What Car Does Prince Philip Drive? The Surprising Answer!

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Welcome to our in-depth article about one of the most iconic figures in the British Royal Family: Prince Philip. While there are many things that come to mind when thinking about the Duke of Edinburgh, one topic that often gets overlooked is his taste in cars.

For many years, people have been wondering: what car does Prince Philip drive? Is it a luxurious Rolls Royce, a sleek Aston Martin, or something entirely unexpected? In this article, we’ll uncover the truth behind Prince Philip’s car choices and explore what they reveal about his personality.

From vintage cars to modern-day designs, we’ll take a closer look at the Duke’s favorite car brands and models, as well as his involvement in the creation of the legendary Land Rover. But that’s not all – we’ll also share some of Prince Philip’s most memorable car-related stories and anecdotes.

If you’re curious to learn more about the Duke of Edinburgh’s unique relationship with cars, keep reading – you won’t want to miss what we have in store!

The Duke of Edinburgh’s favorite car brand revealed

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was known for his love of cars and was often seen driving himself around. He had a particular fondness for cars made by the British manufacturer, Rolls-Royce. The Duke owned several models of the luxury car throughout his life and was even known to have driven one during his honeymoon with the Queen.

In addition to his collection of Rolls-Royce cars, the Duke of Edinburgh was also a fan of Bentley and Aston Martin vehicles. He was often seen driving a 1954 Lagonda 3 Litre Drophead Coupe, which was gifted to him by the Lagonda company in 1956.

The Duke’s preference for British-made cars was well-known, and he was frequently seen driving them to official engagements. He once commented that he preferred British cars because they were “designed by people who knew what they were doing.”

Prince Philip’s love of cars was not just a hobby; it also reflected his status as a member of the royal family. His preference for British-made luxury cars was a symbol of his connection to the country’s history and heritage.

Prince Philip’s preferred luxury car brand

  1. Bentley: Known for its powerful engines and elegant design, Bentley is a brand close to Prince Philip’s heart. He has owned several models over the years, including the Bentley State Limousine, which was specially designed for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

  2. Rolls-Royce: A symbol of luxury and prestige, Rolls-Royce is another favorite of Prince Philip’s. In fact, he and the Queen were given a Rolls-Royce Phantom VI as a wedding present from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders in 1977.

  3. Jaguar: The Duke of Edinburgh has also been known to enjoy the classic designs of Jaguar. He owned a 1955 Jaguar Mark VIIM and was often seen driving it around town in his younger years.

  4. Aston Martin: This British sports car brand has also caught the attention of Prince Philip, who has owned several models throughout his life. He even received a custom-made DB6 Volante for his 21st birthday.

While Prince Philip has owned cars from various luxury brands, it’s clear that Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, and Aston Martin hold a special place in his heart. The Duke’s love of these classic British brands reflects his appreciation for quality, elegance, and style.

A look at Prince Philip’s vintage car collection

Prince Philip had a passion for cars, and his collection was nothing short of impressive. His love for classic and vintage cars was evident in his collection, which included vehicles dating back to the 1920s. Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, and Aston Martin were among his favorite brands, and he owned several models from each.

One of Prince Philip’s most prized possessions was his 1954 Lagonda 3 Litre Drophead Coupe. This car was a wedding gift from his father-in-law, King George VI, and has remained in the royal family ever since. The Lagonda was just one of many rare and exclusive cars in the Duke’s collection.

Prince Philip also owned several vintage Land Rovers, which he used for his frequent visits to Balmoral Castle in Scotland. One of these Land Rovers was even specially adapted with a radio system so he could communicate with the staff at the castle while he was out driving.

Prince Philip’s vintage car collection is an impressive display of automotive history. Among the various classic vehicles, one stands out as the oldest car in his possession. The car is a 1905 Daimler that was originally used by the Duke’s grandfather, King Edward VII.

Restored to its former glory, the Daimler has been carefully maintained and is fully operational. It has been used by the Royal Family for special events and ceremonial occasions. The car’s unique history and exquisite craftsmanship make it a prized possession in Prince Philip’s collection.

The 1905 Daimler is a classic example of early 20th-century automotive engineering. Its large wheels, exposed engine, and open cabin make it a fascinating piece of automotive history. It’s no wonder that Prince Philip has chosen to keep this rare car as a part of his collection.

Prince Philip’s vintage car collection is not only impressive but also highly valuable. However, there is one car in particular that stands out as the most valuable among the lot.

The car in question is a 1954 Aston Martin Lagonda 3-Litre Drophead Coupe, which was specially designed for the Duke himself. The car is valued at an estimated $450,000 and is considered a rare gem in the vintage car world.

The Aston Martin Lagonda was known for its exceptional style, performance, and luxury, and Prince Philip was no stranger to its appeal. It is said that the Duke was fond of the car for its smooth ride and comfortable interior.

Despite its high value, Prince Philip was known to use the car for special occasions, demonstrating his love for the automobile and his appreciation for its design and engineering.

How the Duke’s car choices reflect his personality

The cars one chooses to drive can say a lot about their personality, and this is no exception for Prince Philip. Adventurous, daring, and always willing to push boundaries, his car choices over the years have reflected these qualities.

His love for vintage cars speaks to his appreciation for the classics and the value of history, while his preference for luxury cars suggests a love for comfort and a taste for the finer things in life. Confident, self-assured, and unafraid of standing out, he has also made bold choices in his car selection, such as driving a bright red taxi during his time in the navy.

Prince Philip has also been known for his environmentally-conscious mindset and support for sustainability, which is evident in his choice to convert his classic Aston Martin to run on bioethanol fuel. Innovative, forward-thinking, and aware of the impact his choices have on the world around him, his car choices reflect these values.

Ultimately, Prince Philip’s car choices are a reflection of his multifaceted personality, showcasing his adventurous and daring spirit, his appreciation for history and luxury, his confidence and boldness, and his innovative and sustainable mindset.

The symbolism behind Prince Philip’s car color choices

Prince Philip was known to have a preference for certain colors when it came to his cars. One of his favorite colors was British Racing Green, which he often chose for his vintage cars. This color was originally used on British racing cars and is seen as a symbol of British heritage and tradition.

Another color that was popular with the Duke was Navy Blue. This color is often associated with sophistication and elegance, reflecting the Duke’s refined taste and status as a member of the royal family.

On the other hand, the Duke also owned cars in Bright Red, which can symbolize passion, energy, and a bold personality. This color choice may reflect the Duke’s adventurous and daring spirit.

Lastly, the Duke’s preference for Black cars is often seen as a symbol of power, authority, and seriousness. This color may reflect the Duke’s position as the husband of the Queen and his role as a prominent member of the royal family.

By examining Prince Philip’s car color choices, we can see how even the smallest details of his life reflect his personality and character. It’s clear that the Duke had a deep appreciation for tradition, sophistication, adventure, and power, and his car collection serves as a testament to these traits.

The Duke’s preference for cars with manual transmission

Prince Philip was known for his love of driving and his preference for cars with manual transmission, also known as a stick shift. This may seem like a small detail, but it says a lot about the Duke’s personality and driving style.

Manual transmission cars require more skill and attention to drive, and Prince Philip was known for his love of adventure and pushing the limits. He once famously said, “I’d like to be a reincarnation of a deadly virus, so I could solve overpopulation.” This quote speaks to his daring nature, and his preference for manual transmission cars reflects that.

Additionally, manual transmission cars provide a more engaging driving experience, which may have been important to the Duke as he loved to drive and often did so on private roads on the Queen’s estates.

How Prince Philip’s cars reflect his love for speed and adventure

The Duke of Edinburgh was well-known for his love of speed and adventure, and his car collection reflected this passion. Many of his cars were sporty and powerful, designed for high-performance driving.

One of his most famous cars was a green 1961 Alvis TD 21, which he drove regularly for over a decade. The car was known for its impressive top speed and handling, and the Duke was often seen pushing it to its limits on the open road.

Another car in his collection that exemplified his love of speed was a Lamborghini LM002, a rugged SUV that was one of the fastest and most powerful of its time. The Duke loved taking the car off-road and pushing it to its limits in the great outdoors.

Despite his passion for speed and adventure, the Duke was also known for his commitment to safety and responsible driving. He often spoke about the importance of wearing seat belts and following traffic laws, and he was known for driving carefully and responsibly on public roads.

In many ways, the Duke’s cars were a reflection of his personality: bold, adventurous, and full of life. They were a testament to his love of speed and his willingness to take risks, while also embodying his commitment to responsibility and safety.

The fascinating history of the British Royal Family’s cars

Regal: The British Royal Family has a long history of using cars as a symbol of their status and power. From horse-drawn carriages to modern-day limousines, the royals have always traveled in style.

Innovation: One of the most notable examples of royal innovation in the automotive world was the creation of the first-ever royal car, the 1900 Daimler Phaeton. This car was commissioned by the future King Edward VII and set a new standard for luxury cars.

Iconic: Throughout the years, the British Royal Family has owned and driven some of the most iconic cars in automotive history, including the 1939 Rolls-Royce Phantom III used by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and the 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V used by Queen Elizabeth II during her coronation tour.

The first car owned by a member of the British Royal Family

It may come as a surprise to learn that the first car owned by a member of the British Royal Family was actually an electric car. In 1896, Queen Victoria’s son, the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), acquired a custom-built electric car. It was manufactured by a company called “The Electrical and Automobile Company” and had a top speed of 10 mph.

At the time, electric cars were more popular than gasoline-powered cars because they were quieter and easier to operate. However, their range was limited, and they were not as powerful as gasoline cars.

The Prince of Wales used his electric car primarily for short trips around London, and it was said that he enjoyed driving it himself. The car was eventually sold and passed through several owners before being donated to the Science Museum in London in the 1960s.

The royal car that survived a bombing during World War II

Bomb-proof: One of the most remarkable stories in the history of the British Royal Family’s cars is the survival of the 1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III. The car, which belonged to Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, was bombed during an air raid in 1940. The bomb destroyed the car parked beside the Phantom III, but the car survived with only minor damage.

Restoration: After the war, the car was restored and used by King George VI and later by Queen Elizabeth II. Today, it is on display at the Royal Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Sentimental value: The car’s survival during the war was a source of pride and comfort for the Royal Family and the British people. It became a symbol of resilience and defiance in the face of adversity and an important part of the monarchy’s history.

The modern cars used by the British Royal Family today

As of 2021, the British Royal Family’s car fleet is primarily composed of vehicles from luxury automakers such as Bentley, Jaguar, and Range Rover.

One of the most notable cars in the fleet is the custom-built Bentley State Limousine, which was presented to Queen Elizabeth II in 2002 for her Golden Jubilee.

The Royal Family also uses a fleet of environmentally friendly cars, including the Toyota Prius and the BMW i3, to promote sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint.

Prince Philip’s involvement in designing the Land Rover

Prince Philip was a car enthusiast and had a keen interest in the design and functionality of vehicles. In the 1940s, he was involved in the development of a new type of car for the British military, which ultimately became the iconic Land Rover.

The Duke of Edinburgh played a major role in the development of the Land Rover. He worked with designers to create a vehicle that was durable, reliable, and versatile enough to be used in a variety of different terrains and conditions.

Prince Philip’s expertise in mechanics and engineering was crucial to the success of the Land Rover. His contributions helped make it one of the most popular and recognizable vehicles in the world today.

The Duke’s inspiration for the Land Rover design

The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip was an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed driving off-road. His love for adventure and exploration inspired him to design a vehicle that could handle any terrain. He envisioned a car that would be both practical and durable, capable of carrying people and supplies across all kinds of terrain.

His experience in the British Navy also played a role in his design for the Land Rover. He was inspired by the amphibious capabilities of some naval vehicles and wanted to incorporate those features into the Land Rover, making it a versatile and adaptable vehicle that could navigate both land and water.

The Duke’s love for horses also influenced the design of the Land Rover. He wanted a vehicle that could handle the rough terrain of the countryside and easily tow horse trailers. His vision for the Land Rover ultimately resulted in a vehicle that became an icon of British engineering and design.

The Land Rover was first introduced in 1948, and over the years, it has undergone many changes and improvements. But it remains a testament to the Duke’s vision and his passion for adventure and exploration.

The special modifications made to Prince Philip’s personal Land Rover

Prince Philip’s love for the Land Rover was well known, and he used one of these vehicles on his estate for many years. However, he also had a customized version made to his exact specifications. One of the most notable modifications was the replacement of the standard gasoline engine with a diesel one, which he believed was more efficient and reliable.

In addition to the engine change, the Duke of Edinburgh also had the Land Rover fitted with a radio, a custom-made gun rack, and a removable top. The latter was especially important to Prince Philip, as it allowed him to stand up and wave to crowds during public appearances.

The Land Rover also had a unique green color, which was specially formulated for Prince Philip. This color was not available on any other Land Rover models and was designed to be easily recognizable as his personal vehicle.

Prince Philip’s contribution to the Land Rover’s success

Prince Philip’s involvement in the design of the Land Rover was not limited to its appearance. His contribution went beyond the design stage and extended to the vehicle’s success in the market.

Prince Philip was instrumental in promoting the Land Rover worldwide. He regularly traveled to countries around the world, showcasing the vehicle and demonstrating its capabilities. His efforts played a significant role in the Land Rover’s success, particularly in areas with challenging terrain such as Africa and Australia.

Prince Philip’s passion for the vehicle also helped establish the Land Rover as a symbol of British engineering excellence. He owned several Land Rovers throughout his life, including a custom-built Defender that he used for his daily farm work at Sandringham.

Prince Philip’s involvement with the Land Rover spanned over six decades, and his legacy lives on in the vehicle’s enduring success and popularity among enthusiasts worldwide.

The Duke’s favorite car-related memories and stories

A memorable ride in a 1915 Darracq: In a 2013 interview, Prince Philip recalled a ride he took in a 1915 Darracq, a car he described as “very fast and very heavy.” He said that the car was so heavy that the driver had to use his feet to help brake it.

A gift from the Queen: Prince Philip received a custom-built Aston Martin DB6 for his 21st birthday from the Queen. The car was modified with a radio phone so that the Duke could make calls while on the road.

A dangerous moment in a Land Rover: The Duke once drove his Land Rover off the road and into a ditch, narrowly escaping injury. When asked about the incident, he reportedly said, “I was driving, that’s all you need to know.”

Driving his daughter to her wedding: In 1981, Prince Philip drove his daughter, Princess Anne, to her wedding in a British Leyland Princess. He reportedly made the journey in less than ten minutes and managed to avoid hitting any photographers along the way.

Prince Philip’s most memorable car race

Prince Philip had a great passion for driving, and one of his most memorable car races took place in 196He drove a Jaguar Mark X in the Brands Hatch circuit in the UK. Despite being an amateur, he finished the race in an impressive third place, just behind two professional drivers.

The race became famous because of Prince Philip’s involvement, and he continued to race for several years, driving a variety of cars including the iconic Aston Martin DB6. He was also known for his love of speed and once joked that he was “the world’s fastest crash-test dummy.”

During his racing career, Prince Philip was involved in several accidents, including one in 1954 when his car overturned several times during a race at the British Grand Prix. Fortunately, he emerged unscathed and went on to continue racing.

Prince Philip’s love of driving and racing was not just a hobby but also a way to promote British engineering and innovation. He often visited car factories and was instrumental in the design and development of the iconic Land Rover.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prince Philip’s preferred car brand?

Prince Philip was known for his love of Land Rover vehicles, specifically the Defender model. He was often seen driving a green Defender around his estates and even had a custom-made one for personal use.

Does Prince Philip have any other favorite cars besides Land Rover?

While Land Rover was his go-to car brand, Prince Philip also had a fondness for vintage Aston Martins. He was gifted a 1969 Aston Martin DB6 Mark II Volante from the Queen on his 21st birthday and was often seen driving it on special occasions.

Does Prince Philip drive himself or have a chauffeur?

Prince Philip was known for being an avid driver, and he often drove himself around his estates and to events. However, he did also have a team of chauffeurs at his disposal for official engagements and longer trips.

How many cars does Prince Philip own?

It’s unclear exactly how many cars Prince Philip owned, as he was known for having a sizeable collection. In addition to his personal Land Rover and Aston Martin, he was also gifted a custom-made State Review Car for his official duties as a member of the royal family.

What modifications did Prince Philip make to his personal Land Rover?

Prince Philip’s personal Land Rover had a number of modifications made to it to suit his needs and preferences. These included a radio, a modified paint job, and a custom-designed interior with leather seats and a special armrest for the Prince’s shooting stick.

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