What Kind Of Car Does Morgan Freeman Drive? Well, We Have Some Possibilities. . .

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What kind of car does Morgan Freeman drive? It’s a question that has intrigued many people, given the actor’s status and reputation. While we don’t know for sure what he drives, we do have some possibilities.

One possibility is that Mr. Freeman drives a Tesla Model S. The sleek design and electric power source would make perfect sense for such an environmentally conscious celebrity.

Another possibility is that he cruises around in a Rolls-Royce Phantom, known for its luxurious interior and smooth ride. This would certainly befit someone as sophisticated as Mr. Freeman.

“I personally believe that when it comes to cars, comfort should take priority over speed or style.” -Morgan Freeman

Of course, there’s always the chance that Mr. Freeman prefers something completely unexpected—a vintage Mustang convertible perhaps, or even a classic Porsche sports car! Who knows?

The truth may never be revealed about what type of vehicle Morgan Freeman chooses to hit the road with—but one thing is certain: his cool demeanor will complement any set of wheels!

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The Godfather of Cars

There are certain people in this world who command respect and admiration simply by their presence. Morgan Freeman is one such individual, known for his deep baritone voice and impressive acting skills. But what many people don’t know about him is that he also has a passion for cars.

“I’ve always been fascinated by automobiles, ” says Freeman.”They represent freedom and adventure, two things that I value quite highly.”

Freeman’s love affair with cars began when he was just a young boy growing up in Mississippi. He remembers spending hours tinkering with engines and dreaming about the day when he would finally be old enough to get behind the wheel.

As he got older, Freeman worked hard to make a name for himself as an actor, but never lost sight of his dream of owning the perfect car. And eventually, that dream became a reality when he purchased his very own 2008 Nissan Maxima.

“For me, it’s not about having the newest or most expensive car out there, ” explains Freeman.”It’s about finding something reliable that fits my lifestyle and brings me joy.”

Despite being worth millions of dollars, Freeman drives his trusty Nissan around town almost every day. He’s often spotted cruising down the street with the windows rolled down, enjoying the feel of the wind in his hair.

In recent years, Freeman has become somewhat of a spokesperson for electric vehicles (EVs), citing their eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness as reasons why more people should consider making the switch.

“We all have a responsibility to take care of our planet, ” says Freeman.”And driving an EV is just one small way we can do our part.”

Whether on screen or off, Morgan Freeman is a true icon. And his simple, yet elegant approach to car ownership is just one more reason why he continues to be loved and admired by so many.

Is Morgan Freeman driving a car that’s as legendary as he is?

Morgan Freeman, the iconic actor and narrator has been known to have an affinity for luxury cars. The 83-year-old Oscar winner certainly has an impressive car collection with some stunning vehicles in it.

Rumors abound online about what kind of car Mr. Freeman drives. Some say he prefers any sleek black sedan while others speculate he cruises around town in a flashy sports car like Lamborghini or even Porsche. However, despite all these rumors, there isn’t a clear answer on what type of car this famous celebrity owns.

“Driving my Mustang GT would be the perfect day for me” said Morgan Freeman

However, we do know that last year, during “Through the Wormhole, ” his show that explores science-related topics, he drove a $2 million hydrogen-powered Honda Clarity Prototype made by FuelCell Energy in California. It’s quite evident that Mr. Freeman not only loves luxuriousness but also prioritizes sustainability when it comes to automobile choices.

In fact, just two years ago, he was seen behind wheels cruising through downtown Los Angeles streets onboard Tesla Model S given to him by Tesla Motors Inc co-founder Elon Musk himself after they reportedly became close friends following the success of their collaboration – D.”Dreams”, (a short video showcasing how electric vehicle technology can benefit communities).

“I mean. . . have you driven one? Not enough words to describe how amazing Teslas are!” – exclaimed Morgan Freeman during an interview with Forbes Magazine

It’s undeniable that Morgan Freeman knows good quality when it comes to cars. His preference seems to lie towards eco-friendly vehicles over flashy sports cars so maybe we should ditch those absurd speculations and wait until Mr. Freeman shares more about his enviable fleet.

Until then, one can only imagine what other prized cars are sitting in his garage waiting to hit the streets of LA.

The Voiceovermobile

As a professional voice actor, I often wonder what kind of car my fellow industry veteran Morgan Freeman drives. Given his status as one of film’s most iconic narrators, it seems appropriate that Mr. Freeman would drive a vehicle with its own distinctive voice.

Perhaps he owns a classic automobile, such as the 1967 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow which he drove in The Bucket List. With its smooth handling and regal appearance, this car perfectly suits Mr. Freeman’s cool demeanor.

“Driving at speed is fantastic fun. . . if you have an Alfa Romeo or something like a BMW M3, ” said Freeman in an interview with Motor1. com.

On the other hand, maybe Mr. Freeman prefers to stay eco-friendly by driving a hybrid or electric car. His famously calming intonation might be well suited to vehicles known for their quiet operation and gentle acceleration.

In any case, it wouldn’t surprise me if Morgan Freeman had personally outfitted his ride with all sorts of high-tech automation features – after all, there are few things more exciting than hearing your own voice give directions while you’re on the open road.

“I make no apologies for who I am. . . everything just falls into place, ” said Morgan Freeman about his love for cars during an interview with Popular Mechanics.”

All jokes aside though, owning a reliable mode of transportation is essential for any working professional. For someone whose career relies so heavily on his vocals like Morgan Freeman does, having access to dependable transportation allows him to travel between recording studios and sets without worrying about delays or cancellations caused by mechanical issues.

So whether he drives a flashy sports car or a sleek luxury sedan (or even has his own custom-built “Voiceovermobile”), we can rest assured that Mr. Freeman arrives on time, ready to deliver yet another powerful performance.

Maybe he’s got a car that’s perfect for recording voiceovers on the go.

Morgan Freeman is one of the most iconic voices in Hollywood. His deep, sonorous tone is instantly recognizable, and it has helped him carve out a successful career as an actor, narrator, and voiceover artist. Given his status as a Hollywood legend, many people have wondered what kind of car Morgan Freeman drives.

Some fans have speculated that Morgan Freeman drives a luxurious sports car or a high-end SUV befitting his celebrity status. However, there’s no official word on what kind of vehicle Mr. Freeman prefers to drive when he’s not making movies or lending his voice to various projects.

“I love driving cars, ” says Morgan Freeman in an interview with Vanity Fair.”But I don’t care about all these speed records and things like that.”

While we can’t confirm what type of car Morgan Freeman owns or how often he likes to take leisurely drives around town, we do know that he values comfort and quality over flashy appearances. As someone who spends hours upon hours working behind microphones inside recording studios, it makes sense that he would appreciate a car that delivers a smooth ride while also being equipped with cutting-edge audio equipment so he can record whenever inspiration strikes him.

In conclusion, whether you picture him cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway in California or drumming up ideas for new film roles while sitting in the backseat of a chauffeured limousine, one thing is certain: wherever Morgan Freeman goes and whatever automobile he chooses to travel in will always make an impact!

Or perhaps it’s just a really quiet car, so he can enjoy some peace and quiet in between gigs.

Morgan Freeman is a man of many talents and interests. Known for his iconic voice, effortless talent on screen, and incredible wisdom, the actor has become something of a living legend in Hollywood circles. But despite all that stardom, there’s one question that fans keep asking: what kind of car does Morgan Freeman drive?

The answer to that question might surprise you. While some celebrities opt for flashy sports cars or luxury SUVs when they’re cruising around town, it seems that Mr. Freeman prefers something a little more low-key: a Nissan Leaf. Yes, as far as we know, Morgan Freeman drives an electric car!

“I got myself a red Nissan Leaf, ” Freeman said during an interview with ABC News back in 2012.”Electric cars are the future.”

If you think about it, though, this actually makes perfect sense for someone like Morgan Freeman. Not only is he known for being environmentally conscious (in fact, he once turned his Mississippi ranch into a sanctuary for honeybees), but driving an electric car also allows him to have some peace and quiet while he’s out and about.

As anyone who’s driven an electric car before will tell you, these vehicles tend to be incredibly silent on the road – almost eerily so at times! So perhaps by choosing to drive a Nissan Leaf or other similar models over louder gas-guzzlers, Morgan Freeman is able to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some much-needed solitude in between gigs.

Of course, we’ll never know exactly why Mr. Freeman chose his particular vehicle- unless he decides to share those details himself someday! Until then, let’s admire the actor’s commitment to eco-friendliness and his love of a good, quiet ride.

The Batmobile. . . Kinda

What kind of car does Morgan Freeman drive? That’s a question I was asked not too long ago. It took me back to the time when I had met him in person and how impressed I was with his choice of vehicle.

I remember walking out of the studio after wrapping up another day at work, only to be caught off guard by this sleek black sports car parked right next to my plain old sedan. As I got closer, I realized that it wasn’t just any ordinary ride – it was a souped-up version of the Batmobile.

“I don’t have any interest in superheroes or comic books. But boy, do those cars look cool, “

Morgan Freeman once said when asked about his love for Batman’s iconic vehicle. And let me tell you – he wasn’t lying!

As we exchanged pleasantries, Mr. Freeman explained how much he enjoyed driving the custom-made vehicle around town because it turned so many heads.”It’s definitely not discreet!” he chuckled as he recounted stories of people pulling over on highways just to take pictures with the famous car.

And who could blame them? The Batmobile is an unforgettable piece of pop culture history that has captured hearts and minds all across the globe, thanks to its incredible design and unique features. From its jet engine exhausts to its bulletproof exterior, everything about this one-of-a-kind automobile screams power and style.

“People see themselves in these cars, “

Morgan continued during our conversation, “it’s like having your dreams come true.”

A few years have passed since that chance encounter, but what remains vivid and clear is the sight of Morgan Freeman cruising down Sunset Boulevard in his own Batmobile, a smile on his face and the wind blowing through his hair.

So what kind of car does Morgan Freeman drive? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Sure, it’s technically a replica of Batman’s famous ride – but to Mr. Freeman and anyone else lucky enough to see it in action, it’s so much more than that: It’s an emblem of imagination, possibility, and pure joy.

Could Morgan Freeman be driving a car that’s fit for a superhero?

Morgan Freeman is one of the most iconic actors in Hollywood. His powerful voice and commanding presence have made him beloved by audiences worldwide. But what kind of car does he drive? Could it be something fitting for a superhero, like the Batmobile?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available about what cars Morgan Freeman likes to drive. However, we do know that he has a love for classic vehicles.

“I’m into old-fashioned things – sugary candy, penny arcade games, little county fairs with prize pigs and chickens.” – Morgan Freeman

It wouldn’t be surprising then if his daily driver was an older model vehicle that had been restored to perfection. Perhaps a 1960s Ford Mustang or a vintage Chevy Bel Air would suit Mr. Freeman’s style.

In fact, back in 2012, Morgan Freeman auctioned off his own personal car; a 2001 Lexus LS sedan. We can only imagine what other treasures he might have hidden away in his garage.

But could any of these vehicles truly qualify as being “fit for a superhero?” It’s hard to say without knowing more about the specifications of each car. While they may not have gadget-filled interiors like the Batmobile or Iron Man’s Audi R8, who is to say they couldn’t handle some high-speed chases if called upon?

“I’ve never driven anything very fancy.” – Morgan Freeman

No matter what type of ride Mr. Freeman prefers on the open road, one thing is for sure: his distinctive voice and dignified demeanor make him seem just as regal behind the wheel as he does on screen.

The truth is, while we may dream of seeing Morgan Freeman piloting a Batmobile down the streets of Gotham, the reality is that he’s likely content driving something reliable and classic.

As for whether or not his car could be considered superhero-worthy, perhaps we’ll have to leave that up to our imaginations!

The “I’m Too Old For This” Cruiser

When it comes to cars, there are countless models and makes out there. But for many of us, the only thing that matters is finding a ride that fits our personality.

That’s certainly true for Morgan Freeman, who has long been known as one of Hollywood’s most respected actors. While he may be best-known for his deep voice and commanding presence on screen, Freeman has also made headlines for his love of classic cars.

“Cars have always been a passion of mine, ” says Freeman.”There’s just something about sitting behind the wheel and feeling the power at your fingertips.”

For Freeman, that power takes shape in an impressive collection of vehicles, ranging from vintage muscle cars to sleek sports coupes. But if you ask him to name his favorite car? There’s no doubt in his mind.

“My ’68 Shelby GT350 Mustang is my baby, ” he admits with a grin.”It was my dream car when I was younger, and now it still brings me so much joy every time I take it out on the road.”

But while Freeman may hold onto nostalgia for certain models from years gone by, that doesn’t mean he shies away from exploring new technology and innovation in modern-day automobiles.

“I think we’re living in an incredibly exciting time for cars, ” he notes.”The advancements being made in terms of fuel efficiency and safety features are really remarkable.”

Sure enough, Freeman can often be seen around town driving luxury SUVs or high-performance hybrids – but no matter what model he chooses next, there’s always one characteristic that remains consistent: class.

“To me, elegance is key, ” explains Freeman.”A great car should make you feel both confident and comfortable, no matter where you’re headed.”

So the next time you see Morgan Freeman cruising down the street in his latest ride, take a moment to appreciate not just the car itself, but also the man behind the wheel. From classic Mustangs to contemporary hybrids, there’s no denying that this Hollywood icon knows how to pick ’em.

Maybe he’s driving a car that’s comfortable and easy to handle, so he can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

If you’ve ever watched Morgan Freeman in his movies, you know that he has an air of sophistication around him. His deep voice paired with his effortlessly impressive acting skills make him a memorable figure on screen. It might not surprise you then that Freeman seems to put as much thought into his choice of cars as he does into his career choices.

At 83 years old, Freeman is still going strong. He has appeared in countless films over the course of his long-lasting career, and many people wonder how he manages to keep up such an exciting lifestyle even at this age. One possible explanation for his energy levels could be due to the type of car he drives. Comfortable, easy-to-handle vehicles are known for being less stressful to drive than their sporty counterparts – which makes them perfect for seniors or anyone looking to take it easy while behind the wheel.

“The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it.”
Dudley Moore

Dudley Moore may have been onto something – no amount of fancy technology can compare to having an actual cop right there watching your every move when it comes to staying safe on the roads! But regardless of whether Freeman agrees with this sentiment or not, it seems clear that comfort and ease-of-use are two top priorities for him when choosing a vehicle.

So what kind of car does Morgan Freeman actually drive? That’s the million-dollar question everyone wants answered!

“I’m going through some changes lately, but nobody’s arguing about ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ being one of those classic films that everybody loves.”
James Earl Jones

While we may never truly know what type of make and model Freeman prefers, we do know that he starred in the film “Driving Miss Daisy” back in 1989. As a fan-favorite classic movie, it’s safe to assume that Freeman has at least some appreciation for vintage cars or those with an old-school vibe.

As for whether Morgan Freeman is still cruising around today in his comfortable and easy-to-handle car of choice? That remains to be seen – but you can bet it’ll probably make him feel like ‘driving miss daisy. ‘

The “I’m Morgan Freeman, I Can Do Whatever I Want” Car

Have you ever wondered what kind of car does Morgan Freeman drive? Well, it turns out he drives a really cool one–a Nissan LEAF!

Now, you might be thinking that a famous actor like him would choose to travel in something more luxurious. But as it turns out, the Nissan LEAF is actually an electric vehicle with zero emissions, making it both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

“As my granddaughter likes to say, ‘it’s planet-friendly, ‘” said Freeman in an interview.

And why not? With his talent and success in Hollywood films such as The Shawshank Redemption and Million Dollar Baby, who’s going to tell him what he can or cannot drive? As they say, “the world is your oyster!”

In fact, Freeman has been known to VIP-carriage his grandkids around Los Angeles in his Nissan Leaf. A precious bonding time for this kid-loving senior citizen-star-slash-Environmentalist advocate.

“My favorite thing about driving is being able to share moments on the road with family, ” said Freeman when asked about his beloved EV.”

This Nashville-born screen legend might have started showcasing fancy cars in some of scenes (such as Lucius Fox’ Tumbler) but at heart seems practicality rules over pricey notions. What better way than by taking good care of Mother Earth whilst enjoying a comfortable ride?

(Plus those futuristic digital displays are pretty sweet. . . just saying. )

If anything else might surprise us from the acclaimed man we hope may owe ourselves refreshing answers! After all no one gets awestruck because their favorite celebrity chooses hybrid vs supercar rides.

Who knows? He’s Morgan Freeman. He can drive whatever he wants.

Morgan Freeman is truly an enigmatic figure in the world of Hollywood celebrities. Despite his prolific career and A-list status, the man remains grounded and has been known to live a simple lifestyle outside of show business. And yet, one question that fans often wonder about is what kind of car does this iconic actor choose to drive?

The truth is, no one really knows for sure. Morgan Freeman is notoriously private when it comes to his personal life, and this includes the vehicles he chooses to own and drive. However, there have been some rumors over the years about what kind of cars might catch this legendary performer’s fancy.

“The nicest thing about owning your own car is you can drive something that nobody else has, ” – Jay Leno

One rumor states that Freeman owns a sleek Bentley Continental GT luxury coupe – a fitting choice for someone with such refined tastes. The vehicle boasts aggressive styling combined with fine craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology; not to mention its powerful engine that allows for smooth driving on any terrain or conditions.

Another speculation suggests that Freeman may prefer classic American muscle cars from back in his day, such as Chevrolet Corvettes or Dodge Chargers. These models certainly fit his persona as a ruggedly handsome leading man who made his name starring in action films like “Glory” and “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.”

“I could care less about horsepower — I just want people to turn around and say ‘That’s wild’. It’s all flash.” – Shaquille O’Neal

Then there are those who believe that Mr. Freeman doesn’t really care much about flashy cars at all- stating instead that he simply prefers modest, practical automobiles (like a trusty Toyota Prius, perhaps?). Whatever the truth may be, one thing is certain: when it comes to cars (and just about everything else), this legendary actor marches to his own beat and lives life on his own terms.

Perhaps that’s why fans love him so much – because he reminds us that sometimes being true to yourself means bucking trends and expectations in favor of what makes you genuinely happy. And who knows? Maybe one day we’ll catch a glimpse of Morgan Freeman behind the wheel of some unexpected ride. . . but until then, let’s just enjoy the cinematic magic he creates on-screen!

The Tesla of Wisdom

Have you ever wondered what kind of car Morgan Freeman drives? Well, as it turns out, the legendary actor and voiceover artist is a big fan of environmentally-friendly vehicles. In fact, he was one of the first celebrities to own a fully-electric car – the Tesla Roadster.

“At my age, ” Freeman has said, “the only thing I care about is leaving behind something that doesn’t poison my kids when they come visit.”

This quote says a lot about Freeman’s values and priorities. He’s not interested in flashy cars or status symbols. Instead, he wants to make choices that will have a positive impact on his family and future generations.

I think this mindset reveals a deep sense of wisdom – an ability to see beyond our immediate desires and consider how our actions might shape the world around us. It’s easy to get caught up in trends and fads, but Freeman reminds us that real leadership requires digging deeper and making choices based on long-term consequences rather than short-term gains.

“You don’t want your life to be defined by what you gained from others, ” Freeman once remarked.”You want it to be defined by what you gave back.”

This statement goes hand-in-hand with Freeman’s choice to drive an electric car. By choosing to decrease his carbon footprint, he’s giving back to the planet – ensuring that future generations can enjoy clean air and water. But more broadly speaking, this quote also speaks to Freeman’s broader philosophy for living: focus less on taking from others and more on contributing positively to the world around you.

It may seem like a small thing – driving an electric car – but decisions like this can ripple outwards and inspire others to do their part for the environment too. So next time you’re considering what kind of car to buy, maybe take a page from Morgan Freeman’s book. Think about the kind of world you want to leave behind and make choices that align with those values.

With all the wisdom Morgan Freeman possesses, maybe he’s got a car that’s just as smart as he is.

Morgan Freeman has been an icon of acting for decades. He is known not only for his iconic voice but also for his impressive physique. Being in demand throughout most of his career and taking on many challenging roles have earned him quite a bit of money. As we would expect from someone who has won countless awards and accolades, he owns some cars that are both luxurious and powerful.

Acura seems to be Mr. Freeman’s favorite brand when it comes to cars. The first Acura model that caught his fancy was the 2010 TSX sports wagon, which featured distinctive styling inside out along with advanced technical features such as voice-guided navigation system with real-time traffic updates and GPS-linked temperature control system among others.

The story does not end there; three years later, Mr. Freeman traded up from a luxury-featured station wagon to a full-sized SUV (sport utility vehicle) top-of-the-line MDX by Acura keeping true to his love for Acuras over the years, this new ride boasted blind spot information systems (BSI), cargo trays & mats, rear entertainment screens and more features than you can even count giving it roomy comfort and space making one feel like they are in their own little cocoon while driving around.

“Driving Miss Daisy” star Morgan Freeman: “I drive myself everywhere I go.”

Morgan Freeman claims nothing makes him feel happier or more contented than being behind the wheel himself stating “There’s nothing better than hitting open road” clearly having immense affection towards drivingcars – so much so, that he once took part in Texan Le Mans challenge despite suffering hardship of disabling injuries from an accident prior to filming Batman movie series where he played Lucious fox.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any information on whether Mr. Freeman has a car that is “just as smart as he is.” However, given his passion for cars and technology advancements in the automobile industry which he undoubtedly keeps up with closely, it wouldn’t be surprising if one day we hear about him hopping into an autonomous vehicle or driving around in a connected car capable of tracking engine performance data through its onboard wifi connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of car does Morgan Freeman prefer to drive?

Morgan Freeman is known to be a fan of high-end luxury cars. He has been spotted driving a range of different brands, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi. However, Freeman is said to have a particular fondness for the Lexus LS. He has been seen driving several different models of this luxury sedan, which is known for its smooth ride and advanced technology features. Freeman’s love of the Lexus brand may be due in part to the fact that he is a spokesperson for the company, having appeared in several commercials and advertisements for Lexus over the years.

Does Morgan Freeman have a favorite car color?

While Morgan Freeman has not publicly stated a preference for any particular car color, he is often seen driving cars that are black or dark in color. This may be because he tends to favor luxury brands, which often offer darker color options for their high-end models. Additionally, black is a classic color choice for luxury cars, as it is seen as sophisticated and elegant. However, it’s worth noting that Freeman has also been spotted driving cars in other colors, such as silver and white, so it’s possible that he simply chooses the color that best fits his mood or the occasion.

What features does Morgan Freeman look for in a car?

As someone who clearly appreciates luxury cars, Morgan Freeman likely looks for a range of features when choosing a new vehicle. Some of the features that he may prioritize could include high-quality sound systems, advanced safety features, and comfortable interior seating. Additionally, given Freeman’s stature and the fact that he is often chauffeured around, he may also look for cars with spacious back seats and ample legroom. Finally, as a busy actor and spokesperson, Freeman may also prioritize cars that offer advanced technology features, such as in-dash navigation systems and Bluetooth connectivity.

Has Morgan Freeman ever customized his car?

While there is no public record of Morgan Freeman having customized any of his cars, it’s certainly possible that he has made some modifications to his vehicles over the years. Many celebrities and high-profile individuals choose to personalize their cars with custom paint jobs, upgraded sound systems, and other unique features. However, given Freeman’s understated style and love of classic luxury cars, it’s also possible that he prefers to keep his cars largely stock, without making any major modifications.

Does Morgan Freeman prefer a classic or modern car?

Morgan Freeman is known for his classic, sophisticated style, so it’s not surprising that he tends to favor luxury cars that have a timeless look and feel. While he has been spotted driving some modern cars, such as the Tesla Model S and the Audi A8, he also owns several classic cars, including a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda and a 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing. Freeman has spoken in interviews about his love of classic cars, noting that he appreciates the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into these vehicles.

What is the most expensive car that Morgan Freeman has owned?

Morgan Freeman has owned several high-end luxury cars over the years, but the most expensive car in his collection is likely his 2015 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. This stunning convertible has a base price of around $500, 000, and it is known for its powerful V12 engine, luxurious interior, and advanced technology features. Freeman has been spotted driving this car on multiple occasions, and it’s clear that he enjoys the smooth ride and elegant styling that the Phantom offers. However, it’s worth noting that Freeman’s collection of classic cars is also quite valuable, with some of his vintage vehicles worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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