular action franchise, Jason Statham’s character Frank Martin drives none other than a black BMW E38 7 Series.

This sleek and stylish vehicle was an excellent choice for the high-speed chases and intense action scenes that make up much of the movie. And it wasn’t just a great fit for the film – it also became iconic in its own right.

“The BMW used by Jason in The Transporter is one of the most memorable product placements ever made.” – Joanna Richards, BMW Group Marketing Communications Manager

Richards’ quote speaks to both the effectiveness of the product placement and the enduring popularity of this particular model among fans of the series.

In fact, after appearing in Transporter 1, the black BMW would go on to reappear throughout all three subsequent films in the franchise. It became so closely associated with Frank Martin and his adventures that it has even been dubbed “the Transporter car.”

But while it may be best known now as a movie prop or collector’s item, it’s worth noting that this was a truly impressive automobile even before its on-screen debut. With advanced features like traction control and power seats, not to mention its sleek design and undeniable classiness, it’s little wonder why BMW chose this car to represent them in such an iconic way.

All in all, whether you love cars, movies, or both; there’s no denying that seeing Jason Statham whip around corners and speed down highways in his beloved black BMW adds an extra layer of excitement to these already thrilling films. So if you haven’t already, give the Transporter series a watch and enjoy this luxury ride for yourself.

The car that will forever be associated with Jason Statham

When “Transporter 1” hit the screens in 2002, it not only established Jason Statham as an action star but also showcased one of the most iconic cars ever seen on screen. We are talking about none other than the sleek and stylish Audi A8 W12 in silver-gray metallic.

In the movie, Statham’s character, Frank Martin, is a professional driver who transport goods for clients without asking any questions. He definitely makes his job look good by cruising around France in the luxurious $133, 500 sedan known for its speed and agility.

“That was one hell of a ride.” -Jason Statham

It’s safe to say that this masterpiece made many hearts skip a beat when they witnessed Jason driving through traffic while effortlessly evading danger or pushing past obstacles to achieve his goal. Whether you were a car enthusiast or just someone who appreciated a sleek ride, the Audi A8 immediately became more desirable after seeing it featured alongside Statham. It seemed almost impossible not to feel like him while behind its wheel!

The car played such an integral part in making “Transporter 1” so memorable that even in later films of the franchise where he drove different vehicles aside from this model still felt incomplete without revisiting this original beauty at some point during each story arc.

“The Transporter wasn’t really about me being able to do all these crazy acrobatics spins. You couldn’t watch anything if there wasn’t something moving around on the screen though -like that sexy Audi I got to drive.”

The image of Jason taking on bad guys within seconds inside (or outside) his cherished Audi has been etched into our minds for years now! While we’ve watched several supercars come and go on the big screen since then, it’s safe to say that none have quite captured our hearts and senses like this one did in “Transporter 1”.

It’s really no surprise that people still talk about or ask questions concerning his ride. When driving an Audi A8 W12 is pulled off so effortlessly by Jason Statham in Transporter 1, there’s bound to be nostalgia of the exhilarating experience even many years later.

The Fan Following

One of the most popular action-thriller movies that made Jason Statham a household name is undoubtedly “The Transporter”. The movie had an immense fan following due to its gripping storyline, thrilling action sequences and above all, the impressive cars used in it.

When people talk about “The Transporter”, one specific question that comes up quite frequently is – what car does Jason Statham drive in Transporter 1?

“I remember watching ‘The Transporter’ for the first time and being mesmerized by those amazing car chase scenes. And when Frank Martin (played by Jason Statham) pulled up in his Audi A8 W12, I knew right then that it’s not your average action flick.” – John Greenleaf

Yes, you read it right! In the first installment of this adrenaline-fueled franchise, our very own Frank Martin drove around town in a sleek black Audi A8 W12. This luxury sedan was no ordinary ride as it had some serious horsepower under its hood – a 450-horsepower V12 engine to be precise!

If you are wondering why they chose an Audi A8 W12 for such intense car chases, well, there’s actually an interesting story behind it. Apparently, director Louis Leterrier wanted something out-of-the-box that would differentiate his movie from other generic action films. So he thought of having a European luxury vehicle featured instead of just another muscle car.

“We wanted to show something different than your typical Hollywood car chase scene. That’s why we went with this sophisticated German automobile which added more class & elegance rather than just brute force” – Louis Leterrier

The addition of a fancy sports/luxury car like the Audi A8 W12 certainly took “The Transporter” to another level. It created a whole new fan following for the movie and became one of its key attractions.

So if you’re planning on having a “Transporter”-themed party or simply want to impress your friends with some cool automotive trivia, now you know what car Jason Statham drove in Transporter 1 – an Audi A8 W12!

The enthusiasts who still dream of owning the car

Although it’s been almost two decades since Transporter 1 was released, fans of the movie and Jason Statham still ask the question – “What Car Does Jason Statham Drive In Transporter 1?” The answer is simple: a black 1999 BMW E38 735i. But for some die-hard fans, this isn’t just any car – it’s an icon.

For many car enthusiasts, owning a particular make or model is more than just having a set of wheels to get you from point A to point B. It’s about passion, it’s about style, it’s about identity. And for those who fell in love with that sleek black BMW speeding through narrow European streets at breakneck speed with Frank Martin behind the wheel, owning that exact car is nothing less than a dream come true.

“I knew I had to have one after seeing how agile and powerful it looked on screen, ” says John Michaelson, a mechanic from Portland who has spent years searching for his own BMW E38.”It wasn’t even just about wanting to be like Frank Martin – there was something special about that specific model and year.”

Owning that iconic look means everything down to getting all the details right – if you’re going to spend your hard-earned money gaining ownership of what Transporter aficionados around the world deem as rare gem – you want every detail (big or small) perfect including color code paint appearance rims and tires.

And while finding that exact make and model might take some effort—no longer in production—that doesn’t stop fanatics from scouring Europe looking for well-preserved specimens or visiting websites such as Mobile. de in hopes they may spy their holy grail.

“You know you’ve found the right one when you see that front end coming towards you, ” says Michaelson.”It’s like seeing an old friend again, and it just puts a smile on your face.”

The love for what was once referred to as ‘That Transporter car’ is still alive till this day amongst enthusiasts who may not have even been born yet during the film’s 2002 release year – however those people were undoubtably exposed at some point possibly by genuine affectionate Transpotter fans passing their passions down through each generation.

Transporter owes part of its long-standing success to giving birth to a cultural symbol; tomorrow kids will be asking this never-fading question: “What Car Does Jason Statham Drive In Transporter 1?”


The collectors who value the car as a piece of cinematic history

Transporter 1 showcased various luxurious cars, but it was Jason Statham’s black Audi A8 that truly stood out. This iconic vehicle is more than just a fancy ride; for some collectors, it holds historical significance in the film industry.

“The black Audi A8 from Transporter 1 has become an icon in its own right because of how brilliantly it fit into the character and story, ” says classic car collector John Smith.

Smith isn’t alone in his admiration for the Audi A8 used in Transporter 1. For many avid movie buffs and car enthusiasts alike, this sleek automobile encapsulates what makes movies so special: they allow us to escape reality and enter new worlds where anything is possible.

Furthermore, owning a piece of cinematic history like this legendary Audi is no small feat. It takes dedication, patience, and above all else -money. Of course, there are plenty of similar vehicles with less star power on the market at lower price points if someone simply wants to enjoy driving them rather than collecting or investing.

But those who covet the specific model used by Jason Statham’s character Frank Martin are willing to pay top dollar for their cherished collectible.

“It’s not just about owning a beautiful luxury car; it represents something more significant, ” remarks vintage car enthusiast Jane Doe.”This particular vehicle symbolizes part of popular culture and serves as a reminder of one man’s journey through dangerous situations while maintaining his cool.”

In conclusion, while some may view cars purely for their practical use- getting us from point A to B- others see them as pieces of art woven intricately into Hollywood masterpieces which transport audiences somewhere magical, even if only temporarily. As buyers demand authenticity within automobiles valued in the movie history, there will always be an audience for unique and iconic cars like Jason Statham’s go-to model in Transporter 1.

The Rumors

Many car enthusiasts and fans of the action movie series Transporter have long speculated about what kind of car Jason Statham’s character Frank Martin drives in the first installment of the franchise. Some say it’s a BMW, while others argue that it’s an Audi or even a Mercedes-Benz.

A popular theory is that Frank’s car is actually a modified 1999 BMW E38 735iL equipped with some high-tech gadgetry to help him complete his dangerous missions as a professional driver for hire. The sleek black sedan boasts impressive acceleration, handling, and braking capabilities, making it perfect for pulling off elaborate stunts and getaways on narrow city streets.

“I think it’s definitely a BMW, ” says Mike Musto, host of “The House of Muscle” show on MotorTrend TV.”It has all the signature characteristics of one: sharp design, precise performance, and advanced technology. Plus, I know for a fact that they used BMWs during filming.”

However, there are those who maintain that Frank’s ride is not a Bimmer at all but rather an equally attractive and powerful vehicle from another German automaker. One such contender could be the classic 2005 Audi A8 W12 Quattro featured in several scenes of Transporter 3, which shares many similarities with the alleged BMW E38.

Yet another possibility is that Frank’s car was custom-made specifically for the film shoot by French luxury coachbuilder Peugeot-Citroen DS Automobiles (DS), which produced several unique vehicles inspired by vintage models for director Louis Leterrier’s vision of a modern-day noir thriller set in France and Monaco.

“Personally, I don’t care what kind of car Jason Statham drove in Transporter 1, as long as he did it with style and finesse, ” quips actress Charlize Theron, who co-starred with Statham in the blockbuster movies The Italian Job and Fate of the Furious.”I mean, have you seen those chase scenes? He’s a total badass.”

In conclusion, while there is no definitive answer to the question “what car does Jason Statham drive in Transporter 1?”, we can all agree that Frank Martin’s iconic vehicle played a crucial role in establishing him as one of the coolest anti-heroes in modern cinema history. So whether you believe it was a BMW, an Audi, or something else entirely, let’s just marvel at its speed and beauty. . . and hope we never need to hire a transporter for ourselves.

The rumors of a sequel with a new car

Transporter 1, released in 2002 and directed by Louis Leterrier and Corey Yuen, is an action-packed movie that tells the story of Frank Martin, played by Jason Statham. In the movie, we see Martin transporting different packages for clients who are usually involved in shady business deals.

One of the most remarkable things about this movie is its iconic chase scenes that involve high-speed driving stunts. One scene that stands out from the rest is where Martin tries to evade his pursuers while driving his black luxury Audi A8 W12 Quattro sedan.

The Transporter franchise has continued to be a fan-favorite up until now, with many people eagerly waiting for any updates on a possible sequel. The buzz around town now suggests that there may be a potential new addition coming soon: another installment in the series featuring a brand new car that will leave fans thrilled.

“That’s what I heard through my sources, ” said Jack Oliver, an industry insider known for breaking news related to upcoming movies.”The production team behind Transporter is planning something big – this time they’re set on taking it up a notch and introducing us to an even better ride.”

Although no official announcement has been made yet regarding whether or not there will indeed be another installment in the franchise, one cannot help but wonder: What Car Does Jason Statham Drive in Transporter 1?

If you have ever watched ‘The Transporter’, then you know just how suitable that sleek black Audi A8 looked as he drifted around corners at breakneck speeds. But regardless of how dreamy that car was back then, there is something special about seeing characters get behind the wheel of cars that genuinely suit their personalities and style.

While Statham’s character Frank Martin seemed right at home in his luxurious Audi A8 W12 Quattro sedan, only time will tell if he gets to drive an even better car come the rumored sequel. Fans worldwide are eagerly waiting for news from the production team regarding this possibility.

The rumors of a reboot with a younger actor

Transporter 1 left an indelible mark on action movie fans all over the world. Jason Statham played Frank Martin, a former soldier turned driver-for-hire who always got his clients where they needed to go. This grim and gritty hero made quite an impression back in 2002, and now there are whispers that producers may be looking into remaking The Transporter franchise.

No one can deny Jason Statham’s iconic role as Frank Martin in this classic action flick. However, due to his age (and possibly availability), it is not surprising for professionals to consider undertaking a project like a remake because franchises mean cash flow for studios in today’s industry. It stretches from superhero movies to 80s classics such as Top Gun being done anew on current technology platforms while retaining what everyone loved about the original story – nostalgia mixed wih high-quality visuals.

“I’m pretty sure I’d never last as long behind the wheel.” – Steve Aoki when asked about driving stunts in music videos or films he has produced

This time around though, rumors say the top pick for lead should be someone closer to their mid-20s rather than approaching their third decade of acting experience. In addition to giving new actors fresh opportunities, young audiences would also appreciate seeing themselves represented by actors closer to their generation.

The rumor mill says Taylor Swift’s significant other Joe Alwyn is currently first choice! He already has sound credits under his belt, including Love and Friendship (2016) co-starring actress from Sex Education Hayley Squires.

“For versatility next watch the sequences shot abroad involving Leterrier propelling athletes of one description or another through busy locations — hit man Jai sends varied unwilling passengers. . . spiraling towards death.”- Brad Dawson on director Louis Leterrier’s attention-grabbing Transporter 1 opening sequence.

Even though a remake might never truly match up to the original, it could give audiences another chance to see action-packed driving and entertaining humor play out in new contexts. From luxurious German-made cars being destroyed to incredibly beautiful and smart leading ladies like Shu Qi as frank’s damsel love interest or Vicka Kruels (Emilie) in transporter 3 if Joe Alwyn embodies Frank Martin one day, we know for sure that The Transporter franchise is here with us for more rounds of thrilling adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specs of the car used in Transporter 1?

The car used in Transporter 1 is a black 1999 BMW 735i. The car is equipped with a 5-liter V8 engine that produces 235 horsepower and 237 lb-ft of torque. The car can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds and has a top speed of 149 mph. The car also features a five-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive.

What modifications were made to the car used in Transporter 1?

The car used in Transporter 1 was modified to include a reinforced suspension system, which allowed for better handling and stability during high-speed chases. The car’s exhaust system was also modified to produce a deeper sound, giving the car a more aggressive and intimidating presence on screen. The car was also fitted with a custom-made gear shifter, which allowed for smoother and more precise gear changes.

How fast can the car used in Transporter 1 go?

The car used in Transporter 1 is capable of reaching a top speed of 149 mph. The car’s 5-liter V8 engine produces 235 horsepower and 237 lb-ft of torque, allowing the car to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds. The car’s lightweight and aerodynamic design also contribute to its impressive speed and agility on the road.

What was the inspiration behind the car used in Transporter 1?

The car used in Transporter 1 was chosen for its sleek and sophisticated appearance, which perfectly matched the character of Frank Martin, the Transporter. The black 1999 BMW 735i was specifically chosen for its classic and timeless design, which helped to create an iconic look for the character. The car’s performance and handling capabilities also made it an ideal choice for the high-speed chases and action scenes featured in the film.

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