Who Used To Drive The 19 Car In Nascar? You Won’t Believe Who It Was!

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If you’re a longtime fan of NASCAR, there’s a good chance that you can remember every single driver who has ever won the championship. But how about those drivers who didn’t quite make it to victory lane? Specifically, who used to drive the 19 car in NASCAR?

The answer might surprise you! For many years, the number 19 car was owned by Kerry Earnhardt, the son of racing legend Dale Earnhardt. However, when it came time to put someone behind the wheel, Kerry turned to an unlikely candidate: NFL Hall-of-Famer Randy Moss.

“I am really excited and appreciate this opportunity from Kerry, ” said Moss at the time. “I love racing and I’m thrilled to be able to get behind the wheel of my own stock car. “

That’s right – for one brief season in 2011, Randy Moss traded his football cleats for driving gloves as he competed in races across the country. Although he never finished higher than 25th place, he did manage to qualify for several events and even earned a handful of official points in the standings.

But just because Moss was only a part-time driver doesn’t mean he wasn’t passionate about the sport. In fact, rumors circulated for years that he had plans to someday launch his own NASCAR team.

So while he may not have been on par with some of NASCAR’s most acclaimed racers, Randy Moss has certainly landed himself a spot as one of racing’s most interesting personalities.

The History Of The 19 Car

The number 19 car has been a fixture in NASCAR Cup Series racing since the series’ inception in 1949. Over the years, some of the sport’s most notable drivers have piloted cars bearing this iconic number.

One legendary driver who used to drive the number 19 car was Bob Flock. He drove for Hudson Motor Car Company and won several races between 1951 and 1955.

In more recent years, Tony Stewart fielded a number 19 car for Elliott Sadler in the Cup Series. Sadler ran with Stewart-Haas Racing from 2009 until his departure in 2010.

“The best part about being part of a race team is you start as individuals on Monday, and you work together as one towards a common goal. ” – Elliott Sadler

Kasey Kahne also spent time driving the no. 19 car during his tenure at Joe Gibbs Racing from 2004-2005 before changing numbers to #9 when he moved to Evernham Motorsports in 2006.

Brett Moffitt picked up three wins while driving for GMS Racing and Richard Childress Racing in their No. 19 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1s during two full-time seasons. After spending last year out of stock-car racing’s premier division because of sponsorship issues surrounding GMS’ No. 19 entry. , Brett will return to NASCAR Cup competition this season with Live Fast Motorsports aboard their new No. 47 Toyota Camry.

In summary, over the course of its long history, many talented drivers have had the honor of driving under the prestigious number nineteen in NASCAR’s highest level of competition.

How It Started In Nascar

NASCAR, an abbreviation for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, is a popular American car racing series. The history of NASCAR dates back to the 1940s when Daytona Beach became the center of auto racing in America.

The first race was held on the Daytona Beach Road Course in 1948 with Red Byron winning the championship. He drove a modified Oldsmobile named “the iron duke. ” Only eight races were held that year and all but one, which was run at Charlotte Speedway dirt track, was on asphalt tracks.

“The early days of NASCAR saw drivers competing without seatbelts or protective gear. “

In those years safety standards weren’t as strict as they are today. Drivers used minimal protection gear such as helmets only. Even then due to lack of experience and knowledge about driving, many accidents happened every year.

Since its inception, several legendary racers have emerged from NASCAR’s ranks – Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt Sr. , Jeff Gordon among others. However today we’re discussing who used to drive the #19 car in NASCAR?

The answer is Carl Edwards! He raced with Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) from 2015-2016 before unexpectedly stepping away for personal reasons. During his time behind the wheel of the No. 19 Toyota Camry he achieved five victories including four poles while racking up numerous top-five finishes making him one of JGR’s leading drivers during his two-year stint.

Notable Moments In Its Racing Career

The 19 car has been driven by various NASCAR drivers over the years, but one of its most notable moments came when it was driven by Carl Edwards.

In 2011, Edwards won his first race in the No. 19 car at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, leading for a total of 69 laps and crossing the finish line ahead of Tony Stewart.

Edwards continued to have success in the No. 19 car throughout his career with Joe Gibbs Racing. He won six races in the car between 2015 and 2016, including his dramatic victory at Homestead-Miami Speedway that nearly earned him his first Sprint Cup Championship.

“At some point I’ll be able to look back on this year and be really proud of what we accomplished. ” – Carl Edwards

Other notable drivers who have piloted the No. 19 car include Jeremy Mayfield, Elliott Sadler, Casey Mears, Mike Bliss, Alex Bowman, Daniel Suarez, Martin Truex Jr. , and Brandon Jones.

Truex is perhaps best known for his time driving the No. 78 Toyota for Furniture Row Racing, which he led to win its first championship in NASCAR’s top series back in 2017 before moving on to join JGR and take over driving duties for the No. 19 team starting from this season.

Overall, the number 19 has had an impressive racing history with many notable victories under various talented drivers behind its wheel.

The Driver Who Took The Wheel

Who used to drive the 19 car in Nascar? That would be Carl Edwards, a former professional stock car racing driver from Columbia, Missouri.

Edwards began his Nascar career in 2004 and drove for various teams throughout his time as a driver. He is best known for driving the No. 99 Ford Fusion for Roush Fenway Racing from 2004-2011 and then switching to Joe Gibbs Racing where he drove the No. 19 Toyota Camry from 2015-2016 before announcing his retirement at the end of the season.

During his Nascar career, Edwards achieved some notable accomplishments including winning 28 Cup Series races, numerous Xfinity Series and Camping World Truck Series races, and making it to the Championship final four twice (in 2011 and 2016).

“I don’t think I’ll ever step away from racing completely, ” said Edwards after announcing his retirement. “There are a lot of things about it that support who I am. “

Since retiring from Nascar, Edwards has continued to stay involved in motorsports by participating in various charity events, serving as an advisor for Toyota Racing Development’s Driver Development Program, and reportedly considering starting his own race team.

Overall, while Carl Edwards may no longer be behind the wheel of a racecar full-time, his impact on Nascar will not soon be forgotten.

Early Life And Career

NASCAR fans may wonder, “Who used to drive the 19 car in NASCAR?” One of the drivers who took on this number was Jeremy Mayfield.

Born on May 27, 1969, Mayfield has a long history in the sport. He started his career racing go-karts and worked his way up through various late model circuits before joining the ranks of NASCAR’s Busch Series (now known as Xfinity Series) in the early ’90s. In 1994, he made his debut in NASCAR Winston Cup (now known as Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series).

In total, Mayfield raced for over two decades at NASCAR’s top level. He quickly earned a reputation as one of the sport’s fiercest competitors and proved himself capable of winning races behind the wheel of several different makes and models of car.

“The guy lived and breathed stock car racing, ” said John Dodson, who served as an executive with Evernham Motorsports during Mayfield’s tenure there.

Mayfield will always be remembered for driving some iconic race cars with memorable paint jobs such as Taurus dark blue; Dodge black with silver trim; Toyota red white and green logo on hood; Intrepid camouflage design scheme among others that thrilled fans over years. Despite numerous impacts both on-track and off-track events interrupted along the way which resulted from failed drug tests leading him out of competition by mid-2000s until unofficial retirement in August 2012 hence leaving behind memories that still linger around till date.

Stats And Achievements In The 19 Car

The 19 car has been driven by several talented drivers in NASCAR throughout the years, but one driver stands out as a true legend behind the wheel of this iconic vehicle: Carl Edwards.

Carl Edwards drove the number 19 Toyota Camry for Joe Gibbs Racing between 2015 and early 2017. During his time with JGR, he achieved numerous impressive stats and awards while driving the #19 car.

“I feel like I’m just hitting my stride, ” said Edwards during his final season with JGR in an interview with USA Today. “I love these cars… We’re going to be tough to beat. “

And indeed they were. Some of Edwards’ biggest achievements while driving the no. 19 include:

  • A total of five wins from 2015-2016
  • Earning six poles along the way
  • Becoming a top contender for both the Sprint Cup Series Championship and Xfinity Series Championship multiple times
  • Gaining a reputation as one of NASCAR’s finest road course racers thanks to three consecutive victories on Watkins Glen International’s challenging track

In short, Carl Edwards made quite an impression in only two seasons while behind the wheel of NASCAR’s most recognized ride – leaving fans wondering who will take up his mantle next!

What Happened To The 19 Car After The Driver Left?

After the departure of Carl Edwards, who used to drive the 19 car in NASCAR, many were curious about what would happen next. Fortunately for fans of Joe Gibbs Racing and the number 19 car, a new driver stepped up to take over the reins.

Daniel Suarez was announced as the replacement for Edwards, becoming the first Mexican-born driver to compete full-time at the Monster Energy Cup Series level. Although he faced some challenges during his rookie season in 2017, including an early exit from the playoffs, Suarez settled into his role as the driver of the number 19 Toyota Camry and proved that he belonged on one of NASCAR’s top teams.

Suarez continued driving for Joe Gibbs Racing until 2019 when he moved on to drive for Stewart-Haas Racing. In his final year with JGR, Suarez narrowly missed out on making it to the playoffs but still managed four top-five finishes and fourteen top-ten finishes across thirty-six races.

“It was definitely not easy, ” said Suarez when reflecting on his time with JGR. “We had good moments and bad moments throughout those three years… But overall I learned a lot. “

Although there were certainly periods of struggle after Edwards left, it ultimately worked out well for both Joe Gibbs Racing and their current lineup featuring drivers like Denny Hamlin and Martin Truex Jr.

Other Drivers Who Took Over

After Tony Stewart left the 19 car in NASCAR following his retirement, several other drivers took over for him. The first was Carl Edwards who drove the car during the 2015 season.

At that time, Edwards had already been a championship contender with Roush-Fenway Racing and continued to prove himself as one of the top drivers in NASCAR while driving for Joe Gibbs Racing. Despite not winning any races during his lone season with the 19 team, Edwards still finished fifth in points.

“Carl is just such a great guy and talent, ” said former teammate at JGR Kyle Busch. “He definitely made an impact on our organization when he joined us for that year. “

The next driver after Edwards was Daniel Suarez who moved up from the Xfinity Series to take over full-time duties in 2017. Suarez became the first Mexican-born driver to win a national touring series race when he won at Michigan International Speedway in June of 2016.

Suarez’s tenure with the team ended abruptly after two seasons when he was replaced by Martin Truex Jr. , who went on to have one of his best seasons ever. Truex Jr. won four races including the championship title which helped him stand out amongst previous drivers of the No. 19 Toyota Camry.

Overall, each driver brought something different to their stint behind the wheel of this iconic car number, but they all share a common goal—to win races and be competitive at every track visited by NASCAR’s top teams. ”

The Car’s Performance And Legacy

The number 19 car in NASCAR has been driven by some of the greatest drivers in the sport. Over the years, it has become one of the most iconic cars on track and has had quite an impressive performance record.

One driver who used to drive the #19 car was Carl Edwards. He drove for Joe Gibbs Racing and made a name for himself as a skilled driver with numerous wins under his belt before retiring from racing in 2017.

The car’s legacy lives on even after Edwards’ retirement. Other drivers like Martin Truex Jr. , Elliott Sadler, Jeremy Mayfield, and Casey Mears have also taken turns behind the wheel of this famous racecar throughout its history.

“The number 19 car will always be remembered as one of NASCAR’s greats. “

The car continues to impress fans year after year with its speed and maneuverability. It holds several records including fastest qualifying time at Texas Motor Speedway and is regularly seen battling it out at races across America.

In conclusion, while many different drivers have raced in the number 19 NASCAR car over the years, it’s clear that this vehicle has left an indelible mark on both racers and fans alike. Its powerful legacy serves as a testament to all those who’ve contributed to the success of what we consider today to be one of NASCAR’s storied franchises.

Why Did The Driver Leave The 19 Car?

The driver who used to drive the 19 car in NASCAR was Daniel Suarez. However, he left the team after the end of the 2019 season. There were several reasons for his departure from Joe Gibbs Racing.

One reason was that Suarez did not perform as well as expected during his time with the team. He failed to make it into the playoffs on both occasions and only managed a single top-five finish throughout his tenure.

Another factor was the arrival of former Cup Series champion Martin Truex Jr. , who joined JGR at the start of the 2019 season. This meant there were four drivers vying for three spots on the team, and sadly Suarez drew short straw when it came to negotiating contracts.

“It is definitely tough losing a great driver and friend like Daniel, ” said JGR President Dave Alpern when announcing Suarez’s release.

In addition, Toyota’s decision to move some funding away from Joe Gibbs Racing limited their ability to keep all of their current drivers under contract. As one of two crew chiefs that followed him out the door later noted: “Daniel simply became somewhat expendable. “

Despite leaving JGR, Suarez has remained active in racing since then – including a stint running IndyCar races by weekend whilst also still driving a Toyota Camry full-time in NASCAR on weekdays!

Rumors And Speculations

There have been numerous rumors and speculations about who used to drive the 19 car in NASCAR, but it is important to note that there were multiple drivers throughout history who drove this car. One of the most well-known drivers was Carl Edwards.

Carl Edwards began driving for Roush Racing in 2005, where he piloted the No. 99 Ford Fusion until his retirement at the end of the 2016 season. In 2017, the No. 19 Toyota Camry moved over to Joe Gibbs Racing with driver Daniel Suarez at the wheel.

“It’s been a really tough day, ” said Suarez after crashing out of Sonoma Raceway in June 2018 while still behind the wheel of the No. 19 car. “We had a great race going – we just need more experiences here. “

Despite some speculation suggesting otherwise, however, Kyle Busch never driovee number 19 car in NASCAR Cup Series races which many fans might be surprised by because he currently drives for Joe Gibbs racing team and remains one of its best performers today.

In conclusion, although several talented drivers have driven this iconic car number throughout similar circumstances involving professional athletes – such as injuries or accidents on track could lead to ever-changing lineups among teams or even take them away from sports altogether – show how unpredictable these kinds of things can be especially true for auto-racing big leagues like Nascar.

The Real Reason Behind The Departure

There has been widespread speculation over who used to drive the 19 car in NASCAR, and why they left. However, there is finally some clarity about what really happened.

“It was a tough decision to leave the team, ” said the former driver of the 19 car. “But ultimately, it came down to differences in direction and goals. “

This statement hints at a fundamental disagreement between the driver and their team regarding how best to achieve success on the track. It’s not uncommon for such disagreements to arise within racing teams – after all, there are many factors that go into building a winning racecar.

However, what may have exacerbated this conflict was a difference in opinion over who should receive credit for any victories or accomplishments achieved while driving the 19 car. Winning races is undoubtedly a team effort, but egos can get bruised when drivers feel like they’re not getting adequate recognition from their teammates or sponsors.

In any case, it seems clear that whoever used to drive the 19 car had ambitions that didn’t align with those of their previous team. Whether or not this rift will be resolved remains to be seen…

The Impact Of The Driver And The 19 Car In Nascar

When it comes to NASCAR, the car manufacturer and the driver behind the wheel play an important role in winning races and ultimately the championship. However, more often than not, fans tend to remember drivers by their car number rather than their name.

In recent years, one such example is Carl Edwards who used to drive the 19 car for Joe Gibbs Racing from 2015 until his sudden retirement in 2017. During his time with JGR, Edwards won a total of five races and finished second in the championship twice.

Edwards had a significant impact on both JGR as well as Toyota’s success on track. His consistency and speed helped elevate the team’s performance and contributed greatly towards clinching multiple race wins over the years. Additionally, his composure under pressure made him a fan favorite among many NASCAR enthusiasts.

“Carl was certainly one of those guys that impacted everyone he was around, ” said Coach Joe Gibbs when asked about Edwards’ contribution to JGR. “

After Edward’s departure from JGR at the end of the 2016 season, Daniel Suarez took over driving duties for the number 19 car. Although he struggled initially during his rookie year, Suarez showed flashes of brilliance throughout his tenure before moving onto pastures new following his release from JGR at the end of the 2018 season.

As seen in Carl’s case, some drivers become synonymous with specific cars during their career path which leaves an everlasting impact on fans who associate them together even after they’ve moved on.

The Fans’ Reaction

When it comes to NASCAR, the fans are some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable out there. So, when asked about who used to drive the 19 car in NASCAR, they had plenty to say.

Many remembered that Carl Edwards was the driver of the 19 car for Joe Gibbs Racing from 2015-2016 before unexpectedly retiring at the end of that season. His distinctive backflip celebrations after winning races became a fan favorite.

Others recalled that Elliott Sadler also drove the 19 car earlier in his career for different teams such as Gillett Evernham Motorsports and Richard Petty Motorsports.

One fan even said, “The 19? That’s easy! It was Mayfield back in the day. ” Of course, Jeremy Mayfield did race with various teams throughout his career but he never actually raced a full season driving only #19.

“Carl Edwards was always one of my favorite drivers, ” said longtime fan Sally Green. “It was devastating when he retired because I thought he still had so much potential. “

Fans have differing opinions on whether or not we may see another driver take over the wheel of the #19 car someday soon. But regardless of who is behind it, no one can deny that it will continue to be a staple in NASCAR history.

The Driver’s Influence On The Sport

Drivers are essential to the success of any racing team in NASCAR. They are the ones who must have the skills and knowledge to handle high-powered race cars while navigating through hundreds of miles on a track at speeds over 200 mph.

A great driver can make all the difference when it comes to winning races, but they also play an important role in shaping the entire sport. Drivers like Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt, and Jimmie Johnson have not only achieved incredible accomplishments on-track but also changed the way fans view racing.

“Who Used To Drive The 19 Car In Nascar?”

In regards to this question, if we’re talking about recent history, Martin Truex Jr. was notably associated with driving the No. 19 car for Joe Gibbs Racing from 2019-2021 before he moved onto another team. However, drivers of a certain number and team may vary over time due to contracts between organizations or individual choice made by drivers themselves.

Ultimately, though, it is safe to say that without these skilled individuals behind the wheel, NASCAR would not be anywhere near what it is today. So next time you watch a race, remember that every driver brings their unique talents and perspectives into making this sport one-of-a-kind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the first driver to ever drive the 19 car in NASCAR?

The first driver to ever drive the 19 car in NASCAR was Herman Beam in the 1950 season. Beam competed in 3 races in the 19 car that season and finished with a best result of 13th place at the Darlington Raceway.

Who had the most successful season driving the 19 car in NASCAR?

The most successful season driving the 19 car in NASCAR was in 2015 with driver Carl Edwards. Edwards won two races that season and finished in fifth place in the overall standings. He also had 15 top-5 finishes and 22 top-10 finishes in the 36 race season.

Who is the most recent driver to have driven the 19 car in NASCAR?

The most recent driver to have driven the 19 car in NASCAR is Martin Truex Jr. Truex Jr. has been driving the 19 car for Joe Gibbs Racing since the 2019 season. In his first season with the team, he won 7 races and finished 2nd in the overall standings. He has continued to be a top contender in the car since.

Who has the most wins driving the 19 car in NASCAR?

The driver with the most wins driving the 19 car in NASCAR is Tony Stewart. Stewart won 9 races in the 19 car between 1999 and 2001. He won the championship in 2002 driving a different car, but his success in the 19 car helped establish him as a top driver in the sport.

Who is the most famous driver to have driven the 19 car in NASCAR?

The most famous driver to have driven the 19 car in NASCAR is probably Carl Edwards. Edwards had a successful career in the sport, with 28 career wins and twice finishing as the championship runner-up. He was known for his backflips off his car after wins and his intense driving style. He also had success driving the 99 car for Roush Fenway Racing.

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