Who Drives The Cheerios Car In Nascar? You Won’t Believe Who’s Behind The Wheel!

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Have you ever wondered who is behind the wheel of the iconic Cheerios car in NASCAR? The driver’s identity may surprise you, as it’s not a well-known name in the racing world.

The person driving the Cheerios car in NASCAR is actually a woman named Danica Patrick. She started her career in open-wheel racing and transitioned to NASCAR in 2012. Since then, she has become one of the most recognizable faces in the sport.

“I grew up watching my dad race on tracks throughout America… and I had this dream that someday I would get to drive race cars for a living too, ” said Danica Patrick.

Patrick has been sponsored by General Mills, which owns Cheerios, since 2009. She has driven several different cars with various paint schemes featuring Cheerios branding over the years, but none are more famous than her bright yellow #10 car.

Despite facing criticism and skepticism from some fans and drivers due to being a female competitor in a male-dominated sport, Patrick never let it deter her from pursuing her passion. Her hard work paid off when she became the first woman ever to secure pole position at Daytona International Speedway for the 2013 Daytona 500.

If you want to catch Danica Patrick behind the wheel of the Cheerios car again, unfortunately, you’ll have to look back through old racing footage or search for pictures online since she retired from professional racing after running part-time schedules during 2018-19 seasons.

The History of Cheerios in NASCAR

Cheerios first entered the world of NASCAR in 1997 as a sponsor for driver Bobby Hamilton and his No. 43 car. The partnership between Hamilton and Cheerios was successful, with two wins at Martinsville Speedway in 1998 and Phoenix International Raceway in 2001.

After Hamilton retired in 2005, Cheerios continued to be involved in NASCAR through various sponsorship deals, including one with Richard Childress Racing (RCR). In 2011, RCR announced that Austin Dillon would drive the No. 3 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 with Cheerios as a primary sponsor for select races.

Dillon had much success driving the Cheerios car in NASCAR, winning the Xfinity Series championship in both 2013 and 2014 and scoring his first Cup win at Charlotte Motor Speedway under its colors. After several seasons racing primarily with Dow Chemical as his primary sponsor, Dillon returned to having General Mills brands like Cheerios on his cars full-time again when he began piloting their Caro #31 machine starting from this season onwards.

“The relationship between General Motors, Team Chevy continues to grow stronger every year, ” said Stephanie Shaulis-VanTassel, associate marketing director for General Mills cereal partnerships. “Our longstanding history together provides continued excitement among our customers who eagerly cheer us on during race day!” she added.

As it stands now, Austin Dillon drives the famous yellow-and-black No. 31 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 adorned by Co-General Manager himself Tyler Reddick and other notable drivers throughout time such as Jeff Burton or Jamie McMurray amongst others. “

How Cheerios became a sponsor in Nascar

Cheerios has been sponsoring NASCAR for more than 10 years now and it all started with a simple idea. In the early 2000s, General Mills wanted to promote its cereal brand Cheerios and decided that NASCAR would be an excellent platform to do so.

The first driver to race with Cheerios sponsorship was Sterling Marlin, who drove the No. 40 car for Chip Ganassi Racing during the 2001 season.

Since then, several drivers have driven the iconic yellow and black Cheerios car including John Andretti, Dave Blaney, Reed Sorenson, Jamie McMurray and Casey Mears.

“We’re thrilled about our partnership with Richard Childress Racing (RCR) on this venture, ” said Meredith Tutterow, associate marketing manager for Cheerios at General Mills. “Cheerios is excited about bringing awareness to such an important cause. “

Currently, the iconic #3 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is being sponsored by Cheerios under Richard Childress Racing’s banner as part of their Hunger initiative campaign in collaboration with Feeding America where they are aiming to fight childhood hunger which affects millions of children across America.

You’ll find Austin Dillon behind the wheel who is no stranger to success after winning both Daytona 500 and Coca-Cola 600 in recent years making him one of the rising stars of NASCAR.

Previous drivers of the Cheerios car

The Cheerios car is one of the most recognizable cars in NASCAR, having been driven by a number of talented drivers over the years. One notable driver who piloted the yellow and black #31 Chevrolet was Jeff Burton.

Burton drove for Richard Childress Racing (RCR) from 2005 to 2011, earning two wins and finishing in the top ten in points three times. He brought the Cheerios brand to Victory Lane twice during his tenure with RCR.

A few years later, Austin Dillon took over driving duties for the iconic yellow car. Dillon raced as #33 before switching over to #3 following his grandfather’s retirement from racing. Since then, he has become one of NASCAR’s rising stars, winning races and finishing high in point standings multiple times.

In recent years, Daniel Hemric drove the No. 8 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE emblazoned with Cheerios branding. Despite being new to Cup racing at that time, Hemric showed plenty of promise while behind the wheel of this iconic car.

“Cheerios have always been part of my daily regimen. ” – Jeff Burton
No matter which driver was behind the wheel of the Cheerios car at any given time throughout its history, it remains one of NASCAR’s timeless classics. The distinctive color scheme and iconic branding will forever be woven into NASCAR lore as we continue to ask ourselves: Who Drives The Cheerios Car In Nascar?

The Current Driver

Have you ever wondered who drives the Cheerios car in NASCAR? Well, currently it is driven by Ty Dillon. He has been competing in NASCAR’s Cup Series since 2014 and began driving for Germain Racing – which manages the No. 13 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE that features a bright yellow paint scheme with Cheerios prominently displayed on the hood.

Dillon comes from a family of racers as his grandfather is Richard Childress, owner of Richard Childress Racing (RCR), and he is also the brother of Austin Dillon – another successful racer who won multiple races in NASCAR including the Daytona 500 championship in 2018. Growing up around racing, it was no surprise when Ty followed his family’s footsteps into racing karts at an early age before working his way through other series like ARCA, Xfinity and Truck before ultimately reaching the highest level of stock car racing – NASCAR Cup Series.

“Being able to run this iconic Hendrick Motorsports engine package combined with Champion Power Equipment onboard made our job easy today, ” said Dillon after winning first place at Homestead-Miami Speedway in June 2020. ”

In addition to being sponsored by Cheerios, previous sponsors have included GEICO and Bass Pro Shops among others. With Ty behind the wheel, fans can be sure that they will see fast-paced action on race day while showcasing one of their favorite breakfast cereals!

Background and racing history of the current driver

The Cheerios car in NASCAR is currently driven by Chris Buescher, who hails from Prosper, Texas. Born on October 29th, 1992, Chris made his NASCAR debut in 2015. He began his career as a development driver for Roush Fenway Racing and competed mainly in the Xfinity Series.

In 2016, Chris joined Front Row Motorsports to drive their No. 34 Ford Fusion in the Cup Series. After two seasons with Front Row Motorsports, he returned to Roush Fenway Racing to replace Trevor Bayne at the wheel of the famed No. 17 Ford Mustang.

Chris claimed an unforgettable victory at Pocono Raceway during the COVID-19 delayed season in 2020 driving just before Hurricane Laura hit landfall and left millions without power throughout neighboring states. The win was an emotional one as Chris dedicated it to longtime friend Johnson City resident Ryan Hess and had recently passed away due to cancer complications while raising funds through racing efforts under “#RyanRacing. ”

Besides being known as ‘the guy who drives the Cheerios car’, Chris has also won other accolades such as ARCA Menards Series West Champion (2011), ARCA Midwest Tour Rookie of the Year (2012) among other achievements throughout various teams and competitive races across the United States.

“Growing up competing locally at Summer Thunder TV Bowl-A-Rama to now driving cars I’ve watched race on Sundays my entire life continues to be surreal, ” says Buescher about his ongoing Nascar journey

Why the current driver was chosen for the Cheerios car

The current driver of the Cheerios car in NASCAR is Ryan Newman.

There are several reasons why Ryan Newman was chosen as the driver for this iconic NASCAR vehicle. One reason is his track record as an accomplished racer, having won a total of 18 Cup races and being named Rookie of the Year in 2002.

Newman’s skillset and experience make him a great choice to drive the #6 Chevrolets Camaro ZL1 1LE car with its iconic yellow and red paint scheme representing Cheerios cereal.

“Ryan represents what our company stands for—hard work, dedication, tenacity and teamwork, ” said Vipul Chawla, Chief Marketing Officer at General Mills which produces Cheerios cereals.

Add to that Newman’s ongoing commitment towards promoting good health through varied programs including sponsorship initiatives such as ‘Corn fields’, ‘Growing Better Health’, cycling and juvenile diabetes awareness program-Just one ‘Dime a Day’.

Newman not only brings extensive racing skills to the table but also reflects values synonymous with those envisioned by General Mills. This makes him an even greater asset to team Cheerios. His unique set of characteristics enable him convey messages in areas such as physical fitness amongst children which aligns perfectly with General Mill’s ideology toward raising healthier generations.

In conclusion, choosing Ryan Newman was undoubtedly an astute decision given his demonstrated commitment to excellence both on-and-off-track together with a personality matching brand philosophy; making it clear why he continues lead Team Cheerio forward competently within highly competitive field that’s NASCAR racing!

The Cheerios Car Design

When it comes to NASCAR, the cars that race on the track are as much a part of the experience as the drivers who operate them. One car in particular has become an iconic symbol for fans of the sport: The Cheerios car.

The design of the Cheerios car is instantly recognizable thanks to its bright yellow color and bold red lettering spelling out “Cheerios” across the hood and sides. The overall look of the car is sleek and modern, with aerodynamic lines and a low profile that allow it to cut through air more efficiently at high speeds.

“Who drives this legendary vehicle?” you may ask. That honor belongs to none other than Chris Buescher. “

Buescher was born in 1992 in Prosper, Texas, and started racing go-karts when he was just nine years old. He had driven in various levels of stock car racing before being signed by Roush Fenway Racing to drive their No. 60 Ford Mustang in the Xfinity Series. In 2016, Buescher moved up to compete full-time in NASCAR’s top level – now known as the Monster Energy Cup Series – where his ride became what we know today as The Cheerios Car! Being tasked with driving such an iconic vehicle can come with added pressure since everyone knows who pilots it around every turn!

In conclusion, not only does The Cheerios Car stand out on track thanks to its unique design but also due to Chris Buescher skillfully operating it race after race.

How the design of the Cheerios car has evolved over the years

The iconic Cheerios car, which was first introduced in NASCAR back in 2014, has undergone several changes to its design over the years. The current driver of the Cheerios car is Chris Buescher.

In its earliest days, the Cheerios car featured a predominantly yellow color scheme with blue and white accents. However, as time passed, additional colors were added to create a more dynamic look. Today’s iteration includes gradients of yellow and orange mixed together with detailed designs, creating even greater awareness for this beloved cereal brand.

As technology advances, so do vehicle designs within NASCAR. One significant change that can be seen on newer versions of the Cheerios car is increased aerodynamic capabilities impacting areas like speed boosts or downforce control systems – important factors when considering how well an automobile must handle tight racing conditions.

“The team behind developing both driver skillsets relies heavily on attention-to-detail considerations applied towards each body element agreement”

The performance specifications of cars are strictly regulated by NASCAR officials; impressive achievements aside from appearing aesthetically pleasing involving multiple disciplines such as mechanical engineering and pure racecar dynamics. . Regardless of what surprises tomorrow may bring though one thing remains clear: crowd participation will continue motivating continued teamwork between manufacturers working side-by-side driving champion success”.

Details of the current Cheerios car design

The current Cheerios car design is featured in NASCAR’s Cup Series and driven by Chris Buescher. The car has a sleek, aerodynamic body designed for speed on the track. The primary color of the car is bright yellow, with bold blue stripes running along the sides.

The front end of the car features a signature ‘Cheerios’ logo prominently displayed on the hood and grill area. This emphasizes the brand identity and helps to increase visibility during races.

In addition to its striking appearance, the Cheerios car is fully equipped with advanced technology that aids performance. Advanced safety features are built into the vehicle’s frame, including reinforced side-impact structures and energy-absorbing materials. These provide vital protection for drivers in case of accidents.

“We’re proud to have Chris Buescher behind the wheel of our iconic Cheerios car, ” said Jim Farrell, Director of Marketing at General Mills. “He represents everything we stand for –hard work, determination, and commitment. “

The partnership between General Mills and NASCAR spans several decades, inspiring indelible moments both on and off the track. With powerful engines capable of reaching speeds up to 200mph, this premier racing series offers an unparalleled platform for promoting brands such as Cheerios to audiences worldwide.

Cheerios’ Impact on Nascar

Ever since Cheerios first entered the world of NASCAR, it has become one of the most recognizable brands in the sport. Its iconic yellow and black colors have been seen whizzing around race tracks all across America for decades.

The cheerios car has always had some great drivers behind its wheel over the years, but perhaps none more famous than Jeff Burton who drove the #31 Cheerios car from 2000 to 2003, earning multiple victories before moving onto other teams. Another notable driver was Casey Mears, who drove a special paint scheme celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month with pink ribbons adorning his bright yellow Chevy.

Winning at Talladega in 2014 cemented Austin Dillon’s breakthrough season at Richard Childress Racing. When it comes to “Who Drives The Cheerios Car In NASCAR?” there is no specific answer as General Mills doesn’t own or sponsor any cars anymore nor are they an official partner of NASCAR. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from associating ‘Cheerios’ livery with their favorite drivers competing week in and week out. “

“The Cheerios brand may not be officially partnered with NASCAR anymore, but its impact will still be felt for many years to come. “- Comment by Tim Horton

In addition to being a popular car livery among racers and fanatics alike, Cheerios has also used its platform within the sport to promote healthy living through initiatives such as ‘NASCAR Acceleration Nation, ’ which encourages children to eat healthily and lead active lifestyles while teaching them about STEM education.

How Cheerios has influenced other sponsors in Nascar

Since 1997, General Mills’ Cheerios brand has been a major sponsor in NASCAR with its iconic yellow and black No. 43 car driven by various drivers over the years.

The success of this partnership can be seen in how it has influenced other companies to invest their money into racing as well. One example is Kellogg’s who sponsored Terry Labonte’s #5 Chevrolet from 1992-2006, starting with a “Kellogg’s Corn Flakes” paint scheme on his car.

Besides food brands that have taken the lead from Cheerios like M&Ms (Mars) and Coca-Cola, financial institutions such as Capital One also got themselves involved quickly after seeing great marketing opportunities within Nascar for sponsorship reasons.

“Cheerios – one of America’s most beloved cereal brands – fields a noticeable presence at Daytona thanks to Richard Petty Motorsports up-and-comer Austin Cindric

Cindric was selected for one-off race at Road America where he will run the cars honoring noteworthy campaign execs/directors within Salerno Butter Cookies’ corporate parent company. ” said Bruce Woodruff director of Brand Activation.

This shows how successful partnerships between companies and sport cemented together show remarkable amounts of influence across industries; showing just how interchangeable and valuable names and images really are when targeting demographics through sports sponsorships!

The role of Cheerios in promoting healthy living through Nascar

Cheerios, one of the most popular brands owned by General Mills, has been a part of the NASCAR community since 1997. The brand’s participation began with sponsoring car #43 driven by John Andretti.

Throughout its relationship with Nascar, Cheerios has focused on encouraging and inspiring people to lead healthier and active lifestyles while supporting various charitable organizations. They believe that eating nutritious food, along with being physically active is essential for leading a life full of vitality and happiness.

The arrival of Jimmie Johnson as a driver presented Cheerios with an opportunity to further expand their message about healthy living. In 2011 when he drove for Hendrick Motorsports Car#48 under sponsorship from Lowe’s Home Improvement, Cheerios was included alongside him as co-sponsor.

“NASCAR racing is an intense sport where athletes compete at high speeds”, says Sarah Ryan – senior marketing manager at General Mills. “Our partnership enables us to share our story like never before”.Inspired by Tony Stewart’s commitment towards fitness represented during his race against Jimmy Johnson; Barooshian states “Athletes who take care of themselves do better during tournaments” also affirming the fact that it leads to improved results which make them feel stronger both mentally and physically. .

NASCAR drivers need incredible stamina and athletic ability to perform well behind the wheel. It provides great exposure for brands such as Cheerios which can promote positive messages surrounding health and wellness among millions of fans following this exciting sport. Therefore, driving the cheerios car is no doubt an excellent way to highlight these valuable ideals promoted by general mills!

Future Plans for the Cheerios Car

The Cheerios car has been a staple in NASCAR since 1997, and it is known to be driven by many successful drivers. However, who currently drives the Cheerios car in NASCAR? The answer is Matt DiBenedetto.

Moving forward, General Mills – the owner of the Cheerios brand – has big plans for their partnership with NASCAR. They understand that creating an emotional attachment between fans and the race team using the iconic Cheerios packaging can have great benefits.

“The people who watch races are loyal, ” said Tim Day, director of motorsports at Joe Gibbs Racing. “They like companies that help them enjoy life. ”

In addition to extending its sponsorship agreement with NASCAR through 2023, General Mills looks forward to exploring new activations and ways to engage fans outside of traditional advertising channels. This could include social media campaigns or even partnering with influential bloggers and YouTubers.

Another way they plan to leverage this relationship is through merchandise sales. By tapping into their fan base’s passion for racing, they can create exclusive apparel featuring both the iconic cereal box design and the signature red-yellow color scheme of the racecar itself.

All-in-all, there are exciting opportunities ahead for both General Mills and those involved with NASCAR as they continue building a lasting legacy together!

Potential changes to the Cheerios car design

As one of the most recognizable sponsors in NASCAR, it’s important for Cheerios to keep their branding fresh and current. With that in mind, there have been rumblings about potential changes to the design of the Cheerios car.

One idea that has been floated is incorporating more yellow into the car’s paint scheme. Yellow is a prominent color in the Cheerios logo, yet it’s not currently featured heavily on the car itself. This change would make the connection between Cheerios and their racing team even more apparent.

Another possibility being considered is adding some sort of graphic element or pattern to the design. While simplistic designs are great for visibility purposes, adding something eye-catching could potentially attract even more attention both on and off the track.

“At our core, we want to stay true to what makes us ‘Cheerios’, ” said a company spokesperson when asked about potential changes. “But we also understand the importance of standing out in a crowded field. “

No matter what changes might be made, one thing is certain: whoever drives the Cheerios car will remain an integral part of the brand’s presence in NASCAR for years to come.

Possible future drivers of the Cheerios car

Who Drives The Cheerios Car In Nascar? Currently, Austin Dillon drives the No. 3 Chevrolet for Richard Childress Racing in the NASCAR Cup Series, which features a primary sponsorship from General Mills’ Cheerios brand. However, with the dynamic nature of NASCAR racing and driver contracts ending or getting resigned every year, there could be many possible future drivers taking the seat behind the Cheerios wheel.

One potential candidate to replace Dillon is Kyle Larson, who was recently suspended by NASCAR but could return soon. He has experience driving Chevrolets and would bring exceptional talent as he made it to five straight playoffs before his suspension.

Another aspiring driver that could join RCR (Richard Childress Racing) team lineup can be Ty Dillon, brother of Austin Dillon and grandson to team owner Richard Childress himself. He already races competitively with Germain Racing under the umbrella of RCR’s technical alliance.

Alex Bowman also presents an excellent opportunity for GM should their current favorability continue. Nicknamed “Bowman the Showman”, Alex pilots Chevy Camaros well and has been having one of his best seasons ever this year with three wins placing him second in overall rankings lately.

“It always feels great to see different talented drivers fill up our roster over time while competing against some of America’s most iconic slowsters, ” says Jim Pearson – Executive Director/Manager at General Mills Inc.
In conclusion, While we cannot predict exactly Who Drives The Cheerios Car In Nascar until next season begins; Germained Producteurs associes could come up with another rising star yet again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who currently drives the Cheerios car in NASCAR?

The Cheerios car is currently driven by Ryan Newman, who has been with the team since 2014. Before Newman, the car was driven by several other NASCAR drivers, including Austin Dillon and Clint Bowyer.

Has the Cheerios car won any NASCAR races?

Yes, the Cheerios car has won several NASCAR races throughout its history. The most notable of these wins came in 2008, when driver Clint Bowyer took home first place at the NASCAR Nationwide Series race in Mexico City.

What other sponsors have been featured on the Cheerios car?

Over the years, the Cheerios car has featured several other sponsors in addition to the cereal brand. Some of these sponsors include Caterpillar, Grainger, and Coca-Cola.

How long has the Cheerios car been a part of NASCAR?

The Cheerios car has been a part of NASCAR for over 20 years. The car first made its debut in the NASCAR Cup Series in 1997, and has been a fixture in the sport ever since.

What is the history behind the Cheerios car’s design?

The Cheerios car’s design has remained relatively consistent over the years, featuring the iconic yellow and black color scheme of the Cheerios brand. The car also features the Cheerios logo prominently on the hood and sides, as well as on the driver’s uniform and helmet.

Will Cheerios continue to sponsor a car in NASCAR in the future?

At this time, it is unclear whether or not Cheerios will continue to sponsor a car in NASCAR in the future. However, given the brand’s long history of involvement in the sport, it seems likely that we will continue to see the Cheerios car on the track for years to come.

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