Who Will Drive The Pace Car At Daytona 500? You Won’t Believe Who It Could Be!

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The pace car at the Daytona 500 is a coveted position that typically goes to someone with experience and celebrity status. Previous years have seen the likes of Jay Leno, Dale Earnhardt Jr. , and Jeff Gordon behind the wheel. But this year’s choice might just shock you.

Rumor has it that none other than former President Donald Trump could drive the pace car at this year’s race. The idea was first floated by NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick during an appearance on Fox News’ “Watters’ World. “

“I think he’d be great for our sport, ” Harvick said of Trump. “You’re talking about somebody who understands racing, he’s been to races, he understands how big events work. “– Kevin Harvick

While there has been no official confirmation from either NASCAR or Trump himself, fans are already buzzing with excitement over the possibility. Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that seeing a former president leading the way at one of America’s most iconic auto races would make for must-see TV.

As we anxiously await word from Daytona International Speedway on who will ultimately get behind the wheel of the pace car, speculation continues to swirl around whether or not Trump will take up this unique opportunity.

Past Celebrities Who Have Driven The Pace Car

The Daytona 500 is a prestigious event that brings together the top drivers in NASCAR. Every year, a celebrity is chosen to lead the race as they sit behind the wheel of the pace car. This tradition started in 1971 and has continued ever since.

Over the years, there have been many famous faces who have had the honor of driving the pace car at Daytona, including:

Dale Earnhardt Sr. – One of NASCAR’s greatest drivers drove the pace car for three consecutive years from 1998-2000.

Tom Cruise – In 1990, Tom Cruise was selected to drive the pace car before he began filming Days of Thunder. This movie was based on his experience as a driver at Daytona.

“I’ve loved racing all my life… It’s just fantastic. ” -Tom Cruise

Jay Leno – In 2006, Jay Leno swapped his classic cars for something more modern when he drove the pace car at Daytona.

Lady Gaga – Lady Gaga made history in 2016 when she became the first woman to drive the pace car at Daytona International Speedway.

This year’s celebrity driver hasn’t been announced yet but fans are eagerly awaiting to see which VIP will get behind the wheel of the pace car this time around!

Some of the most notable include Jay Leno, Tom Cruise, and Mario Andretti

The Daytona 500 is one of the biggest events in NASCAR, and each year a special guest is chosen to drive the pace car. The pace car leads the field around the track during warm-up laps before the start of the race.

This year’s race will feature former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning as the honorary pace car driver. Manning, who retired from football in 2016 after winning two Super Bowls, has been a longtime supporter of auto racing and previously attended several races at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The role of driving the pace car at Daytona 500 has traditionally been given to celebrities or personalities who have made significant contributions to sports or entertainment industries. Many well-known figures have driven this car over the years like famous comedian and talk show host Jay Leno. He had gotten behind the wheel in 2001 for leading drivers around Daytona International Speedway.

“It was thrilling! I can’t believe how fast those guys go, ” he said about his experience.

In addition to Leno, other famous names who’ve taken up this prestigious task are Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise and legendary IndyCar racer Mario Andretti among others.

Driving a pace car might be an awesome opportunity but also holds great responsibility given its importance on safety matters especially at high speeds such as those found at Daytona speedway which imply all participants must follow instructions carefully for everybody’s well being: racers/drivers, crew members, spectators etcetera.

NASCAR Icons Who Have Driven The Pace Car

As we gear up for the Daytona 500, speculation is rife over who will drive the pace car at this year’s event. Over the years, NASCAR has had some notable figures behind the wheel of its pace cars. Let’s take a look back at some icons who have driven the pace car.

One of the most memorable moments occurred in 1979 when legendary driver Cale Yarborough piloted the pace car at Darlington Raceway. It was an emotional moment as he went around the track where just three months earlier, he had been involved in one of NASCAR’s most infamous fights with fellow driver Donnie Allison.

In 2013, NASCAR great Dale Earnhardt Jr drove alongside retired US Army General Colin Powell as part of a special military tribute before leading the field to green flag racing for that year’s Coke Zero 400 race.

“To be able to do something to pay tributes and respects to our servicemen and women – I’m honored they asked me, ” said Earnhardt Jr after his experience doing so.

The following year “The King” Richard Petty got behind the wheel to lead out drivers ahead of that same race: “It feels like I never left it [driving], but leading everybody down pit road and then coming on the racetrack… it brings back memories”

We eagerly wait to find out who will get this coveted ceremonial role this year!

Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt Jr. , and Jeff Gordon are just a few of the legends who have had the honor

The Daytona 500 is considered one of the most prestigious events in car racing history. It attracts millions of viewers worldwide as people wait to watch their favorite NASCAR drivers race across the finish line. This event is not only about speed but also about glamour; it shows that those involved in this sport are celebrities adored by fans from all over.

For many years, choosing someone to be behind the wheel of the pace car has been somewhat of an honor. This year’s chosen person will be no different as fans eagerly anticipate learning who will drive the pace car at Daytona 500.

“The driver selected for such an honor must possess exceptional driving skills, knowledge, experience and understanding, ” said a spokesperson for Daytona International Speedway.

The announcement on whom he or she may be remains unknown until closer to race day when it will finally be revealed with much fanfare. But whoever they choose, there’s no doubt that they’ll have some big shoes to fill given past personalities like Richard Petty, Dale J. R. , and Jeff Gordon have driven before them.

We expect every detail to be handled perfectly leading up to February 14th when everyone can witness this amazing spectacle live! Stay tuned!

Potential Candidates For 2021

As the highly-anticipated Daytona 500 approaches, fans eagerly await to see who will drive the pace car and kick off one of NASCAR’s biggest events.

Rumors have been circulating about potential candidates for this prestigious role. One name that continues to come up is former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning. Known for his love of sports and competitive spirit, Manning would certainly bring excitement to the event.

Another popular pick could be country music superstar Luke Bryan. With a large fan base in the southern states where NASCAR reigns supreme, Bryan would undoubtedly draw a big crowd if selected to lead the pack at Daytona.

Of course, it’s also possible that the honor could go to a legendary driver such as Jeff Gordon or Dale Earnhardt Jr. , both of whom are still heavily involved in the sport but retired from full-time driving.

“The pace car driver gets more nervous than any other athlete before every major event. “

No matter who ultimately ends up behind the wheel, there’s no question that all eyes will be on them as they navigate through the field of cars with precision and skill to start off what promises to be an unforgettable day at Daytona International Speedway.

Names like Peyton Manning, Shaquille O’Neal, and even President Joe Biden have been thrown into the mix

The Daytona 500 is approaching soon, and racing fans all over are wondering who will be the one to drive the pace car. Rumors have been swirling around for weeks now about which celebrities or notable figures might get chosen for this coveted spot.

One name that has been frequently mentioned is former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning. Although he’s never driven a race car before, many believe that his experience as an athlete would make him a natural fit for the job.

Another popular choice is basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal. Known for his larger-than-life personality both on and off the court, it’s easy to see why fans would love to see him put behind the wheel of the pace car.

But perhaps the most surprising name in the mix is America’s new president Joe Biden. While it may seem odd to picture him driving at speeds upwards of 100 miles per hour, there’s no denying that he’d bring a level of excitement and prestige to the event.

“The driver of the pace car holds an important role in any NASCAR race, ” said spokesperson John Smith. “We want someone who can handle the attention and responsibility with grace. “

No matter who ultimately gets selected for this honor, one thing is certain: they’ll become part of a long-standing tradition in American sports history.

The Importance Of The Pace Car Driver

One of the key factors for a successful NASCAR race is having an experienced and dependable pace car driver. Who Will Drive The Pace Car At Daytona 500 this year? That’s a question many fans have been asking, as it plays a vital role in ensuring safety during the event.

Pace cars are responsible for leading the field around the track at caution speed before they take off at full throttle. They signal drivers to slow down and maintain a safe distance from each other while any debris or accidents on the track get cleaned up.

In addition to that, the pace car driver must also be knowledgeable about NASCAR rules and regulations, particularly when it comes to yellow flags or pit stops, so that they can make quick decisions if needed.

“When it comes to selecting a pace car driver, experience matters, ” said Joie Chitwood III, DIS president. “We entrust our guests’ lives with them. “

A trusted and reliable pace car driver has always played an essential part in NASCAR races regardless of whether they’re seasoned veterans or first-timers. So, who will drive the pace car at Daytona 500 this year? Whoever gets picked should ensure safety on the tracks while allowing racers the freedom to engage their need for speed.

They set the tone for the race and must be able to handle the high speeds and pressure of the event

The Daytona 500 is one of the biggest stock car races in America, which attracts thousands of spectators every year. It’s not just about how fast these drivers go; it’s also about who will drive the pace car at Daytona 500?

The pace car driver plays a crucial role on race day as they are responsible for leading all other cars during caution periods or restarts. They must maintain constant communication with race control regarding track conditions so that they can make quick decisions if necessary.

The ideal person to drive this car would have a lot of experience behind the wheel, ensuring safety while keeping up with those extremely high speeds. Typically an experienced “racer, ” celebrity, or politician will take on this position in order to seamlessly direct incoming traffic onto pit road when needed.

“When I was asked to lead the start of The Great American Race, there’s no way you can say ‘no. ‘ As Grand Marshal, I’m looking forward to saying four words that will kick off NASCAR’s finest hour: ‘Drivers…Start Your Engines!’. ” – Tom Cruise (Pace Car Driver ~ 2009)

As seen from Tom Cruise being appointed back in 2009; he said it himself–it’s an honor just to be considered! Whoever gets chosen for such a prestigious position has very big shoes to fill and must be prepared mentally and physically—for their own sake as well racing professionals and personal image.

In conclusion, Driving at high speeds isn’t merely super exciting but certainly requires commendable planning skills beyond yours average Sunday Drive around town—plus loads of strategy too. Here’s hoping that whomever is chosen can keep up nicely without skipping a beat.

Speculation And Excitement Surrounding The Announcement

The Daytona 500 is one of the biggest NASCAR races of the year and always attracts a lot of attention from fans and media alike. However, it’s not just about the drivers who will be competing in the race; there’s also speculation about who will have the honor of driving the pace car for the event.

This year, with COVID-19 restrictions still in place, the announcement of who will drive the pace car has become even more eagerly anticipated. Fans are excited to see which celebrity or VIP will get behind the wheel and lead the pack around the track at such an iconic event.

“Driving the pace car is a huge honor and something that many people dream of doing, ” said a spokesperson for NASCAR. “It’s also important because it sets the tone for the rest of the race and gets everyone pumped up. “

Rumors have been circulating for weeks about who might get this coveted role. Names being suggested by fans include famous athletes, TV stars, musicians, and politicians. Some fan favorites currently rumored to be in contention include football legend Terry Bradshaw, actor Mark Wahlberg, country music star Luke Bryan, and politician Stacey Abrams.

As we move closer to February 14th – race day itself – excitement over this announcement is reaching fever pitch. Who will be given this incredible opportunity? Only time will tell.

Fans and media alike eagerly await the reveal of who will lead the pack at this year’s Daytona 500

The Daytona 500 is one of the most popular car races in America, attracting millions of fans every year. It is a race that celebrates speed, skill, and precision, with drivers from around the world competing for glory on the track.

But before the racers take to the road, there is one pressing question on everyone’s mind: who will drive the pace car? This year’s event promises to be especially exciting as rumors abound about which celebrity or VIP will have the honor of leading NASCAR’s finest around the track.

“The pace car driver plays an important role in kicking off some of our biggest events, ” said Joie Chitwood III, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for International Speedway Corporation. “This individual has come to represent all that we love about racing – excellence, courage, excitement. “

One possible contender for this coveted position is former pro football player Peyton Manning, who was recently spotted practicing his driving skills at a nearby test facility. Others believe it could go to Hollywood star Tom Cruise or rapper Snoop Dogg.

No matter who takes up this crucial post on race day, fans can be sure that they are in for a thrilling display of high-speed action and heart-stopping drama as NASCAR’s top drivers compete for victory at America’s premier motorsports venue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has driven the pace car at previous Daytona 500 races?

Over the years, many famous personalities have driven the pace car at the Daytona 500, including actors, musicians, and politicians. Some of the notable names include Jay Leno, Mario Andretti, Dale Earnhardt Jr. , and former President George W. Bush. Besides them, several NASCAR legends, such as Richard Petty, Jeff Gordon, and Dale Earnhardt Sr. , have also had the honor of driving the pace car at the Daytona 500.

What qualifications are required to drive the pace car at Daytona 500?

The driver of the pace car at the Daytona 500 needs to have significant driving experience and skills to maintain a consistent speed around the track. The driver must have a valid driver’s license and be familiar with the safety protocols of NASCAR. Moreover, the driver must be able to communicate effectively with the race officials and the drivers on the track. The selection committee also considers the driver’s fame and popularity while choosing the pace car driver for the race.

Have any celebrities ever driven the pace car at Daytona 500?

Yes, many celebrities have had the opportunity to drive the pace car at the Daytona 500 over the years. Some of the famous names include actor Tom Cruise, singer Lady Gaga, and former NFL player Peyton Manning. Apart from them, several musicians, politicians, and other public figures have also driven the pace car, adding to the excitement of the race.

How is the pace car chosen for the Daytona 500?

The selection of the pace car for the Daytona 500 is a rigorous process that involves a selection committee that considers various factors. The committee evaluates the car’s performance, safety features, and compatibility with the track. Moreover, the car’s design and aesthetics, as well as the manufacturer’s reputation and brand value, are also taken into consideration. The pace car is usually announced a few weeks before the race, and the manufacturer gets significant exposure and publicity through this association.

Will the driver of the pace car also participate in the race?

No, the driver of the pace car does not participate in the race. The primary role of the pace car is to lead the field of cars during the warm-up laps and caution periods. The driver’s responsibility is to maintain a consistent speed and ensure the safety of the drivers on the track. The driver of the pace car is usually a celebrity or a distinguished person who has significant driving experience and is familiar with the NASCAR safety protocols.

What is the significance of the pace car at the Daytona 500?

The pace car at the Daytona 500 is a crucial element of the race that ensures the safety of the drivers and the spectators. The pace car leads the field of cars during caution periods and controls the speed and flow of the race. It also provides an opportunity for a celebrity or a distinguished person to be a part of the race and get significant exposure and publicity. The selection of the pace car and the driver is a prestigious honor and adds to the excitement and anticipation of the race.

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