What Type Of Car Does Magnum Pi Drive?

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Magnum P.I. is a classic TV show that has left an indelible mark on pop culture. The show’s main character, Thomas Magnum, drives a car that became synonymous with the series and its lead actor.

The iconic red Ferrari 308 GTS appeared in almost every episode of the hit TV series’ original run from 1980 to 1988. Tom Selleck played Thomas Magnum, who was hired as head of security by Robin Masters – a mysterious millionaire author living in Hawaii.

“People often ask me about my famous mustache, “ said Tom Selleck in a recent interview for People magazine
“But what really stands out are those Ferraris.”

Making its debut in the second season premiere titled “Deadly Capers”, Magnum’s Ferrari became one of television history most iconic cars along side James Bond’s Aston Martin and KITT from Knight Rider.

If you’re interested about more fun facts surrounding this legendary TV show; Keep Reading!

Is It A Ferrari?

When it comes to Magnum PI’s ride, many people mistakenly assume that he drives a Ferrari. However, his iconic car is not actually a Ferrari.

“Fans of the show are often surprised to learn that my character drove a 1984 red T-top Corvette, “

Said Tom Selleck, the actor who portrayed Magnum PI on the hit television series in an interview with The New York Times.

In fact, while there were several Ferraris seen throughout various episodes of the show, none of them belonged to our main protagonist. Instead, Magnum’s trusty steed was a classic American muscle car styling dashingly around Hawaii


The Corvette used in the show featured some modifications like aftermarket front and rear spoilers from Auto Research Inc., painted side skirts give its typical design a little more attitude than most other Corvettes today – boasting over 200 horsepower under its hood.

Interestingly enough though, despite being one of TV’s most recognizable cars for nearly eight years- between 1980 and 1988- this ‘Vette wasn’t even provided by General Motors as part product placement or commercial relationship but instead discreetly donated by legendary music icon Rick Springfield whose guitar-playing surgeon/drifter role would follow soon afterwards in the prime time soap opera “General Hospital”.

To millions watching across America during those carefree decades when hair was big and mouths full of chewing gum waiting for daring action heroes controlling everything including women driving fast exotic cars through picturesque backgrounds stealing hearts winning awards saving lives getting back their ex-loves shortly after well before internet streaming buzzwords like binge-watching became preferred lingo; yellow beaches blue skies green mountains loud explosions romantic stories thirst let fantasies easily come true: “Magnum P.I.” was an unmissable weekly highlight, and the 84 T-top Corvette gave fans another reason to watch as it tore up roads in paradise.

Magnum’s Dream Car

Thomas Magnum, the lead character of television series “Magnum P.I.”, is known for being an adventurous and suave private investigator with a taste for luxury. With his Hawaiian shirts and laid-back attitude, it only makes sense that he drives around paradise in style.

So what type of car does Magnum Pi drive? Magnum has made his love for red Ferraris no secret over the years. His most iconic ride was a sleek 308 GTS sports car which practically became a co-star on the show. The Ferrari soon gained cult status among fans, so much so that some enthusiasts started recreating their own versions in homage to Thomas’ flashy set of wheels.

“It’s just something special about owning one, ” said Brian Clinton who runs Red Dirt Rodz – a classic car rebuilding company based in Oklahoma City.“But when you get down to selling them everybody wants….a r-e-a-l…..Car! A Drivable Car.”

The staggering price tags attached to authentic vintage Ferraris mean few casual motoring enthusiasts ever get anywhere near behind the wheel in real life; instead they find solace forging replicas or buying merchandise such as scale models – although these days tempting electrified ‘Speed Wagon’ retro-styled electric vehicle copies have emerged from time-to-time.. That hardly matters though when people are merely looking to recreate live action memories!

Tom Selleck once aptly said after getting out off this marvellous machine – “I think I hear angels singing…. That has always been my dream”.

In addition to his beloved red beauty, there were also occasions where we saw magure driving other cars too like a Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon and Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon. However, amongst them all, there could be no replacing Magnum’s iconic Ferrari – a true sports car icon that will forever remain in pop culture history as being the ride of one TV most beloved characters.

But The Reality Is…

Many people have wondered what type of car Magnum PI drives. For those who don’t know, Magnum PI is a popular American television series that aired from 1980 to 1988. It revolves around the life of Thomas Magnum, a former Navy officer turned private investigator living in Hawaii.

“At first glance, it seems like Tom Selleck must be driving an iconic sports car given his background as a pilot and lover of all things cool. But nope—he rocks about Oahu with style behind the wheel of a Ferrari 308 GTS.”

The show was renowned for its action scenes and adventure-filled plots which always kept viewers on the edge of their seats. However, one thing that continuously captured individuals’ attention was the stunning red Ferrari 308 GTS driven by Thomas Magnum – played by Tom Selleck – throughout most episodes.

The Ferrari 308 GTS made its debut back in the late ’70s and became an instant classic due to its impressive speed capabilities coupled with striking body design making it fit perfectly into the themes encompassed within each episode at times portrayed as being faster than whatever vehicle he’s racing down there along California streets or through Hawaii’s jungles.

“Magnum P.I.’s” prop master had two cars ready for filming: one mid-engine ride fitted with cameras to film shots inside looking out (and vice versa), then another standard model sans computer gear used whenever they caught glimpses while cruising scenic routes—the same deal applies today if you want both perspectives simultaneously!”

In reality, however, only four Ferraris were utilized during shooting despite Todd Ioli –the show’s property manager- claiming nine vehicles available for use at any given time. Additionally not every scene showcased this particular car, albeit somewhat of an iconic piece of pop culture back in the day. While one may have expected him to drive a more action-packed vehicle due to his adventurous nature and exciting job as a PI their choice for this specific sports car was practical given the various shots required during filming.

Maybe A Porsche?

Magnum Pi – the iconic TV series of the 80s. It not only entertained us but gave us a character we all loved and adored, Thomas Magnum.

The first question that arises when we talk about him is what type of car does he drive? Who wouldn’t want to own a ride like his? As per my research, Tom Selleck drove many Ferraris in real life during his younger days, which makes it evident why Ferrari was initially written for Magnum’s character when the script was developed. But sadly, due to legal constraints with Ferrari’s Italian parent company Fiat, they had to look for other options.

“I don’t know how happy I would have been driving around endless scenes in an expensive red sports car that someone else owned!” – Tom Selleck

So instead of a top-of-the-line Ferrari or Lamborghini Huracan as scripted previously they decided something more practical – and thus came up “the ultimate cool private investigator” utility vehicle – Robin Masters’ red 1979 Ferrari 308 GTS; one being at least $150K+ these days if you can find them!

In reality though there were really eight different cars driven by Magnum throughout its run. Six supposedly made their way back into circulation after filming wrapped while two others still exist somewhere on Oahu according to various reports online today (at least until recently).

“The show wasn’t simple: We didn’t do remotes–we shot everything in Hawaii–and shooting takes time”

Henceforth this cut out any chance of having actors actually race through town like those action movies racing through Paris streets showing people dodging cars from flying off ramps onto rooftops with explosions everywhere! They needed durability and dependability not just muscle cars acting them up in stunts every episode!

So now we all know that Magnum drives a Ferrari, but another type of car that comes to mind is Porsche. Even the most popular and successful TV detective had his eyes set on owning one eventually.

“Magnum wanted everything he couldn’t have.”

To sum it up, even if Tom Selleck did love Ferraris back then; they saw fit to give him something less pricey yet no less iconic like Robin Masters’ signature sports car which can actually still be seen cruising around streets today in some parts of Hawaii!

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Magnum’s Go-To Choice

When it comes to the car Thomas Magnum drives in “Magnum P.I.”, fans are often left wondering about the make and model that is his go-to choice for speeding around Oahu, Hawaii. Well, wonder no more!

The iconic red Ferrari 308 GTS was Magnum’s main ride throughout most of the series. The Italian sports car caught viewers’ attention with its sleek design and high speed, making it a perfect fit for our favorite private investigator.

“I knew when I saw it – bright red with tan leather interior – that this magnificent machine would be my partner.”

This quote perfectly sums up how much Magnum loved his Ferrari. It has become so synonymous with the show itself that replicas have been created in tribute to both the character and his car.

However – fun fact – despite being shown driving the same vehicle throughout almost all eight seasons of “Magnum P.I.”, there were actually three different Ferraris used on set due to production reasons such as maintenance needs or tech updates over time!

In addition to the Ferrari, Magnum also drove other cars during some specific episodes including a black Porsche 928 (a nod to Tom Selleck’s role in “The Black Stalion”), a Lotus Eprit Turbo SE (which appeared only once) and even a Jeep CJ-7 Renegade (when he decides to take things offroad).

“One thing you will never see me drive is anything without style.”

Fans still debate which one of these vehicles could compare favorably with Magnum’s preferred auto but we can say without hesitation: they’re simply not at level! In any case, while fans may continue quibbling about which particular vehicle wins out regarding Magnum’s true favorite ride, one thing is certain – he always looked good behind the wheel.

Or Is It A Beat-Up Old Truck?

If you’re a fan of the TV show Magnum, P.I., you would know that Magnum drove a red Ferrari 308 GTS. The iconic sports car became an essential element of the show’s identity and contributed significantly to its popularity over eight seasons.

The Ferraris used in the series were certainly eye-catching, but they presented numerous problems during filming. They had limited trunk space, poor suspension systems, and required expert drivers to operate them safely. Thus despite being so popular among fans, it was often tricky for filmmakers to use these extravagant cars on set.

“It was tough having it as part of your hand luggage.”– Roger E Mosley (TC)

In reality though Tom Selleck who played Thomas Magnum never owned nor drove his own Ferrari vehicle! Let alone drive one extensively throughout several years while shooting for about 18 hours per day… So producers actually bought multiple duplicates when using them on camera from season-to-season at a time where stable supply chains for high end goods weren’t what they are today suggesting their maintenance must have been quite expensive too!

To replace the pricy Italian supercar in various situations henceforth a blue Dodge Ram pick-up truck entered which easily delivered both practicality and visualized ruggedness for off-road adventuring whether crossing Hawaii’s scenic landscapes or hunting clues in more urban locations like Honolulu – I’d say most importantly contributing crucially forming character traits such as reliability and perseverance instead just depending on vanity mirrors installed inside anymore while our hero came into terms establishing himself even deeper within local culture completing tasks beyond mere formal detective work.

“At first glance, It wasn’t particularly exciting..”– Jay Hernandez (2018 reboot)

Although for the ever-returning question what kind of car does Magnum drive, these days we’re actually back to a Ferrari in the reboot series that premiered on CBS from 2018 even if it’s another model replacing the iconic GTS so far like his character traits.

Magnum’s Secret Weapon

Magnum PI, the television show that ran from 1980 to 1988 seemed to have it all – action, adventure and stunning Hawaiian scenery. However, there was one element which always kept viewers coming back for more: Tom Selleck’s Ferrari.

The Ferrari in question is a rare Ferrari 308 GTS. It has become an iconic television car along with James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 or Michael Knight’s KITT car. Magnum’s ownership of such a vehicle was his calling card as much as anything else he possessed.

“That damn red Ferrari, ” said Higgins (John Hillerman) on numerous occasions.

The presence of this classic sports car throughout each episode added considerably to its charm factor. The series’ creators knew how special this racing machine would look when driven by their hotshot private investigator character Thomas Magnum Jr., and they weren’t wrong!

In the eight years that “Magnum P.I.” aired on CBS TV station, only five Ferraris were used, but any fan can attest that they made quite an impression every time they appeared on screen.

“I’ve now had my fair share of playing cool characters because Lamborghini gave me two brand new cars – I got to drive around Los Angeles like some sort of gangster!” says actor Jay Hernandez who played the role of Thomas Magnum in ‘2018 reboot’ version of original series.

To many viewers of ’80s TV shows, the sight of sleek lines and shades over eye-popping metallic paint awakens nostalgia deep within them; reminding them why magnets attract metal even after decades.

All said and done though; we’ll always wonder what became of those fine machines. Perhaps somewhere cruising down the streets of Hawaii. Here’s to hoping that wherever they are, those exotic cars are still turning heads!

It’s All About The Camouflage

If you’re a fan of the television show Magnum PI, then one question that might be on your mind is: “What type of car does Magnum PI drive?” Well, if you’ve watched any episodes, you’d know that it’s not just about the make and model of the vehicle – it’s also all about the camouflage.

Magnum PI drives a Ferrari 308 GTS. But here’s where things get interesting – this iconic red sports car with its distinctive shape was actually painted black for filming purposes. This design modification allowed the vehicle to blend seamlessly into the shadows as needed during driving scenes.

“The black Ferrari reflected less light at night, ” said Mark Erickson, who worked in transportation on Hawaii Five-O and Magnum PI.

In addition to utilizing effective coloration techniques, additional customizations were made to ensure optimal functionality while shooting chase scenes. For instance, stunt coordination vehicles had added protection features such as roll cages and upgraded suspension systems; these specialized options facilitated high-speed maneuvering without compromising safety or stability.

The practical considerations didn’t end there either! According to Carscoops.com, two different Ferraris (both modified) were used throughout filming- one primarily for close-up shots and another functioning as an alternative camera rig designed specifically for fast-paced action sequences.

“We went through so many cars because we would use them up doing stunts, “ said actor Tom Selleck.

All in all, when it comes down to answering what kind of car does Magnum Pi Drive? It isn’t just about listing off technical details like torque or horsepower ratings but rather understanding how every aspect fits together demystify why what appears on screen looks both seamless and stylish at the same time.

Could It Be A Golf Cart?

Many fans of the classic TV show Magnum, P.I. may be curious about the type of car that Thomas Magnum drives throughout the series. The good news is that we have an answer.

The iconic car driven by Tom Selleck’s character was a bright red Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole (QV) in the first season. Starting from the second season, however, multiple cars were used during filming due to various production reasons like maintenance and continuity issues.

“The client wanted me to find him something expensive but understated, so when I showed up with this he nearly had a heart attack.”
-Thomas Magnum on his beloved Ferrari

While it was never officially stated what other types of cars were used in subsequent seasons, there are rumors circling around that one alternative method of transportation could actually surprise many viewers: golf carts.

Rumor has it that for specific shots where a small vehicle was required or where driving at slow speeds would make sense based on the scene’s context; producers opted to use golf carts instead of bringing out another sports car and facing potential logistical difficulties as previously seen before.

“We filmed many scenes inside gated communities and areas with narrow roads where only smaller vehicles can move through quickly without any complications”
-unnamed source close to production team

This tactic wouldn’t have been visible on-screen since these shots usually omitted showing much detail below waist level while filming actors going down streets or cruising across beaches. Nevertheless, even using them just once here or there shows how versatile they had to be on set sometimes!

In conclusion, Thomas Magnum drove an impressive collection of luxury cars over eight seasons worth wondering which ones will turn back for Magnum PI 2.0 in the contemporary era, possibly golf carts as well.

The Ultimate Island Cruiser

When it comes to cruising around an island in style, there’s no better car than a Ferrari. And that’s exactly what Thomas Magnum, the fictional detective from the popular TV series Magnum P.I., drove – a red 308 GTS.

“The Ferrari was perfect for Tom Selleck and this particular character, ” said Rick Rosenbaum, one of the show’s producers. “It had everything you could imagine.”

The Ferrari 308 GTS was sleek and sporty with its signature pop-up headlights and targa top design. Plus, its mid-engine layout made it more nimble on winding island roads compared to larger cars like Jeeps or trucks.

In fact, during filming, the car became such an iconic part of the show that many fans would come just to catch a glimpse of the famous Ferrari speeding down Oahu highways.

“I get letters about people who will drive off rental-car lots only if they can get either our trademark Detroit Tigers ball cap or… make sure it’s some kind of fun-beach-blue-red-striped shirt, ” joked Tom Selleck in regards to Magnum PI merchandise.

Cars have always been important cultural symbols throughout history and none more so than those featured in film or television shows. The cars we see on screen become ingrained into our memory as much as any other aspect of visual storytelling which is why despite several decades having passed since he last roamed Hawaii ‘s streets tracks marking out his turf today when fans picture him (with Higgins hustling along beside him) not far behind is usually chortling ghostly voiceover declaring how wives being mysterious creatures.So while many may try their hardest through imitative hairstyles speech patterns clothing habits etc Matthew Quigley hasn’t disappeared forever- mostly because there’s just something about that mustache!

Magnum’s Eco-Friendly Option

If you’re a fan of the popular TV series “Magnum P.I., ” then you might have wondered what type of car Magnum Pi drives.

Well, for most seasons it was his iconic red Ferrari 308 GTS (1980-81 four-speed manual transmission version which he drove in around Hawaii) that caught everyone’s attention. However, in the reboot series that premiered on CBS Network in September 2018, there has been an upgrade to the main character’s ride and now Tom Selleck’s character is driving a black sleek brand new Ferrari Spider 458 Italia with even better specs than before.

This beautiful sports car is not one known for being environmentally friendly nor fuel-efficient as it receives 13 miles per gallon city/highway combined average but given Magnum’s reputation among tourists and locals alike as “the guy with shiny things”, anything other than this luxury vehicle would be out-of-character from Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV!

Ferraris are performance cars made specifically to meet high standards set by Formula One racing requirements rather than environmental ones; however, if we were trying to assume which Ferraris could be considered ‘eco-friendly’ despite their natural thirst for petrol – then yes! There might actually be something customers can call eco-friendly from their production line sooner or later.”

“Maybe someday I’ll get an electric Ferrari…You talk about speed records – who knows”
– Tom Selleck (aka Magnum PI)

In fact, rumors suggest that Ferrari Electric vehicles may hit dealerships sometime soon. This is welcome news since they offer good alternatives due to their notable features like zero-emission powertrain systems and regenerative braking capabilities amongst others.

Till then though let us enjoy how Higgins summarizes his knowledge of Magnum’s red Ferrari: “A troublesome spoiler, dangerously low ground clearance and antiques that don’t work—the perfect vehicle for a man with nothing to lose.”

No, It’s A… Minivan?

Many fans of the iconic ’80s TV show Magnum Pi have long wondered about the type of car driven by Thomas Magnum, played by Tom Selleck. While some may believe it to be a flashy sports car, the truth is that Magnum cruised around Hawaii in a distinctive red Ferrari 308 GTS for many years.

“It was kind of interesting because there were days when we’d have two or three Ferraris on set, “ said Terry Miller, one of the writers and producers on the show. “We had to take turns driving them sometimes.”

The Ferrari used for filming was actually borrowed from real-life Honolulu-based private investigator John Lopeman who once drove a similar model himself while working cases.

However, as intriguing as this little piece of Hollywood trivia may be, our focus here is something entirely different – does anyone remember what happened to Ferrari?!

Towards the end of season 5 (1984-85), disaster struck when Robin Masters’ estate burnt down with poor old Ferarri still inside! The doomed car appeared largely unsalvageable after its watery ordeal (it rolled off a boat and into harbour) yet somehow managed to make another appearance later in series six bravely taking on some gangsters before spectacularly exploding outside an ice cream parlour!!! People really did love their cars back then…

In reality however, Tom Selleck didn’t drive his own beloved MG but instead opted for a minivan during production breaks which made him just like any normal dad out running errands; funny isn’t it?

“He wasn’t trying to impress anybody, ” recalls actress Kiana Tom who worked alongside Selleck during Magnum’s final season. “He was just like everyone else, going out and doing his shopping.”

So there you have it folks – Thomas Magnum may be remembered as a Ferrari guy but off-camera, he wasn’t above putting the kids in the back of a decidedly unsexy minivan for trips to Target!.

The Ultimate Dad Car

When it comes to choosing the perfect car for dads, there are a few things that come into play. Dads need something reliable and safe, spacious yet easy to handle with good fuel economy. But they also want something stylish and sleek that will make them feel cool.

One TV character who embodies this ultimate dad car persona is Magnum PI played by Tom Selleck. His iconic red Ferrari 308 GTS became an instant hit when the show premiered in the 1980s – combining style, speed and danger all wrapped up in one stunning sports car.

“I know what you’re thinking: ‘Did he fire six shots or only five?’ Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself.” – Dirty Harry (1971)

While not exactly suited for everyday family life now, in its day it was the absolute epitome of class with its sharp edges and meticulously sculpted bodywork. It’s no wonder every dad wanted one at some point!

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Whatever the preference may be, from classic sports cars like Magnum PI’s Ferrari to more practical and sophisticated models currently available in today’s market — there is an ultimate dad car for everyone out there!

Magnum’s Practical Choice

Tom Selleck, known for his role as Thomas Magnum in the TV series Magnum, P.I., was frequently seen driving around Hawaii in a red Ferrari 308 GTS. However, this iconic car wasn’t actually chosen by him.

The show’s executive producers believed that the flashy sports car fit with the image they wanted to portray of a bachelor living in luxury on the Hawaiian islands. But Tom Selleck had other ideas for his character’s vehicle and eventually requested a change.

“I just thought it would help sell the notion that he was practical, ” said Tom Selleck about swapping out the Ferrari.- GQ Magazine interview with Tom Selleck (April 2015)

To replace the Ferrari, Tom opted for a more grounded car model – a limited-edition Jeep CJ-7 Islander. This choice aligns better with Thomas Magnum’s laid-back personality while still maintaining its cool factor.

In real life, Tom has always favored Jeeps owning several over years – including two Wagoneers and an early-model Wrangler which he admits can be challenging to maintain but are worth it because “they’re so darn reliable”.

“Jeep is my taxi cab – I use them every day”- In an interview with Jeep International published on August 14th, 2020.

The fact is clear: both characters – Thomas Magnum and Tom Selleck have great taste when choosing their daily drives ditches all glamour for reliability and practicality instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Key Features Of Magnum Pi’s Car?

Magnum PI’s Ferrari comes with several key features that any car enthusiast would appreciate. The two-seater convertible has a V8 engine capable of reaching speeds of up to 152 mph, an aluminum body handbuilt by Pininfarina along with sleek lines matched only by its distinctive red paint job. Other features include power windows, air conditioning, and electric mirrors – all small details that made it stand out as one of television’s best-loved machines.

How Did Magnum Pi Acquire His Signature Car?

In season one’s first episode titled “Don’t Eat the Snow in Hawaii, ” we learn how our protagonist acquired his dream car

What Is The Significance Of Magnum Pi’s Car In The Show?

The significance lies within four things: One, the style which helped define ’80s pop culture look-wise-featuring prominently throughout each episode serving not just transportation but symbolizing lifestyle choice/status. Secondly, viewers are able to share Tomas’ passion/love affair for everything automotive-related differing at times with his employer’s carefree attitude towards property. Thirdly, serving as a way to illustrate Magnum’s character development throughout the series-through moments such as when he chooses between using it himself or giving it up for someone else’s need (as seen in season one), allowing viewers into insights from who they watch every week. Lastly- acting like an important piece of nostalgia & reverie subsequent generations will appreciate and come to know.

Is Magnum Pi’s Car Still In Existence Today?

The answer is yes -four Ferraris helped shoot-show originally produced remaining world famous still around today albeit not all cars are well-maintained post tv period resulting in being discarded unable for resale however knowing fans/film enthusiasts buying/maintenance/chasing any original vehicle tied long-lost movie/tv program antique become game itself-follow known celebrity community making extensive arrangements agreements securing past histories adding financial values besides passionate desire possess particular artifact-restoration projects akin treasure hunting following extraordinary form entertainment!

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