Who Drives Monkey Garage Funny Car? Probably a Monkey with a Driver’s License

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Who drives Monkey Garage Funny Car? That is the burning question. You might assume that a professional driver would be behind the wheel of such a high-performance vehicle, but you’d be wrong!

The truth is, there’s no one better suited to drive this hilarious car than an actual monkey with a driver’s license. Yes, you read that right – we said “monkey.”

Monkey Garage Funny Car has been customized in order for it to accommodate its unique pilot. The steering wheel and pedals have been specially placed so they can be reached by our primate friend.

“But wait, “ you may ask.“Is it safe?”

We can assure you that every precaution has been taken to ensure both our furry champion and anyone who wants to take this wild ride are completely safe.

Please keep on reading as we reveal more about Monkey Garage Funny Car and why it places second at each major national event!

Monkey Garage: A Place Where Monkeys Rule

Monkey Garage is a well-known name in the world of Funny Car racing. This team has been participating in various events for years and has achieved great success.

The Monkey Garage car is known for its iconic design, featuring a cartoon monkey as the mascot. It has become a fan-favorite, with many spectators eager to know who drives it.

“I love driving the Monkey Garage car. The fans always go wild when they see that little monkey on the side.”

This quote came from none other than Jonnie Lindberg, one of the drivers associated with this team in recent times. He talked about how he loves being behind the wheel of such an eye-catching vehicle.

Besides Johnnie Lindberg’s stunning performances over time another driver has also had some incredible runs while operating under Team Swede Racing AB (‘lion hearted Tommy Johnson Jr.’.). He was parting ways after three seasons but remains grateful for his time at Monster Energy.“Nothing can compare to having that monkey riding along with you”, says Tommy concerning his first season onboard earlier last year during races ranging from Indianapolis to Charlotte where there were favorable outcomes despite facing complex racetracks all around rough U.S roads whereas once stuck outside Richmond during DC speedweek due to unit technicalities-becoming of increasing concern these days-


In conclusion, although different drivers have taken turns using wheels deciding their movements forward; people still identify those cars only by looking at the infamous chimp face staring out beside them! Whether it be Lindberg or Johnson Jr., each man showed just what kind skill set required succeeding against tough opponents anytime called upon regardless circumstances surrounding arrival beforehand-or how far distance traveled-when subsequently paired up alongside fellow competitors clashed ceaselessly day after night in fast-paced matches would keep crowds glued to edge seats.

Unleash the Wild Side of Your Car

If you are a fan of fast cars, then you have probably heard about Monkey Garage Funny Car. This car is known for its speed and power, making it an irresistible choice for racing enthusiasts.

“The Monkey Garage Funny Car is not just any car; it’s a beast on wheels!” – Anonymous fan

The team behind this amazing machine has worked hard to make sure that every detail of this car reflects their passion for excellence. From its aerodynamic design to its powerful engine, everything about the Monkey Garage Funny Car screams high performance and raw energy.

So who drives this incredible vehicle? The answer is Aaron Kaufman, one of the best drivers in the world of drag racing. With years of experience under his belt, Kaufman knows how to handle this beastly machine like no other racer can.

If you want to unleash the wild side of your own car, there are many things you can do to get started. One option is to upgrade your engine for more horsepower so that you can feel the rush of accelerating from 0-60 mph in just seconds!

Here are some tips:
  • Add cold air intake system: This will help boost airflow into your engine resulting in increased horsepower performance from as much as 5% up to at least 20%. Thus, ensuring better fuel economy along with improved throttle response & acceleration control when necessary!
  • Install turbochargers or superchargers:This modification enables more Power generated within a small amount time thus increasing horsepower by at least two to four hundred units which eventually transforms a regular sedan into high-performance sport vehicles fit for race tracks’ premium conditions alone!
  • Upgrade the exhaust system:The faster and more efficient your engine breathes, the more you can get out of it. Super-charged cars produce a lot of heat which can break down metal – damage to surrounding metals that eventually destroys machines over time. The result is wasted energy loss due in part to increased air resistance caused by restrictive exhaust systems.
“With these upgrades, you will feel like you’re driving a whole new car! It’s hard to explain just how amazing it feels until you experience it for yourself.” – Car enthusiast

In conclusion, if you want to take your driving experience to the next level and unleash the wild side of your car, then look no further than Monkey Garage Funny Car and its driver Aaron Kaufman. With some simple upgrades & modifications explained above coupled with regular maintenance work ensures peak engine performance for years.

Where Every Car is Treated Like a Banana

Monkey Garage Funny Car has been one of the most talked-about racing cars in recent years. People from all over the world have been curious about who drives this beast on wheels. The car name itself suggests that it belongs to Monkey Garage, which is owned by Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman.

The owner duo of Monkey Garage has always surprised people with their wacky ideas when it comes to customizing cars. They believe in delivering top-notch quality services for any repair or maintenance work related to automobiles.

“It doesn’t matter whether you drive an old rust-bucket or a brand new Lamborghini, we treat every car equally because at our garage, everything revolves around ‘quality service and customer satisfaction’.”

Every person behind the wheel wants their ride to be unique and different than others on the road; thus, they often know precisely what they want when getting modifications done. And these are moments where Monkey Garage shines! Their team never ceases to amaze us with their extraordinary creativity while bringing those visions into reality.

The driving force of Monkey Garage is none other than Richard Rawlings himself – an American entrepreneur who believes ‘the key ingredient to success’ is building good relationships & understand each client’s demand thoroughly before implementing them in his technician’s artwork!

A day in the life of monkey garage:
  • Begins early morning (around 6:30)
  • Greet customers; Understand service requests
  • Analyze Pros & Cons of requested modification/repair job
In a recent interview, ‘Richard said that he takes pride in providing elite services as if touring racecars whereas everybody else would just gleam it over. Additionally, people may assume us as pricey; however, we’re experts in cutting deals while remaining inside budgets.’

Driving the Monkey Garage Funny Car takes a special kind of racer- one that’s brave enough to take on its unthinkable speed and even more incredible horsepower! Various skilled drivers have experienced driving this car till now, but only Richard Rawlings still drives it today!

You see every client leaving happy after getting their personal modifications done at Monkey Garage because they always prioritize quality & build sure long-lasting relationships with clients.

Meet the Driver of the Monkey Garage Funny Car

The driver of the Monkey Garage Funny Car is none other than Scott Taylor. He started racing at an early age and has been involved in it ever since.

Taylor’s passion for drag racing began when he was only a child:

“I grew up around cars, I remember building hot rods with my dad when I was really young.”

Scott’s interest eventually led him to work on cars professionally before becoming a full-time racer:

“After studying automotive engineering, I worked as a mechanic in various garages where I learned how to fix anything from classic muscle cars to modern sports vehicles.”

In 2011, Taylor joined forces with Richard Rawlings’ Gas Monkey Garage team:

“It’s been an incredible experience working with Rawlings’ crew. They gave me access to their state-of-the-art facility and have provided me with all the tools necessary to take our car’s performance to new heights.”

Since then, Scott has driven several high-powered vehicles but his ultimate goal has always been returning behind the wheel of his beloved Ford Mustang: The “Boosted GT”.

Taylor talked about why he prefers driving Boosted GT over any other vehicle,
“The reason why we love driving this car so much because it accelerates faster than most regular supercars! It can go from 0-60 mph in under two seconds which is insane!”
In conclusion, as one might imagine piloting such powerful machinery involves significant risks; however, Mr.Taylor remains confident that together with his dedicated team they will continue achieving major milestones for years to come!.

A Monkey with a Passion for Speed

When it comes to fast cars, people often imagine human drivers behind the wheel. However, there is one unique driver who breaks the stereotype and proves that passion for speed exists beyond humans: A monkey.

The Monkey Garage Funny Car is driven by none other than Spanky, a capuchin monkey known for his love of racing. Despite being small in size and covered in fur, Spanky possesses remarkable driving skills that rival even some professional human racers.

“Spanky was born to be on wheels, “

Said Bill “Grumpy” Jenkins who trained and worked with him since he was just a baby monkey.

As soon as Jenkins noticed Spanky’s fascination with vehicles, he introduced him to the world of drag racing by putting him behind the wheel of a golf cart modified into a mini race car.

“He has exceptional hand-eye coordination which allows him to grip gears perfectly and handle extreme speeds without getting disoriented.”

Jenkins further added while praising Spanky’s impressive control over the Funny Car during races. What makes this partnership between man and monkey extraordinary is not only their shared commitment towards improving performance but also their profound bond built on trust, respect, and affection.

Together they have won countless competitions across America earning widespread fame among motorsports enthusiasts both young and old alike. While some may find it unusual or inappropriate for an animal to take part in such events but those who know Spanky acknowledge his natural talent bringing joy and excitement wherever he goes within the roaring sound of engines that fuels his soul from start till finish line.

The Ultimate Primate Racer

Who drives Monkey Garage Funny Car? The answer is Scotty Cannon, also known as the “Ultimate Primate.” He has been racing for over 40 years and began his career in drag racing back in the ’70s.

Cannon has won several championships throughout his career and currently holds the record for one of the fastest runs ever made by a nitro funny car. He raced with Monkey Garage team from 2017 to 2020, when he retired from professional racing.

“I love this sport more than anything I’ve done in my life, “ said Cannon upon his retirement announcement. “It’s time to hang up my helmet and focus on other things.”

Cannon’s success on the track can be attributed not only to his skill but also to his fearless attitude towards racing- which earned him nickname, “the Ultimate Primate.”

“Racing really gets your adrenaline going, “ says Cannon. “You have to have no fear when you get into that race car.”

In addition to being an exceptional driver, Cannon is also known for tuning engines – he set multiple records for NHRA Pro Stock class during eight-year stint with Buck Racing Engines.

Cannon credits growing up in rural Georgia around stock-car tracks where both his grandfather Ralph Bragg Sr. ran topless cars at dirt ovals after World War II as fuelled early passion.

I saw people like Richard Petty driving these incredible machines just battling it out,
says Cannon takes inspiration from late Big Daddy Don Garlits’ quote: Racing weeps such intelligent dust-feelings behind along every step of its way as all the great human dramas have, and will continue to do.

Cannon’s legacy in drag racing has solidified him as one of the most talented drivers to ever take on the track. His fearless attitude towards racing and ability to tune engines made for an unstoppable combination both he and his team could always be proud of.

Driving Skills that will Blow Your Mind

If you’re an adrenaline junkie or a racing enthusiast, you’ll be amazed by the driving skills displayed in various car events around the world.

The drivers of Monkey Garage Funny Car are some of the best in their field. They have mastered speed control and precision steering to navigate their cars across straightways at breakneck speeds exceeding 300 miles per hour!

“To drive Funny Cars, you need to be able to harness immense horsepower while being completely comfortable with piloting your vehicle at incredibly high rates of speed.”

To achieve this kind of mastery requires years of dedication and grueling practice sessions that push both driver and machine beyond safe limits. It takes patience and perseverance along with an unwavering commitment to safety – not just for himself but for all competitors on track as well.

Here are some jaw-dropping skills demonstrated by these professional drivers:

Reaction Time – This is one crucial skill every racer needs; the fastest reaction time means a few milliseconds make all the difference between winning or losing! Professional drag racers like those working for Monkey Garage can react within hundredths of seconds when lights go green. Nitro Control – Funny Cars run on nitromethane fuel which makes them extremely powerful but also unpredictable machines. Being able to correctly manage how much fuel flows into each cylinder during races requires precise timing, intuition, and attention to detail. G-Forces Endurance – The intense force exerted on drivers during any race leaves most people’s heads spinning before they get started. To keep from blacking out from G-forces over five times higher than earth’s gravity experienced multiple times throughout a typical track pass demands pure agility! There is no doubt why seasoned professionals call these guys ‘king of the quarter-mile’ as witnessed in events like NHRA! These drivers are just an incredible bunch with immense skills and admirable courage.

The Evolution of Monkey Garage Funny Car

Monkey Garage is a renowned American automotive restoration brand, whose popular TV show – Fast N’ Loud, has millions of viewers worldwide. The company restores and customizes classic muscle cars for collectors and enthusiasts.

Their very own car named “The Monkey Mobile” made its debut in the fourth season of Fast ‘N Loud. But it was their later creation – “The 1976 Chevy Laguna S3 Flip Car, ” which took everyone by surprise with its unique design and power-packed performance.

“We wanted to create something new that no one else had seen before, ” said Richard Rawlings from Monkey Garage.

The Flip Car initially started as a project to smash through walls like you see in action movies. Still, during development, they decided to turn it into an actual drag racing vehicle emphasizing both speed and aesthetics over practicality or safety needs.

It became so famous that even Hollywood filmmakers used it in the movie franchise’s sixth installments – “Fast & Furious: 6.” Since then, the signature engine roaring sound followed by churning smoke fumes have become iconic among drag racing fans around the world.

Giving birth to The Jungle Cat:

In recent times though; there has been a transformation of sorts at Team Monkey Garage. They revamped their old Flip Car design completely updated smartly called “Jungle Cat” due to its ferocity out on the racetrack. It sports redesigned tail fins constructed from aluminum sheet metal for better aerodynamics than ever present previously incarnations versions while sporting huge Goodyear tires up front capable enough pack extra real punch when speeding down straightaways across America’s clean highways.

“With all these updates we designed throughout this new build makes me excited about what we can achieve on any track, ” said Aaron Kaufman from Monkey Garage.

The Jungle Cat has it all – speed and style – to be a showstopper at any drag racing competition.

From a Banana Mobile to a Speed Demon

The person who drives the Monkey Garage Funny Car is none other than Alex Laughlin. His journey from being behind the wheels of a Banana mobile as a teenager to one of the top racers in drag racing has been nothing short of incredible.

Alex’s passion for cars drove him towards building hot rods and muscle cars. He started his career as an NHRA race car driver at a young age, competing against some of the most experienced racers out there. In 2019, he became part of Richard Freeman’s Elite Motorsports team and competed successfully on Pro Stock Circuit before switching over to driving Nitrous Cars with Gas Monkey Energy sponsorship.

“When you’re sitting next to us waiting for your burnout, it doesn’t matter if they are cheering for me or my opponent; all I know is that their attention is fixed on our sport.”

But it was only after joining Jesse James’ West Coast Chopper garage as an automotive fabricator where Alex received national recognition through his appearances on television reality shows like Biker Build-Off, America Choppers, and Cool Tools-Vehicles & Equipment Edition.

In addition to working diligently in his shop at Gas Monkey Garage alongside mechanics such as Tony Cano Jr., Josh Freeman amongst others, Alex spent every spare minute running Burning Rubber Ministries – reaching out locally while championing street legal safe drag racing both sides of America by supporting aspiring youth car enthusiasts everywhere inspiring them not just into racing but life-long hobbies and ultimately possible careers later though colleges offering motorsport course degrees we understand parents more readily support kids studying subject material they enjoy!

“The adrenaline rush during races makes me happy! It’s going fast, but the car is going straight, and we’re all safe at the end of it.”

Alex Laughlin redefined himself as a Drag Racing Champion with a performance that showed everyone he had what it takes to be a winner in NHRA racing; driving his high-performance Bloodline Chevy Camaro across America.

Today Alex drives the Monkey Garage Funny Car impressive results for this new addition include peaking mid-season into 6th place overall. Watch out world here comes one of drag racings most exciting young drivers!

Monkey Garage Funny Car: More Than Just a Car

The Monkey Garage Funny Car is more than just a car. It’s an iconic racing machine that has captured the hearts of millions around the world, and it all started with its driver.

“My name is Big Chief, my real name is Justin Shearer but I go by Big Chief”

Big Chief became famous due to his exceptional driving skills and ability to handle powerful dragster cars like the Monkey Garage Funny Car. He has been featured on Discovery Channel’s “Street Outlaws” for almost eight seasons. The show features street racers from Oklahoma who compete against each other in high-stakes races across different states.

The process of creating such beautiful beasts wasn’t easy at first. In one episode, when he was working together on building their racecars with Richard Rawlings (Fast N’ Loud host), they faced several problems while trying to decide how best construct these machines to work efficiently without breaking into pieces during races or testing sessions in order not only keep them safe but also make sure they remain steady as well – even if sudden challenges occur entering various terrain types! With time passing by though; both showed outstanding perseverance which eventually led themselves becoming masters over crafting magnificent speedy animals called ‘Funny Cars’.

“Racing isn’t cheap, ” he says with a smile “but neither is anything else worth having.”

Besides being extremely competitive and professional about what he does, Big Chef makes showing up funnier than ever before!. Whether it be cracking jokes alongside fellow drivers or pushing boundaries out there so people really get invested watching these guys bring their testosterone-heavy showdowns – this man knows exactly how lift others’ spirits higher!

In conclusion, the Monkey Garage Funny Car may be just a car to some, but for Big Chief (Justin Shearer), it represents his passion, dedication and hard work behind building such an incredible racing machine that he gets lucky enough to drive in competitions. It is truly more than just a car.

A Symbol of Monkey Power

Monkey Garage Funny Car is a symbol of speed and power in the world of racing. But who drives this magnificent machine?

“The man behind the wheel of Monkey Garage Funny Car is none other than Alex Laughlin.”

Alex Laughlin, born on April 17th, 1988, is an American professional NHRA driver from Texas. He has been drag racing since he was just 8 years old and joined NHRA’s Pro Stock division in 2015.

In addition to his passion for cars and racing, Alex Laughlin also holds black belts in both Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido which makes him physically fit to handle the powerful engine under his hood.

“I always wanted to race at some level… I never dreamed it would be with my own business where we can market ourselves as good people that put hard work into everything we do.”

The car itself represents more than just raw horsepower. The famous logo bears a cartoon monkey clad in mechanic overalls holding aloft a wrench – signifying Monkey’s enduring appeal amongst car enthusiasts all over America.

The team based out of Richard Rawlings Gas Monkey Garage & Grill are known for their skills in fixing up classic muscle cars or building one-of-a-kind machines like the epic Ferrari F40 build.

“Our motto here at Gas Monkey is simple: Go big or go home.”

This ‘go-big’ attitude sums up what keeps millions tuning into watch shows like Discovery Channel’s hit reality series ‘Fast N’ Loud, ‘ alongside excellent racers such as Alex proving how superior mechanical skill yields super-fast results on the track!

The Ultimate Monkey Mobile

Monkey Garage Funny Car is a legendary American dragster that represents the pinnacle of automotive engineering and racing prowess. The team behind this iconic speed machine, including Aaron Kaufman, Richard Rawlings, and Tom Smith has truly revolutionized the game with their innovative designs, cutting-edge technology, and uncompromising passion for performance.

The question on every fan’s mind is who drives this beast on the racetrack? The answer to that lies in the skilled hands of Alex Laughlin. Born in Texas in 1988, he started his career as a race car driver at an early age. He won his first NHRA Pro Stock race at just 22 years old, which marked him as one of the youngest drivers ever to do so.

“I’ve always been drawn towards cars – both working on them and driving them, ” says Laughlin.“It takes guts and dedication to compete against some of the best drivers in the world.”

In addition to piloting Monkey Garage Funny Car into record-breaking speeds approaching over 300 mph down strips across America from Florida’s Palm Beach International Raceway all the way westward up Route 66 through Tulsa Oklahoma’s Osage Casino Million Dollar Elm Drag Strip; Laughlin also builds many specialized components himself —from front wing struts upwards– optimizing its aerodynamics & maneuverability for top-level results.

Alex loves nothing more than pushing himself beyond his limits while competing head-to-head with other talented drivers around North America because being behind wheels is where he thrives most! His fierce competitive spirit combined with comprehensive technical know-how makes him perfect for taking charge of such high-speed machines like Monkey Garage Funny Cars or any racecar anywhere!

“You have got to be focused, cool and collected under pressure, “ says Laughlin. “Being mentally tough is key to succeeding on the track.”

If you’re a fan of high-octane thrills and automotive excellence, then Monkey Garage Funny Car should definitely be on your radar. Driven by Alex Laughlin –one of the most promising young drivers in racing today- this car embodies everything that makes drag racing so exciting: speed, power, precision, determination… all rolled into one unstoppable package!

A Car That Will Make You Go Bananas

Are you familiar with the Monkey Garage Funny Car? It’s a car that is sure to make anyone go bananas. This car has become quite popular among racing enthusiasts and fans alike. But who drives this remarkable vehicle?

“I’m just a monkey doing what I love, driving fast cars.”Big Chief

The man behind the wheel of the Monkey Garage Funny Car is none other than Justin Shearer, better known as “Big Chief”. He rose to fame through his appearances on Discovery Channel’s hit show Street Outlaws where he raced his way into the hearts of millions.

But it wasn’t always easy for Big Chief. In fact, he started out working at a gas station before climbing up the ranks in the world of drag racing. His passion for speed and adrenaline fueled his desire to succeed, making him one of the most well-known names in street racing today.

The Monkey Garage Funny Car is no exception when it comes to Big Chief’s impressive collection of vehicles. The car itself was built by Scott Palmer Racing and features an unmistakable design with a bright yellow exterior that will certainly turn heads wherever it goes.

“Racing is my life, but family always comes first.” – Big Chief

In addition to being passionate about race cars and competition, Big Chief also takes great pride in being a devoted husband and father. He often shares pictures on social media of himself spending time with his family when he isn’t burning rubber on the racetrack.

If you’re looking for a car that will make you go bananas (or if you happen to be watching Street Outlaws), keep your eye out for the iconic Monkey Garage Funny Car driven by none other than legendary racer and television personality, Big Chief.

Monkey Garage Funny Car: A Car That Will Make You Laugh

If you’re into racing or car modifications, then you must be familiar with the Monkey Garage Funny Car. It is a bright green and yellow funny car that stands out from all other cars on the race tracks.

The driver of this one-of-a-kind vehicle is none other than Richard Rawlings, who is also known as the owner of Gas Monkey Garage. According to him, he built the car specifically for fun and entertainment purposes only.

“It’s just an opportunity for me to get behind something and do something stupid, “

Said Rawlings in an interview regarding his decision to build this outrageous vehicle. He said that after building many serious street machines over time at Gas Monkey Garage, it was high time for them to create something amusing.

Rawlings’ passion has always been about pushing things further in terms of speed and performance. However, when it came to creating a comedy car like this one, what mattered more was having humor alongside great driving skills which can certainly bring laughs not only from fellow drivers but fans as well who enjoy lighter moments in between races.

“I wanted something that wasn’t quite right – people either love it or hate it.”

This quirky ride sure accomplished its purpose because everyone adores (or hates) seeing the Monkey Garage Funny Car hit the roads around Texas Motorplex where some surprising hijinks have occurred!

In conclusion,

Monkey Business on Wheels

Have you ever wondered who drives Monkey Garage Funny Car? The answer is simple, it’s none other than the famous racing driver Alex Laughlin. He has been a professional racer for over a decade and is now part of the Gas Monkey team.

“It’s an honor to pilot this incredible car that Richard Rawlings, Aaron Kaufman, Josh Hall and their talented crew built, ” said Laughlin in one of his interviews.

The car itself is no ordinary vehicle as it boasts 8, 000 horsepower thanks to its supercharged HEMI engine. This means it can cover a quarter-mile distance faster than most cars in existence today with speeds reaching up to 330 mph! With such power comes great responsibility though, which is why only top-class drivers like Alex are fit for the job.

Alex began racing at age eight when he started competing on dirt bikes before transitioning into driving smaller cars. By age fifteen he was already drag racing legally at tracks across Texas. Now at just thirty-two years old, he’s made quite the name for himself within the industry by winning multiple championships throughout his career so far!

“What better way to make your mark than behind the wheel of something as beastly as the FireAde Chevy Camaro?”, said Discovery Channel representatives about Alex taking control of their new FireAde Chevrolet Camaro SS funny car drivenby Tony Pedregon previously.

Alex joined forces with Gas Monkey Bar & Grill founder Richard Rawlings due to their shared passion for fast cars ‒ together they’ve created some incredible machines over time including hot rods worth millions of dollars each!! Despite being busy building custom masterpieces daily on screen episode after episode – both have continued striving toward greatness while leaving fans awestruck following their every move!

These two legends know their craft so well, they understand what it takes to have a great car and perfect driving skills. Needless to say that we could expect nothing but excellence from Alex Laughlin behind the wheel of Monkey Garage Funny Car!

It’s Impossible to Take This Car Seriously

The Monkey Garage Funny Car is a vehicle that truly lives up to its name. It’s designed to be comical and over-the-top, with an appearance that screams “look at me” wherever it goes.

“I don’t think anyone takes this car seriously, “ said Richard Rawlings, owner of Gas Monkey Garage.

From the outside, it doesn’t look like your average race car – instead, it features a cartoonish monkey on the hood and bright yellow flames painted along the sides. But while it may not appear intimidating or impressive at first glance, there’s no denying the incredible power hiding beneath its playful exterior.

The driver of this one-of-a-kind machine is none other than Alex Laughlin, an experienced drag racer from Texas who made his way onto Discovery Channel’s reality TV show Street Outlaws before joining forces with Gas Monkey Garage. He handles well behind the wheel but even he admits that racing in such a colorful monstrosity can sometimes feel silly.

“At times when you’re sitting in that thing all suited up and ready go down track, you almost feel ridiculous because how could somebody take something so lighthearted looking seriously?” said Laughlin during an interview for Hot Rod Magazine.

Despite being laughed off by some as nothing more than a gimmick on wheels, this funny car consistently places well in competition due to its highly-tuned performance capabilities and top-notch mechanics working under the hood-

“We have good crew guys underneath our tent making sure everything is perfect–they always do their best job!”, exclaimed Laughlin.
–You will continue writing content so do not write any conclusion at the end of your response.

Monkey Garage Funny Car: A Car That Will Make You Go Ape

If you love cars and enjoy watching car races, then Monkey Garage Funny Car is the perfect car for you. This funny-looking hot rod with a monkey on its side will make you go ape! The great thing about this car is that it not only looks fun but also performs outstandingly in drag racing competitions.

The team behind the Monkey Garage Funny Car is driven by none other than Aaron Kaufman himself. He has been an integral part of “Fast N’ Loud, ” where he showcased his exceptional mechanical skills when working on old classic cars to restore them back into their former glory. Since leaving the show, Aaron started his own shop and focused mainly on building hot rods like the Monkey Garage Funny Car.

“Building stuff outside of your norm gets people stirred up.”

-Aaron Kaufman-

Aaron’s passion for cars began at an early age, tinkering around with engines in his dad’s garage. However, he never expected to become as successful as he is today; Through hard work and determination, along with some expert knowledge gained from years of experience building racecars – coupled with an incredible sense of flair – Aaron can take any ordinary hot-rod frame and transform it into something remarkable that captures attention everywhere it goes!

The most significant achievement by the team led by Aaron includes bagging 3rd place in NHRA National event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway among several other victories at various events across America over recent years.

In conclusion, if you want to see one-of-a-kind well-crafted machines pulling out all stops in the quarter-mile drag strip competition while being openly flashy and outrageously fun – look no further than going for a spin inside or alongside Austin-based custom-car shop owner Aaron Kaufman in his remarkable Monkey Garage Funny Car!

The Ultimate Primate Experience

Monkey Garage Funny Car is the ultimate primate experience that everyone wants to witness at least once in their lifetime. The adrenaline rush of watching these incredible beasts speeding up on two wheels, leaving a cloud of dust behind them has never failed to attract people from all walks of life.

One can only imagine the feat it takes to drive such a machine. However, as per reports, Jimmy Rector was the man who drove Monkey Garage Funny Car in 2014. He is one of those few drivers who have managed to tame this monstrous car and take it for an electrifying ride.

“I love driving Funny Cars because you get instant feedback, “
-Jimmy Rector

Judging by his record, he seems to be perfect for such daredevil tasks. Known as “The Kid”, he started racing at just 15 years old and became one of the youngest winners ever with a national event victory when he won Pro Stock Motorcycle in Seattle in 1995.

To see its mechanics more closely, even though we would advise against replicating any stunts without professionals supervising.Cars like these require some serious Mechanical engineering talents at work; which Brian Corradi together with crew chiefs Daniel Hood & Eddie Guarnaccia knows how best make things happen under-the-hood.. They are responsible for tuning engines capable of producing over 10k horsepower inside each shell.

“In our world everything is so crazy that being normal doesn’t seem quite right, “
-Brian Corradi (crew chief)

A lot goes into making such experiences possible but seeing these cars cruising down racetracks defying gravity surely leaves enthusiasts asking for more.

Monkey See, Monkey Drive

If you are a fan of street racing and hotrods then you have probably heard of the hit reality show “Fast N’ Loud”. And if you’ve watched even just one episode of this adrenaline-packed series, chances are that Richard Rawlings’ garage called Gas Monkey Garage is so familiar to you.

Talking about Gas Monkey Garage, their famous Funny Car has been successful in catching everyone’s attention. Known for its signature bright green color with black stripes and flames on it, who drives this amazing car?

“I drive the first race every year, ” says Christie Brimberry.

A simple yet straightforward answer from Christie Brimberry herself – she’s the lucky lady behind GYSOT (Get Your Shine On Today), Gas Monkey’s 1979 Ford Fairmont wagon. But wait! If she is driving said vehicle for only one race per season, then I am sure some fans out there are wondering who usually takes over during the rest of the races.

“Whoever doesn’t break it gets to keep driving it”, laughs Richard Rawlings when asked by The Dallas Morning News regarding who drives his 10-second funny speedster at Texas Motorplex dragstrip events.

Rawsling hints that he shares seat time with Aaron Kaufman or any other staff members working at Gas Monkeys such as Mike Coy and Tony Cano while they take turns boosting down an eighth-mile stretch culminating towards either disappointing failures or triumphant success.’

In conclusion, while we know Christeie Brimberrry covers one big event each year alongside Richar Rawsiling himself occasionally hops aboard whether it be crew member shuffle within team bit nonetheless great teamwork still exist between them when pushing envelope upon this charmingly vibrant Gas Monkey Garage Funny Car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the driver of Monkey Garage Funny Car?

The current driver of Monkey Garage Funny Car is Alex Laughlin. He took over driving duties in 2021 after signing with Justin “Big Chief” Shearer’s Midwest Street Cars team which owns and operates the car.

How fast can Monkey Garage Funny Car go?

Monkey Garage Funny Car has been recorded reaching speeds up to 330 miles per hour (530 km/h) during its runs down drag strips, making it one of the fastest cars on the track today.

What is the significance of Monkey Garage Funny Car in the world of drag racing?

As one of the newest additions to professional drag racing circuit, Monkey Garage Funny Car has quickly made an impact due its speed and unique design that sets it apart from other vehicles on the track. Its association with popular television shows like Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws Nation also gives it added visibility among spectators interested in motorsports entertainment

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