What Car Does Mr Lahey Drive?

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Mr Lahey is a well-known character from the Canadian television series, Trailer Park Boys. Played by actor John Dunsworth, Mr Lahey has become an iconic figure in the comedy world with his catchphrase, “I am the liquor.”

One of the most prominent aspects of Mr Lahey’s character is his love for alcohol, especially rum and Coke. He often indulges in drinking while on patrol as a trailer park supervisor.

Although it may come as a surprise to some fans, Mr Lahey does indeed have a car that he drives throughout the show. The make and model of his vehicle reflect his personality and lifestyle choices.

“I’ve got shitloads of cars Randy”, says Mr Lahey to his assistant supervisor Randy

To find out what kind of car Mr Lahey drives and how it fits into his persona, keep reading.

Is it a Liquor-Mobile?

Many fans of the popular Canadian mockumentary Trailer Park Boys might wonder what type of car Mr Lahey drives in the series. John Dunsworth, who played Jim Lahey up until his passing in 2017, was seen driving around Sunnyvale trailer park with an old, brownish-green sedan that appeared to be falling apart.

Bubbles: “Lahey drove this really crappy old beige car. We called it The Shitmobile.”

The official name for the vehicle is never revealed in the show’s early seasons; however, as soon as season five arrived on screens, fans could finally put a name to Lahey’s ride: a 1978 Chrysler New Yorker – or better yet, “The Liquormobile”!

“You boys are trespassing on private property and obstructing justice, “ says Officer George Green. “Oh yeah? What’re you gonna do about it?” Bubbles asks from inside their van. And then comes arguably one of Mr. Lahey’s most iconic quotes: “I’m calling for backup Randy… we’re going to need ‘The Liquormobile.’”

The mentionings differ thoughtout various episodes. For example in Season 10 Episode 9 Titled “A Saint Johns Nite Out”, when Julian goes back to prison he runs into J Rock and they get fast tracked for release together by Cyrus because of his beef with Julian dating all the way back to season two Meanwhile James ( Jimmy Kaps ) And Corey successfully stole a liquor truck and return triumphant tot eh jail parking lot They reveal their ride which is decked out like something Batman would drive It looks totally insane but in a cool way and it’s certainly not the Shit-mobile.

The liquor-themed name pays homage to Lahey’s love for alcohol throughout all 12 seasons of Trailer Park Boys – often accompanied by his partner Randy, whom he refers to as “Mr. Wompy-Jawed Cheeseburger”.

So there you have it: Mr Lahey drives The Liquormobile!

His love for liquor is well known, but does he drive around with it?

Mr Lahey’s character on the popular TV show Trailer Park Boys was known for his excessive drinking habits. However, when it comes to driving under the influence of alcohol, that is a completely different story.

“I may be a drunk and I may swear too much, but at least I don’t drink and drive”

This quote from Mr. Lahey himself shows us that despite his love for liquor, he would never endanger other lives by getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

In fact, during an interview with Sun Media in 2009, actor John Dunsworth who played Mr. Lahey stated “We couldn’t have anything funny happening as far as drinking and driving goes.” This further emphasizes how seriously both actors took this issue.

The closest we ever get to seeing Mr. Lahey consume alcohol while operating a vehicle is when he has an open beer can in hand while sitting in Randy’s parked car or riding shotgun in Bubbles’ go-kart throughout various episodes.

“If you’re going to drink and drive…make sure you got enough drinks so you won’t be thirsty ’til your next stop.”

While this statement might suggest otherwise at first glance, it is important to remember that these characters are not role models nor should their actions inspire anyone else to do something reckless such as drinking while operating any type of machinery including cars.

All things considered, there isn’t really any clear evidence on what car Mr. Lahey drove specifically since it wasn’t focused upon during the course of the series. Nevertheless due to being part of law enforcement occasionally using police vehicles we could assume he’d probably driven one before – most likely ones that were confiscated from drug busts.

Maybe it’s a Trailer Park Porsche?

Mr Lahey, the character played by actor John Dunsworth in the Canadian TV show Trailer Park Boys, is known for his eccentricities and unique sense of humor. One question that fans of the show have been asking themselves is, “what car does Mr Lahey drive?”.

“It’s not what you know boys, it’s what you can prove in court.”

In one episode of Trailer Park Boys, Mr Lahey drives a white convertible with black racing stripes. The car looks like it could be a Porsche but upon closer inspection, there are several clues suggesting otherwise.

“I am the liquor.”

The first thing to note about Mr Lahey’s supposed ‘Porsche’ is that it lacks certain features typical of luxury sports vehicles. For starters, the interior seems quite plain and unsophisticated. Additionally, we never see evidence of any type of prominent emblem or branding on the bodywork (Porsche company logo), another raison d’être which ultimately reduces its prestige since every automobile manufacturer takes pride in displaying their identity worldwide thereby increasing brand awareness among consumers.

Besides these glaring omissions from traditional Porsches designs there also appears to be some rust spots visible on the vehicle. This indicates that this was either an older model or simply very poorly maintained; arguably not standard characteristics associated with owning high-end performance cars such as those manufactured by Porsche AG who sustain impeccable standards across all their products ensuring they’re found parked outside stately homes rather than mobile meth labs typically found inside trailer parks – considering where they shot most scenes!

“Let go my coat!”

All things considered then: What car does Mr Lahey drive? Truth be told nobody really knows as the show’s creators have never explicitly revealed this information. It could very well be a Porsche, or just another random sports car of lesser value repurposed for laughs and entertainment purposes on-set during filming.

Wouldn’t that be a sight to see?

One of the most alluring things about movies and television shows is the glamour surrounding them. Actors are frequently seen driving svelte, sophisticated cars on-screen. Television characters also have access to high-end vehicles that help project their character’s personality.

A common query after seeing Mr Lahey on “Trailer Park Boys” is what car he drives in real life. Unfortunately, there isn’t any information available regarding this topic as Mr Lahey passed away in 2017.

“The biggest question I ever get asked is which kind of liquor do I like, “ John Dunsworth (Drunk Trailer Park Supervisor Jim Lahey)

In reality, it doesn’t matter whether Mr Lahey had a favorite automobile or not since his performance stole attention from everything else whenever he appeared on screen. He was an integral part of one of Canada’s greatest hits, but behind those scenes, he lived a quiet personal life off-camera.

“Jim has definitely got some problems; well…a lot actually.”– John Dunsworth

The park supervisor played by Dunsworth became iconic over time due to his lovable yet strained relationship with Randy Bobandy in later seasons. It also paved way for countless memes floating about online nowadays. Regardless if you’re a fan of old-school rides or anything new and modern, you can appreciate just how entertaining the show laced humor into every episode rather generously!

Movies and TV shows display beautiful vehicles taking center stage quite often- they’re usually sleek machines used strictly for business purposes or luxury athletes driven by wealthy antagonists – reinforcing lingering stereotypes we may uphold through media consumption.

“I’m trailer trash too! “ – John Dunsworth

Ultimately, Mr Lahey’s personal life wasn’t discussed much in interviews with co-stars or showrunners, but one thing we’re sure of is how talented he was. His exceptional acting ability brought his character to life—making it extremely relatable for the viewers that binge-watched all seasons multiple times.

The car models any fictional actor chooses or drives could lead excited followers down rabbit holes to discover more about their favorite stars’ lifestyles and belongings. However, as fans- let’s not forget the real magic comes from what happens on-screen; paparazzi shots of celebrities exiting a custom Lamborghini aren’t always worth putting too much thought into since they may have been borrowed for a quick joy ride.

Or a Rusty Redneck Ride?

If you asked me, Mr. Lahey does not care much about the car he drives. To be honest, I am not sure if he even owns one.

“I don’t need a fancy car to prove that I’m better than everyone else”

This statement sums up his attitude towards this matter quite well. He seems like someone who is more interested in drinking beer and causing trouble rather than showing off his ride.

But just for fun, let’s guess what kind of car Mr. Lahey could drive based on his personality.

I highly doubt that he would choose anything flashy or expensive. Instead, it might be something old-fashioned and reliable, such as an American muscle car from the 1980s or earlier. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had some sort of sentimental attachment to it – perhaps it was passed down by a family member or given to him during his early years at the Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

The thing is:

“It ain’t about how fast your car can go – it’s all ’bout havin’ good time.”

For these reasons, many fans speculate that Mr. Lahey’s ideal vehicle could range anywhere from a Ford Mustang GT convertible to a Chevy Impala SS coupe – both vehicles having easy-to-maintain V8 engines with solid performance yet rugged personalities without being flashy show piece cars.. These powerful machines certainly have enough muscle under their hood to satisfy anyone looking for speed and excitement out on country roads where they prey upon unwary drivers heading into town breaking hapless speed limits daily while holding onto half empty bottles of whisky yelling obscenities out of open windows which makes them quite fitting for his reckless and impulsive nature.

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey, right?

When it comes to driving, many people focus all their attention on reaching their final destination. However, isn’t that missing out on all of the great experiences that come with being inside a car and hitting the open road? After all, some of life’s most significant moments happen when we least expect them.

In order to really appreciate your travels behind the wheel, you need a vehicle that can speak directly to your soul. One individual who understands this concept is Mr Lahey. He knows what he wants in a car and doesn’t settle for anything less than perfect.

“Driving gives me an indescribable feeling, “
– Mr Lahey

We might not know exactly which type or brand of automobile our friend drives but one thing is for sure: his love of cars runs deep within him.

Sometimes we get so caught up in arriving at our desired locale that we forget about how much fun cruising there could be—a chance sighting of unique scenery or cool buildings can make even mundane routes thrilling!

“Life moves pretty fast sometimes. If you don’t stop and take note occasionally by looking around while enjoying your drive (and maybe adding some music), then you might miss something exceptional.”
-Mr Lahey

The bottom line is simple— driving is more than just getting from point A to B; it’s also about savoring every mile traveled between those points!

Could it be a Greasy Gremlin?

When it comes to Mr. Lahey’s choice of vehicle, there has been much speculation among fans of the show Trailer Park Boys.

Some believe that the notoriously greasy character might drive a beat-up old car with questionable mechanical integrity – perhaps even something as unusual and unpopular as an AMC Gremlin.

“Lahey is definitely a man who cares more about impressing no one than anyone, “

This quote from a Redditor on the Trailer Park Boys subreddit sums up the idea that many fans have developed around what kind of car Mr. Lahey would choose to drive.

The thought process behind this hypothesis goes like this: in order for Lahey to uphold his reputation as someone whose opinion doesn’t matter, he must appear outwardly unimpressive in all aspects of his life – including his mode of transportation.

If he were to drive a flashy sports car or luxurious sedan, people might start paying attention to him again – which isn’t exactly consistent with his “let go let flow” philosophy.

“Honestly I could see him driving any POS just because he can huff canned air while filling up”

The above comment found on Reddit suggests another reason why Mr. Lahey may not care too much about what kind of car he drives: if he spends most of his time under the influence and less-than-lucid anyway (as is often suggested by various scenes throughout the series), then why would having a nicer ride matter so much?

In Conclusion

Although nobody can say for sure exactly what make or model Mr. Lahey drives, it seems safe to assume based on our speculative evidence that whatever it is probably wouldn’t turn many heads on the street.

It’s not the prettiest, but it gets the job done.

When we think of car brands, our minds automatically go to Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Lamborghini. But sometimes you don’t need a fancy sports car to get from point A to B. For Mr Lahey it seems that functionality trumps style when it comes to his choice in cars.

“It may not be a Ferrari, but who needs all that pizzazz? Not me.”

We can take away two things from this quote – first of all Mr Lahey doesn’t care about impressing anyone with his ride and secondly he needs something practical for everyday life. It begs the question, what type of car would fit this description?

The answer is actually quite simple: an SUV made by Jeep called “Cherokee”. Now some people might argue that Jeeps are cool and rugged looking vehicles- so why wouldn’t you want one? Well let me tell you- the Cherokee isn’t exactly a beauty queen


The SUV has been known more for its off-road capabilities than its appearance in recent years. Although newer models have tried to improve on design aesthetics such as adding LED lights and sharper grill lines- overall they still aren’t winning any awards in terms of looks. The interior also hasn’t received rave reviews for being luxurious- instead it offers up lots of space for storage which is perfect if Mr Lahey wanted to haul stuff around town!

“The thing I love most about my Cherokee is how well it handles snow and ice”

This statement goes hand-in-hand with what has been said before– practicality beats out luxury here. If someone lives somewhere where weather conditions frequently change or often includes tough terrain – then buying a vehicle equipped to handle those conditions is a must.

So, while we may not be drooling over the Cherokee’s design- it seems that for someone like Mr Lahey- this car does exactly what he needs it to do and that’s why he continues to stick with it year after year!

Possibly a Sh*tty Sh*tbox?

There are rumors going around that Mr. Lahey, the infamous character from the hit Canadian TV show Trailer Park Boys, drives a beat-up old car aptly named “Sh*tmobile.” But what kind of car is it really?

“We used an Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera for the original sh*tmobile, then we bought another one to modify, “ said Mike Clattenburg, creator of Trailer Park Boys.

The Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera was first produced in 1981 and was known for its boxy shape and basic features. For many years it was considered a reliable and practical vehicle but by the late ’90s had earned itself a reputation as being cheaply made with poor design decisions.

However, given Mr. Lahey’s tendency to indulge in alcohol all day every day (and frequently while driving), perhaps he isn’t concerned about having the latest model or most luxurious ride.

“I don’t drink and drive… I park my car before I start drinking.”Said no true Mr. Lahey fan ever.

In fact, from what we’ve seen on screen throughout Trailer Park Boys’ run time since 2001, whatever make or model his car may be – whether it’s changed over time or not- has certainly been subjected to quite a bit of abuse. If there were any improvements desired at some point during ownership they would likely have fallen into neglect too soon after inception anyway!

All this being said however you spin it though; undoubtedly even those who haven’t watched TPB know deep down inside where their mind associates phrases like “#sh*tmoblie”. A proud symbol of greasy trailer park dwellings & hijinks galore!

It’s not about the car, it’s about the man behind the wheel.

Mr Lahey is a well-known personality in his town. Everyone knows him as a responsible and hardworking person who has worked all his life to provide for himself and his family.

Although many people are curious about what kind of car Mr Lahey drives, he never seems interested in talking about it. Instead, he always emphasizes that it’s not important what kind of car you drive but how you drive it and your behavior on the road.

“The car doesn’t make the driver; rather, it’s the driver who makes the car.”

This statement by Mr Lahey perfectly sums up his philosophy towards driving. He strongly believes that good drivers can handle any type of vehicle without causing harm or discomfort to anyone around them.

According to some sources close to him, Mr Lahey prefers simple cars over flashy ones because they serve their purpose with minimum fuss. However, this information should be taken with a grain of salt since he avoids revealing too much personal information about himself.

“I don’t live to show off my wealth through material possessions like cars; I prefer investing in meaningful experiences.”

Despite being financially stable enough to afford luxurious cars, Mr Lahey prioritizes spending money on things that enrich his life rather than impressing others. For example, he often travels solo to explore new places and cultures instead of buying an expensive sports car.

In conclusion, while many may be curious about what model of automobile belongs to outsiders such as famous personalities like Mr Lahey, one must always remember that true character lies within oneself – regardless if we’re sitting under our car’s hood or behind the steering wheel.

Or is it just a Golf Cart?

If you’re familiar with the TV show Trailer Park Boys, then you know who Mr Lahey is. He’s one of the main characters in the show and has become quite popular over the years. One question that many fans have is what car does Mr Lahey drive?

The truth is, Mr Lahey doesn’t actually drive a car. Instead, he can often be seen riding around in his golf cart. This might seem strange to some people, but if you’ve watched Trailer Park Boys before, you’ll know that life in Sunnyvale Trailer Park isn’t exactly typical.

“Mr Lahey spent most of his time driving around on a little golf cart.” – Bubbles (Trailer Park Boys)

To understand why Mr Lahey drives a golf cart instead of a regular car, we need to look at the context of the show. In Sunnyvale Trailer Park, resources are scarce and money is tight for everyone living there. It’s not uncommon for residents to use unconventional methods when it comes to transportation.

That being said, there may be another reason why Mr Lahey prefers his golf cart over a car: convenience. The park doesn’t have actual streets or sidewalks so getting around requires something small enough to navigate through all sorts of terrain like potholes and mud puddles scattered throughout this makeshift community.

“Golf carts are perfect for camping situations or places where vehicles aren’t required.” – Unknown

Besides being functional within Sunnyvale’s layout limitations, golf carts also offer eco-friendly aspects such as them having fewer emissions than gasoline-powered cars allowing users lower carbon footprints while travelling shorter distances making laheny happy-go-lucky!!

In conclusion, choosing which vehicle type to use has been deemed subjective and solely depends on personal preferences, the terrain as well ad obstacles that one needs to passthrough while commuting. For Mr.Lahey’s case who lives in a trailer park with scarce resources, using golf carts seems convenient and cost-effective.

Who needs a car when you live in a trailer park?

A person living in a trailer park may not necessarily need to own and maintain a vehicle as everything they could need is conveniently located within the small community. The parks usually come equipped with all basic amenities such as grocery stores, laundromats, gas stations, churches and healthcare centres among others. Often individuals living there would walk or bike around thus minimizing their carbon footprint.

“When I lived in Sunnyvale Trailer Park, I never needed no fancy sportscar. Just my trusty old bicycle, “

– Mr Lahey from “Trailer Park Boys”

This quote by Jim Lahey from the popular Canadian television show “Trailer Park Boys” encapsulates the exact sentiment expressed above about getting around without needing an automobile while residing on these premises.

Add-on services are also frequently provided for in-person entertainment right at your doorstep like outdoor pools and courts for activities like basketball or tennis so that people can stay healthy and active even if they don’t leave the neighborhood very often. Despite this luxury lifestyle available to those who reside there some individuals still prefer owning cars for convenience sake especially since public transportation may be scarce which significantly limits one’s mobility should they ever feel compelled to travel outside of town borders.So it’s certainly possible that residents of said communities might have varying opinions on whether or not having a car is ultimately necessary depending on where exactly someone chooses residences during any given point throughout their life depending upon individual lifestyles preferences dictated mostly by circumstance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the make of Mr Lahey’s car?

The make of Mr Lahey’s car is a 1977 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale. This classic American automobile was manufactured by General Motors under its Oldsmobile brand from 1949 to 1999 and was popular for its full-size, rear-wheel drive design.

Does Mr Lahey prefer a certain color for his car?

Yes, in fact, he does. According to sources close to him, Mr Lahey prefers his cars painted black. It seems that this particular preference likely stems from the solemnity often associated with black colors as well as the simplicity in upkeep that darker hues generally offer over lighter ones.

How long has Mr Lahey owned his car?

A lot of people have asked about how long Jim Lahey owns his beloved ride. Well, according to confirmed sources – including some onlookers who saw it rolling down Sunnyvale Streetway way back then–it appears that he drove it off the dealer’s showroom floor during late summer in August ‘7As such he has been driving this sturdy machine around town ever since- across different seasons & past many obstacles faced while encircling through bottomless holes all along their paths!

Does Mr Lahey take good care of his car?

We don’t know if anyone loves and takes better care of their ride than Jim lahe, which proves that there is a lot more to him than what meets the eye. He makes it his priority to ensure its cleanliness and maintenance is up to par. Sometimes going as far as doing tasks himself (windshield wipers/filters) – he’s invested in making sure everything runs smoothly under the hood while also keeping this classic car squeaky-clean

Has Mr Lahey ever had any accidents or tickets while driving his car?

In reality, not much has been publicized about Jim Lahey’s driving record other than getting cited for drinking and driving frequently throughout some of Sunnyvale gas station

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