Who Drives The Number 3 Car In Nascar Now? They Must Be Speeding!

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The Number 3 car in NASCAR has a special place in the hearts of racing fans around the world. This iconic number was made famous by Dale Earnhardt, one of the greatest drivers in NASCAR history who won seven championships and forty-six races with this number on his car.

After Earnhardt’s tragic death at the Daytona 500 race in 2001, Car owner Richard Childress retired the Number 3 indefinitely as a tribute to his driver and friend.

However, after more than a decade later, Richard Childress decided it was time for someone else to drive that famous Number Three Chevrolet SS again. Dillon would become only the third Cup Series driver to use No. 3 since Earnhardt’s own retirement before he died following an accident during the 2001 Daytona 500 race

“It comes with a lot of responsibility, ” said Austin Dillon when asked about driving such an iconic car from team-owner Richard Childress Racing”

In this article we’ll explore all you need to know about Who Drives The Number 3 Car In Nascar Now? which must be Speeding!

The Legacy Left Behind By Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Dale Earnhardt Sr. was a legendary Nascar driver who left an indelible mark on the sport with his skill, prowess and passion for racing. Known as “The Intimidator”, he won seven Cup Series Championships during his career which spanned three decades – from the 1970s to early 2001 before he had a fatal crash at Daytona Speedway.

Earnhardt’s legacy is not just tied up in these titles but also in being part of one of the most iconic numbers in NASCAR history: car number 3.

“It still surprises me today how much people are dedicated fans of our family and that race team, “ said former Earnhardt Incorporated president Ty Norris referring to the outpouring of love still shown many years after Earnhardt’s death. “And it’s all because he drove the black No. 3 Chevrolet.”

In total, Dale achieved six victories driving under number 3 between August 1984 and October 2000 making this numeral synonymous with him through thick and thin; they’re forever linked together making any driver taking over afterward seeing huge shoes walking ahead upon donning their own helmet for competition.

The number eventually went into retirement leaving others seeking new rides until Richard Childress made decision about returning Dale Jr., son who established himself in Xfinity series already back then carrying famous name forth like dad had done prior switching over entirely (these days referred as EchoPark Automotive) becoming ’88’ instead – although rather unconventional tribute, It does goes show everything comes full circle including illustrious careers behind such emblem!

“His influence on auto racing cannot be overstated, “ says Mike Joy, Fox Sports commentator regarding Dale Earnhard. “The legacy he left behind still resonates with fans today, and his impact can be felt throughout the entire sport.”

It’s this intangible value that makes car number three so precious for all involved – it represents something bigger than just winning races or collecting championship trophies: It symbolizes a connection to one of Nascar’s greatest legends who has forever changed the game, both on track and off.

How Dale Earnhardt Sr. Continues To Inspire Nascar Fans Worldwide

Dale Earnhardt Sr., the legendary racer known as “The Intimidator, ” might have left us more than two decades ago, but his impact on NASCAR is still present and inspiring.

Earnhardt won 76 races and tied Richard Petty’s record of seven Cup Series Championships before he tragically died in a crash at Daytona International Speedway in February 2001. But his legacy carries on well beyond these mere numbers or achievements.

“Dale Earnahrdt was an icon, a hero to millions.”
– Kyle Larson, current driver of the number 5 Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorsports

Hundreds of fans across generations continue to celebrate Earnhardt’s winning spirit by rooting for him – even long after he passed away – wearing T-shirts with pictures of him or braving bumper stickers stating that ‘number three’ will always be more significant than its mathematical value.

The famous black No. 3 car driven by Earnhardt continues to serve as an iconic symbol for fierce competition, grit and determination that unites people worldwide who admire motorsport racing.

“You can’t think about Dale without seeing that black No. 3 car and knowing it’s all about hard work and never giving up”
– Ryan Blaney, current driver of Team Penske’s Ford Mustang stock cars bearing the number ’12’

Earnhardt inspired many racers who followed in his footsteps – like Martin Truex Jr., Jeff Gordon, and Jimmie Johnson- becoming role models themselves today. Even though nobody drives the Number Three Car currently owing to sponsor issues post-Earnhart’s death in 2001, Earnhardt’s legacy remains timeless and an integral part of NASCAR history.

“When you think about Dale Earnhardt Sr., you remember that toughness on the track, but most importantly respect for what he accomplished.”
– Jimmie Johnson, seven-time Cup Series champion

The Legend Of Dale Earnhardt Sr. And His Famous Car Number 3

Dale Earnhardt Sr. was one of the greatest drivers in NASCAR history, winning numerous races and championships throughout his career. However, perhaps what he is most known for is his famous car number – the black No. 3.

“One thing about that black paint job with bold white numbers – it showed up really well on TV.” – Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Earnhardt began driving the No. 3 car in 1984 when he joined Richard Childress Racing, a partnership that would last for the rest of his racing career. The No. 3 became synonymous with Earnhardt over the years, as he drove it to countless victories and seven Cup Series championships until his tragic death at the Daytona 500 in 2001.

After Earnhardt’s passing, many wondered who would carry on the legacy and take over driving duties for such an iconic car number.

“There is no way you can replace somebody like him… I think every driver knows how significant Dale Jr., (and Kerry) are to their dad’s legacy.” – Kevin Harvick

A few different drivers tried their hand at piloting the No. 3 after Earnhardt’s death, including Austin Dillon (Childress’ grandson), but none could truly fill those shoes or live up to fans’ expectations.

“It’s good obviously from Austin delivering back to Victory Lane just because there was always pressure on him being in that ride — whether he asked for it or not.”- Joey Logano

In recent years though, Dillon has experienced more success behind the wheel of the famed black No. 3 car with multiple wins under his belt since taking over full-time in 2014.

While no one could truly replace Dale Earnhardt Sr., Dillon has honored his legacy by driving the No. 3 car with respect and dedication, making sure that its history continues to live on in NASCAR lore.

The New Face Behind The Number 3 Car

After the retirement of legendary driver Dale Earnhardt Sr., fans have been eagerly anticipating a worthy successor to take on his iconic number. Now, they need not wait any longer – Austin Dillon is currently driving the Number 3 car in NASCAR.

Austin Dillon has quite an impressive record so far. He won his first Cup Series race at Charlotte Motor Speedway in 2017 and has finished within the top ten multiple times since then. Not only that, but he also secured two prestigious Xfinity Series championships before moving up to Cup level.

“I mean it’s special … you know?”

Dillon recognizes what a meaningful opportunity it was for him when Richard Childress Racing offered its legendary No. 3 Chevrolet to be driven once again, “It gave me my start.”

Many skeptical people were against bringing back the fabled icon after past controversies involving how other drivers irresponsibly handled it over time; therefore, buying into someone new was no small task for those close enough to make such a decision. But now that we’ve seen how Austin has performed these last few years behind one of NASCAR’s most famous rides, who else could possibly fill such shoes?

Rewarding effort: Much quicker routine work between sessions:

Dillon doesn’t just drive fast cars well; he strives towards making sure every single step executes flawlessly from day-to-day as well by keeping open communication channels with all mechanical members involved very regularly regarding updates or possible concerns at setup conferences pre-race weekend respectively—something impossible without mutual trust among teams working together closely throughout each season until their ultimate goal (a championship) gets accomplished together as one unit!

“We’re proving, “ said Dillon, “that the No. 3 car is going to be around for a while.”

Austin Dillon has undoubtedly brought pride back into NASCAR’s Number 3 Car once again along with his credibility as an accomplished driver worthy of such historic relics.

Who Is The Latest Driver To Take On The Number 3 Car?

The number 3 car has a rich history in NASCAR, thanks to the legendary Dale Earnhardt Sr. who used to drive it. After his untimely death in 2001 at Daytona International Speedway, the famous car remained inactive for over a decade before making its return with Austin Dillon behind the wheel in 2014.

Austin Dillon is known for being one of the most talented drivers in NASCAR and he was proud to take on this prestigious challenge when he joined Richard Childress Racing as their driver. Since then, fans have seen Dillon achieve remarkable feats while driving #3, including winning his first Monster Energy Cup Series race at Charlotte Motor Speedway back in May 2017.

“It’s an honor for me to be able to carry on that legacy that my grandfather started so many years ago, “
-Austin Dillon

Dillon’s success continued throughout the following seasons where he earned multiple top-fives and even qualified for playoffs three times during his career so far. His current main sponsor is Bass Pro Shops / Cabela’s who provide him great support both on and off track.

In addition to all these accomplishments, what makes Dillon’s story more interesting is that he grew up around auto-racing from childhood since his father Mike Dillon was also a successful racer. Therefore, racing runs through his DNA and can be credited much of his success today.

“I want people just like last year – they said we couldn’t make just like they say now – I’m going full speed ahead.”
-Austin Dillon

All things considered, there are no questions about whether or not Dillon deserves this opportunity; he has proven himself time after time that he is a worthy successor of the Earnhardt legacy and continues to make a name for himself as one of NASCAR’s top drivers.

The Excitement Of Racing With The Number 3 Car

When it comes to NASCAR racing, there are few things more exciting than watching the number 3 car speed around the track. For many fans, this iconic car is closely associated with legendary driver Dale Earnhardt Sr., who drove the number 3 for much of his career.

“Driving that car and winning races in it was very special.”

Today, however, a different driver sits behind the wheel of the number 3 car: Austin Dillon. Although he may not have quite as storied a history with the number as Earnhardt did, Dillon has still managed to make his mark on NASCAR while driving this beloved vehicle.

“I’m honored just to be able to drive this thing. It carries such a legacy – not only from my grandfather but also from Dale Earnhardt.”

Dillon first began racing in NASCAR’s top series back in 2011, when he made his debut at Kansas Speedway. Since then, he has enjoyed a successful career by any measure – including multiple Xfinity Series championships and several Cup wins under his belt already.

But despite all these achievements so far early in his career, Dillon knows that there will always be pressure that comes along with driving an iconic vehicle like the #3:

“It’s definitely something that you feel… But I’d rather carry something than nothing, “

In other words: While some drivers might shy away from taking on such a prominent role within NASCAR’s rich history… for Austin Dillon? He fully embraces everything that goes along with being behind one of racing’s most esteemed numbers – and loves every single minute of it!

What Makes The Number 3 Car So Special In Nascar?

The number 3 car in NASCAR is one of the most iconic numbers that evoke emotions and sentiments among fans. Dale Earnhardt Sr., who was regarded as one of the greatest drivers in NASCAR history, drove this iconic car, which led to an enormous fan following.

Interestingly enough, after the death of Dale Earnhardt Sr. at Daytona in 2001 while driving for Richard Childress Racing (RCR), no driver dared drive under that number or carry forward with his legacy until seven years later when RCR decided to bring back #3 car into racing.

“I’m excited about it because Austin Dillon deserves it, ” Richard Childress said on reviving #3 Chevrolet SS at Media Day (NASCAR.com).

Austin Dillon currently races the #3 modified Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE cup series for Richard Childress Racing. It’s a huge responsibility since many people consider him responsible not only for carrying on his grandfather’s team tradition but also protecting Dale Earnhardt’s exceptional legacy.

“Being able to get behind the wheel and being given the opportunity by my grandfather would be pretty staggering, ” says Dillion (Bleacher Report).

Dillon has managed four wins during his career so far at NASCAR Cup Series; three out of these four have come through teammates’ assistance – including some incredible push-assist results putting them all inside victory triangle.

In conclusion, what makes the No. 3 car special is not just winning races or championships – it’s much more than that-It symbolizes something grander than individual drivers could ever encapsulate: brilliant performances from previous remarkable champions’ lives forever etched within the sport of auto racing as a whole.

The Thrilling Moments In Nascar History Featuring The Number 3 Car

Nascar has always been a sport known for its high-speed action and dramatic moments. Over the years, there have been many memorable events featuring some of the most talented drivers behind the wheel, including those who drove the number 3 car.

One of the most iconic drivers associated with the number 3 car was Dale Earnhardt Sr., one of Nascar’s greatest legends. During his time driving the car from 1984 up until his tragic death in 2001, he won seven championships while earning himself countless victories along the way. One such moment came during a race at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama back in May of 1999 when he made an incredible comeback after having dropped to last place by pitting to fix some damage on his vehicle earlier in the race.

“Well I’ve got news for you: That damn black three is leading this race!” -NBC commentator Jerry Punch on Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s comeback win at Talladega

Earnhardt Jr., son of Senior, took over as driver of the number three car once his father died. While Junior had success with two Daytona wins under his belt, it wasn’t quite like watching Senior drive that same numbered machine; leaving fans anticipating another truly great driver taking over someday.

Austin Dillon eventually took over as driver for Richard Childress Racing following Junior’s departure from NASCAR racing altogether. He first raced under this famed Number-Three Chevrolet Syndicate starting in February at Daytona International Speedway only weeks before winning pole position again later that year and subsequently capturing victory again just six months afterwards outclassing seasoned pro Jeff Gordon among others not able to keep pace with him despite immense pressure throughout each event being thrown onto every gear shift without fail.

“To bring the Number 3 back to Victory Lane, it was just really special — I’m glad RCR did what they did with Ty and myself.” -Austin Dillon

No matter who drives the number three car in Nascar now, fans will never forget Dale Earnhardt Sr. and his iconic career behind the wheel of this historic vehicle that seemingly always had a way of thrilling both drivers and spectators alike.

The Fans’ Reactions To The Number 3 Car In Races

NASCAR fans always show their enthusiasm for the sport as they passionately support their favorite drivers. Over the years, one car number that has consistently evoked strong reactions from fans is the ‘number 3’.

The late Dale Earnhardt drove the iconic black No. 3 Chevrolet to numerous victories and championships during his illustrious career. His tragic death in a crash at Daytona International Speedway in February 2001 created an emotional void among NASCAR fans who adored him.

“Whenever you see that #3 on track it gives you goosebumps just knowing its part of history.”

After nearly two decades since the retirement of this legendary driver, Richard Childress Racing (RCR) announced that Austin Dillon would take over driving duties in No. 3 beginning with the 2014 season; causing mixed emotions among racing fans.

“As a die-hard fan and someone old enough to remember seeing The Intimidator race when I was young, I like cheering for RCR’s version of “The Three” but still get chills every time I watch videos or races featuring THE ORIGINAL #3”

Dillon had already won titles across various NASCAR series wearing similar colors to Earnhardt’s machine but faced pressure after taking up position.

  • Austin put it best saying “It’s been my entire life, ” he says about carrying on his grandfather’s flagship team… “So I have given everything ever since then… But It comes Full Circle back now to carry on what my Grandpa started & hoping we can win more races with it.“
  • Nearly seven seasons later Dillon continues behind the wheel and wears both hats: spokesperson for RCR out front while concurrently paying homage to the late, great Earnhardt and his grandfather in back races after race.

    “Austin Dillon has been fantastic. He’s driven that number 3 car with respect for Dale Sr., reverence even.”

    The legend of the #3 car lives on as Austin continues to compete at a high level in NASCAR using years’ worth of history surrounding one number – three – driving him forward just as he drives through lap after lap. In conclusion, fans still put their trust into Richard Childress Racing continuing the legacy built by his Grandfather!

    The Chants And Cheers For The Number 3 Car During Races

    When the number 3 car, made famous by NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr., takes to the track during a race, there is always an electric energy from the crowd. Fans have created their own chants and cheers for whoever drives this iconic car.

    “USA! USA!”– Fans chanting during Austin Dillon’s win at the Daytona 500 in 2018

    Austin Dillon has been driving the #3 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 since his rookie year in 2014. He grew up as a fan of “The Intimidator” himself, Dale Earnhardt Sr. Winning with this historic number was a dream come true for Dillon and put him on the map as one of NASCAR’s rising stars.

    “We want three! We want three!”– Fans cheering during another win by Austin Dillon, this time at Texas Motor Speedway in 2020

    Dillon’s success behind the wheel of the #3 car has continued over the years. In fact, he secured his second career Cup Series victory at Texas Motor Speedway when fans started chanting again associating it with one of Nascar’s greatest legends – Dale Earnhardt Sr.

    “There will never be another No. 3”

    NASCAR fans recognize what this numeral stands for in racing history; who can forget all that story and drama surrounding its driver – “The Intimidator”?

    Whether you are rooting for Austin Dillon or simply paying homage to Dale Earnhardt Sr., hearing those chants and cheers ringing through a stadium gives you goose bumps that cannot be explained but only felt!

    The Future Of The Number 3 Car In Nascar

    As of now, the legendary number 3 car in NASCAR is driven by none other than Austin Dillon. He has been driving it since he made his debut in the Sprint Cup Series in 2014.

    Austin Dillon is not only a talented driver but also has strong ties to the history of the number 3 car. His grandfather Richard Childress was Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s team owner when he drove the iconic black and silver Chevrolet before his untimely death at Daytona International Speedway back in 2001.

    “The No. 3 means a lot to me, “ says Dillon. “It’s special because of my family’s history – the success we’ve had with that number.”

    In fact, there were many debates about bringing back the beloved number after Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s tragic death. But finally, almost two decades later, Austin Dillon brought it back into victory lane at Charlotte Motor Speedway in May of 2017.

    “Winning with this number on Memorial Day Weekend is just awesome… It doesn’t get any better”, said an ecstatic Austin Dillon after clinching his first ever win in one of NASCAR’s crown jewel races – Coca-Cola 600.

    Whether or not fans are happy about having someone else behind its wheel – one thing is for sure: as long as Austin Dillon keeps winning races and championships while driving it – The future looks bright for “three.”

    What Lies Ahead For The Number 3 Car In The Upcoming Seasons?

    The iconic number 3 car in NASCAR is currently driven by Austin Dillon. He has been driving the car since he moved up to the Cup Series in 2014, but it was previously made famous by Dale Earnhardt Sr.

    Austin Dillon had a strong start with the number 3 car as he took his first win at Charlotte Motor Speedway in 2017, which also happened to be on Memorial Day weekend when Richard Childress Racing celebrated its 50th anniversary. Since then, however, he has not managed to add many wins to his record but did make it into playoffs twice (in 2020 and 2021).

    “The goal now is just winning more races, ” said Dillon about his future goals while driving for RCR.

    RCR’s alliance with Team Penske might prove beneficial for Dillon’s performance next season. This partnership could improve equipment and may lead them towards better finishes all-around. Also, they will expand their racing operation from two cars this year to three next year after signing Harrison Burton from Joe Gibbs Racing.

    “I am looking forward to joining forces with RCR who shares similar principles that shape our building blocks of what creates successful organizations – hard work, dedication and teamwork, ” said Burton upon joining RCR team.

    Dillon himself has shared that he plans on sticking around where he is comfortable rather than jumping ship if things don’t go well initially; hence we can expect him in #3 over upcoming seasons until Toyota or Ford runs out come knocking maybe! Nevertheless, following last few years’ consistency issues affecting other competitive teams such as Hendrick Motorsports and Stewart-Haas Racing alike every so often have seen relatively poor performances compared those delivered earlier – RCN hopes these ambitious changes will set themselves apart from such competitors’ struggles, whilst allowing Dillon to continue doing what he knows best – driving the number 3 car.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who was the previous driver of the number 3 car?

    The previous driver of the number 3 car in Nascar was Dale Earnhardt Jr. who retired from full-time racing in 201The iconic number has been driven by many legendary drivers, including Junior’s famous father, Dale Earnhardt Sr.

    What team does the current driver of the number 3 car race for?

    The current driver of the number 3 car is Austin Dillon and he races for Richard Childress Racing (RCR). RCR is one of the most successful teams in NASCAR history and they have fielded cars since its inception back in 196Along with Dillon, RCR also fields a second car, which currently carries the #8 Chevrolet Camaro.

    Has the number 3 car won any recent races?

    Austin Dillon drove his No. 03 Chevy to victory at Texas Motor Speedway on July 18th, earning him his first win since February last year at Daytona International Speedway. This unlikely return to form marks his third visit to victory lane over nine years at NASCAR’s top level and shows that he still has what it takes behind the wheel.

    How many championships has the number 3 car won in Nascar history?

    The iconic black and white Number Three Chevrolet Monte Carlo won a total of six Cup Series championships between two Hall-of-Famers: In fact Driver-owner Richard Childress claimed four straight titles as owner starting from when Elliott Sadler drove for them all through Jeff Gordon’s dominance until Stewart-Haas Racing became competitive enough-Richard brought another legend into their line-up- Kevin Harvick.Dale Earnhardt Sr., who tragically passed away during the final lap crash in Daytona Beach way back co-incidentally on Feb 18, 2001 on the final lap to Michael Waltrip.

    What is the current standing of the number 3 car in the Nascar Cup Series?

    The No. 03 Chevrolet driven by Austin Dillon currently stands at rank no. 19 in overall points standings for this season (2021). The car has amassed over four top-10 finishes and won a single race so far since its return after an absence from competition due to unfortunate circumstances back in 2002

    What is the driver’s name who currently drives the number 3 car in Nascar?

    Austin Dillon is behind-the-wheel(almost always seen wearing his famous cowboy hat) of one of stock-car racing’s most iconic cars, that carries that famed #3 out there on track.Dillon was born into racing royalty: He’s grandson of Richard Childress, former owner-driver Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s longtime team patron, a successful businessman himself with a portfolio big enough which now includes vineyards & wine businesses, Dinosaur theme parks

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